Candice Huffine: “I thought I had this, like, very slim, trim body”


On the beginning of her modeling carer:

I was 15 and a size 8, probably because I was tall. But I was signed as a plus model immediately. I didn’t even know that plus modeling existed, so I needed them to explain to me what that was: Another division set up for girls who weren’t a sample size. To tell a 15-year-old she’s plus-size is extremely confusing — especially for me because I was a cheerleader, and I thought I had this, like, very slim, trim body. I didn’t realize this label existed in the modeling world or that I would be tagged with it. But I thought it was great that I could be exactly what I wanted (a model), and I didn’t have to change. I got work immediately.

… says size 12-14 US Candice.

More photos of her next!


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27 thoughts on “Candice Huffine: “I thought I had this, like, very slim, trim body””

  1. So depressing. The fact that she isn’t even big at all, but because of the modeling industry, she is now “plus size” anything bigger than an olsen twin is apparently plus size.

    • Wut? Lots of regular size models are bigger than an olsen twin, nobodys calling them plus size. Huffine’s a LOT bigger , not saying she looks bad , she’s still pretty I guess , but she doesn’t have a slim or trim figure. There are a few plus size models that are really not plus size at all , and just slightly bigger than sample size , which isn’t fair, but she’s definitely plus size.

    • There are sized between an Olsen twin and her. She is BIG. How do you consider this not big?!? I’m not saying she’s not a beautiful women but she is also a very big women. Big boned and with a lot of fat. That’s very clear from these photos.

  2. I know she’s not popular here, but I think she’s gorgeous. She could lose some fat, sure. I bet she was very slim and trim as a size 8 at that height!

  3. yep, this is the true plus size image, but lets not kid ourselves that just as thin models struggle with bulimia and anorexia, plus size models don’t struggle with burgers

    • Not really, I’m the same, I gained 10 kilos for the past couple of years, but you can’t see it on my face, I have high cheekbones and I don’t know, my face looks the same, it’s all on my body

  4. it seems that agencies want their plus models to fit a certain idea of model – ie, if they’re 8/10, they want them to gain until they’re 14/16.

    It would be nice to have mid range models, but i think those are the ones who tend to work for sears or JC penny or something.

  5. she probably was made to gain. ive read a lot of plus size models who were 8/10s told to gain to become bigger so that they can appeal to fuller, bigger woman.

    Sigh. to big to be runway, but not big enough to be plus, must be tedious

    • She was slim and trim back when she was a teenager, but since she signed as a plus-size model they prob told her to gain weight bc the fashion industry wants either sample-sized women or large women.

  6. I’m not a fan, but she looks rather attractive here. I bet photoshop plays a role in this, too, but the pictures still look real, she has a pretty face and nice proportions. I believe that she was “slim” at 15; she’s definitely an “average” weight now, but it happens to many, there’s nothing so hard to comprehend about it. It’s nice that it’s no big deal for her, if it was threating her health, that would be a different story, but she doesn’t look like she’s going to drop dead from mere gluttony anytime soon.

    • In the US maybe but she looks quite a lot bigger than the average young woman here in Sweden! She’s pretty and I’m sure she’s healthy, but yeah, bigger than average.

      • I’m not from the US either and but I guess would be average in many countries:
        And yeah, Sweden has a rather “low” average BMI in comparison.
        I was also not talking about the average woman her age, but about the average woman. I believe the average BMI among young woman would be lower than that.

        • Lol what happened here. I sound like a spambot or something. What I meant to type was: “I’m not from the US either, but I guess she would be average in many countries”. “young women” instead of “young woman”. Yeah, I shouldn’t do stuff on the internet at 5 AM.

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