Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: “If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight”

Other-Victoria-Secret-Angels - Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: "If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight"

A short while back, brand new VS model Gigi Hadid wrote a response to her weight critics who called her ‘too big for the runway’. In her post, Gigi mentioned that she fits in sample sizes and that she is proud of her curves – read it all here!

Fellow Victoria’s Secret Blanca Padilla felt the need to express her thoughts on the matter and posted a reply to Gigi’s message:

I don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re a curvy girl on the runway, I support that. But if it was me with your same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight. Most of us have to conform to extreme measurements because otherwise we won’t book any jobs while others have the privilege to say that designers love them despite their curves. Well then, why do they love you? Maybe your millions of followers on Instagram might have something to do with it as well.

There are models who are only booked because of how many followers they have only, and there are very valid models out there who aren’t booking many jobs because they don’t have social media, and they might be as valid, if not more, than some of the popular girls now. So everything is quite perplexing now, not fair for everyone and definitely not equal for everyone.

… says Blanca.

Almost-Colliding-Taylor-Swift-VS-Runway - Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: "If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight"

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Blanca?


Change-After-Walking-Victoria-Secret - Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: "If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight" Modeling-Social-Media - Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: "If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight"

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96 thoughts on “Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: “If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight””

      • How do you know what her BMI is, she is skinny, but that doesnt mean she is underweight or even scary, isn’t this offensive, I have skinny friends, skinnier than her, with a normal BMI, it’s their body type.

    • Seriously, this again??!! Way less than 18. ALL models are below 18. 18 looks very healthy and much bigger than this woman on screen/in photos. No model is 18 and doing catwalk. Also, 18 isn’t all that underweight. On a small frame it is perfectly healthy and not even noticeably thin. It often just looks slim rather than skinny.

  1. But if you’re a model, wouldn’t a good social media following almost be like adding something onto your resume? I don’t see anything wrong with it personally

    • Seriously! It’s part of the game! The fashion industry – just like every industry – changes and evolves. If she can’t keep up then that’s her fault. Don’t cry about it, do something about it.

  2. I personally find Bella to be more beautiful body and face wise than Gigi, and that isn’t taking away from Gigi… but lets be honest… if these girls were not the daughters of a very famous model mother and a famous father… they would have the same rigorous demands on them as other models who are struggling in the industry. I don’t really think it has to do with their social media, though that helps any entertainment career… but that isn’t why they are held at more lax standards to other women… which the standards are even correct and are too harsh and make it almost impossible to break into it.

    • I actually think the social media followers is proportional to their fame, and their fame is what gets them jobs regardless of their weight. For example, if any of the most famous established models like adriana lima gained 10 lbs, they would still be getting tons of jobs because they are famous and ppl recognize them. The nepotism might be WHY gigi is famous, but its her fame (correlated to instagram followers) that gets her special treatment in the modeling world.

    • Casting directors are now asking the models for their instagram account and as ridiculous as it may be, they’re picking the ones with lots of followers.

  3. Nothing at all with what she said. It’s very true, look at Kate Upton and Christina Hendricks. Blanca is very beautiful and has an awesome body!

  4. I agree. I don’t really do a lot of social media and I’ve been looked over for jobs because of it (normal jobs…not modeling jobs). And I get it, being a model means having a following and therefore being able to make an impression for the brand they’re hawking, but having a lot of instagram followers shouldn’t mean someone doesn’t have to uphold the same standards.

  5. THANK YOU. Tell it like it is, lol. Also, let’s not forget her *cough* famous parents *cough*. Smdh. Happy to hear her, or anyone like her, being called out by another legitimate model. Tell it like it IS.

  6. Social media has definitely become part of the job! I don’t see anything wrong with that though. It’s kind of hard work too, to keep posting interesting stuff and to have to attend a different social event every evening. Networking is a very important aspect if you want to be successful in any job. Some people have an advantage because they are born into a family that already has ties and connections to important people. But I don’t know if you can blame a parent for wanting the best for their child and helping them in any way they can.
    The job market is very competitive and if you don’t put in hard work and effort you will not be able to keep what was handed to you…
    I mean I can’t become a model because I’m too short (and also too big). It’s my lousy genetics… So it’s kind of unfair too that I can’t become a model just because I didn’t inherit the right “genes” from my parents…

  7. I think she is spot on – Blanca is much more beatufiul than Gigi imo (though too thin for my taste) and a better model, but its true she would be told to lose weight if she were Gigi’s size! Ah well life is just never fair is it.

  8. I’d rather see success on social media as a requirement for modeling than having to be stick thin. Sounds a lot healthier!!!

    I actually like how the internet and social media have been changing the whole modeling industry. Fashion magazines are almost dead too if you ask me.. Blogs, tumblr and especially Instagram have basically replaced them.

    • I don’t think all those skinny bikini girls on IG are helping with a healthy body image, tbh. Most of their photos are edited to a point where their skin looks like plastic, no cellulite in sight and everything else is just as fake as regular photoshoots. Don’t even get me started on “fitness girls” promoting detox aka laxative teas for weight loss. At least the magazines don’t pretend they’re casual or real.

    • I really like how social media is changing fashion (in some areas). It used to be a one side conversation. The fashion industry used to tell us what was in and what to wear. And now with social media and fashion bloggers, there’s a little bit of an actual feedback.

      F.e. I love grunge style. A lot of bloggers picked up the style and last year the 90’s were huge in the fashion industry. This year they decided the 70’s were the thing now. It seemed too forced IMO. People in social media maintained their style and now I see the fashion industry going back to the 90’s thing. The changes are more organic in that sense.

      Of course, on the other hand, social media brought up a problem to the model industry.

      • Agreed!! Ff— what the elite thinks should be fashionable and what beauty standards should be! I love how social media gives power to normal/regular people! Of course not everything social media is good but some people are just way too critical towards it. Stop being so conservative and afraid of the new! If you’re really creative and talented, blogs, instagram and social media in general can be a huge platform. You can’t buy real followers!!

    • all those instagram models are so photoshopped and edited. I remember the days were Models were like Cindy crawford and monica belluci. Amazing women by the way.

  9. Where’s the lie?

    I just hope VS doesn’t stop working with her after these comments; not that VS is any good or a brand to take seriously but it would be beyond unfair. And I think her face is just gorgeous.

    • NOT 18. Below. Gigi might be around 18. No normal model is 18. They are ALL below that or they wouldn’t be booking jobs… not catwalk ones anyway, nor editorial. Maybe fitness models or some commercial but no high fashion model has a BMI of 18.

      • I don’t agree with this… I’ve always been underweight or on the verge for my height (5’5″) and I still look thinner/bonier in photos at my current weight of 109 lbs than many models who get runway work. I do have more muscle mass in my core than most models look to though. I’d say a great many models are BMI 18-19, but no more. Don’t forget that fashion week in Madrid AND Parisnow prohibits models with BMI under 18 from walking. If you have a narrow structure and don’t gain your weight in your hips it’s possible to maintain a fairly healthy weight and have the right measurements, though I’m sure they still get pressured to lose weight. The unfortunate models who have hips have to starve down to BMI 14-16 to keep them under 35″ 🙁

        • Nah. Hardly any models are 18 BMI. Fact. The Madrid thing is irrelevant as Madrid was never a big fashion week to begin with, plus they find ways around it. 18 BMI isn’t that thin to look at. If you are slightly underweight it isn’t an issue. Models are very underweight as a criteria for being a model and in the flesh, even the “bigger” ones are tiny.We aren’t talking about you. You are 5ft 5 and not a catwalk model I’m therefore assuming, so it’s incomparable. Oh, and there are plenty of models with 35, 36 inch hips, if the rest of them is skinny and their frame is small. Izabel Goulart and Gisele B both have 35 inch hips.. and there are many catwalk with 35, 36 too. Many lie about exact measurements, but not weight. Weight and BMI is always always low.

  10. Uh, juicy… I already talked about this so I’m going to copy my previous comment.

    I don’t think she’s complaining about Gigi booking more than she is because she’s famous. I see it more as that the model industry really doesn’t celebrate curviness or a higher BMI yet and Gigi made a statement about how she’s curvy and still getting paid millions. The issue that Blanca points out is that it is a PRIVILEGE you get if you’re famous enough. They book you for your fame, not for your curviness. For the rest of the more unknown models, you still have to hit unrealistic, even unhealthy, standards. So the industry is kind of still in the same place.

    Kudos for Blanca for bringing up this issue. Like in most industries, everybody shuts up because it’s a mafia.

    • I agree; I didn’t read this as her complaining about her own position, though maybe she was and I just didn’t hear that part of it – I read it as her pointing out that despite Gigi’s claims of curvy accpetance in fashion, Gigi is just an exception and not the rule. It seemed to me that Blanca was just observing and sharing this, not necessarily b—ing about her own lack of privilege. But I didn’t read anything other than the quote posted here so maybe a different message came through all her quotes in aggregate.

      • It was starting to look like I was the only one!

        I think everyone is blinded by not liking Gigi, so they think they agree with anything said against her. I agree that Gigi’s connections got her in the door, but it doesn’t mean what this girl is saying is totally fair!

        • Sometimes I think the dislike towards Gigi is unfair. Unpopular opinion, but I think Gigi makes a better lingerie model than Blanca. Her upper body is too thin to be “sexy”. Gigi has curves. So it seems to be that Blanca is just jealous of her money, fame, and b❆❆bs lol

        • I think Gigi is sexy and cute, I have nothing against her, but she was claiming that the fashion world is changing and becoming more accepting of curves, Blanca is pointing out that that’s not exactly true and Gigi is popular for other reasons – don’t see anything wrong about that statement or how she is bratty for stating it. It’s true, fashion isn’t really becoming more accepting of different body types just because Gigi is popular… she is popular for different reasons (her fame). I still think it’s great that she is there though, maybe it will help girls realize they don’t need to be so thin to be beautiful. But overall the fashion industry is not really changing since they still expect the majority of models to be extremely thin.

    • I can see why she’s complaining. Those two non entities keep booking the hell out of every job going right now and they aren’t starving themselves to be tiny because no one cared what size they are. She’s angry because other models have to starve and snort coke every few hours to stay stick thin and they still aren’t booking many jobs.. plus they have the constant threat of losing jobs due to weight gain hanging above their heads all the time. You’d be annoyed if someone came in with no skills and stole your promotion in the office and earned 30 times your salary with no education or skills. Well this is the equivalent.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly how I see it…honestly, yeah I’d be annoyed if I were her too (or any other legit model that worked for their fame, as opposed to Gigi, Kendall, etc.).

  11. I agree with her, but I don’t really appreciate this talk about inequality in the fashion industry coming from her for the following reasons:

    1. We cannot talk about nepotism without talking about racism. Many people look at Gigi and say that’s unfair her parents are rich and famous. Yes it is unfair, but why is it only unfair when a family worth millions buys their daughter a modeling career. If we look at any amount of injustice, and inequality as a whole we see this is a racial problem. White families provide significantly greater inheritance amounts compared to black and latino families. Also in the modeling industry we see that it is not equal when it comes to which races and genetics are featured the most. Go to Models(dot)com, almost all of their Top 50 models are white. Also, Gigi, Kendall, Cara, the Baldwins, and other “models” with rich parents, are all white. We cannot simply talk about how coming from wealth and getting advantages is unfair without talking about the racial issues involved. Of course Blanca will not talk about this, because the industry has been VERY fair to her in this way. Of course she does not mention how unfair it is that a black model has to work so much harder than her, and still not book jobs because of the color of her skin.

    2. I don’t know if this is one interview, but I read from a site some other things she said about Taylor Swift and other VSFS models. This girl is not professional AT ALL. She specifically said the girls working for Victoria’s Secret for around 4 years have the worst attitude, and that she thinks the other models gossip about her. It’s very obvious who she is talking about as well. There are not that many girls walking the show. As for the Taylor Swift part, I don’t think what she said was bad but it just seemed like look my job is so hard, Taylor Swift walked in front of me, I don’t know what to do!

    3. There is some truth in what she said about social media, but it is not all true. Sasha Luss, Yumi Lambert, Maartje Verhoef all have smaller social media followings than Blanca, and are all more successful with their careers. Anna Selezneva is not on social media and is way more successful than Blanca will ever be. Also why is having a social media following resulting in getting jobs unfair? Some people “work” very hard to get social media fame. For example: Alexis Ren with 3 million followers. It is so obvious that every single post she and her boyfriend makes have been specifically designed to get them as famous as possible because people look at them as “goals”. Anyone with eyes knows that’s not real, but it works. I don’t consider that as deserving of a Victoria’s Secret contract, but it’s definitely very different from being born into wealth and fame.

    Anyways I think Blanca is a pretty girl, but nothing super memorable or amazing for a model. I actually think Gigi is a better lingerie model than she is, Gigi has more curves.

  12. Blanca is supposedly 5″11 and 119 lbs : 31/34.5/35… Gigi is supposedly 5″10 and 126 lbs -34/24/35… Blanca us only smaller in her torso and considering Gigi looks more fit probably not too much larger than Blanca .. 7 lbs? Not a huge deal!

    • Sometimes you need to use your eyes rather than some unverified sources. It is quite obvious that Gigi does not have a smaller waist than this girl and arguing that their hips are the same size is just hilarious. Gigi is at least 38 inches across the hips. But you keep talking to yourself over there.

  13. A white very privileged girl complaining about another white very privileged girl being more privileged than her. Are they for real? Do they even know what having real issues mean? Of course not… Anyway, she is right, of course the industry is not suddenly celebrating curviness, because if it had, than Gigi would not be the only slightly larger/curvier model. Of course it’s all nepotism. But they could very well do a real job if they are so bothered by this. Oh wait, that would actually mean working and making peanuts compared to what they make. Yeah, just take it and keep it quiet and enjoy the money you get for being born 5’10 and pretty.

  14. So it used to be that models had to be extremely and possibly unhealthily skinny to book jobs, but now they can be a healthy weight but have to have a lot of followers to book jobs? Sure, it’s not easy to go from noone to 100,000+ followers but neither is maintaining a such a low weight. Sounds to me like they’re coming ahead in this deal.

  15. “Valid” response, Blanca. Lol this chick sounds annoying. And nobody is holding a gun to her head and telling her to conform to extreme measurements. This whole “woe is me” attitude is garnering zero sympathy votes from me.

    And sure, what she says about Gigi is true, but I feel like she needs to learn to deliver her messages with more tact. She actually makes me want to like Gigi.

    • I kind of agree, this is what happens when we encourage girls to focus on their looks and even allow them to think such a job is a legitimate option!

  16. Even if she was right, it wouldn’t be Gigi’s fault. The real badboy is the industry, who wants Blanca to be tiny and Gigi to be famous because then they both make money. If you have a problem with that, you should probably not be a model.

    • My thoughts exactly- she does raise a valid point with the issue of nepotism within the modelling industry (and showbiz in general); however the way she’s worded her argument makes it seem as though it’s a personal attack on Gigi, which I don’t think is fair at all. While I do think Gigi is pretty, I also think she’s massively over-hyped and I find the idea of branding her and Kendall Jenner supermodels quite laughable- as Blanca rightfully said it’s unlikely that they would be booking so many jobs if it not for their social media followings, which are a direct result of the hype surrounding their surnames.

      The issue I have with Blanca’s quote is that she seems to be calling out Gigi when all she’s done is simply take hold of the opportunities offered to her with both hands, as anyone in the same position would do. Her speech should be directed towards the people who are effectively the puppeteers of the fashion industry i.e. those who decide that already thin models have to be thinner, and those who automatically allow celebrity offspring to flourish within the industry. As they say, don’t hate the player- hate the game.

      • If you read the entire interview, that’s exactly what she is trying to say, although maybe she could have worded it better. The media of course is cherry picking phrases from this interview to try to pit women against each other

  17. I think when a model chooses to model for a brand like Victorias Secret, they have to be aware of the things that come with it. And one of it is the social media… May be modeling isn’t the same as a few decades ago.. part of the job is to be popular among young (at least mostly young) people, to share pictures and experiences with your fans online, give interwievs and so on. Maybe nowadays it’s comparable to being a movie star. AND I think it’s totally legitimate: The job “model” only exists, because textile brands need real people who display their clothes in order to sell as much of them as possible. And with a popular model, even more people see the clothes and like them so they will sell more.

    • I agree. I think pretty soon many designers will just outright say “you must have at least X followers to be hired”. I don’t really see how that’s such a bad thing, it’s not that different from telling a model she has to tone up for a fitness campaign or go to a dermatologist for a beauty campaign. It’s just another job requirement.

    • Yes, she is. And taking her comment on Gigi into consideration, it kind of sounds like this is what she looks like naturally – she says “extreme measurements”.. It’s just such a shame and not fair..! I do hope she doesn’t exactly starve herself.. She doesn’t look malnourished.

      • I think she’s been made to keep a very low body weight because she’s somewhat pear shaped…she is quite thin but I feel like her lower body looks healthy

        • Yep, I bet she would gain fast in her lower body if she let herself eat. Presently her upper bod is too small to look good in my opinion.. but her legs look great so what can ya do! It’s one of those dilemmas as she wouldn’t book jobs with heavy legs so she has to deal with the pipe-cleaner arms and bobble head.

  18. Well any business in any industry caters to a target market, so VS models have to be liked by the people who VS are selling their products to, and they’ll achieve that by choosing models who are considered beautiful BY THAT TARGET MARKET, and if they’re popular it only adds to the value the models bring because the brand takes advantage of their exposure. It doesn’t matter why Gigi got so popular (genes + rich & famous parents) or why models got beautiful (genes & discipline), they all were lucky in the first place to have what it took to attract the VS market. A business solely exists for the purpose of profit. The problem you’re describing is simply capitalism. In a capitalist economy, the VS models will be mostly white as long as the people within their core target market (the one with the highest combined buying power) mostly prefer white models.

    • The problem I’m describing is capitalism? No, that is RACISM and it is very obvious. Why are the wealthiest people in the world predominantly white? Why do they feel the need to buy products more when it is featured on a model of European descent? Why does the industry feel the need to represent certain skin colors, features, so much more over others? Capitalism and income inequality could very well be an issue without being a racial one, but it is because the problem here is RACISM.

      If you feel uncomfortable talking about racism maybe you should consider taking the quiz matching black and white faces to certain words. I believe it was featured on BuzzFeed. And for the record my results were slightly favoring European American faces, so no I am not perfect, but I am willing to learn and engage in this discussion because this is a very serious issue. The very fact that some people are so uncomfortable talking about their own privilege “no it’s not racism, it’s nepotism, it’s this and that, just not racist!” shows extreme signs of defensiveness, and lack of progress in our society.

      • Well said – people will deflect racial issues onto anything else they can think of because they don’t want to believe they or anyone they know could truly be racist without realizing it.

        @pia, why does the majority of the VS market prefer white models? because there is systemic racial discrimination in our society and beauty standards, that’s why… they only prefer white models because we’re all brainwashed to be racist, to varying extents.

  19. Why is this girl making it seem like Gigi is twice her size? She’s hardly 10 pounds heavier than her, if that. This girl is a hater. If models aren’t booking jobs because of social media, they can make a f*cking account–the app is free, dear and they love all things superficial. This would make more sense if she was talking about nepotism, but she’s not lol. Girl, have several seats.

    • I do think she is alluding to why Gigi has so many followers (rich parents and friends + fame). It’s just so much more rude to say mom and dad bought you this career! It sounds a lot better when she says “I guess they love you because so many other people love you!”

      • Gigi has a lot of followers, fame, etc because she’s cute and relatable. She has a girl-next-door face and a bombshell body. Yes, her mom’s infamy and her dad’s money opened a lot of doors, but for every Cara, Gigi, and Kendall there are tons of Poppys, Rumers, and Tallulahs. It’s not fair to comopletely discredit their popularity as “nepotism” either way because there are countless socialites and celeb spawns who have tried to forge the same “career” and failed!

        Cara, Gigi, and Kendall are popular because people like them. Would they like them as much if they weren’t already rich and famous? Who knows, but Gigi is cute, Cara is “quirky”, and Kendall is sexy and is the most “elusive” Kardashian/Jenner, which makes her an anomoly in itself lol. Like you mentioned, these girls are in the 1% of models and are not taking food out of the other girls’ mouths! She’s acting like Gigi’s existence has single-handedly thwarted her entire career, it’s kind of pathetic.

        There are so many other things worth complaining about in this industry and here she is whining about some other girl not having to starve herself as much as she does because of her mommy and daddy and Instagram lol

        • Oh I wasn’t knocking Gigi at all. I was mostly pointing out what a complainer and brat Blanca is. I don’t see anything in Kendall at all, but Gigi makes a good commercial model especially for stuff like swimwear or brands like Guess.

      • I don’t know though… I follow her too on instagram because I find her really stylish and pretty. She also seems super nice and relatable. I didn’t even know about her parents before reading about it on here!
        I’m sure her parents money and fame helped a great deal though in starting this whole thing but she has other qualities too.
        There are tons of poor models too! Often times models come from relatively poor countries and their career is a way out of this.
        Is there really an unusually high amount of models that come from wealthy families?

  20. “I agree with what [Hadid] said but on the other hand I want equality for everyone. She doesn’t mention her name or situation at all. I don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re a curvy girl on the runway, I support that. But if it was me with your same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight. ”
    Leaving out the first few sentences of her statement changes the tone, and the entire interview is about the extreme measures that models SHOULDN’T have to take to work. A lot of you have jumped on this media bandwagon of pitting women against one another which I never think she was trying to do. Also some of you say there’s only a ten pound difference between the two, but that is huge when you’re dealing weights this low, and Blanca says in other parts of the interview that she has been told she is fat, so many in the industry want a weight even lower than that. For everyone saying she’s too thin, other people think she’s way too heavy! imagine.

  21. She does have a point though. The fact that Gigi comes from money and a well connected family probably had something to do with these designers loving her (and the big bucks her mom spends on their brands as well).
    If they’re making room for Gigi, they should be fair and give out the same opportunities to all other curvy models, popular or not, well connected or not, rich or not.

  22. VERY odd proportions and narrow upper body. They usually prefer more angular shoulders on models. Hers are child-like .. and that bobble head isn’t very modelesque. Too thin for her frame, but nice legs in the top pics.

  23. Of course it is more advantageous for a company to book an already famous model “curves ” or not. All she is saying is that she is not as savvy as gigi. That doesn’t mean it is unfair. Gigi worked for her fame and now she is using it.

  24. She is absolutely right. And it should be pointed out to Gigi, that she benefits from preferential treatment due to instagram / famous family and famous friends.
    However in the end, the world is unfair, literally nothing anyone can do about it.

  25. Shut up Blanca, you aren’t the only person who has to have an online social presence to move through the ranks of your career – that’s pretty true for a lot of jobs.

  26. gigi hadid is really pretty but she is only a famous model because of her parents. Without her wealthy and famous parents, she will be another average model.

  27. Scary skinny? (Some comments are saying this.) She looks skinny, I occasionally see women that size around town, and it doesn’t make me drop my jaw in shock. “Scary skinny” to me implies the person looks like he/she should be in a hospital. (I’ve seen that a couple of times before, I assumed illness or eating disorder, because it was very unnatural and extreme looking.) This model doesn’t look too extreme, IMO. Expected size of a model.

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