Crystal Renn’s Weight Loss Update

Crystal-Renn-Appears-to-Have-Lost-More-Weight - Crystal Renn's Weight Loss Update

Oh oh! Looks like the ‘plus-size model’ label is completely OUT when it comes to Crystal Renn, since the “Hunger” author appears to have lost even more weight, as these new pictures reveal. Let’s see the explanation from NY Mag:

Ford posted photos of Crystal Renn posing in a Fashion for Passion tank, sales of which benefit photographer Nicholas Routzen’s campaign for children and the arts. The blogosphere is shocked by how much weight she appears to have lost, especially after she looked to have lost weight before walking in the last Chanel cruise show, which was huge for her career.

Crystal’s agent Gary Dakin was contacted and he said:

“She is still a 39-40 hip (she fluctuates like any woman), and a solid size 10. She has no urge [to lose weight]. She’s an amazing model. She can make herself look bigger or smaller depending on what the client wants.”

Definitely not looking like a 10 in the above pictures!

So what is it? Further (intentional or unintentional) weight loss? Angles? Photoshop? Crystal’s slimming “talent” (as the agent says)? Maybe lens distortion?


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82 thoughts on “Crystal Renn’s Weight Loss Update”

  1. first! has to be photoshop; no way she lost all this weight so rapidly :S and anyways, even the slimmest models r made to look slimmer by photoshop after shoots; why should she be any different?
    but she HAS lost considerable weight over the past year; no denying that…

    • It’s photoshopped for sure but it is possible to lose that kind of weight that fast. Just don’t eat and workout 6 hours a day and you’ll lose plenty. Someone who has her amount of money should have no trouble doing this.

      If she actually looks like this then oh my.. she just basically fell prey to the fashion world didn’t she? After all the preaching she’s done about being plus size and proud she’s finally gotten skinny. Wonder how long it’ll take before she comes with the ‘skinny-women-are-just-as-attractive-as-curvy-women’ bs

  2. I think it was all marketing: like, look at me, I’m a plus size model who wrote a book… and when she’s on top of that, BOOM, she loses weight and become a super model. lol

    anyways, she’s really pretty.

  3. i think its possible to lose as much as she has rapidly, it just might not have been done in a healthy way, i’ve done so myself.
    anyway, i think it’s pretty funny how theyre saying shes a 10, normally celebrities claim to be sizes that are smaller than they actually are, but crystal renn is doing the opposite lol

  4. Her head is too big for her body, she is way out of proportion. There is no way that anyone can lose that much weight in so little time without having to starve themselves. It just shows that Crystal is cracking under the pressure of the fashion industry and their “smaller is better” theory. I am actually really sorry for Crystal. She doesn’t look good.

  5. She looks now to be about a size 6-8. A couple of years ago, we were seeing plus size models that ranged to about a size 14. If a size 6-8 is considered plus size now, then God help us all. The fashion industry should be ashamed at themselves.

    • A size 6 isn’t considered plus size in the fashion industry, Crystal used to be bigger, she would not be hired now as a plus size model, but she’s already famous.

  6. Um, her thighs aren’t even touching. Photoshopped or not, the figure in this picture is at most a size 4. I’m a 6 and my thighs would touch in those poses. But, since there’s so much shadow and straightness of the lines around her inner thighs, I’d say she’s bigger than these pictures lead one to believe.

    • I think they are touching but the shadow line running down her inner right thigh makes it look like there’s a gap.

    • She is standing with her legs slighty apart plus some people with a wide pelvis can have a that gap between their thighs even at non small sizes.

      She’s a tall girl with wide hips plus they pics may be adjusted to make her look even smaller than she really is. The only way to know for sure if she’s lost any more weight would be some recent candids.

    • Touching thighs has little to do with weight. It’s more due to bone structure. Some women have narrow hips and even at a size 2 their thighs touch. While some have wide hips and they don’t touch even at a sie 8-10.

  7. I think her body looks slim and healthy, HOWEVER she tends to lose alot of weight from her face,which more than likely makes her look skinnier. Granted, she has lost alot of weight, to quickly, and seen as she has suffered from eating disorders in the past, I wouldnt be surprised to hear she was suffering again. However I agree this photo’s looks very photoshopped, in the thigh area especially. But ultimately, she looks to have lost a vast amount of weight, at the moment she looks slim and healthy, hopefully she stays at this weight and doesnt take it to far.

  8. Size 10? That’s a UK size 14 right? There is no way she is that size in these photos. I expect this look is a result of weight loss, photoshop, lighting and angles

  9. I just dont like her she has always come across as really insecure and fake to me. Its the way she was always putting skinny women down and branding them as inferior and unattractive compared to “real women” like her, it reaked of insecurity. She made a big deal of sending this message out that her previous weight was her “natural, healthy” weight and made herself like a spokesperson for the “plus-size” girl, but all based on lies. She obviously didnt like being plump because she has been losing weight for a while now. I dont care if shes fat, thin, or inbetween, I just dont like fakeness.

    • Spot on. She is just contradicting herself. I don’t think that she is very secure about herself either, she now does seem very fake. Why the sudden weight loss, Crystal? It annoys me.
      It’s a shame that the fashion industry has completely destroyed a such beautiful woman. Personally I don’t like her newer slimmer figure, it just doesn’t suit her. What is it with people? Since when has being skinny ever been the only way to looking beautiful? Women come in all shapes and sizes, and it needs to be acknowledged. Sadly, it is not the case here.

      • I agree she is just now another typical thin model. I’m a thin girl but I think curvy, healthy women are beautiful. I admire all body shapes and women who carry themselves with confidence and self-love. I hope someday every woman whether a natural size 2 or 20 can love themselves and not feel pressured by this industry

        • She’s probably losing so much weight because she’s relapsing.
          I don’t know if you are aware, but she had a severe eating disorder in her teens. Of course she’s insecure. People don’t just get over eating disorders because they began to eat and gained weight. It doesn’t work that way. There’s something going on inside, before, after, and during an eating disorder.

          It really looks like she has relapsed. Poor girl. I hope she gets help.

    • My thoughts exactly!

      I personally found no inspiration in her poorly-written-woe-is-me-book. I couldn’t even finish it. I refused. Also, she was on Ritalin for ADHD during her “ana” days. As soon as she got off the meds, the weight came on, and bingo– Instant star? Not to say she had a healthy diet, but I am saying I know many girls who have become bones while taking ADHD meds.
      Now she’s fading into the shadows, and needs a way to gain more attention.
      While many go into Frenzy Question Mode over all of this, I’ll sit on the side and watch Ashley Graham’s career sky-rocket. She’s much more of an inspiration, if you ask me.

    • right on. i mean if she was proud of being full figured then why changed it? it seems the ones who always claim they love their body and bash thin women because of how we look. then they turn around and lose a lot of weight. gee i wonder what happened to love your curves? i actually prefer her when she was full figured because she looked better that way. i say be proud of your body but don’t bash women who don’t look like you because you think that makes you feel better.

    • I think Crystal’s whole situation is rather sad. I happen to know her family, and I knew her while she was in MS. They were wonderful to Crystal and her grandmother, and I know for a fact that her book was complete garbage, and I think it’s sad that some people have the need to make up lies in order to gain attention or money. Her book fails to mention so many different things that actually would have been inspiring and enjoying to read. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is losing weight in hopes of gaining even more attention. It’s sick and twisted that some people will do anything for fame and money.

      Some are arguing that Crystal is being a hypocrite with her weight, because she praised curvier figures for so long. Where does that leave her now?

  10. I don’t think she has lost that much weight. I think more than anything the above pictures are a product of taking pictures from the top looking down, with a specific type of lens which I forgot. It slims down the lower body, and would explain the bobble-headed apperance.

    Kim Karashian once took the same kind of picture when she was trying to sell her weight lost powder thing.

    Regardless, I agree with Vs. Crystal Renn is by no means plus-sized anymore. She is normal. I would say she’s a size 8, given her height. I think she looks great in the linked photos…she has evened out. She went from having an ED, to having a little extra for her frame (which is a normal part of recovery), and I think she’s right where she should be now.

    I don’t think she should lose more and I hope this normal weight loss doesn’t trigger a desire to keep losing weight.

    • I don’t think she’s right where she should be now, considering that not a long time ago she was twice as big. Anyways I think she looked perfect for her frame at the chanel show.

      • That’s what I meant. When I said she looks good for her frame, I meant in the linked photos, not the ones above.

        I don’t believe the pictures above are an honest representation of her size, but if they are, I believe she is getting too thin, and I would be concerned whether or not her anorexia has got out of control again.

        I honestly don’t believe she should have continued modeling, even if she is good at it, because she is someone who has had an ED. As someone said, it’s something you will suffer for the rest of your life. The ED is the gun, and the fashion industry pulls the trigger. Most anorexia recoveree’s find it hard to keep their ED under control in normal circumstances. I bet it’s harder in fashion.

  11. I don’t buy it, she had to have lost weight. She looks so much smaller.
    The only other alternative is that they photoshopped her, but that doesn’t make sense because she was looking thinner at the Chanel show, too.

  12. At this point I am finding it very hard to believe her weightloss is “natural.” She doesn’t look unhealthy (yet!) but with the rate she’s losing and the amount she’s already lost it looks to me like she’s backsliding into anorexia. I just hope she can catch herself before she becomes underweight.

  13. anorexia is something you deal with for your whole life and as she’s getting a lot of attention at the moment some sort of relapse isn’t so shocking. i just think it sends out a really bad message to people. this weight loss doesnt exactly portray a woman who is confident with her body. to me it seems that no woman is happy carrying a little extra weight. they just put on a confident front so they dont appear to be weak and so influenced by the size zero craze

  14. Seriously, i find this so sad that even the avarage women who became famous with their natural appearance are trying to be skinny!

  15. She’s not as skinny as when she had an eating disorder (thankfully).

    It’s unfortunate the way she exploited her own situation, going from one end of the spectrum to another. To gain weight and start slamming skinny women, not just models, not cool. But to be fair, her perception has been fcked completely. How could it not be; look at the line of work she’s in. For all of her campaigning for curves, she looks and sounds really confused about who to root for.

  16. She had an ED – she’s just levelling out.
    So I have no doubt that metabolism turning to normal + working out + healthy eating would lead to weight loss.
    I don’t think she is this small but she is definitely smaller.
    I think she’ll look good with a little less meat on her bones.
    And as people insist on throwing around: “you look can look good at any weight”
    Enough of the skinny bashing, ladies.

    • no skinny bashing…but some girls, despite being at a low BMI look healthy and still fresh-faced, these are the healthy and naturally skinny girls, girls who are skinny because of genetics not because they need to starve themselves unnaturally and go on restricted diets and exercise programs to fit into a certain size…crystal may still be in the healthy lower range of the BMI, but her face looks kind of worn out and sunken at her current size, she’s just not one of those naturally thin types, infact she was always naturally average sized (until she lost one third of her body fat to become a model in her teens.which was the main cause of her ED)….she looks alot older than her real age since her weight loss, I was surprised to find out that she’s younger than 25…she definitely looked healthier, more youthful and alive when she weighed more…size 10-12 on her tall 5’9 frame is no way fat or plus-sized, it’s actually normal sized. She was most probably alot healthier at that size range than being a 6-8, which is actually quite small for someone of her stature and for her face/body type in particular….it definately looks like it…again considering her tall height and larger bone structure compared to the average height 5’4 woman. Well some people just can’t go below a certain size or weight without looking all gaunt and unhealthy…I’m one of those too…my face actually starts looking gaunt and sunken when I am down to a size 6 and lower, and I’m 5’5, I look best and healthiest at a size 8 and I maintain it with good food and regular exercise. If she’s uncomfortable being a size 12, then she could drop down to a 10…but lower than that…I don’t know, she starts looking kind of…well…it just looks sad and odd on her, and ages her too.

  17. Is it just me or does she seriously need to pluck those eyebrows? I have no idea why people think she’s so gorgeous. Not a clue!

  18. Hope she’s not going to fall back into anorexia. I know a girl who suffered from anorexia years ago and she’s maintaining a healthy weight now, but she says she won’t ever get those thoughts about eating or not eating and losing weight out of her mind. She told me that it’s still a dayly struggle for her to eat healthy..

  19. Lets face is she looks better now. She was overweight before and no matter what she said I bet she hated every second of it. It has become so PC to embrace big women yet bash thin women.

  20. 39-40″ hips can be considered a US size 8 (esp. with modern sizing) plus she is even smaller on top (probs US size 6).

    Think it’s fine for her to maintain this size/weight but just hope she doesn’t lose any more.

  21. It must be so hard for her to be plus-size in Hollywood, and with a past ED. So it would be mean to judge too harshly. She is tho contradicting and has probably lost fans though by losing weight after the quotes I’ve read of her..
    I think she looks good at this weight. Shes not a uk14 though, unless there has been PS, but even still, a hard photo to judge weight by. I think a uk10 or 12- us6 – 8 tbh.

  22. I read about this somewere.

    In many cases, overweight persons eating (or addict to eating) because they have some problems they can not resolve. The plus pounds are like shield against “pain”, sorrow.

    In C.Renn case, she was “banned” from the catwalk and photoshoots because she was not an usual models, she was not thin enough.
    Now, on the posters, covers seems to be appearing other size models and She had achieved what she want. So, the plus pounds no longer serves any purpose.

    About Crystal’s agent …
    Quote: “She can make herself look bigger or smaller depending on what the client wants.”
    C’mon! let’s be serious! 😀

    • omfg are you serious. Crystal was a model as a teen and developed anorexia. She recovered, and discovered the niche of plus size modeling which allowed her to be her NATURAL SIZE. Most women who are 5’10+ are not <4. Some women have larger bone structures, some women are genetically built to carry fat on their hips. This does not make them unhealthy!!! Restricting and fasting to shrink your body to fit societies ideal is unhealthy.

  23. Crystal is a beautiful woman…and I was happy to see her lose *some* weight. Like we’ve all said, we want to see mid-sized models! Not 18, not 0. But I think she’d be doing herself a disservice if she lost too much weight. Her face is not pretty enough, IMO, to be thin. She has this sultry, feminine Mediterranean look that just exudes sexuality at a normal weight. But when she’s too thin, her nose is too bulbous and her face angular in an unattractive way. Like a less attractive CZJ.

  24. I actually think the girl is absolutely gorgeous at any weight, but when slimmer her facial features become even more striking. I know that if you pick her face apart there´s nothing there that looks that spectacular, on the contrary, but for some reason it just all works together. I find her face has a lot of character. And what beautiful hair.

  25. Her measurements were initially listed as 38-30-42 and a US size 10. So if’s she’s lost 2-3 inches off her hips she must have dropped 1-2 dress sizes.

  26. my thoughts: she seems much younger here, although somewhat harder, less pretty in the face (high fashion material?).
    perhaps the larger version and her curves made the effect of her figure more ‘womanly’, more grown up?

    So even though it may seem that to look younger is somehow better, i kind of dont agree here: i preferred her before, personally, but i sure bet she is happier now that she has conformed to societies ideal. it is a damned tough world is it not?

    I really hate how everyone in the media flattered kelly osbourne when she lost weight. they had treated her abominably before, and yet swooped to include her and make her welcome once her size was reduced.
    So basically, losing weight is a meal ticket these days, a way to conform and fit in and be envied, even if you happen to look worse, haggard or unhealthy.
    Whether you prefer K Osbourne larger or smaller isnt my issue, i am only using her as an example of the conformity element. It sickens me, but that’s life.

    I myself am thin, and look a bit young for my age – blonde and blue eyed, i have unintentionally fitted into the mold that society has declared ‘enviable’, and i can honestly say that my life has not been one shred better for it. The entire thing is an out and out myth.
    If only people could look beyond the skin.

    • I find your comment interesting Sparkle. I am a brunette and would give my pinky finger to have been born blond and blue eyed. I have always felt that being thin, blond, and blue eyed would open doors for me as I’ve been witness to this for others. It’s also never helped that all of my boyfriends have had wandering eyes toward blonds.

      As far as Crystal, I think she looked the best during the Chanel fashion show. She looked quite feminine during the show.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. You need to date boys who <3 brunettes!

        People want what they can't have…the pale girls tanning (burning) their skin…the curly girls getting relaxers…

    • ‘Fitting the mould’ can certainly get you places. A shocking percentage of employers have admitted to hiring what they consider to be the ‘best looking’ candidates.

      It’s funny because in my teens I did not fit the mould because I have my natural afro hair whereas everyone else wore weaves and had relaxed hair. I used to beg my mum to relax my hair but she wouldn’t budge.
      Now natural hair is somewhat of a trend amongst black women and I find that I’m back in the trend again.

      The ‘trend’ is constantly changing and noone can ever keep up with it; so why bother?!

  27. I say good for her! She really looks much better at this weight and it is great to see that she is putting both her body, career, and health in front of the plus sized model movement. The only problem I see is either she or her agent need to view her as she is, no longer a plus size model. She also should go for the press on what being fit and being healthy can do for your body.

    I don’t know that “filling the mold”, whatever that mold is, is best for her. It is to be healthy, happy, and do whats best for your modeling career. There certainly is a demand for overweight models, however more people are overweight than healthy. So it is quite easy to find an overweight model. Finding fit and thinner models is a bit of a more difficult task and thus is a much higher demand for that. Certainly being at a more fit and thinner size would certainly help her career.

  28. i can’t say she doesn’t look great, because she does, but she did choose to be the poster child for plus size models with her book. I really hope that those behind her don’t end up confused by the message.

    • Or perhaps she was chosen as the poster child for plus size models. Additionally if she is just working out now, more active and the weight is just melting off, I think that sends a better message than being overweight.

  29. Versus, is she a US size 10 or UK size 10, just wanting to know 🙂
    She’s lost so much compared to last year

  30. Here’s the scoop:

    and for the record, all you people who think restricting down to a size 4 is healthier than being a size 10… that is sad, disturbing ignorance. Bodies are supposed to come in many shapes and sizes. SMALL/THIN DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTH.

    Also, Crystal is a smart, articulate woman who wrote a memoir about recovering from anorexia. She’s not “putting the plus size movement” before her health. jesus christ.

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