Gigi, Bella and Model Diversity at Fenty’s NYFW Showcase


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Rihanna chose a wide range of model shapes, sizes and heights as she launched her new lingerie line at the Savage x Fenty show on Wednesday night in Brooklyn. Also spotted: Gigi and Bella Hadid.

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19 thoughts on “Gigi, Bella and Model Diversity at Fenty’s NYFW Showcase”

  1. I love it.
    While I myself am what society deems as “classically attractive”, I applaud Rihanna’s choice to include a wider variety of types and looks in her show.
    If all women feel accepted and good about themselves, maybe there will be less hate and competition amongst us.

    • Maybe when women will not base their entire self worth in being deemed wankable, we’ll be able to achieve something better than hating ourselves and eachother over this dumb prondoll contest shite

      • Yes, sure. But those women exist so might as well represent them and empower them in a way that speaks to them.

        I wonder why I was downvoted: is it because I said I am classically attractive? Interesting how positivity (the whole post) gets met with negativity, just proved my point right there 🙂

        Anyway, not following up on this conversation, good luck to y’all

        • No, you got downvoted because you just don’t get that objectifiying/sexualizing a wider range of women is not part of the solution, it’s part of the PROBLEM

          • I don’t get how showing lingerie off is objectifying women? are you against fashion shows and lingerie in general? or should it only be shown on hoops?

          • Yes, I’m a pro fashion designer and pro model so of course against both. Now just show me the male underwear fashion shows that make headlines , especially the ones where fat ugly men get to finally have a “value” in society, and I’ll shut up for eternity.

          • omg, this 100000 times
            we can say all we want about our bodies being empowered by x,y,z but until i see the male equivalent become mainstream, and women being thought of not in the physical sense but holistically as people then yes, as you said ill eat my hat

  2. So..can we cancel VS already? Rihanna has been stealing the show recently and I love it! Definitely buying some of the pieces so we can (hopefully) see more shows like this one in the future. It’s not enough to say you like something, vote with your wallet.

    • I wanna know which pieces you wanna buy, honestly. The ones with the underboobs squashing the nipples, the ones where the white elastics give you a muffin top, or the ones where the frills destroy anything you’d wear over it, or the ones where the Cheap Lace God puked whatever on cheap sweatshop polyester?

      • ive owned a bralette that had a seam like that -split right across the middle. I dont know whether it was meant to be like that or ill fitting but it was unwearable after the 2nd time – so uncomfortable and made my boobs/nipples bulge weirdly

  3. Some of the lingerie is pretty, some is boring utilitarian. The whole thing with the models standing in a line holding hands made me laugh, so very early 2000s basic

    • yep, it’s like someone who got kicked off of project runway in the 2nd round. this is a celebrity’s fashion line. it’s not about fashion, it’s about the celeb (and other celebs she can get to show off and thus increase the “value” or hype of her brand). so stupid. especially since it’s probably all sweatshop material.

    • Most pieces look uncomfortable. Bella’s bra doesn’t even fit. Who would want such big ruffles on top of their bra? It looks terrible under a shirt. Gigi’s make-up looks like a corpse face. I don’t find any of the pieces shot from up-close pretty. and the thick white elastic on panties is a no-no for me.
      I’m happy she included lots of soft bras in the collection, maybe some are actually wearable.

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