Crystal Renn on Being “Plus-size” and Size Trends

Crystal Renn on Being "Plus-size" and Size Trends 1

Popular “plus-size” model Crystal Renn (who will share a cover with fellow hotties Brooklyn Decker and Alessandra Ambrosio) talked with StyleList about the current weight trends in fashion and on being viewed as a “plus-size” model (at US size 10) – let’s see what she has to say:

SL: Calling you “plus-size,” which is what your agency considers you, baffles much of the public. Do you think the “plus-size” terminology is justified?
CR: Well, [in modeling] there is the standard, which is a 34-inch hip and then there is “plus” that. Unfortunately, I think when people think of “plus” they think of only size 18, but the great thing about what I do, is that they have been more inclusive of size 8’s and all the way up to bigger sizes like 20.

Personally, I wish there wasn’t this huge separation. I think it’s about being the size that you are, eating a healthy diet and doing moderate exercise — your body will settle where it’s supposed to be, whether that’s a 2 or a 16/18.

SL: With Mark Fast’s show, V magazine’s “Size Issue,” which you were in, and New York Magazine hailing “The Return of Voluptuous,” do you think the acceptance of different body types is the way things will stay, or is it a trend?
CR: I like the hype, because I think it’s bringing awareness and it’s getting the public used to it. If it happens at a gradual pace it won’t be a trend. And this should not be a trend, this is how we should do things from now on.

Every decade has a body type, but what if we just keep it like this, where everyone is accepted? There’s definitely a lot of other things happening, whether it’s Mark Fast or Glamour making a pledge [to include all sized models]. I think a lot of people that have power are stepping up and it’s incredible.

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30 thoughts on “Crystal Renn on Being “Plus-size” and Size Trends”

  1. you know I just don’t get why it is that considering I am 6ft tall, 150lbs, wear a size 8, and allll I ever get told is that I should gain a few pounds? Sheeeshhh… I guess a person just can’t win!

    • that depends on your frame though I am 6ft tall weigh more than you and wear a size 14 when most people who would weigh what I weigh would be a size 20 or probably even more…. and top of than my jeans are a little lose. Some people just carry their weight better than others and in the fashion world to be a plus sized model most girls are told to gain weight when they are a size 8 like you because they have to be a size 12 or14 or else it isn’t plus sized.Just like how high fashion models sample sizes are a 0 and 2 and then you have the 4,6 girls who should be getting more work but are considered “curvy” like Lara Stone who is a size 4! and maybe even fat when they clearly are not. Ever since the h—oin chic era in modeling as far as models sample size and all that its been pretty f*cked up.

      • yeah I get what you mean. but it just sucks that in “real life” skinny tall girls are considered freakish and are told to gain weight. I don’t think I have ever gone through a day of my life without hearing someone comment on either my height or my weight! Gets really irritating after a while.

        • Haaaa I feel your pain especially if you go to hs or middle and have to deal with immature stupid people. For the better part of my life I’ve had a complex about my height …..sometimes people treat tall people like they’re a touring act in the Barnum and Bailey circus and then sometimes you want to wear heels but don’t feel like dealing with all that foolishness…….anyways don’t stress over people who are telling you to gain weight the next time someone makes an incredibly rude comment about you should gain some tell them to lose some….:)

  2. love this! and i like that she cleared up the definition of “plus”…i’ve never heard it put that way.

    also, she doesn’t look “plus” in the least… slender

  3. Some people simply have bigger frames; Renn is one of them. The difference between her and genuinely fat people is that she isn’t overeating on processed junk all day. It’s obvious that she takes care of her body, and her genetics have destined her to be at this size.
    This, on the other hand:
    Is not plus-size, is not “curvy”, is not “voluptuous.” It’s disgusting, it’s unaccepable, and it’s a death sentence.

    • Agreed. Renn is the epitome of a bigger build. If she were to be a size 2-6, she would appear emaciated or just not her best.

      However, those with smaller builds who are overweight should not think it’s okay to be overweight if their body’s natural predisposition is not that way.

    • i read in an interview that she ate “a lot of cheesecake” to gain weight

      is that healthy now? she basically does eat processed junk all day, difference is, your average fat person doesn’t have their yellowish skin photoshopped to perfection.

  4. Yeah i am 6 feet tall as well, wear a size 4 to 6 and I often get told im too skinny. Then I see people calling size 4 and 6 people curvy…hmmm

  5. I agree with what she’s saying but seriously the best way to stop all this plus size/size 0 nonsense is for everyone to shut the ff— up about it!

    The more you go on about something the bigger a deal it becomes. People like Renn are great for challenging our one-dimensional perceptions of beauty but sometimes they can also be counter productive because they keep the drama in the limelight.

    I think we should give ignoring designers that tell us skinny is the only option of beauty, people that tell us obesity is okay as long as your happy and people that nitpick on stupid things like one stretch mark, and make up our minds on what we like a go.

  6. Quote: “Every decade has a body type, but what if we just keep it like this, where everyone is accepted?”
    Yes-yes-yes! Finaly!!! 😀

  7. 3rd paragraph: COMPLETELY agree.

    If you are a size 0, you shouldn’t be told to “eat more” because sometimes “eating more” isn’t the healthiest thing to do. Same if you’re a size 12, and you’re told to “eat less.”

    If you’re eating habits are healthy and will promote longevity, screw other people’s need to tell you what you should do . Most people aren’t molecular biologists, professional dieticians, or doctors. The only advice they have to offer is their own opinion, and we know how valid those can be.

    • I agree. And even if they were professionals of any given field having to do with physiology or health, without knowing the daily habits of the person they couldn’t judge them anyway.

  8. She’s not looking plus-sized here! She looks awesome! And I agree with the other posters that she has a larger frame. I have a larger frame and I’m a 4-6 and it’s the lowest I can go without making myself ill. She herself says that she’s healthier at a larger size. And when I say larger size, I mean larger than your typical runway model.

  9. i like her explanation of being called ‘plus’ when she is not really plus sized. because to me, she looks pretty normal. at a size 10, she couldn’t even fit into plus sized clothing which is supposedly her market, so i like her idea that it is hips 34 inches PLUS. i like that she represents some form of the middle.

  10. Ive never understood sizing in general.

    For instance, if 16+ is considered larger or plus sized, why isnt size 4 and 0 considered ‘minus’?

  11. I’m sure she did eat a lot cheesecake and processed foods to gain weight after being anorexic as one commenter said. However, I don’t think she eats like that all the time now now, she looks fairly normal now slim and curvy.

  12. Again her? Seriously when I read her name I immediately skipped the text to comment. And I´m not going to read it. Why always her?

    • Well, I don’t make the “celebrity trends” :). I just post about the people that are popular these days. And she totally fits with my niche.

  13. she doesn’t even look plus size… i actually she looks like a healthy beautiful person who doesn’t deserve to be called fat.

  14. She is definitely plus sized. I have nothing against Renn, but I do take issue with her implying that her current body is where she’s ‘supposed’ to be. She was too thin as a model because she starved herself, but before that, she was presumably at a healthy weight. I know metabolism plays a part, but it’s almost like she’s thumbing her nose at the industry: you made me sooo thin now I’m gonna go get fat! I’ll show you! I just don’t understand why she went so far in the other direction. Why go all the way up to a size 18/20?

    • Um…she didn’t? She’s a US size 12. And before her ED she was still a US size 12. This is her natural healthy weight.

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