Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl Praised for Having a Healthy Body

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The full story from Fox News:

Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, may have won the Miss USA pageant, but its Miss Indiana who is getting all of the attention on social media. Mekayla Diehl’s “normal” bikini body stood out from the rest of the super fit beauty queens during the swimsuit competition, sparking fans to lavish praise on the 25-year-old Hoosier for her curvy, healthy-looking physique.

“It’s quite overwhelming, in a positive way,” Diehl told Fox & Friends.

And it wasn’t something Diehl planned for in the run up to the big night.

“I wanted to just continue a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to go after their dreams,” she said. “I never imagined that it would be in a swimsuit.”

Supermodel Petra Nemcova also chimed in on Miss Indiana, telling the show: “I think its fantastic. Each person has a different body type. Some people are naturally skinny, some curvy. We have to celebrate all different shapes of the body. The main thing is to be healthy.”

Diehl agrees:

“I trained very hard for the body I have, but I didn’t go to extremes, and I’m proud of that,” she said.


During the 2014 Miss USA broadcast on Sunday (June 8), the beautiful brunette became quite a popular topic on Twitter. Here’s what some of the viewers tweeted:

“I really wanted Miss Indiana to make it to the top 10. She was the only girl up there who had a relatively normal body.”

“Miss Indiana shows you don’t have to be super skinny to be beautiful.”

“Finally a contestant that’s not a bag of bones.”

“The fact that Miss Indiana is not a complete twig makes me really happy!”

More pictures of Mekayla next!

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143 thoughts on “Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl Praised for Having a Healthy Body”

  1. She does look incredible! But some comments about the skinny contestants are not nice and being called a “bag of bones” is really rude. Some are natural slim and they don’t want to be called names because of that.

    • Agreed.

      By the way, she has a nice body but none of those outfits are doing anything for her: that first bikini has a horrible shape, and the first dress seems to be cutting through her breasts.

    • Those girls are not naturally that skinny. They diet down to nothing so that their abs will be super lean – due to very low body fat levels. Miss Indiana didn’t do that, which is why her abs aren’t ripped – and they don’t need to be.

      • true. but some girls are. growing up, i was really skinny and i hated every minute of it. i hated myself. now imagine someone like me reading that ‘bag of bones’ statement, it would hurt. this whole bringing normal bodies in thing is not supposed to be a way to skinny bash, but a way to say be healthy and love you. no one should be put down in the process or we are just going back to square one.

  2. gorgeous girl. it’s sad how much attention she is getting though. society has a long way to go. i wonder when, or if we’ll ever not be shocked to see people of different shapes in the limelight.

  3. How does anybody know what a “healthy” body is just by looking at it? Sorry but to me the concept is just weird. She could look like this and be completely unhealthy. If they want to get the message across that they believe she looks healthy, they should say “praised for having a healthy *looking* body”, not *having* a “healthy body”. Idk it’s just what I think.

    • Yeah I was quite offended by the whole healthy body thing. Sorry, but I know a lot of people who look like this and constantly shove their faces and sit on the couch, and of course it will get praised as healthy. And no one ever says anything about overeating being unhealthy, but anytime I will miss a meal from being busy, not hungry people will not hesitate to throw around the anorexia label!

      And even if you want to be fit and healthy, people label that as having an “unhealthy mentality” because you are being too obsessive. Obsessive for trying to be healthy, eating only good foods, getting enough exercise?

      It annoys me when people say it’s unhealthy for girls to look at thin models. To strive to be as thin as Snejana Onopka? For most, yes. But most models criticized are commercial, Victoria’s Secret type models – models the general public at least have heard about, and they all look fit and healthy to me. While I’m not praising the media in any way, celebrities, models are constantly criticized for being “bad role models” to young girls, when first of all – who said they should be our life role models? and two, there is a MUCH bigger problem of overeating, and obesity! Less than 1% of the US population is underweight compared to the vast majority that is overweight, not to mention overweight people now outnumber underweight people

      • Wow someone is really touchy!
        Maybe you live in a world where people criticise you for your tiny frame (depends how tiny, they might be right) but I and the rest of society live in a world where being tiny is considered beautiful and healthy, even if the woman has bulimia…
        Fat people are still scrutinised a lot more than thin people, that’s how it is.

        • “Wow someone is really touchy!” Says the person who responded to every single one of my comments.

          “tiny is considered beautiful and healthy, even if the woman has bulimia…” you literally just contradicted yourself because bulimia is NOT healthy.

          “Fat people are still scrutinised a lot more than thin people, that’s how it is.”
          Yes maybe when you open up a magazine you feel like fat people are being scrutinized more because they are less represented than thin people, but it’s different living in a world where the majority is overweight. I live in the USA most people are medically FAT. My comment was about the fact that there are plenty of fat people who will look at a thinner person and say you are doing something wrong because I don’t accept, nor live your lifestyle. In Asia, where most people are thin, people do not hesitate to tell others to lose weight, or to eat less – the same way Americans will look at a skinny girl and say she needs to gain weight, and eat. It’s simple – majority wins, and if you are not the majority you and your lifestyle will be looked upon by the majority surrounding you with scrutiny. Except it’s even more complicated in the states because while the majority is overweight, the beauty standard is still slim.

          I really don’t think most fat people have been openly harassed by how much they eat, how much they exercise, and that they need to lose weight, the way thin people, or at least how much I have been told off for being thin. People will not hesitate to give me a “that’s not healthy”, and if I dare suggested they overeat all hell would break loose. Yes, maybe they do have it harder in terms of health problems, body image issues when it comes to the media, but when it comes to what I mentioned before, no – even a healthy thin person will get more rude comments than a fat person.

          • I was in Argentina a few years ago and there it was “interesting” (in quotes for a lack of a better word) because thin thin thin was in and they honestly didn’t care whether it was healthy or not. I saw an aisle in a pharmacy in buenos aires that honest to god had 28 different kinds of laxatives for sale, I counted them, and many had pictures of skinny women posing in little dresses (like diet pill ads in the US have). It was both crazy and disturbing how open the ED culture was there. In contrast when I was in Thailand thin was definately the preferred look (and many Thai women were itsy-bitsy tiny) but the culture there wasn’t nearly as overbearing.

            Yeah, so i don’t really have a point I’m trying to make, just some global observations I’ve noticed! Miss Indiana looks fine, I wouldnt necessarily want her body but if I passed her on the street I’d be impressed by how tall and pretty she is

          • I find your comment really weird because i am from argentina and have lived here all my life and ive never seen an “open ED culture”. We have a different idea of beauty over here, girls on tv dont look like candice, they are always curvier and toned. Check out Lola Ponce for example, or Luisana Lopilato (Michael Bubles wife) and youll see. Fake b❆❆bs are very common in argentina, but not extremely thin aspirations. I think its quite funny when people think they know our culture because theyve been here for 15-20 days

          • I dunno, maybe when i was there I’d just had a random experience or hit a brief fad, but from what I saw being super skinny was the big look (magazine covers, tv, etc). Of course my spanish is strictly at a tourist-getting-around level so something could have definately gotten lost in translation. I was in south america for just over a month (10 days in argentina) and there was some really big differences in the popular looks between countries. In Brazil most of the celebs were muscular and (IMO) pretty fake looking and not at all like all the supermodels that come from there. And in venezuela big ‘ol butts were the #1 thing and it didnt seem to matter too much about the size of the rest of you as long as the booty was full, lol. I definately liked argentina best on the trip though, it was the easiest to get around and I just wish I could have gone to the south but we didn’t have enough time 🙂

          • Yes, but many people in Asian countries are much much much healthier than Americans. For example Japan is definitely one of the healthiest countries in the world and they like thin thin thin figures. While what you describe may be considered “open ED culture” to you, please realize that overeating is also a form of ED, and I feel like that ED culture is extremely open and overbearing in the states.

          • People in Asian countries like thin thin thin figures because the men are tiny (in every way, if you know what i mean) and a normal sized woman makes them feel even more tiny. Them worshipping thinness has nothing to do with health.

          • I also think that might be because it’s easier to be thin in Thailand as opposed to Argentina since they have really heavy foods in Argentina like steak, dairy, dulce de leche etc

          • where do these ideas come from?? i mean the idea that you have to kill yourself to look a certain way. is it for men? because theyre pigs and should not be the reason anyone hurts themselves.

          • Not for men, no, just for feeling like you look good and have control over your body=have control over other things in your life. Generally speaking I really like both sides of this interesting discussion, but unfortunately majority of ladies I know are size 12-14, and majority of teens I know really struggled to loose their body fat, not in the healthy way through gym, but through very unhealthy diets. Unfortunately we are programmed to want the things media serve to us, and it is very rare to see ladies so powerful like this beauty contestant. I had ED for 5 years, so can say from the heart – I got many compliments for being very skinny, while puking 5 times per day, and even more compliments when being anorexic and on a verge of hospitalization – what I did not no is that compliments are just bulls—, and what matters is my life, not my looks. Something I wish somebody would tell all of us long time ago. Now I am healthy, size 12-14 and gosh I AM STILL V. UPSET ABOUT NOT BEING SKINNY – but I have great attention from boys and girls and think I actually do look great … so many s—ty problems which take time.

          • what world are you living in?? fat people may be the majority, but they still are scrutinized much more than skinny people. Skinny is the ideal, fat is not. I hate when skinny people try to compare their struggles to those of fat people. Not saying skinny people don’t take crap because they definitely do, but the fatties take infinitely more crap. NO CONTEST.

          • Really? You mean to tell me that fat people will be criticized openly in front of all their thinner friends for needing to lose weight, and eating less? Maybe in other ways fat people get scrutinized more, but in the way I just described easily thin people get more crap because there are MORE fat people. End of story. At least where I live.

          • yeah…at least where you live….everywhere else, fat people are openly criticized and joked about and expected to take it because “health”.

          • I didn’t say I had more struggles than a bigger person. I did say that bigger people have more struggles when it comes to health, and other issues, body image even. But it is certainly much more socially acceptable for people to slam thin people as obsessive, has an ED, needs to eat, does not look like how a woman should, needs to put on weight – OPENLY, to their FACE.

          • Fat people get publicly shamed all the time… From celebrities being humiliated for gaining some weight in the media to overweight kids being the targets of bullies. Fat people also face discrimination in the workplace and in social settings. Studies have shown that people automatically assume fat people are lazy, lack will power, and are less intelligent than their thinner counterparts.

            So I ask again: what the hell world are you living in?

          • OK can you even read? I said in the aspect I DESCRIBED thin people definitely get shamed more than fat people. How many times will a fat people get picked on for ordering mountains of fries and cheese and steak, compared to how many times a thin person has to hear “that’s all you eat” when ordering a salad? And because skinny kids aren’t the target of bullies ever? OK

            “people automatically assume fat people are lazy, lack will power, and are less intelligent than their thinner counterparts.” Sorry, but on average this is true. No, this should not be assumed, but again those studies show these correlations. And honestly, it’s harder to be fit and healthy than to sit on your bum all day and eat mountains of food. I’m not even talking about “curvier” people here I’m talking fit and healthy from Candice Swanepoel to Beyonce to even Jordin Sparks as opposed to morbidly obese people that you see on Supersize vs Superskinny who eat 6000 calories a day.

          • I can read quite proficiently. I understand “the aspect you described.” I simply disagree with you. Fat people are criticized all the time IN THE ASPECT YOU DESCRIBED. Fat people get picked on constantly for what they order. I’ve seen it time and time again at restaurants I’ve worked at. I’ve seen groups of men MOO at bigger women o more than one occasion. And skinny kids aren’t targeted by bullies the same way fat kids are. No comparison there.

            And of course it’s harder to be fit and healthy than fat. Doesn’t mean fat people should face discrimination like they do. Skinny people don’t face such challenges socially or in the workplace and that’s a fact. Sorry you’re too blind to recognize it.

          • “From celebrities being humiliated for gaining some weight in the media” Um ok you’re the ones labeling them as “fat people” not me

          • ???? no, actually the media is quite adept at shaming, mainly female, celebrities of all ages for not looking like a photoshopped picture in a magazine, because they do it ALL THE TIME. there are magazines and shows, like on E!, that just shame celeb bodies. there are a ton of websites that shame regular folk for not looking like the status quo and being bigger….how about that stupid “people of walmart” where they take pictures of people, without their consent and paste them on the internet and make fun of them? this is not common place for thin people….nice try.

          • I think Alias’ point is that yes fat people probably do get more criticism, but there’s generally a lot less tolerance for criticising those who are overweight than those who are underweight, or even those who are healthy but incorrectly assumed to be underweight, as is often the case in my experience.

            If you just picture the headlines: “I was refused work for being fat” vs. “I was refused work for being skinny”, which do you think would cause the most uproar?
            While celebrities have been humiliated for gaining weight in the media, the opposite also frequently takes place.

            The comments left by the twitter users on this article speak volumes; can you imagine the reactions to comments such as “The fact that Miss Indiana is not a complete pig makes me really happy!”, had the tables been turned?

        • I agree that fat people are scrutinised more than thin people, but I also think it’s seen as far more politically correct to criticise a thin person for their weight than it is to criticise a ‘fat’ one.

          For example, there are so many tactful adjectives for describing an overweight person: ‘big’, ‘cuddly’, ‘chubby’, ‘curvy’ etc. If I were to address an overweight person as ‘fat’ (or even mention their weight at all), several people would most likely rush to their aid and call me rude, b—y or insensitive; however, no one bats an eyelid at the use of the word ‘skinny’, and it’s relatively acceptable to compare thin women to male children or a ‘bag of bones’.

          Also, if a thin woman had bulimia or any form of eating disorder and looked visibly ill, in my experience there are few people in their right minds who would praise her for being ‘beautiful’ and ‘healthy’ as that would clearly not be the case!

          • Agree %100 Zoe. And this is DEF. the truth:

            “I agree that fat people are scrutinised more than thin people, but I
            also think it’s seen as far more politically correct to criticise a thin
            person for their weight than it is to criticise a ‘fat’ one.”

          • “Also, if a thin woman had bulimia or any form of eating disorder and
            looked visibly ill, in my experience there are few people in their right
            minds who would praise her for being ‘beautiful’ and ‘healthy’ as that
            would clearly not be the case!”

            Yes I also agree with this. The reason why healthy thin figures are now seen as unattainable, unhealthy, too thin, is because people have gotten fatter. Severely underweight along with EDs have never been attractive, nor will they ever – to the general public. I recently saw a blog post RANT about how dangerously underweight all the VS models were for having a bmi of 17-18 ok yes that is “underweight”, but if anyone had a bmi of 26 no one will comment on how unhealthy they look. Both being slightly underweight and overweight is ok, but clearly it’s not treated the same. Actually I have even heard girls with bmi’s of 19 which is in the medically healthy range, get called anorexic, so yeah I do think it’s partially bitterness

          • I understand your point, and agree that we seemed to have lost a healthy medium, its either too big or too small IMO, but BMI on an individual level is a pile of crap. People who comment that the vs models are underweight are probably making those comments because they are very tall and thin. A BMI of 17-18 can look about 10 different ways as can a BMI of 26. For the average person there would be no way to look at them and determine their BMI. My husband is 6FT and looks very very slim but under his clothes he’s very muscular. While he may look like he would be underweight he is “normal” in the BMI chart. We both are marathoners and triathletes, I am 5″3 and have always had a stocky muscular build with a large chest and big butt. I wear a size 10 and have defined muscles but on the BMI scale i am almost at the top of the “overweight” end.
            BMI is really only good (and was initially designed) for measuring population trends. As physicians some of us have gotten lazy and will resort to BMI because its easy and cheaper to look at a chart than actually spending the time to put together a holistic picture of an individuals health.
            In my ED clinic the use of BMI is banned 🙂

          • No exactly that’s what I’m trying to say, there are people with lower BMI’s that are healthy, just like there are people with higher BMI’s that are healthy. A BMI of 17, 16 even can be perfectly healthy, just like a BMI of 26,27 even though they’re both slightly under slightly over. I’m commenting more on the attitudes of people – HORRIFIED at a BMI of 17 because it is SEVERELY underweight, but will not even think once to comment on if someone might be over the BMI chart. Actually most people won’t even be horrified at someone morbidly obese.

          • skinny is not a derogatory word, it is a descriptive word, like fat. so what should skinny people be called, to spare their feelings? healthy? well, we know appearance doesn’t indicate health, so no. thin? smaller? how are these words any different than skinny? it’s the context that matters.

          • “Skinny is not a derogatory word, it is a descriptive word like fat.” That was my point- if ‘fat’ is merely a descriptive word then why is it so taboo to use it? Why is it that we often have to walk on eggshells and sidestep the use of a word which, unlike the use of the word ‘curvy’ for example would often be the most accurate choice of adjective?

            The definition of the word ‘skinny’ means “unattractively thin”, whereas the definition for ‘fat’ simply means “having an excess amount of flesh”, yet If one woman said to another: “you’re skinny” and got the response “you’re fat”, 9/10 times, it would be the ‘fat’ woman who got offended. In fact, the ‘skinny’ woman most likely wouldn’t dare voice her feelings as she’d probably be chastised or told to get over it.

    • Exactly what I thought! I am going to the extreme now, but it could even be she has bulimia. You don’t know. And mostly you can’t really tell about looking at her body.

      Yes she looks good. But yeah.

    • Agreed. I always find it weird that the same people who will protest “how do *you* know if she’s healthy? Are you her doctor?” when, for example there’s a plus-size model being criticised are the very same ones who will call out a ‘skinny’ woman for being unhealthy, or praise a ‘medium-sized’ woman for being healthy.

      As far as I’m concerned, you can either make a judgement of health based solely on aesthetics, regardless of weight or you can’t. I don’t believe you can at all, but if we’re going to make that argument then at least be consistent about it!

    • Imo eating healthy is about quality (vegetables, fruit, not too many carbs, sugar and saturated fats) AND quantity. There are obese people who eat healthy but too much. There are underweight people who eat healthy but too little. I think you’re right that we can’t tell if a person eats and is healthy but I think we can tell whether they eat too little or too much (quantity). For most people at least, I know there’s some people who have conditions like an overactive thyroid…
      Of course we can’t really tell if she’s healthy… she could have a terminal illness and it didn’t have to show in this picture (sorry if I’m being a little morbid).
      But at the end of the day, I think when people say “healthy” body, they mean a body that is attainable for most people by eating healthy foods in healthy quantity and a good amount of exercise. And you have to admit that say Alessandra Ambrosio’s body for example wouldn’t fit this example, her body is not attainable for everybody with healthy measures.

    • how on earth could a body be considered healthy when it has plastic in the breasts? she has very obvious implants, its sad…

  4. It’s that not that she’s fat, she’s not. She’s just not built well. Her waist is kinda broad and bulgy, and the rest of her body is normal.

    Either way, I legitimately don’t understand why people are making a thing of this. It’s not that shocking, is it?

    • normal? she is different than someone who is “built well”(whatever that means), according to you, so that makes her different. there needs to be variation in media to properly reflect reality, not just bodies that all look the same or that are “built well”.

  5. Well, she looks relatively thin to me? Don’t get the praise to be honest. Are the other contestants really that skinny that this girl stands out from the crowd with her body? That’s a genuine question because I don’t watch beauty pageants and consequently have no idea.

  6. She could be my body double, I’m 41 with 2 kids and a fit mom who works out 5 days a week. I’m glad some people are finding her shape natural, beautiful and healthy looking because according to my husband, I’m chubby, and could stand to lose 10lbs grrrrrrr………….

    • Are you serious? Well I think your husband deserves to be punched. I find that most men will not hesitate to make comments on a woman’s body, and most of them are not in the best shape either. You sound like you look great especially for your age, and having two kids!

    • This woman has about 10 pounds of excess fat, true. If you look like her, why not lose it? Do it for you, not because your mate says to.

        • Excess fat is fat that obscures the muscles, muscles women should work hard for in the gym lifting weights (said should because most women do not lift weights). When there is a layer of fat preventing you from seeing your musculature, it makes sense to look for a healthy way to get rid of it. Ten pounds is about right on her………….

          • I see what you mean, she’s not overweight, but she does have some ‘excess’ fat on her body, I mean, she’s not gross or anything, but yeah, her bod is hardly impressive. I think that was the point of the article though, she has an average looking body, and that’s why women ‘like’ her, they don’t feel threatened.

  7. ok I’m sorry but I hate how people say “i wish she would of gotten to the top 10” because she’s an “underdog” or “ugly” because she isn’t skinny. Excuse me but she has a banging body. Stop bashing her as if she was some three legged dog.

  8. I think she looks fantastic! I almost dislike some of the social media comments, because amongst the ‘she looks normal’ are also ‘she has an average body!’. And I know this is meant in a positive way but it seems kinda insulting to Miss Indiana – I think she looks far better than average or normal. She has a fit and healthy body.
    And I agree with Hannah louisa about the comments about the skinny contestants – not nice at all.

    • I agree with you, she is definitely thin and fit.
      But the thing is, the only reason why those comments of skinny contestants are out there is because there is a widely known fact they go to EXTREME lenghts for the contest. Extreme plastic surgery (just look at the miss USA), extreme dieting… and for what? They do these unhealthy things and look so terrible.
      Thats what the comments were aiming at in my opinion.

          • Doing unhealthy thing is UNHEALTHY! Sorry, what is YOUR problem? Other than dumb obviously. Look I have no problem with Miss Indiana and her body, what I do have a problem with is when people are automatically labeling her as HEALTHY and a GOOD ROLE MODEL and anyone else thinner than her to be unhealthy, and go through drastic damaging means to attain a thinner body. Which is implied by many of the tweets, as well as Lau’s comment.

          • Alias, you remind me why people sometimes shouldn’t be too thin… you are so cranky and naggy, I’d rather be overweight and have fun in life, than be anything like you. Eat something, it will make you feel better.

            (not that everyone who is this is like this, but Alias just ticks the box for cranky people who are miserable because they havent discovered food yet)

  9. I’m not going to comment on her body. This whole news is annoying to me. While I do agree that you don’t have to be super skinny to be beautiful, the other tweets are just rude. OK so thinner bodies are not “relatively normal”? And I just find these people to be hypocritical. You want more “average” looking women to be the ideal of female beauty, yet I doubt any of these girls are thinking a 5’6 chubby man is hot too! Sorry but I hear a lot of bigger girls complain about how standards have gotten more unrealistic, when the reality is that our population has simply gotten fatter with time, and this is a fact! And people will say the VS girls are too unhealthy, they must starve themselves, etc etc, and these SAME people are the ones who will comment OMG he’s so hot, OMG he’s so cute to guys who are like 6’3 lean, and muscular! Because somehow it’s only unhealthy body image when a body type of another women that doesn’t look like you is being praised, yet when it comes to men – no only guys sculpted like greek gods can be considered attractive.

    And there are so many “articles” ranting about how dangerously underweight, models with a BMI of 17.5 are, so if that’s fair, then how will most people feel about criticizing bodies that have a BMI of 26 as “disgustingly overweight”. I want to specify that I have nothing against Miss Indiana’s body, nor do I think she is overweight, so please do not think that. I’m just annoyed with some attitudes surrounding her appearance, like this is supposed to be what a healthy woman looks like as if you could tell by looking at her. She doesn’t look particularly fit to me, but like I said I wouldn’t know. And she’s running for Miss America, while I don’t follow these pageants or think beauty queens are that beautiful, she’s technically supposed to be the most beautiful women in the country, not MISS AVERAGE, so why SHOULD she have an average body, or look average? And I actually don’t think she has an average body the average American women is 160 pounds 5’4, and she does not look that big.

  10. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. She has a great body as do others. She looks like all rest of the girls. Why do they keep saying she has a “normal” healthy body? Someone pls define normal. This is ridiculous. Our society is ff—*d.

    • the media is constantly playing the “one of these things is not like the other” game. subsequently, individuals have learned to think and scrutinize in a similar way. she is normal sized. the comments about distinguishing “healthy body” from “healthy looking body” have merit. however, it’s jacked to assume a thin person is not healthy (as many above have said). i’d like to see a morbidly obese woman in the pageant–then they can play their stupid little game. ps. pageant women are idiots looking to objectify themselves/be a tool.

    • I agree. I appreciate the sentiment, but assuming the word ‘normal’ has been used as a synonym for ‘average’ as is often the case, then she’s not ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination. The ‘average’ American (or British) woman does not look like this, considering the fact that both nations have high obesity rates- while she might be ‘bigger’ than most models, she definitely leans further to the slim/’skinny’ side than towards the overweight, especially since she’s probably slimmer in real life than in these photographs.

      I couldn’t help but notice some of the snide comments made by the twitter users; I find the whole ‘bones’, ‘twig’, ‘skinny little boy’ comparisons with skinny women both tiresome and irritating. I understand that it must be frustrating seeing only one body type promoted in the media, but the way to solve this isn’t by shifting the negativity onto a different one. It would be much more effective if people could grasp the concept that what’s ‘normal’ is to walk down the street and see some women who look somewhat alike, and others who are complete opposites of one another; to me, beauty is about health and femininity is about variety.

  11. As an eating disordered person, this does nothing good for me. Pretending the banal is fantastic just makes me more determined not to be banal.

  12. I saw this on twitter. The media will always come up with realities of the truth. What caught my eye on twitter was the ‘Normal’ body term. A lot of people would say that a Normal body is any body that is functional or even have a more vast definition.
    She is no doubt beautiful and has a great body. Good for her!
    But to say a woman who is thin does not have a ‘normal’ body or to imply she is ‘unhealthy’ is ignorant. The same goes for someone who is overweight, your health and ‘normalcy’ is not indicated by what your body looks like.
    on a lighter note, she is very pretty with a gorgeous complexion

  13. She looks pretty good in the red gown but otherwise she’s just so blah IMO. And this whole hype around her is so annoying I can’t even be bothered to comment on it… I am personally never impressed with the Miss USA participants-they are all averagely pretty but the fake tan and the amount of makeup they have on is always off-putting.

  14. I read miss INDIA and was like WHAT??? GO INDIA. I was really surprised as indian models/pageants are very skinny. She’s got a nice body, but tbh, there’s no way she’s gonna win anything.

  15. Her proportions aren’t curvy, but she has meat on her bones and that is refreshing. Nice tan, great legs, & gorgeous face, too.

    • I think that’s where the hype is coming from. It’s pretty rare to see a beauty pageant contestant with some meat on her bones. I definitely find it refreshing. She looks like she works out but still indulges every once in a while, and I believe that’s where the “healthy body” comments come from. Balance is beautiful.

      • Yes, but from a real health perspective you don’t need to indulge ever if we’re talking about processed sugars heavy meals with tons of processed carbs, protein, fat. From a mental perspective, yeah it’s a healthy mentality to enjoy food and eat what you like, and if you like those foods, in moderation. But no your body doesn’t NEED to eat chocolate cake every now and then.

  16. Is it just me or is she essentially the same clothing size as all the other contestants but just shaped differently because her waist is more straight up and down and her legs are more straight up and down? I just noticed that the other contestants are about the same size as her hip and b❆❆b wise but they have more defined abs and legs. I wouldn’t call her curvy at all though. She looks thin to me and apple shaped. In fact, there were girls at that competition with bigger boobs, butts and actual defined waists than Miss Indiana but no one is praising them for their curvier shapes.

    • we all know the lengths that “beauty” contestants go through to look a certain way. should we praise and reward plastic surgery in a contest to determine “beauty” when there are women without any surgery or enhancements?

  17. you guys a woman with curves! in a pageant! wow! revolutionary!
    seriously when are we going to treat all body figures as normal? oh i forgot that doesn’t make gucci or prada any money.

  18. The media sends us the message that thin is beautiful and desirable, while also simultaneously telling us that being fat is healthy and pushing body acceptance. It’s very confusing- but the culprit is the insane political correctness. We have to pretend we like figures like this woman’s, meanwhile in private we age trying to lose weight and going on a new fad diet. Most thin people have to pretend like it just happened, or I eat healthy but not to be thin. The majority of people aren’t thin, therefore it’s more acceptable to criticsized a thin person- also because that criticism usually stems from jewlosuy. Personally if I were called fat I would be insulted, id u were called skinny id cheer inside. That’s how it is for most people.

    • Walking one night home from work, three random strangers were sitting on a bench and commenting very loudly that they are sure that I have cancer and that’s why I am so thin. And then laughing about the cancer joke. Trust me, I did not cheer inside. I felt humiliated, but hold my head up and ignored the rudeness.

      • That is extremely wrong and inapropriate what they’ve said :/ Horrible!
        But it is true, that women who are think look better in most clothes so they will be envied.
        Imagine a fat person who goes through those comments probably all their lives…

      • !? Uma, that’s awful! Not only is the fact that they had the audacity to talk about you like that disgusting, but to me only seriously disturbed individuals would make a joke about such a serious illness.

        Good on you for ignoring them though… I’d probably have been more likely to give them a piece of my mind… or my palm- ha ha! 🙂

      • She does not look like your average woman, your average woman looks horrible, short and overweight. 5 ft 3 and a size 10 or 12? is the average woman. But, that said, this woman has an average looking body, meaning, it is no way shape or form spectacular, or enviable (she’s not very lean, and she does look quite soft-ish)

      • And you like typical Americans live in the world of the fat Americans, they’re so many fatties in the US, that this flabby slightly fat woman looks good to you all. smh.

  19. She’s not fat in your typical sense of ‘fat’, but she has enough of a ‘coating’ of it, to obscure any muscle she may have (don’t know if she has any really because she’s covered in it), and that’s what makes her body unattractive even though she is not really overweight.

  20. Yuck, too short, too chubby. Typical female body, not at all spectacular. But this is a paegant, she’s no model.

      • I would have never guessed she’s 5 feet 8, I doubt it now……but if she is, she looks short because she’s so thick and chunky. Thin women tend to appear taller than bigger ones.

        Anyway, regardless of her height, she has an ordinary body at best. I can tell she loves to eat and hates to exercise lol.

          • My comment is true, this woman and other thick types like her often look shorter and ‘stockier’ than their actual height, where as thin, slender, little muscled women tend to look taller. I’ve had people ask me if I’m 6 ft when in heels, I’m about 5 feet 7.5, and my BMI is about 16.

          • She is not thick or stocky AT ALL.
            At bmi 16, you are probably too thin, I’m sorry. Eat a snickers, you’ll be a much happier person! Maybe smarter too. 🙂

          • ha ha stupid girl, havent you learnt anything from this website ‘eat a snickers?’ how about you grow up

  21. She has a body many men would like, but not many women. Hate to criticize and glad to see more ‘regular’ looking women winning beauty titles, but if I’m to be honest, I wouldn’t want her body.

    • sorry but what kind of body do you have that you praise yourself higher than this woman? just curious, serious question.

      • Are you kidding? An overweight or obese women would praise this woman’s body, a thin woman would NEVER. You’re a guy, I’m assuming you think I’m fatter than she is since most women in the US are fat…….wrong. I am 5 ft 7, 105 lbs, 13% body fat, and have been lifting weights since I was 12, regularly since 18. I have definition and you can see my serratus, my intercostals clearly and my abdominals slightly. I would never praise this woman who probably doesn’t even do half what I do in terms of exercise.

  22. She is not bigger than normal. She is only a size 4 and she’s 5’8″. She looks so much bigger than most because she has a thick waist. To look slimmer women need a thinner waist compared to their hips and bust. She has a pretty face but a thick waist.

  23. To clarify, she is not the size of the average woman, yet she is average looking. I think that’s where the confusion comes in.

  24. she loses respect from me because of the fake airbags pinned on her chest.. and overall its not really a ‘hot body’ its an apple shaped one, she doesent really have curves or a pretty face…do these beauty paegents STILL GO ON? chrisy

  25. Too chunky, too soft, too much flab. She looks like she only does the bare minimum of exercise required to keep from blowing up. And her stocky build makes her look shorter than 5 ft 8.

  26. I never posted on this she looks about my weight right now and iwould not enter a beauty contest like this…my stomach feels bloated and I know I can do better aim higher and have been slimmer and thinner…so can she… set better goals mkayla..you look good/alright and you are making a good point but you can be better

  27. in the comments, there is a big ol’ argument about who gets criticized and publicly shamed more, the skinny or fat person? Honestly, if we were to consider the two extreme ends, an extreeeemely skinny girl and and obese girl, both will be looked upon in disgust. but, why argue about this when we are the ones who can choose to spread the love or hate. Just dont be the one criticizing a person’s figure, just encourage people to be healthy, and happy and love their bodies but focus on their brains and heart…waaay more important. 🙂

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