295 thoughts on “Bikini Model Treat: Izabel Goulart”

  1. So beautiful!! Love her long legs and she has a REALLY cute booty!!! I don’t like her swimsuit very much but oh well haha. I see her on the VS site all the time and I think she’s gorgeous.

    EDIT: lol does anyone notice the topless lady right next to her in the first picture? hahahaha

    • The topless sunbather was one of the first things I noticed because VS is always careful about censoring nudity. Must have missed that one…

    • I find it a bit messed up that that woman’s breasts (and her face in the last photo) are not blurred out.

      She’s not a celebrity, she’s just a woman trying to chill at the beach and happens to be in the same eye line as a supermodel. I tan topless on the beach all the time and I’m perfectly comfortable with that – But if someone took photos and posted them all over the internet that would be a TOTALLY different story.

      Not cool VS. Not cool at all.

  2. Her belly area looks kind of odd depending on the angle but I really love her body ! She is skinny but still very toned.

  3. I think she has an amazing body. I am seriously envious. Working really long hours and staying away from the gym are even more depressing now, ha.

  4. Finally someone worth commenting about. Nearly perfect body. All she needs is a little more bicep pump and an inch taken in on her obliques, to give her a little bit more waist. She very closely resembles my body, so maybe I am biased, but I think objectively no one would argue her body is near or at, perfection.

    Also worth noting her legs look thinner here than they did in the show in that green outfit……look much thinner here.

    • Nobody wants to know what your body looks like… Why would anyone give a s**t? I do not understand the concept of bragging on the internet!! Nobody knows you here anyhow. That’s basically the point of the internet: being anonymous.
      Kind of a strange way of seeking attention.. The people I know who have awesome bodies (they basically live at the gym) are at the lake right now in bathing suits where everyone “cool” hangs out. Maybe that’s where you should go to show off you body? Pool, beach, lake, river, whatever… I understand wanting to show off a body when you put tons of effort in it BUT hey that’s not possible over the internet.

      • Nobody wants to know what my body looks like? That’s why I’ve had about 50 ppl. ask for a photo. And no, people w/ awesome bodies like this, like mine, we do not all live in the gym. I do 1.5 to 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, light walking on Sundays.

        • Look, you seem like an ok girl but you need to find a different occupation! They probably ask because you keep on bragging and on the internet no one knows whether it’s legit. You could be 300 lbs for all I know.
          Look, this was my last message to you. I don’t mean any harm to you but you come off as a litte weird on this site. You seem to be quite obsessive over weight and body and so on… That’s not healthy! I’m not saying: gain weight. I’m saying: find another occupation which is a little less superficial. All the best

          • Like your not obsessive over weight and body? You’re here aren’t you. The only difference btw me and you is I do something about my ‘obsession’, w/ weight and body, so do most body builders…. that’s why I look like the woman above, well, that and genes

          • Wow..how come you aren’t a VicSecret model? I would think anyone who looked like this (with the added benefit of a little more bicep muscle) would be sharing their amazing gift with the entire planet……not just talking about it in the comments sections of various websites….

          • I did model, from the time of 12-18 mostly. I am only 5 ft 7.25 inches, that has a lot to do with it. Heck, my face is even better than hers, but if you don’t have that much needed height………Um, thought you weren’t going to comment to me anymore? And that others shouldn’t either 🙂

          • guest, It’s because she looks nothing like this. She saw this pic and decided that she wants to look like her, next week it will be someone else. That’s the pattern-it’s called delusion.
            She is going to tell you that she used to model, blah, blah. Everyone knows it’s not true, just leave her to her fantasies. Her nonsense will be deleted soon enough.

          • No, I’ve always described my body in the same exact way, it’s never changed. haha

          • she cld very well look like this ore not
            what IS sadly clear, attention is her food
            don’t feed the animals

          • Nope, my stats have always been the same, but your memory changes from week to week.

            Point is, you ppl. need to be more accepting of different POV’S, and stop harassing ppl. who don’t think like you do, or think like you do, but don’t have issues that make them say otherwise.

          • Um are you so upset that you can’t spell or form sentences now? Your comment is…….well…..and why do you keep responding to me or about me (b/c women are passive aggressive), if I am not a trll and just a crazy person?

          • What on earth are you doing lady? All you women never fail to amaze me. Just because youre passive agressivly responding indirectly doesnt mean you arent responding.

          • EXCELLENT POINT. Thank you. That is precisely my point. I am not the one acting wrongly here……..it is the ppl. who name call, mock and make fun of me, and you, for no other reason than they don’t like what we have to say. That is an injustice.

          • EDIT: O, thought you were the other user I talk to here…..she uses initials too ..looks like you’re another angry one, but you were right about JN1976, she keeps responding to me then tells others not too……..what was I saying about women never being able to make up their minds? 🙂

          • And for a woman your age, you act like a complete fool. Dont know what youre saying half the time, idk but im sure youll respond indirectly to me saying not to respond to me lol.

          • Exactly.

            Point is, these ppl. need to be more accepting of different POV’S, and stop harassing ppl. who don’t think like they do.

            The reason I keep coming here, if truth be told and if anyone cares, is b/c I believe my civil liberties have been egregiously violated.

          • Incorrect. I constantly say how great my body is, b/c here, I’m constantly 1) asked what it looks like, and, 2) told it isn’t. Are we done?

          • Yes, repeating something constantly does not make it true. You, repeating constantly that my body is not perfect, or that it is fat,etc., won’t make it true. haha.

          • This is true. No matter how many times you tell yourself your not a fatazz, it won’t make it true. 🙂

          • LOL, Game of Thrones……the short, blonde w/ the fat arms……..lol..why didn’t they kill her off? haha

          • The women on this site remind me of the one on Games that was eating the lemon cakes and licking her fingers…….the other woman told her, her mother loved sweets too and got fat……she heard this and still kept eating the lemon cakes………sounds like all of you, you all have weight issues, but are prob. still eating lemon cakes.

          • Um, it very clearly says “Jackie” beside her name, as in she was replying to Jackie…Guess you’re the stupid one, but we all already knew that.

          • juju, she’s hallucinating again, seeing names that aren’t there. Pretty soon she will start accusing you of being someone else.

        • @Hannah, agree, people constantly arguing with the troll are getting just as irksome. I read this site on the train daily and I always have to scroll past so many mean comments that pop up (this site loads weirdly on my phone though). She’s been trolling for 2 years straight under many usernames, and she’s said many times her sad life revolves around internet ‘debate’ so if you ignore she’ll leave.

          Btw Miranda is 5’7, Candice 5’7.5′, Barbara’s and Lily are 5’6, so being 5’7 wouldn’t hold anyone back from being a commercial model lol. But we already knew she’s full of s—…

          • I am doing nothing wrong, I merely treat ppl. how they treat me. I am nice to nice, and mean to mean. Even the Bible says as much…..

          • I agree.
            Everyone, just leave her to her rants & raves. She is already working herself into a frenzy because no one believes her.
            Pretty soon she will be hauled off in a straight jacket & we will be rid of her.

          • She is a troll she went back to something I posted a few weeks ago just to respond and tell me I was wrong about healthy body fat percentages. As a doctor i’m going to trust my own judgement over hers…couldn’t even be bothered to respond.

          • According to the World Health Organization and American Council of Exercise, 25-30% falls within the healthy body fat range.

          • CDC and NIH only use BMI. WHO lists 21-32% as health body fat range for women in the 20-40 age group. Of course muscular women may have a lower body fat percentage.

          • No, they list 30% is obese, and 35% as overweight, so do the other ogranizations, though for some the percentages may differ 1-2%, also, dependant on country.

          • (this is more for nat…as i cannot directly reply anymore) Exactly and this can look very different and different types of bodies depending on how and where you store fat. Some women naturally have a lower fat percentage than 20%, however when you get below 15-18% by choice their can be side effects such as hair loss, excessive hair growth and losing your period.
            And nat, if you don’t believe i’m a doctor that is fine with me.

          • Only if you are not a naturally thin woman will you have side effects like losing hair, no period…..give me a break. If you are a doctor which I doubt, you would know that 1.7% of the population is naturally under 18 on the BMI scale. These people can be lower than 15-18% and suffer no ill effects, and even thrive with a very low body fat. It is healthy and normal for us. The only people it’s not healthy for, is women who try to get under 15%, when naturally their bodies are not supposed to get there (the majority). Please educate yourself, ‘doctor’.

          • A while ago,I said I am a doctor on this site and believe me almost 10 people told me I am lying through my butt about my job.Because according to these people a doc is supposed to eat/sleep/live/poop in hospital and has no time for such things.

          • Thankfully her comments are deleted, but I wouldn’t have responded anyways. I work at a clinic in a hospital so my hours aren’t too bad, mon-fri usually 8-10 hours, can be up to 16 if I have to do a round in the ER or am on call. Apparently misspelling a word means you can’t be a doctor. If doctors were judged on our spelling and handwriting most of us would be screwed lol!
            I come on this site and a bunch of other “gossipy” site because when I get home from work I don’t want to think. I may have sometime but I def do not have enough time to go back through months of an individuals comments to drag out details to try to insult them!

          • You said low body fat in females means they will lose their hair, fertility, etc. You’re an MD? MD’s know that there is a small segment of the population, that is naturally underweight, according to BMI which is worthless on it’s own merit (there is no physiological reason to take ones weight and divide it by one’s height, squared – and b/c when the formula didn’t work for Quetelete, he rigged it so it would, you can’t change a formula just so they agree w/ your results, that’s not what empiricism is.) BMI is also worthless in athletes. BMI and height and weight charts, are lousy indicators of health, fitness or ideal weight. Forget about BMI and height-weight charts; the answer is body fat testing.

          • Actually my comment was “Some women naturally have a lower fat percentage than 20%, however when you get below 15-18% by choice their can be side effects such as hair loss, excessive hair growth and losing your period.”
            I acknowledge some women have a naturally body fat percentage. I also said that these are side effects that CAN happen, that doesn’t mean they always will.
            I do agree with you about BMI…I have a long hate for BMI its only useful as a population demographic and I don’t use it in practice.

          • So, if I am naturally below 15%, and experience no side effects, and always stress weight lifting and cardio and healthy eating in my comments…how does that make me a ‘troll’?

            And if you are obese, by you’re own admission, (29.8% body fat you said)how can you run a marathon?

          • Actually your pulling that number from a conversation about BMI, and how it’s not an accurate representation of health. I stated that my BMI currently puts me at 29.8….bordering on “obese” I am 6 months pregnant though and have put on 10lbs…so at my height that makes a lot of difference on BMI. I have always been short and stocky/musclular, its just my body shape and the way i carry and gain muscle. And I have seen people who appear to have quite a bit of body fat competing in half and full marathons.

          • Holy crap I had no idea it was THAT bad… I’ve only been on this site for about half a year… Definitley won’t be answering her anymore! Sry for feeding it 🙁

          • Jackie, don’t worry, just a heads up she cyberstalks people so best to ignore. The poor Mod has said she used to delete 50+ comments/day of her rants. The stuff you see is actually her more lucid. Usually she talks to herself for hours.

          • There would not be a ton of comments, if you ppl. did not respond to me.

            It is your fault there are too many comments, not mine. I start w/ ONE, repeat, ONE comment. I get 25 responses. That is something YOU PPL. are doing, not me.

          • She’s already started (talking to herself)
            And I ‘m sure she’ll continue for days after everyone has moved on.

          • So all these comments here with other usernames that have been at this site for years, don’t really exist?

            I see……what was I saying about most women being crazy?

          • Sorry I said it so harshly, the arguing just gets annoying to scroll through but hopefully now the new commenters and people that visit less often will know to ignore her.

          • Many of the new commenters agreed w/ me about Isabel being perfect, so shove it. You’re just jealous b/c you wish you had my height and weight and measurements. Go blow it out your as*, jealousy is no reason to act an azz to ppl. LOL

          • Of course you’d know, you’ve said many times you’re a 4. I really spoil you with attention, but I’m about to get off a train so enjoy this last gem Natty:

          • I’ve never said I was a size 4, b/c I’m not. If you read my measurements, and I’m sure you have, you’d know that’s it’s impossible for me to be a size 4.

          • Hahahahahahaha
            Busted again. I actually remember that comment because the next day she was a size 2!! Hahahaha

          • 33-24-33.5 is not a size 4, and even when I was overweight at 33.5/34-25-34, it still is not size 4. Wrong again fattie, uh, I mean, batty.

          • I remember that too, by the way. 🙂
            She’ll soon leave to stick her head in the toilet (gotta get back to that size 4) while simultaneously examining more of her turds.

          • It would never occur to me to throw up my food, but the fact that you thought of it…………

          • tells me that I’m exactly right. LOL. Oh, that’s right, you would have to actually eat to throw up., anyway, have fun examining your turds! Do you taste them, too?

          • I do examine my turds, that’s how I make sure I am regular, and keep an extra flat belly and good digestion…..what do you do? Flush and not look? You probably don’t even scrape your tongue or wipe your as* lol.

          • Yes I examine my poop, that’s one of the reasons I’m so thin lol. You should try it, I know you’re not thin, you’re one of the angriest. That’s how I can tell 🙂

          • She also runs the turds through her fingers to check the consistency & admitted to tasting them because they have less calories than food. Anything to get back down to a size 4 & lose those extra 12 lbs. But let’s leave her to it, they are her only friends. 🙁

          • I remember this post, it was on Crystal Renn March 1st, 2013. What Natalia said was:

            Natalia Natalia • a year ago

            “Also, very few models are a size 0! I am a size 4, but that has to be taken in in chest, waist, hips – but need the size for for the shoulder width, arm length, pants rise, leg length. At 103-104”

            Nice try.

          • Haha, thanks, I didn’t know what she was referring to. Yeah, you have to weigh a lot more than 104/105 to fill out the standard size 4 measurements which I listed above…..

          • You responded to me just a few days ago JN1976, and a quite lengthy, unfriendly one at that. Hypocrite much?

      • disqus_5tuud_jdduz-u: if you do actually look like that, only better (ahahahhaha, yeah right) why are you wasting your time on here and not modeling your way across the world? What is more realistic, is that you are a fat, balding, chester-the-molester dude with a mommy complex.

        • B/c I’m now a law student, in my mid twenties, and have planned for my future. Anything else? You know, there are fit women out there who don’t model…….not many esp. where I live, but…….lol.

        • If it makes you feel better about yourself, than tell yourself I’m Chester 🙂 But this kind of rationale won’t make you any thinner 🙂

          • I’m Nat….not the other user lol, I’ve never been 12 lbs overweight. I change my account b/c my comments well some get deleted by association w/ that account name…..

          • Whats funny is how immature all you women are who are responding to her. All of you look childish and petty. Peaches, :), R, 1234- you baboons pester her on every single page on this website. And everytime she comments suddenly 50 new posters who have never posted and all sound exactly the same come out of teh woodworks, and they all somehow know things she has said a year ago. shyt. Anyone calling somebody a troll needs to grow up.

          • exactly. all you guys are criticizing her for spending hours on here and you are doing the exact same thing by responding over and over, just get over it and leave it alone. she is sort of right about people taking her comments personally.

          • Oh, so now you are a law student: doubtful. Had an ex that was in law school, he had barely the time to shower, let alone spend countless hours at they gym, and even worse, trolling a website. BULL!

          • Not ‘now’ I am a law student, things just don’t happen as soon as you hear about them you know? And you do know there is no law school in the summer don’t you? Unless your ex, that you probably slept w/ btw, great…….unless he was a dummy and went in the summer to make up for failing in the spring or fall.

          • Yes haha, all the insecure girls with eds and jn1976. They are so ridicolous, they have been pilling on her and I since our first posts. And then they always say they will stop responding, but they start doing it the very next post lol. Of course logic doesnt get through their heads so they will keep going on, so stubborn they cant admit they are wrong. I have a woman arguing with me on even teh most basic facts here.

          • yeah yeah, and what do you call what youre doing. This is just amazing, you women are so insecure. Every woman wants to be thin and lean, and for somebody as old as JN1976 thats just pathetic.

          • its pathetic to be so childish and immature. nobody has awnsered her question as to why you keep responding and why you critcizie her for commenting so much when you women do the same. ????

  5. This is pretty much the way a ‘perfect body’ to me should look like. I understand where the high-end designers are coming from when they hire very lean, skinny models with not much curve or significant definition to their body; they genuinely look like clothes hangers so you get to appreciate the design on them more than the girl herself. However, it makes me so happy to see models like Izabel and Doutzen with muscle definition getting a lot of work. She looks incredibly ‘feminine’, yet from what I see looking at her instagram page, she can kick some butt or run miles on end at the same time 🙂

  6. omg, amazing. healthy and toned!! i love her body! but i could never achieve that look in a healthy way. our body types are just too different.

  7. Almost every Brazilian model is gorgeous, so unfair haha and she reminds me of the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio. I think she has an amazing body, skinny but fit and toned. Still, I prefer curvier bodies with bigger b❆❆bs and softer hips if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, her body is great and her boyfriend looks hot as well.

  8. I’m sorry but that completely flat and ultra-toned stomach makes me think of a masculine body to me. A little bit of fat, even if you are fit, IS a feminine characteristic and a sign of health and fertility.

    • True. I used to model (just commercial jobs nothing huge) and lost my period when my bmi dropped below 18. And I was eating super healthy! That’s also when guys told me that I was starting to look unattractive. Just remember girls: healthy=beauty
      Human race would be doomed if all huys liked underweight girls at the point of infertility.
      Slim is great as long as you’re healthy of course. But not everyone can be healthy at a runway model type of weight.

      • You could be all muscle and 12% body fat at a BMI of below 18…….or the reverse, you could be a skinnyfat w/ 33% body fat below BMI of 18……it’s irrelevant BMI. It’s body composition that matters.

          • Yes. Now u follow that advice and stop preaching to everyone that super skinny is the only way to be!!! Think about what very young girls think when they read your comments and believe you and start thinking they have to b super skinny!

          • I preach weight lifting and healthy eating. If I also say that tall and thin is the ideal body type at this time in history, well, it is. I never say regular women should not eat to obtain it, and you know that, so does everyone here.

          • Don’t even bother…I work at an eating disorder clinic and this poster has said the only reason there are eating disorders is because females are irrational and some other bs…ed’s sever enough that you require inpatient treatment are a mental illness.

          • It’s ‘your’ spelling, genius. And you must be speaking from experience. You did admit it, so no use denying it.

          • That’s why Ruby Tuesday has an all you can eat salad bar, because even cows get tired of eating their own cud……Jenna.

      • Only women who starve themselves stop menstruating at under 18 BMI……you are not meant to be a thin person if you did, and you never modeled

  9. She looks great! Very skinny but with the muscle it looks good. Gives me inspiration to tone up a little now that my exams are over.

    • You sound like you need inspiration by the fanatical you barked at me down below. And, you can’t be skinny if you have muscle you dimwi* haha.

  10. how much do you think she eats? what do you think her height and weight is? I want to know how she got her body like this.

  11. Finally someone worth commenting about. Nearly perfect body. All she needs is a little more bicep muscle and an inch taken in on her obliques, to give her a little bit more waist, and voile. She very closely resembles my body, so for all you nuts here that want to know what my body looks like, this is it! haha…or close to it, I have a little bit more muscle in the arms……..but I think objectively no one would argue her body is near, or at, perfection. Good for her, she looks as though she has leaned down, esp. in the legs, her legs look thinner here than they did in the show in that green outfit, esp. in the inner thigh area. Also, like to say, yes, this body is not possible w/out the right genes, but, it does take a lot of work. It is inappropriate for women here to criticize me, for always criticizing women’s bodies, saying they are lacking here and there, and how they don’t exercise enough or eat right – when practically everyone here has hailed this woman’s body as perfection (and the ones that haven’t, are lying through their buttholes). Hypocritical? Indeed.

      • Disqus has a user glitch where a username first appears as the previous person who comments, then it changes. E.g your comment first appeared as ‘1234’ and changed to ‘nat.p’. No one is copying you.
        But NP, let me know a bit of logic at your cyber obsession: SF has many public social media profiles – instag/fb/linked/twitter – if she posted here and knew you were stalking her, wouldn’t she make them private instead of public? Clearly you’re cyberstalking an old classmate who doesn’t know you exist. You mention her constantly, thinking we’re all her. That’s plain creepy.

          • No simpleton. You mentioned her so many times, so I googled the name wondering if she was the Mod of this site you were angry at. Then someone posted she was an old schoolmate of yours at UMD-CP and now I understand the depth of your neurosis, scary. Well gotta go, have fun sitting on your flat droopy butt all day, toodles. Have fun writing a hundred comments to be deleted.

          • Lol this again? Look, you’ve no clue who I am, I was never dumb enough to say my name/background. But you did – body stats, modeling agency, Estonia, L.A, DC, LSE, UMD-CP, Gold’s gym, your Dr’s name in NY, your fav restaurants, law school (very few allow spring enrollment, which you did, only 1 in dc, 1 in ny – my sis attends there). So unless you want your identity discovered, I suggest you stop your narcissistic ramblings. See I’ve got a memory like an elephant natty p, and I’m a lot smarter than you – I suggest you listen up. By the time I login tomorrow, your response will be deleted anyway, so don’t bother. Huvasti!

          • She already had her identity discovered. In the other post (Tom) said he had seen her & that she could stand to lose 12 lbs. was short & had limp hair. That’s why she doesn’t provide proof of all her ‘special, rare’ attributes. It is funny that she’s obsessively leaving all these comments just for them to be deleted- how that must enrage her. LOL

          • Serena/Anonymous/anon and a million others, needs to lose 30 from her photos.
            Luv Nat. 🙂

          • Now you ppl. that are inventing fake usernames are inventing other ppl. w/ fake usernames, so you can say someone ‘caught a glimpse of Natalia’? haha I LOVE IT! I think I’ve reached celebrity status LOL.

          • hah did you see her comment above, she said “my civil liberties have been egregiously violated”….omg i’m hiding my giggles the library. she says she sits at home watching judge judy all day, i can imagine her in court before being led away in a strait jacket – ‘you’re fat! the jury is fat! the defendant i fat! omg size 4 so fat!’ like a broken record. I feel bad laughing at her bc she’s ‘special needs’. sure enough her imaginary friend popped up…omg this is hysterical, like a bad soap opera.

          • Hahaha omg, this actually cracked me up………like when Al Pacino loses it in And Justice for All. And I get to sit at home at watch Judge Judy all day in the summer, when there is no school. If you go to school in the summer, you must be dumb(summer school for dumdum’s)

          • From Neiman’s:


            SIZE 4 – CHEST 34.5 WAIST 27 HIPS 36


            CHEST 35.5 WAIST 28 HIPS 38.

          • So, that’s the size you want to get down to? It’ll probably be alot of work for you, but it can be done. I’m rooting for you!

          • If she’s willing to put in the work to get down to that size, it can happen. I frankly don’t see how, given that she spends 24 hrs. a day, 7 dys. a week on this site fantasizing. Maybe she can write fiction novels or something to put that over imaginative mind of hers to work.

  12. I cant take this anymore…godde
    Someone help me!!! I am so confused. I want to look like her so badly. Candy, my good friend, can you help me? I can’t stop this.
    Serena….please acknowledge me. Please come back & answer me!!!!!
    I do look like Izabel. I do, I do!!!

  13. Referencing the above: what in the world?! I haven’t commented in a while as school was getting intense. But WOW. Full on delusional rants up in here.
    Izabel is cute. I don’t think she’s exactly the hottest model or that she has the prettiest face, but she’s cute. I don’t really like her legs, she doesn’t have much in the way of calf to ankle definition. And I want those sunglasses to burn in a pit of hellish agony never to be seen again, they’re wretched. But she looks good. And she looks very happy.

  14. 109 comments!! omg… I’m so sorry I woke the slumbering beast guys! I definitley will not make the same mistake again!

  15. Wow..i cant enjoy reading comments on this website anymore because of the annoying troll and everyone feeding it. I wish the comments were only about the celebrities. I cant stand when people on here talk about their own bodies

    • For the 1,000th time, if I were a troll, no one would argue w/ me, or make fun of me. The fact that they do, proves they are jealous.

      • Jealous of someone who needs to lose 12 lbs., has acne & limp hair?
        What’s your excuse for arguing with everyone & trying to make fun of everyone?
        Tell me, is the moderator also jealous of you? lol

  16. I know its entertaining to soak up this person’s garbage-its like
    watching bad reality TV. But guys, this person is obviously severely
    mentally ill and is suffering from either schizophrenia or some other
    severe psychotic disorder. Let’s not clog up this site any further than
    it already by encouraging her. Just flag her comments and move on.

    • I’m surprised no one helps her. She said she’s 25, lives with family, watches reality tv and posts online all day, never been employed. If my family member or friend did that I would try to help her, even take away the computer and forced to go outside a bit. These comments encourage her – I wish the mod would step in.

        • Wealthy people go out, enjoy life, vacation, hobbies, sports, they even work. It’s not normal to be an adult and spend all day obsessing over your body behind the computer.

          The things you say are disturbing and it’s scary how you talk to yourself and think you can see us through your computer. Over the summer students, including law, supposed to get work experience unless you want to be unemployed forever. If you’re wealthy you can afford a good mental health clinic. I know it’s hard taking the 1st step but you will be happy you did it. Best of luck.

          • I do all those things, I come on this site every few months for about a week at at time, not everyday like most of the ED sufferers here. And nothing is disturbing about what I say, what the heck is so disturbing about saying most women are overweight (fact), most of them need to eat better, lift weights and do cardio (fact)? Hmm? Nothing. And you read my comments so much, how did you not read about where I have a 6 week internship, not a 13 week one, b/c we go back home for half the summer? Best of luck to you and your fat loss my dear.

        • Didn’t you get an internship? Or a travel abroad program to learn a new language? Or other extracurricular activities? I’m studying law too and here in Switzerland it’s super important to get professional experience. I do not understand people who sit around all summer being unproductive! I’d try to fill up my CV if I were you!

          • My internship starts soon, and is only half the summer, 6 weeks. All the bytches here will be happy to know I won’t have the time to post here much longer hahahha……

    • Agreed, I was going to say it reminds me of the kardashians – totally delusional, she (and they) think they’re saying/doing something that makes sense but everyone else just sees them as a joke.

  17. She has great legs, but I don’t really like the packs/obliques showing that much on women She does seem to be naturally thin and obviously works hard for this look. I do miss the old VS angels though..the newer generation besides Doutzen/Candice are just not that memorable either facially or body-wise..

    • i kind of feel like her calf and ankle are the same size which i don’t really like….
      But, yeah most of them have nothing on Candice and Doutzen. i was surprised when my boyfriend called Doutzen ‘generic’ today. I called blasphemy hahaha.

  18. The movie….”As Good as It Gets”…..Jack Nicholson’s character. The woman asks him, “How do you write a woman’s character so well?” He replies: “I take away all reason and accountability”. You women have no reason, and you refuse to take accountability for your excess weight, your eating disorders and anything else you can throw in there.

    • I saw that movie. This website is full of women yammering on about how they have an eating disorder, can’t stop themselves from binge eating, need to read books on it, can’t even talk too much about nutrition because it may ‘trigger’ their ed behavior. Just ridiculous.

      • Thank God, another woman had realized how all these women have eds and thats why they get so angry. There’s a long long long list of posters here who always yammer about binge eating or vomiting or blah blah blah. Just look at the Mischa Barton post, I mean
        Miss Marilyn
        and on and on and on- they have all talked about their eds and surpise theyre alwaysing bytching.

    • I see the monkey is back behind the bars crying “listen to me, listen to me!” “I’m thin! I’m pretty! I’m smart!” and when people just laugh, he (in this case she) starts slinging the poop at them, (after tasting it, of course) crying for attention. Then this monkey invents a little friend to talk to……

      • She’s right, most of the women here have eating disorders, and need help. I read all the comments on the Mischa Barton page. At least we don’t throw up our meals like 90% of the women here.

        • Exactly! No wonder they are so freaking touchy about comments! Women are most illogical creatures….men need to lose weight and get in shape, they eat less and go to the gym, women here starve and live off 800 calories a day, don’t lift weights, and then wonder why they’re still fat and have a mushy body! I’m telling you, the problem is not just ‘you are a troll’, no, the problem is women are just IRRATIONAL, most ED sufferers……are female.

        • …making fun of people who have mental disorders? People who may need actual help over something they can’t control?

          Do you make fun of kids in wheelchairs too? Jeez

          • Just ignore her. There’s no reasoning with her, she’s actually legitimately disturbed. You can tell by her long rants to herself, her witch hunt for people with eds (which, newsflash nat et., all, I don’t have one) and need to vilify them. We shouldn’t feel a need to defend ourselves to her, or compel her to understand, she won’t. Telling her she’s mean to make fun of troubled people is like screaming at a brick wall for being a brick wall. She’s only doing it to provoke.

          • natalias comment about women having no reason and no accoutability is so true. i saw that movie, its true. i bet the same women here saying Isabel is too lean for them r the same ones dieting their ases off to be thin, and barfing up their lunch.

      • @ 🙂 your comments are funny, I admit I laughed, but you’re being kind of mean now. It’s not nice to laugh at delusional or ill people who genuinely need help. Just be thankful you have a life that’s not so empty you need to cry out for attention or talk to yourself like she does. We’ve made our point, now move on so the Mod can come do her daily clean-up.

        • I read the comments here, you all forget. When you think no one is listening, you all start going on about your eating disorders. I eat normally, you all are the ones who need help lol

        • You know what, you are right. I shouldn’t be so mean to mentally ill people. I know she is ill, but she is also nasty to so many people for absolutely no reason. It’s so easy to get caught up in replying in kind to her nastiness, without stopping to realize that she needs serious help. I also don’t want to contribute to her worsening mental state. I will no longer reply to her. I AM thankful that I have a life & I WILL move on. In fact, I’m going to get on with my life right now!!

          • I really wonder how these people get like this. I mean, they really have NO friends or family to pull them aside and say “look, this is not normal, you need some help”…?

          • She has this obsession for Ruby Tuesdays, that’s her favorite place to go because apparently they have this huge buffet. Maybe she does leave the house after all… to go to Ruby Tuesday’s

          • But yeah you see the thing is, I can eat there, but my a– won’t suddenly expand into size 36″, overnight.

          • Did you notice everyone has moved on, but she & her other personality are still going on & on & on…… I’m sure she’ll still be here this weekend. That obviously infuriates her, that people have lives. Ignoring her will make her madder. I’ll visit again tomorrow morning and I bet she’ll still be here, foaming at the mouth.

      • And wgen you reply to every single one of her comments on every post what are you saying? Would I be right in guessing you have had or still have an ed?

  19. “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah” that is all I can read on here lately… BTW she looks smokin’, a little to cut for me, but still so sexy.





  24. Wow so much bickering on SvC these days!! What happened?
    Her stomach is a little too thin and cut for me but her legs and rear end look great. I wouldn’t say she had the perfect body but she’s not sickly looking either compared to others. When you see her sitting down on the rocks her bones aren’t jutting out or anything. She just looks like a model with a small frame to me

  25. She is a really fit and beautiful woman. I particularly like her long legs and perky butt, which is small but round and shapely. I’m not a big fan of the enormous asses. Her tummy is a little leaner than I’d like mine to be ideally, but that being said, it certainly looks better than the pudge I’ve got now! She’s very beautiful and graceful looking

  26. Most of these shots look like they could go straight into a mag no editing, nada. Natural model and clearly just a goddess. Glad she’s not a vs angel anymore, those girls get so overexposed and annoying (I had to Google her bc I had no idea what shed done). She’s too good for it. I just hate being inundated with the same faces n bodies, how boring.

  27. I have loved this website for a long time but reading the comments has been so incredibly annoying lately. I don’t understand why can’t the trolls be blocked and why can’t people STOP RESPONDING TO THEM? I could read 70% of the posts in the Daily Mail as well but I come here for the comments too…
    Anyways, clearly she’s a very attractive girl, she’s got very nice legs and butt but for my personal taste her body fat is too low and I’m not a fan of her stomach.

    • THANK YOU! I don’t even care for the crazy person talking to herself in every post anymore because, well… she/he/it is crazy… but why the F people keep responding? Is ridiculous, if they’re so annoyed why giving her this much of atention, they want her to go away? Well reacting to every sigle word she says obviously is not working!!!! Coooome ooooonnn girls, just STOP IT already!!!!!!!!

    • “body fat is too low and I’m not a fan of her stomach.”

      Sure. Whatever you say. And it’s her abdomen, not her stomach that you are envious of lol.

  28. Very nice body, the only thing I could say it’s that I don’t like very flat stomachs because they don’t look feminine to me.

  29. you phat cows, you’re probably at work when you’re writing all this sh*t, because who has time to right all this crap? Natalia only visits this sight every few months…….you the same ones are here everyday, EVERY DAY, you all could be at Bob’s Big Boy at the all you can eat buffet.

  30. It’s not about being busy, but I honestly don’t know what to do. I opted for Disqus because of this trolling issue. Unless I moderate all comments and nothing goes through before I get the chance to approve it… would you like that?

    • No, that would be unfair to the majority of people who are respectful. Maybe put a short disclaimer at the beginning of the next post saying not to feed the troll and flag the comment? A lot of people don’t know about Disqus’s flag feature. Just an idea.

  31. None of this would have ever happened if you all had just let us express our opinions, without attacking us and starting fights. It is your fault, not ours. It’s flat out discrimination.

    • Are you kidding? You literally respond to every person calling them overweight, ugly, telling them to lose weight, making fun of their eating disorder, etc. Inflammatory comments meant to provoke. You literally did that for 12 hours straight today and the poor Mod had to delete like 100 of your comments. Are you proud of your behavior?
      I didn’t start a fight. I even asked the commenter 🙂 to stop being mean. Sure I responded saying if you’re wealthy you may have better uses for your time than trolling SVC for 10 hours straight, but that’s your choice. I can only hope someone in your family notices your alarming behavior and obsession and intervenes. It’s also hard to ignore you since you keep changing your accounts!

  32. She looks great – but MAN, that beach looks crowded. Makes me starved for elbow room just looking at it.

    As for breasts: how could they not be associated with sex? Men don’t have them, nipples are a major erogenous zone for women, they’re so beautiful & feminine – legs are too, but it’s just not the same. lol

    I have to wonder if women who buy push-up bras are the same ones insisting it’s ridiculous that breasts are sexualized.

  33. I am obsessed with her I follow her on IG she is a fitness work of art…her training is impeccable and her abs are probably in the top 2…..sick model def underrated…she looks way better them Miranda or Candice in my opinion

    • I suggest Izabel gain 2-3 lbs of muscle in her arms and legs, then – perfect. Lose the pilates/yoga crap and hit the weights for her.

  34. She is like one of the only models who actually works on her body, and I mean works on it, she is very into fitness. Gorgeous, perfect in every way, especially her abs!

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