Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn Walk in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Show

Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn Walk in Jean Paul Gaultier's Fashion Show 1

Crystal Renn is definitely not the ‘plus-est’ model on the runway anymore! Singer Beth Ditto joined the model club when she rocked the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2011 Spring fashion show. Both ladies showed off their legs in edgy ensembles and Crystal was hard-to-identify because of her cropped black wig.

Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn Walk in Jean Paul Gaultier's Fashion Show 2

Plus-size model Marquita Pring also joined them on stage – see her on the next page!

Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn Walk in Jean Paul Gaultier's Fashion Show 3

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107 thoughts on “Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn Walk in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Show”

  1. I love it! The girls look great!

    I’m half expecting half the comments to be about weight and obesity again, but please remember, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about representation. Great idea!

  2. The sad thing is – they’re using them all as a gimmick. as in – lookit me, I’m such a cool designer i will use non-00 models this one show. And this passes, and the 99% of the other shows are still with abnormally thin models.

    It reminds me of 19th century racists who’d invite a gimmick black guy to a poet’s dinner. You know, to show how enlghtened they are. And that would pass and nothing would actually change.

    And apart from beth, who is obese, is there really any reason for them not to be used as models? What’s the point in designing clothes if almost nobody can wear them. If you’re going to do that, put them on a stick, and on display like a painting and eliminate the human hanger.

    • Well they use pencil thin models because the clothes are on the runway for buyers etc. to be able to look at them and make observations etc, and when a slightly NOT super model thin girl is wearing clothing, the clothing looks different and the way it would fall on her body might distract from the details and shape etc of the actual clothing itself. That’s why pencil thin women have been preferred to walk down the runway – its the next best thing to hangers! (No offence to model/pencil thin women! You’re bodies are obviously amazing, but just allow for the clothing to be displayed in a certain way making it easier to look out for the cut patterns etc)

      • Agree! It’s not that curvier bodies are inferior, it’s just that pencil-thin bodies look best on the runway and show off the clothes best! I don’t know why people don’t get this – yeah, there shouldn’t be super-anorexically-skinny models, but I don’t know about the whole “plus size” movement.

        • it’s great that more people are putting plus sized models in magazines, etc., but it’s true, skinny models just work better in terms of the purpose of the runway

        • That’s because those skinny models nowadays are no ordinary people anymore. They’ve become celebrities and role models for young girls. That’s why they are putting more curvy models on the runway. To change that image and give young girls more healthy looking role models.

      • Why can’t we just have a bunch of mannequins for buyers to see? That’d be easier for people to just see the clothes and they can be made to move down a runway with wheels underneath them. I can’t imagine that it’d be horribly expensive, either.

  3. Plus size models are a good idea, and I know people have heard it before – but why do we have to vary between ONLY the two extreme sides of body shapes? Tiny, or to be honest, a bit more than “plus sized”. The average woman isn’t stick-thin, but she isn’t obese either.

    • how come the last two women r more than plus sized they r average women even calling them plus sized is ridiculous those r the most normal women the models on runway r how to call it undersized anyways congrats jean paul indeed brilliant idea

    • I completely agree! There doesnt seem to be any ‘average’ models. No one say 5’6″ and a size (UK) 10 or 12. Their either a size 4 (or less!) or a size 14+ Its just ridiculous! They do it for attention I think. Its the only (barely) logical explanation I can come up with.

  4. crystal looks ok but would still imo look better if she just got thin and became a normal high fashion model…the other two are just fat…which ever way you want to put they’re fat. end of.
    beth ditto though is more of a monster…step in front of her and get gobbled up!

    • actually no she wouldnt some people look better as curvy and others as skinny if she became skinny its possible she would be less beautiful than she is now and the third one looks fantastic dont beleive in the media propaganda most todays fashion models eg freya ericssen kate moss etc look like poor atheopian malnourished girls if it wasnt for their height anyone would confuse them with 12 year olds if u met them in real life u would see how unnaractive they really look normal is the ideal

      • why are you so down on skinny girls..not everyone wants to be fat. and plus size models are fat hence them being called plus sized.

        • bcuz crystal was a “normal” high fashion model and nearly died of anorexia. Why would she back to that? btw, how old are you?

          • it is possible to be thin and healthy you know, it wouldn’t mean having to resort back to her old ways. i wasn’t suggesting for her to become anorexic.
            what does my age have to do with anything….im sure you’ll fire back something about me being immature but i dont care, it’s the internet and i can give my opinion where i want.

          • @Maddie

            Because it took her years to recover from anorexia. It’s hard to even not relapse back into it. And she has already lost a lot of weight. I think this is a good weight for her. A good middle.

        • im not down on skinny girls im down on malnourished who cause themselves to be that way (that means people who starve themselves and cause menstruation problems lack of iron etc not naturally thin or people with theroid disorder)most of todays models r that way its nearly impossible 4 all theese women to be that skinny by nature n plus sized by high fashion stardards is every woman above size 2 size 4 is also thin in reality but to them is considered plus sized its just the thing that desighners dont want to spend much fabric 4 economy reasons that leads to this sick picture that some people think is normal

  5. well if there’s a market for teeny tiny models then why not for huge models? why not make the market for for everyone? it’s stupid people are saying that beth is disguting because a lot of people actually look like her.. and their all human. if someone’s ribs are poking out all of a sudden thats okay but if someone is fat they are gross? thats what I call gross we humans all have feelings and you know maybe some people overeat because people make them unhappy. ! and some people undereat because of the same reason but that doesn’t make them less of a human. just let peoople be no matter what their size is (:

    • I’m sure a lot of people do look like Beth Ditto, and (removed by admin) They have not taken any steps to take care of their bodies, and as a result they probably have upwards of 50% body fat. It’s horrifying and unacceptable and I see no reason why there should be disincentives for abusing your body in that way. You’re a person no matter what, but that doesn’t mean we have to cater to your every special need because of a problem that you caused yourself.

      • couldn’t agree more. yes we should promote acceptance and shouldn’t encourage women to starve themselves, but we also should not promote obesity. it’s unhealthy. period. we know of all the health problems it causes…

        • yeah I really hate when people speak about how unhealthy anorexia is while preaching fat acceptance.

          I think it’s because eating is so necessary for survival… anorexia is horrifying because not eating is just so… out there. While over indulging is reasonable. Still terrible

    • “if someone’s ribs are poking out all of a sudden thats okay but if someone is fat they are gross?”

      If someone’s ribs are poking out, they get called gross too. So don’t worry, no double standard when it comes to insults. Everyone gets a fair share.

    • well I agree, not saying I think obesity is good or should be encouraged but its a fashion show that is all. Why should wearing clothes that you like and make u feel good be limited only to skinny people?

  6. Beth Ditto looks horrible, What an awful example to set,
    I am sure there will be someone on here come on and defend her calling her a “real woman” and what not. LOL

  7. Beth Ditto does looks awful – but she doesn’t seem to mind playing the clown.
    I am all for women of all shapes and sizes being represented in fashion, but it seems that it is just a marketing gimmick at the moment.

    And why can’t we have short women too? (I know Beth is short – but she doesn’t count!) It seems to me that all the models, whatever size, are tall (I know there are one or two exceptions, like Kate Moss) but most women are 5’4″ not 5’10”. I’d like to see shorter women represented more – clothes look different on us than they do on the Amazon’s!
    Crystal is not plus sized in my book – the third model looks about right though.

    • I think you should rephrase “clothes look different on us than they do on the Amazon’s!”
      Because I am 5’11 and a half and I find it insulting that you have to use that word for tall people. I’m sure other tall women agree would me and even if you didn’t been to be insulting it seems like you compared tall people to freaks just to make yourself feel better.

        • Although I find the “amazon” comment unnecessary rude, I have to say that I do agree that they could include shorter girls. Not everybody is 5´8´´ and I honestly think a shorter girl with a nice body would look as elegant as a tall one.

          • I totally agree. I was once watching a TV programme where three ‘real women’ went to America to see if they’d be signed up to a modelling agency. One was gorgeous, great at posing, had a great attitude and petite, one was tall but not so great at posing and the last was tall, gorgeous, great at posing BUT had a terrible attitude. The agency manager was discussing their pros and cons and talked about the bad attitude, lack of model potential but when he got to the petite girl, the only think he had to say was “you’re great but you’ve got a lack of height.” I nearly exploded with anger- WHAT??????? In the end none of them got signed but it still angers me 2/3 years later that the only reason they didn’t sign the petite girl was because of her (lack of) height. I mean it makes no difference whatsoever- the girl may have been short but boy, could she work the clothes. All this, by the way is coming from a 5’10 girl. And to Erica, you may not have meant it in an insulting way but I too find the expression ‘Amazons’ offensive to describe tall girls.

      • i find it offense too, and i’m only 5’8. even though i am very thin people always describe me as “large” or “bigger” despite my very small proportions.

        it’s been really hurtful in the past and has taken me a while to build myself up and not take comments like these so seriously

        • I’m sorry to cause offense – I really am!

          Maybe I grew up in a different place to you because I have never know the term ‘Amazon’ to be offensive! I have always wished I was an ‘Amazon’ – I honestly mean it in a good way! Amazon to me means a tall and womanly woman – a powerful female being – not anthing bad, so I am sorry to be misunderstood.

          I simply meant to say that so many of the women we see on the catwalk are taller than the average and it would be nice to see shorter women represented too. I certainly get the feeling from the media that it makes a woman more attractive to be taller, so I often feel inadequate being 5’4″.

          Again, so sorry to cause offense – I will happily rephrase it as ‘taller women’ and be more careful when using the term ‘Amazon’ in the future!

          • Oh sorry Erica didn’t see your later comment- apology accepted- I didn’t think you meant to cause offence 🙂

      • Yeah, I always thought “Amazon” was a good thing. On a America’s Next Top Model (this season on TV now) there was a really tall girl, and for a bullying shoot, they had to talk about what they were called in school and had to pick a “power word” to replace it. People called her “Giant” in high school, but her new “power word” was Amazon. Tyra came up with it, and she took it as a compliment.

        Giant = Offensive
        Amazon = Glamorous, powerful, independent and tall woman. So, it’s used as a compliment.

        I guess different people see things differently. But I wish I was taller and people called me an Amazon. I’m only 5′ 5″ though. 🙁

        • Hmm… ok I don’t know… I guess I always thought as the word ‘amazon’ to mean like a tall, giant, warrior type person, which could be interpreted to be a bit.. well manly? I don’t know. Actually maybe I was just feeling a little oversensitive yesterday (and today)… one of my friends grabbed my stomach and went “Oh you’ve got a bit of a belly on you”, which made me super paranoid about myself. I’m like 5’10 tall so It’s taken me some time to get used to that and people usually say I’m slim(ish) so I guess the whole thing about ‘having a bit of a belly’ made me a little…annoyed. Which is probably why I got a little defensive about the height/amazon thing too- sorry 🙁

          • I understand Zoe – we all have sensitive days and it was kind of mean of your friend to say you had a belly! That would ruin my day too!

    • I do agree that clothing does look better on taller women in general, but there’s no reason why they all need to be over 5’9″. I don’t know about marketing clothing on the runway with someone 5′, but I think 5’6″ or 5’7″ and up is good enough – its tall enough to carry off most clothes, but short enough to relate to consumers.

      • Clothing looks better on taller people in general? What the heck does this mean? Are you talking on the runway or in everyday life? I find this comment quite strange. It’s basically insulting anyone who is below typical “model height”.

        • It somewhat insulting comment, but maybe they don’t realise that a short person whose only clothing options are clothes made for 5’9″ people is never going to look great because everything is too long, too baggy and the estimate of where the shoulders, waist, hips, crotch, knees, etc. is completely wrong. Petite women can look fantastic in clothes if the clothes are made to fit them and yet this argument that ‘short women don’t look as good as tall women in clothes’ is still used by the fashion world to deny making attractive petite clothing and to deny allowing petite models to model any petite clothing that is available.

          • I get what your saying, but clothes aren’t made for 5’9 women. I myself can only order pants online considering my inseam is too long for even the size tall pants. Plus my sister who is 5’9 can hardly ever find shirts, sweaters, and coats that are long enough for her arms and that fit around her shoulders (I have the same problem, but you metioned 5’9)

          • You’re right, Claire. They’re not. I did not mean to say they were only made for women of that exact height. I was more focused on my point as opposed to getting my facts right and I picked a random height.

            My SIL is 5’10” and has trouble finding trousers too, but she has a shorter torso so tops aren’t an issue. However, I do think that there need to be more affordable options for taller women as well (apart from ridiculously expensive designer items).

            What I find insane is that the average height in many countries is about 5’4″ and yet most clothes are made to fit someone taller than average. Perhaps around 5’7″. Though, again, not all 5’7″ people will have an easy time just because they are the right height since people can have long or short legs and torsos and different body types… All in all, it would probably be easier if all of us had the time, money and skill to make our own clothing specifically tailored to our own bodies.

  8. I think they should rephrase the word plus-sized. Crystal Renn is definitely a healthy, normal weight so they should reword it and call it average sized or something along those lines! Plus-sized still has connotations of being overweight

  9. yes we need more diversity among models (short, “heavier”, etc), but i do not like when we basically promote obesity as acceptable. i.e. beth ditto

    being so intensely overweight is not healthy. period. weight issues are bankrupting our country and those individuals are living shorter lives, all the while promoting “big is beautiful”

  10. Who let the rhinoceros on the runway? I seriously don’t understand the appeal of the morbidly obese Beth Ditto. She inspires nothing but disgust. Could we please have plus-size models who are truly larger in frame, instead of people who simply refuse to treat their bodies properly?

      • i think what gigi is trying to say that on almost every post on this site, you attack people…you rip them apart. kinda seems like you have problems of your own and talking so rudely about everyone else makes you feel better.

        yea, ditto is obese, but i’m not going to pick at her like you do. sure, everyone has their opinions, but they don’t have to be so rude.

        • That’s exactly what I meant. Only a miserable person would enjoy pointing out people’s flaws the way Alexa does. Misery enjoys company, as they say.

    • TOTALLY agree! With Beth Ditto out there, not only is she promoting obesity, but giving everyone a perfect example why designers use thin models. She makes me want to hurl,,,,and no I’m not picking on her.

      • … CLEARLY.

        Well, your avatar has you wearing glasses so why am I wasting my time talking to 4eyes? Not to pick on you or anything.

  11. I want it to stop being ‘unusual’ when UK14s appear on the runway. I’d like the average model to be a size UK8 (US4) – room for some skinny minnies, but also some ‘slender but average’ sized women (UK10-12). Its the one demographic that never seems to appear on the runway.

  12. People make me laugh- here we are, always complaining that there’s only fat and super skinny on the runway and then Crystal Renn comes along, right in the middle and people hate her.
    I guess people take her past too personally. So maybe that’s it. But she’s the “in between” girl people are always saying they want to see, and then they see her and talk crap.

    • Yes, it’s true, people can be hypocrite, but I think here the problem here is in Crystal herself. She was anorexic, then plus-size and proud of it, now she’s losing weight again… People just don’t perceive her as a healthy role model.
      There are other examples of ‘normal sized’ models, like Bar Refaeli or Doutzen, and people love them. So probably it’s just Crystal who isn’t very popular.

  13. My gosh… It always surprises me how women can be negative toward each other… Seriously, you treat each others like s—…

  14. look It’s great that Beth is happy with herself and is body confident, but being happy with your body doesent mean you need to wear too tight and revealing clothing at any chance you get showing all your fats to the world!

  15. beth ditto looks like a sumo wrestler! and the other 2 “plus suze” models have such thin faces. thin faces on thicker women always make them look thinner than they are. i am skinny with a full face, totally sucks

  16. And here we go again with the “fat acceptance” silliness. Is there such a thing as heart disease acceptance? Diabetes acceptance? Just celebrate your chronic, life-shortening disease that was probably brought on by your own bad habits, instead of recognizing it as a problem and taking steps to fix it? If you’re going to be lazy and complacent, then at least own it. Don’t pretend that abusing your body is something that should be admired or celebrated. The only thing Beth Ditto is encouraging (removed by admin).

    • “Premature mortality associated with obesity was less than expected in a German study at Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf.
      For 6,053 obese patients followed for an average of 14 years there was no significantly increased mortality up to a body mass index of 32, and only moderate risk up to 36. Even in the heaviest group with a BMI of 40 or more, the risk was only double for women; it was triple for men in this group.
      Relative risks were: BMI 25 up to 32, women 1.00, men 1.26; BMI 32 to 36, women 1.20, men 1.26; BMI 36 to 40, women 1.27, men 1.92; BMI 40 and over, women 2.31, men 3.05. Mortality ratios were compared with reference populations in the same locations. (Healthy Weight Journal 1998:12:1;2 / Spraul M, et al. Mortality in Obesity. I J Obesity 1997;21:S2:49:S24)”

      I could dig up study upon study, but I doubt it would change any of the hatred you spew. Ditto is lazy and complacent? I don’t know many lazy people that can have a successful touring music career. I am lazy – I’m also underweight. To assume that anyone overweight is lazy and abusing their body is to assume that everyone who is skinny is active and kind to themselves. It’s not correct and it’s a product of our society jamming stuff through our ears, oversimplifying and playing blame on a generalized group of people without taking specifics into account. It is possible to eat well and be overweight, or obese. It is possible to exercise and be obese. It is possible to be healthy at a higher end the almighty BMI chart. Certainly, poor habits can lead to weight gain, and there are many ‘obese’ people who do not exercise, eat well, etc. but the foods they’re eating and the lack of activity is what ends up doing the most damage on one’s body, not just the composition of it, itself.

      Honestly, I just find your comments to be so abrasive that I felt the need to rant a bit. Certainly you’re entitled to your opinion and your own way of expressing that opinion, but more often than not, I find your comments to be downright hurtful and upsetting.

  17. there some very hurtful people on this website. did it ever occur to any of you that perhaps some of these “whales” have genetic or medical problems? or maybe that even if they were trying to lose weight and be healthy, you’d still make fun of them. the larger you are (and the longer you’ve been there) the harder it is to lose weight, because your metabolism slows so much.

    just be nice already! if you’re concerned for ditto’s health, give it a rest. let her live her life, because she is no less human than you.

    • Did it ever occur to you that genetic and medical problems that cause obesity are very rare, and that 95% of obesity that occurs in America today is caused directly by an irresponsible, unhealthy, instant-gratification lifestyle? No, probably not, because you’re more interested in making excuses for fat people than in setting a good example.

      • did it ever occur to you that you are rude?
        seriously, you make this site unpleasant to visit.

        i’m not making excuses. i’m simply stating that it’s not so easy for everyone to maintain a healthy weight. a lot of people struggle to lose weight and undo their pasts. yes, ditto may live an unhealthy lifestyle, but you also don’t know her, do you? she could have a horribly slow metabolism, she could have an eating disorder (because yes, those work both ways), she could have a multitude of reasons why she is the way she is. the point of this is DON’T GENERALIZE. everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

        just be nice. you’ll live longer.

  18. Just a quick reminder, since this thread needed a lot of moderation:
    1. You can not compare women with animals – whales, pigs and other as such. That’s just terrible.
    2. You can’t call someone disgusting based solely on their appearance, it’s pretty harsh.
    If you do any of the above, you comment will get deleted and you will end up in moderation.
    Thank you for your understanding!

    • thank you. i think some need to watch what they say because it’s disrespectful and for the people who may have this body type. you don’t have to like it but have some respect or keep it to yourself.

    • Versus, what about comments about slim women who are called “12 year old prepubescent boys,” “skeletons” or “Ethiopians?” Are those comments not equally as terrible as comparing a woman to an animal? Why are they allowed?

      I don’t approve of either, I think both are disgusting ways to express one’s personal taste. But I don’t see why one is moderated while the other is not.

      • Casey,
        I have posted very similar warnings under model threads which included a lot of ‘disgusting’ / ‘dead body’ characterizations of thin girls.

        I moderate excessively harsh comments that are directed to skinny women just as much as I moderate these and I am sorry if you don’t see that. The thing is, there are far worse comments directed to skinny girls than the ones you mentioned (I don’t want to give examples, they are sickening) and they NEVER pass through. Furthermore, the warning I posted here isn’t some sort of ‘don’t attack big girls’ rule, it’s a general rule I have which started when visitors were describing women as ‘horses’ or ‘monkeys’ (it had nothing to do with size). The ‘disgusting rule’ is another general rule and I have recently started deleting comments which described both thin and thick women as such.

        There are at least 10 visitors who are obvious (and very mean) ‘skinny bashers’ and their comments NEVER appear on the site, you never get to see them – I don’t have as many ‘fat bashers’. I always delete the severely harsh comments directed to both sides, but of course, what may seem OK to me, may seem unacceptable to you.

        Over time, I have had visitors sending me emails, complaining about how my site is a ‘pro anorexia site, where only size 0’s are promoted, you skinny ****’ and the same amount of ‘this site is ridiculously pro-obesity!, you fat ****’. I do my absolute best to stay objective, neutral and to be neither of the above, but I constantly get complaints from both sides… fact which proves that I must be somewhere in the middle.

        This is simply the best I can do.

        • I think it may be that I never see the comments that you moderate. I didn’t consider that. I think you are doing a good job considering that this is a free website. Thank you for taking the time to explain and thank you for putting in effor to keep this site bashing-free. One thing I always liked about this site is that the majority of comments are thoughtful.

      • Casey, (removed by admin). Funny thing is you have no idea. You are so gullible you think that you appreciate everything. All you ever do is complain how perfect skinny people like you get bashed and what a terrible life you’ve got. Give me a break.

    • thank you, versus. i love this site, but some people are so harsh. and people wonder why so many kids kill themselves these days.

  19. Why can they just use models like Crystal, she’s obviously a size 4 and seemingly healthy. I hate the extremes, why can they just have a happy medium. I long for the day when 90s esque supermodels dominate the runway. Instead of the obese, fat, and skeletal models.

  20. I don’t get why some people here assume that clothes “look best” on skinny taller women. The clothes we see on the runway look best on them because they are MADE for them. If someone made clothes specifically for shorter, curvier, or just all around bigger girls, those clothes would look best on them. Anyone can look good in clothes, they just have to get the right ones, unfortunately not many designers make things that aren’t specified for tall skinny/thin women.

      • Are you serious? The thinnest person alive could not properly represent a coat hanger. How does that even make sense when you consider the way dresses and skirts are designed to flow a certain way? Coat hangers don’t walk.

        You know, up until a few decades ago models preferred as curvy. Then Twiggy made her first appearance. Before her career took off she was seen as too skinny.

  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one here who seems to think that a woman can look beautiful and should feel comfortable with herself no matter her size.

    A good and true designer wants to make beautiful clothing for everything and everyone. Try looking at how awesome these clothes look despite that the models may not fit under what is typical. If you think these clothes look beautiful on these women… well the fact is that clothes only fit their purpose when someone is wearing them.

  22. Marquita Pring looks stunning in general, but here.. I dont know but the hair, makeup and outfit doesnt suit her and the others, nobydy would look good in this…

  23. Plus size models should be used! 63% of the American population is either overweight or obese…thats more than half the population. Fat people would like to see what clothes look like on them too….

  24. idk what people think curvy means, but that first model is not curvy, she is a freakin whale.. the other two girls are curvy, healthy and not anorexic… but that first pic.. i cant even tell what shes wearing, sooo unhealthy

  25. I’m all for different body shapes but the body should be healthy. Overweight or underweight, the body is no longer healthy and should not be used to promote clothes or ideals about what constitues expectable body sizes. Think of the harm done to an overweight body and the risks envolved, equally an underweight body. Everyone has their own shape and size but being healthy is waaaayyy more important than what other people look like. Plus when you are healthy on the indside it will show on the outside. So put that cookie down, eat fresh fruit and veg, drink lots of purified water, de-stress and exercise and no one whould have a problem with their body. Done! Just solved the world’s body image crisis. Hehe

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