Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel’s 2011 Cruise Collection

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 1

I-don’t-know-why-we-still-call-her-plus-size model Crystal Renn walked for Chanel’s 2011 Cruise Collection in St. Tropez – and why is this a big news? Because a while back, Chanel’s head designer and creative director, Karl Lagerfeld said:

“No one wants to see curvy women. You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly.”

But… (via Jezbel):

Since then, Kaiser Karl shot a story for V Magazine’s spring 2010 issue, which included mostly plus-size models. Though Crystal Renn was featured in the magazine, Lagerfeld’s shoot was with undeniably curvy burlesque performer Miss Dirty Martini. (Crystal Renn was shot alongside Jacquelyn Jablonksi by Terry Richardson.) Why would Unkle Karl, who has made no secret of how much he hates fat, hire Crystal Renn to walk on his runway?

Maybe because Crystal lost a lot of weight? Remember when Crystal looked like this?

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 2

See more pictures of Crystal from a recent event and one more from the Chanel show after the jump!

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 3

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 4

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 5

Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel's 2011 Cruise Collection 6

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52 thoughts on “Crystal Renn Walks for Chanel’s 2011 Cruise Collection”

  1. I think she looks awesome at the size she is now, even if she lost some weight…she may have done for her health, who knows? anyway, her face is really striking when she is at this weight.

    • I couldn’t disgree more about her face….her face looked much more beautiful and feminine when she weighed more…at her lower weight her face looks quite mature and harsh in comparison, I don’t know how old she is, but she looks like she’s into her late 20’s or early thirties, haggard and worn out compared to her old self…I don’t know why, but this happened to me too…I went from a size 12 (US) to a 6 and hated the way my face looked so I regained a little weight back and decided to stay a size 8…my face filled up better and I look best at this dress size…so not everyone looks good at a 6 and lower, some women have faces and physical proportions suited to be a medium to larger size, like 8 or 10 or 12….she’s one of those types I think….her previous weight and size 12 (US) dress size is NO WAY unhealthy or too big for her tall 5’9 frame. While I commend Ashley Greene for her weight loss (she actually looks better and healthier at a smaller size), Crystal looked much better before.

      • I think she still looks healthy at this weight and I wouldnt by any means call her plus size, but her face to me looks really gaunt, her cheeks look awful.

  2. She’s slim and beautiful, but she’s still different from the other runway models. That dress looks awesome on her, which is what i’d want to see if there were to be more “plus-sized” models on the runway. I don’t have any problem with bannign size zeros, or size 8’s, or what have you (people saying banning size 0 is discriminating is ridiculous imo since most sizes don’t apply anyways). Erm what was my point, oh yes, not everyone can be a model, not everyone can be a doctor, that’s life, but i do think it’s great to see a bit more variety (and healthier atttitude??), when the models still look modelesque and carry the clothes beautifully.

    • You have made a very good point there saying “this dress looks amazing on her”. Fashion should be about variety of designs not just sizes as we see today and those designs applicable on various shapes and sizes,,,though I do not think I could afford Chanel. But nice to see someone finally dressed up a non-zero model into a suitable size and design. After a long time i finally notice a dress not just a model.

  3. Lagerfeld is a very clever guy and he saw that the new trend are curvy models. So simple. Personally maybe he likes them or not but that has nothing to do with the fact that he wants to sell.

  4. What happened. That was my girl. She looks good now and then. And, goodness, I have never heard about that comment about fat women till now. Either way, I think we can all say Crystal is amazing at any size and in any type of clothing.

  5. She looks FANTASTIC in the first image. First time I’ve ever seen this “plus-size” on runway done right. So many attempts have been made merely to say “Look at us, we have plus-size girls” but done so poorly and unflattering-ly.
    Forget all the politics of it. We want models to make clothes look good and she WEARS that dress.

  6. She looks pretty good in the first dress, though to me her face always looks so tired when she is walking the runway. And the black hairy dress is a TERRIBLE choice, looks like she wrapped herself in a floor mat.

  7. Why was she even heavier in the first place? It was so unnatural and she looked pretty but very uncomfortable in her own skin! And NOW she’s at her natural weight and looks radiant and confident.

  8. she is hot ! and clearly not a plus-size model she is like size 40 and it’s pretty good to see …love her face really beautiful

  9. Love her! Wohoo, she looks fantastic and she’s lost weigt, she looks like a normal woman, I honestly don’t anything plus sized about her…

  10. I was thinking how ironic it is that chanel has used only thin models for so long. coco chanel refused to wear corsets, which I see as being free in a certain way, she broke free from the standards, and then the brand used very thin models, which is as setting new standards again.

  11. She probably lost weight after she discovered hiking and “activity,” as she said. This looks like a perfect weight for her. I don’t think she is meant to be thinner, and I don’t think she was meant to be bigger. I do find it funny how when she was bigger, she claimed how it was “natural” for her to be that size, and then she lost the weight.

    But whatever. She is very pretty. Not liking the makeup on the runway, but in her candids she looks lovely.

  12. i think your’e being too harsh on her. remembering that she was anorexic for some time and usually after someone goes from starving themselves to eating again, its normal to add weight on to what their natural bmi would fall to if they weren’t messing around with their diet. and she probably just loved the fact she could eat again and ate more than necessary because emotionally had to get use to allowing herself to eat. i think, judging on photos of her from when she was younger that she is more in her natural weight range, that she would have been at her age now if it had not been for the eating disorder.

    she is slim now yes but there is no way designers like karl would hire a slim woman like crystal if he/they were sticking to their normal conventions of selection. i think at the weight she is now she is a promotor of slim women, who take care of themselves but do not push exercise and diet too far. as long as she doesn’t lose any more weight, she is a great example of a curvy body for her shape, size and age being beautiful, confident and fashion worthy.

  13. she is not plus size she is slim and has lost weight. I think she looks perfect at this weight though and doesnt need to lose anymore. She is stunning and whoever thinks otherwise needs to get their head re-evaluated. I hope she becomes bigger and better…a top model!

  14. Yeah this girl definitely isn’t plus size. I’d say US 6-8. Plus size is what 12 and up? I am curious as to why she isn’t wearing any heels with the dress…the coming model is…

  15. i dunno why ppl making such a big deal of designers hiring skinny models (as long as they are not the scary skinny ones, most models are skinny in a good looking way). i mean, when you wanna sell a lipstick, you hire someone who has beautiful lips, so same here, stop blaming designers for hiring beautiful models. not everyone can be a model, you should love who you are and stop being jealous

  16. I saw all the clothes , they are amazing, but Crystal is only wearing very demure clothes, other models wore swimsuits,sexier dresses…
    Chanel always had clothes on bigger sizes, Karl clients are very faithful because he makes clothes that fit them.
    Crystal is pretty but she looks better with more make-up and smiling.

  17. She looks stunning. However, I’m a bit miffed that she’s lost so much weight given her outspoken stance. What gives? I mean, generally I’m cool with it, but in her case I’m a bit frustrated.

    Also, she’s too thin to be plus-sized, but I do appreciate (and wish) runway models featured slightly-larger-but-less-than-huge women. THere’s got to be in-between, and she nails it here.

    • I think maybe because she starved herself when she ate again she piled on lots of weight. Then probably stabilized ate healthy and lost it naturally.

  18. i have a feeling she is going to lose a bit more and become a regular model
    she looks good at this weight though..i don’t care how pretty her face was before i didn’t like her body

  19. wow, she lost a loooot of weight. and also got herself into the shape. there should be more models like her. not skinny and bony but not overweight. just healthy-looking, average-sized women. thats what i want to see on runways.

    and mr. Lagerfeld is a clever businessman. it is undeniable that there is this “plus size” or “models of all sizes” trend. he keeps up with what people want to see and buy and what is the hottest and newest nowadays- after all thats what fashion industry is all about.

  20. How the eff is she a plus-sized model after her weight loss? Gahhh its so stupid. Wow, sunken cheeks, how very plus-size-model-like!!

  21. I read on french vogue that there will be a movie about her story and she wants to play herself, so she’s going to lose a lot of weight in order to play her anorexic self.

  22. They should really use more models like her. She’s not emaciated or obese. She looks healthy and beautiful. She makes me want to buy that dress so I can look like her!

  23. I actually think this is better than having a plus sized model. She makes me want to go and buy the first dress; rather than thinking, yeah, looks lovely, but I don’t have coat hanger hipbones so can’t wear it.

    Why aren’t there more models at this size? This is perfect, not overweight, not 6ft and really skinny (and I realise some of those girls are naturally that size, I knew a girl who was, but those dimensions are RARE, not the norm, this is far more obtainable for many women.)

    • their are a plethora of reasons I could go on and on forever but during/after the h—oin chic (93-99ish) era in modeling designers have made sample sizes from a size 6,8 to 0,2 and 4 at times… also with high fashion they want thin models so that the clothes hang on them so the attention is on the clothing rather than the model hence why their has been a steady decline of supermodels except for Giselle alot forgettable faces are unfortunately receiving the title

  24. I agree with all the other comments: she looks awesome, the dress looks awesome on her and this is clearly her ideal weight. BUT, didn’t she lose those pounds a bit too fast? The healthy rate is 4-5kg/month (8-10lbs, I think). ….Unless she’s like me with very heavy bones and athletic; when I lose 1-2 lbs it’s quite visible….
    ah, nevermind me I’m just ranting 😛

  25. I think she looks good but if she lost more weight she wouldn’t look good her body looks good at a higher weight also am I the only one who thinks this is HUGE and that she possibly kicked down the door as far as the modeling industry/world becoming more receptive to girls larger than a size 4 getting more jobs but deff not being plus size their really needs to be more size 8 and 10’s on the runway these girls aren’t fat and most if them can carry their weight really well btw no disrespect to the girls who are a size 0-2

  26. great to see a little body type variety! i think there is room for lots of body types on the runway. that first dress she is wearing is perfect on her body – and for that reason she should be the one wearing it – there are other styles more suited to leaner or more linear body types, and some to people with more curves or bigger chests, etc. designers should consider the STYLE of the dress when selecting the specific model. i would be more likely to buy this dress, with her in it, because it shows it off best. and i would want to look like that in it. but the denim skirt, honestly, i would want to buy off someone more muscular, maybe, because that is how i would want to look in that outfit (impossible to have different body types, i know – but when they sell clothes, aren’t they hoping we will believe we can look like the models and will buy it?).

    she has a gorgeous figure and this weight looks nice on her. the only thing is – i just do not like her face in these! masculine in the first shot, and in the feathery dress it looks sort of old cause of the make up.

  27. I think Crystal Renn is so beautiful. Although,I really don’t think she is plus sized anymore she does not look like shes a size 12 at all. I know a lot of people who look bigger than her A LOT and they wear smaller sizes than a 12. I think she should be truthful about her real size if this is the case, she may actually be a size 12 I don’t know though. I really also believe that a size 12 shouldn’t really be considered plus size when its the average Americans size. I think women of all sizes even a size 20 should be able to be models, as long as there representing the clothes they are selling.Real women are all sizes even size zero’s as long as they don’t have an ED. I feel there is no need to discriminate against sizes as long as they are beautiful then they should be able to model. Also I find it very insulting that Karl Lagerfeld said:

    “No one wants to see curvy women. You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly.”

    Ok this guy is a pig, are you really going to insult mothers out there? Really women who have the hardest job in the world? Maybe your mom should of taught you how to respect women and not call them fat? Nobody wants to see curvy women how do you suppose all those women who “sat on the couch and ate chips,” became moms in the first place. Well someone wanted and loved those real women. I think this guy is a sexist and a jerk. I am 17 years old I am not a mom nor do I desire to be a mom, but I have respect for women who work there butts off raising children heavens forbid they don’t have time to go to a gym. I am so disgusted by this man. Actually, a wouldn’t call him a man real men don’t feel the need to insult beautiful mothers only cowards.

  28. It is hard to gauge her size as she is not standing beside a typical size 2 model, but you can tell she is a former plus model (she is defn not plus anymore- hello sunken cheeks!) as she is still carrying her weight in her legs- he has larger ankles.. I know this is being picky, but most models have colt-ish legs and twiggy ankles as they are natural athletic builds- skinny ankles/ wrists/ lean muscle mass/ long limbs and torso- whereas Crystal looks like a natural pear here- slim face, slim upper body and curvier hips and legs/ ankles. I know she is wearing flats, but I know a curvy ankle because I am a skinny pear who loses weight in her legs last. If Crystal continues to loose weight she will look like Keira Knightly- very skinny top half/ slim bottom half with tendency to carry weight on bottom half if she gains.
    As long as she is doing it healthily/ eating well/ exercising good for her.
    She has the most beautiful face.

  29. I’m happy that Chanel has gone ahead and embraced curvier, more REALISTIC figures – as in somewhere between 0 and plus-size. Frankly, I don’t care that Crystal has dwindled from plus-size to something more regular – she looks gorgeous and healthy, and we all know we need more of this on the runways. 🙂

  30. You know people hate on skinny models, they’re unhealthy and people hate on plus-size models, they’re just as unhealthy. Why can’t they just pick a NORMAL healthy size? Since when does it have to be extreeeeemly skinny or extreeeeeeemly fat in order to stand out and make a point?

  31. She looks a lot better, good for her! However since she is obviously working out and eating right now, she will probably lose even more weight. Before we know it, she’ll all of a sudden will be “unhealthy” because apparently anyone who works out, eats right, gets in shape and becomes thinner than their old weight can only be that way from an ED.

    It’s just interesting the only reason she is loved on this site so much is because she was an overweight model. But now that she isn’t overweight anymore, I wonder how long the love will last?

    • I have to disagree with you – people on this site didn’t love her because she was an overweight model, but because she has strong facial features, carries her weight well and, most importantly, because she always promotes variety on the runway and beauty diversity (unlike other models, which promote their own category only).
      I read all the comments, so I should know.

  32. Very beautiful woman, whatever her size, she is striking and looks good in the clothes she wearing, which is what modelling should be about. Models are simply ‘modeling’ clothes so that ‘regular’ people can go out and buy them….or cheaper copies of them……im sure about 99% of people who buy and wear a maxi dress this summer…will look more like Crystal and less like an emaciated alien.

  33. she is not plus size at all! even when she was bigger, i would not call her plus size, i am getting sick of women who look totally hot and beautifull are getting called plussize when they might be only a few pounds heavier than the other models. Plus size in my opinion is when you are a size 14

  34. Perhaps she’s relapsing. People need to remember that sometimes eating disorders have nothing to do with weight. A lot of people with EDs stop eating when stressed or pressured, which Crystal Renn has a lot of stress and pressure on her right now.
    I do hope she is losing weight healthily. She is stunning.

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