Kate Upton: “I’m not a toy, I’m a human”

ELLE-Sept-13-Kate-Upton-2 - Kate Upton: "I’m not a toy, I’m a human"

On her life after Sports Illustrated:

“After my first Sports Illustrated cover, I felt terrible about myself for a solid month. Every single guy I met was either married or about to be married, and I felt like I was their bachelor present or something. I’m not a toy, I’m a human. I’m not here to be used. I am a grown woman, and you need to figure your s–t out.”

… says Kate in Elle Magazine.

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upton1 - Kate Upton: "I’m not a toy, I’m a human" upton2 - Kate Upton: "I’m not a toy, I’m a human" upton3 - Kate Upton: "I’m not a toy, I’m a human"

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289 thoughts on “Kate Upton: “I’m not a toy, I’m a human””

    • Totally agree with you. If this is all she has to worry about then she’s living a pretty good life.Secondly, models like Adriana Lima model for Victoria secret and are in skimpy outfits, but know how to choose what situations they want to be in. Lastly, I don’t find her that classy. Don’t get me wrong she is pretty, but she lacks a certain appeal. For instance, I adore Adriana Lima she’s classy has sex appeal, and appeal to both men and women.

    • These “men” that are treating her like an object are only doing so because they feel they are “above” her. This makes me think she is going out of her way to try and date very high profile men who have a lot of options and are usually huge douche bags.

      Why is she seeking these men? Money, fame? How does she view them? Is it any worse than how they view her?

      Just sayin’.

      • It’s not just rich dudes that are misogynistic a-holes. Misogyny comes in all forms, unfortunately.

        I also think it’s a little low for people to criticize her for speaking out about how she is treated. It doesn’t matter what your profession is; you shouldn’t be treated like a piece of meat. Yes she is beautiful and makes money off the way she looks, but there’s an actual person in there. Saying that being/feeling objectified isn’t an important problem is a gross misogynistic statement in itself.
        We women get enough sexist BS from men, so why are we acting this way toward one another??

    • I feel the same way, can’t help it but her comment reminded me of the usual “I’m uncomfortable being treated as a sex symbol” whining. Girl you’re posing half naked, flaunting your breasts on a magazine’s cover. Did you expect men to approach you to talk about Heisenberg’s cat? Geez…

      • Wow. No matter what someone does with their body, I think they need to be respected. Being a sex symbol does not allow men to treat women like they are toys. Just because of the way she poses for magazines does not mean that she doesn’t deserve to be approached by a decent man with decent intentions. I honestly think men continue to be the way they are because women make too many excuses for them.
        I personally never liked this model and I still don’t find her appealing but I can’t believe the sort of comments she is receiving. Most people would call it the good life but I don’t think there is anything ‘good’ about a life where you are not respected and are constantly criticised and scrutinized. People need to calm down, she’s just human.

  1. Bravo. Women weren’t created to be conquests. In the original movie Mortal Combat was featured a pair of creatures. One made of water. One made of fire though
    the elements were radicly different, the analogy was
    altogether obvious. Women ARE a breed apart from men. But you can understand anyone’s point of view if you merely put yourselves in their shoes for a moment and immagine what it must be like to be them., on the Summer Side of Life, kind of like that Gordon Lightfoot tune. People who forget dominance and seek balance can tell you.. Water always seeks balance as it always
    seeks it’s own level. Besides, if you want to share your
    body with someone, you’re sharing your soul too, no ?

  2. I can relate to her on some level. I’m a programming major and the only woman in a class of 34 and I’ve come across the whole range of responses regarding my appearance: from people blatantly refusing to make eyecontact, to indifference and acting like a normal person, to openly starting at my b❆❆bs and telling me I’m “in the wrong field with a body like that” (sadly, that’s an actual quote). At one point my teacher even told me (in a polite way but still…) that maybe I should dye my blonde hair a different color if I want to get respected more. Like, seriously? My GPA is 3.58, and as long as I don’t dress like a ho, I feel that if I want to be a bleach blonde -they’re- the one who “need to figure their s–t out.” There’s a blonde guy in my class, why the hell aint he getting crap about it?
    Obviously Kate’s in modeling and she’s more putting herself and her looks out there for critique, but her quote really struck a nerve with me.

    • I too can relate. I am currently enlisted in the army and I’ve spent a mere 3 months at my unit and I don’t care what anyone says, the women generally are NOT respected in the same way men are and we are not treated as equals. We’re still somehow considered sex objects to an extent. This disappoints me because I really believed America had evolved

      • Why not just enjoy the attention, soon you will be old and noone will look at you. If you didn’t get any attention you would probably complain about that.

        • Apparently menopause isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. I have heard women say that it’s a relief to not have to worry about being sexualy attractive to men.

    • “and as long as I don’t dress like a ho”

      bravo to everything to you said except that. theres no such THING as a ho or a s—. those terms are just another way to perpetuate female subversion. women deserve respect no matter how they dress or how many guys they have sex with. you could wear a tube top and mini skirt and they would still need to “get their s— together”.

      by the way this is not an attack on you specifically, just a problem i have with those terms in general.

      • I agree with you and just misspoke on that. I guess what I meant to say was something like “as long as I’m dressed appropriately”. A baggy long-sleeved shirt with a nasty slogan written on it would be just as inappropriate for a professional setting as a revealing outfit. (Neither of which wear at school or work, BTW :P)

      • Agreed, but I must say, it does irk me when people say things like “However many sexual partners a woman has is her business, not anyone else’.” Yes, exactly- that’s *HER* business, not mine or anyone else’s, so the way I see it, feel free to bang as many people as you like, but just don’t come and report the details to me every time you have a new ‘conquest,’ as though I’m supposed to congratulate/commend you, and “Ooh!” and “Aah” (no pun intended) at intervals. It’s pretty easy for any half-decent-looking person to get laid, so please don’t act as though you’ve mastered some kind of award-winning skill. While I respect your right/decision to bang whoever you like, please also respect mine not to by sparing me the details, because I just find people who feel the need to share the details of their sex life with me and everyone else they see to be classless, and actually kind of pathetic.

        I have the exact same attitude towards guys who boast about how many girls they’ve been with… Good for you- I neither wanted, nor needed to know that, but now that you’ve told me, I can now see that you are indeed rather deserving of a gold star/cookie.

    • I can also relate to this. I’ve been told by people that they didn’t expect me to be smart because I’m so pretty, or that I shouldn’t bother with getting a graduate degree because I could get by on my looks. Needless to say, these comments made me feel terrible and there was a point in my life where my confidence was really shaky. At a couple of points I did consider giving up on university to work in modeling and the beauty industry (So glad I pushed through though!).

      I get that Kate is a model so obviously she is capitalizing on her appearance, but a lot of women would do the same if given the opportunity. When you’re an attractive woman there is a lot of social pressure to make a living from your looks; women are still valued largely for their appearance and that’s why people tend to be more fascinated with models and mainstream actresses than with women who are surgeons, or social justice lawyers, or ER nurses- if you’re beautiful the expectation is that you make your career from it and you’re rewarded for doing so.

      Maybe I’m taking her quote too far because it struck a nerve, but I feel really sad that because she did what she’s been more or less told to do since she was born- be a beautiful, famous model- she was made to feel like less of a person.

  3. No cheekbones, no neck, no waist. Compare everything about her to someone like Shalom Harlow. Such a strange age when live in where average people can be catapulted to success just by jiggling their b❆❆bs around on the internet.

    • What? I actually googled that model you suggested: she has a model face, a bit different, runway model.
      But she’s not attractive in sexual sense (no full lips, angular face, masculized features), not even cute. Kate has sexual energy, is cute. And people find average faces most attractive.
      I usually don’t find blonds attractive, but Kate is stunning. And it’s not always about the features on your body/face… but the energy, karma you have, attraction, the way you carry yourself.

      • Lol whatever you say. Although, Shalom was a much bigger than Kate (figuratively, of course.) There are many people that find her incredibly stunning.

        Kate Upton is basic as hell and most people I know are about 50/50 on her. So a woman has to be “sexual” to be beautiful? Lol people are funny.

        • lol all of you are so funny.. woman doasnt need to be sex.attractive to be pretty right? who would choose that option..? i wouldnt. then andrej pejic is a very pretty girl!

      • Also, the term “average” when talking about facial attractiveness doesn’t mean average looking like Kate. It means that when combining the faces of many people through computer program, the average face of lots of people combined is found to be more attractive than a single picture of a person alone. -_-

          • That’s a horrible thing to say. Nana is actually correct about the combined faces. There are numerous psychological studies about attractiveness, and combined to achieve an average complain of all the faces joined score higher than un combined faces.

          • I sometimes wonder if when she’s older she’ll regret some of her decisions, like the very daddy video, and everything involving Terry Richardson.

    • Agreed Nana, Kate is so average and has nothing head turning about her besides the big jugs, which of course all the teenage boys drool over.

    • I didn’t notice the neck, but the waist is gone due to her huge weight gain, I don’t know why her agency or SI doesn’t say anything.

      About cheek bones though, I find Miranda Kerr quite beautiful, and she also doesn’t really have cheek bones. I don’t think it’s a defining feature of beauty.

    • @nana you are so bitter and insecure that you have to point out another woman’s flaws. I’d love to see what you look like standing next to her.

      • Nana/Amanda/Jessica E./whatever other aliases she uses to agree with and validate her own opinions on this site is probably good-looking but highly insecure. i find those are the girls who tend to be the harshest and cattiest critics toward other women.

        • Winnie, from my (not the anon of above) experience it’s usually the not particularly good looking women who are the cattiest. The really attractive women I’ve come across(my self included 🙂 ) tend to be the most down to earth, for the most part secure, women who are usually open to other types of beauty. In other words they know they are good looking, therefore they are not “threatened” or offended by other perceived ideas of beauty and there really is no reason to be so cruel & harsh in their critiques of other women.
          That being said, I don’t get why her fame & success bothers so many. It’s the same with all her posts- the same enraged people repeating the same insults over & over. I think she has a cute face & big boobs… not much else to say. She’s not perfect, but who is to everyone? Her success doesn’t affect me in any way, therefore it doesn’t bother me what she says or does, but apparently it really does to some.

          • Hmm, I dunno anon. Most of the really catty women I have come across who are extremely catty and nitpicky towards other were really good-looking, but like I said insecure had problems with their own looks so they get their jollies by putting others down. I agree with you that good-looking women who believe they are attractive don’t feel threatened by other good-looking women, but good-looking women who have problems with their self-esteem? That’s a whole other story. I know people like that. Insecure about their looks but still arrogant enough to know that they are better looking than a lot of other people. The results are usually catty “observations” like Nana’s towards other women who are far from their ideal yet still popular for their looks

          • I think so too Winnie. Being good looking can be a double edged sword, you get these women who are so insecure because they have learnt to value themselves only by looks, and so are threatened by other beauties that don’t share their specific “look”. Whether plain, average, or beautiful it is important to value yourself on other things and not appearance, looks do not last forever and beauty is only ever subjective anyway. You can not argue someone into finding a person to be attractive using facts and logic.

          • I have been told I am attractive, however, I still have incredibly low self-esteem, and am racked with insecurity.

            But, as a matter of fact, I try to appreciate all forms of beauty, even those that ‘are not’ my type.

            There is beauty in every ‘look’, and just because something isn’t what you naturally gravitate towards, doesn’t make it objectively ugly.

          • Winnie- Well, I suppose it could work both ways. I guess I’m just speaking from my own experience, judging by the many friends/acqaintances through out my life in different areas (attractive & not so) even realtives (attractive& not so) It just seemed/and still seems to me that the very attractive ones just aren’t as nitpicky/catty/jealous as others, whereas the not so
            attractive ones relished in that type of behaviour more. But, as you said, being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean being self-confident, just as being unattractive doesn’t necessarily mean having a lack of self -confidence.
            Snoops, as you said- being good looking can be a double edged sword.
            By the way, maybe I should change my name or specify the “other anon”.

      • Ummm anon weren’t you the one saying Britney Spears was a “stumpy legged rugby player, with droopy eyes and she is unattractive”…???? Uh yeah, pot calling the kettle black, much? I guess you are a “bitter, jealous old hag” too, because you pointed out a ton of supposed flaws in Britney. You did sound quite bitter actually, and were unnecessarily rude about it too.

        • lc- as I’ve stated before in other posts, there are more than one “anon” on here. If you had actually read my whole comment, you would have read where I pointed out that I am a different “anon” from above. I have never called anyone a name on here before(celebrities or other posters)
          I think probably one could tell by the tone of the different “anons” on here, that there are more than one. I am the one that doesn’t sound hostile by attacking specific posters on here by name-calling or calling celebrities nasty names.

  4. I like what she says… I feel people will say things like.. “But you’re a swim suit, underwear model… just accept it…” while she does men’s magazine and it is titivating… she IS a person… and it’s no different than a woman walking down the street in high heels and a mini skirt.. she does it to be pretty, attractive… to turn heads… but she isn’t an object… and just because we want to be pretty, or sexy, or appeal to someone sexually doesn’t mean we deserve to be degraded… Just because I wear tight jeans doesn’t mean you can grab my arm and say something disgusting to me. No matter if you’re a man or woman. We have fought for our rights to not be told what to do… to say I can wear a string bikini and that doesn’t mean I want to screw every person I can… and I want to be sexy, and just because I am doesn’t mean I sleep around… or if I do sleep around it doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you. I like what she said… and I like her. And she looks great here!

  5. Omg, this girl is seriously so full of herself. I just feel so sorry for her because she feels like a toy for flaunting her breasts. She needs to get over herself because’s she’s not that hot.

        • I’ve seen women with b❆❆bs much larger than hers… or the same size b❆❆bs and they aren’t making money like she is… so to say it’s just cause she has huge b❆❆bs is lame… she is pretty.

          • I guess she could be pretty to some. I don’t see it. She is famous because she has a very prevalent agent that has cleverly marketed her through social media that generated enough interest to start getting covers. She appeals to women because she isn’t “perfect” and it makes them feel better about themselves. She appeals to men because of her blonde hair and massive rack. My definition of beautiful is much more elegant and refined. Kate Uptons are a dime a dozen.

          • It’s not that I hate her. I just find her unappealing like a lot of others do.

            There are SO many beautiful women are the world, and we’re giving attention to this girl? Her face isn’t striking, her body isn’t well proportioned. She’s just kinda…. alright.
            On top of that, she seems dimwitted and somewhat vapid. Every time I see a quote of hers it’s usually grammatically incorrect, somewhat shallow, or understated bragging on herself.

            People don’t like her because she’s subpar.

          • You’re one of my favorite commenters. Not like the other spiteful, bitter women on this site who either need to get laid or take the stick out of their asses lol jeez. And I’m not even a fan of Kate Upton. Go figure. As women we need to be supporting each others’ success, not knocking one another down (or unsuccessfully try to).

          • “She appeals to women because isn’t “perfect” and it makes them feel better about themselves”

            Haha you couldn’t be more off – women HATE Kate Upton, 90% of the comments on her posts are hateful. Girls constantly list her flaws and call her trashy. The reality is Kate is not average, compared to the majority of women she’s attractive – a 5’10 blonde with longgg legs and big b❆❆bs – no wonder the claws come out! Funny thing is I’m not even a KU fan – she has a common sorority girl face – but it’s interesting how she inspires so many catty comments. The above pics are photoshopped as hell (look at her waist in the red dress) but she’s looking good. Just my opinion of course.

          • Yeahh….I have long legs and big b❆❆bs already. They aren’t that uncommon.

            I have a serious problem with the women today looking up to woman like this who don’t desire to help the world in any way, that basically ARE just toys, don’t desire getting an education, don’t desire to prop women up as a whole in any way. Just flopping around and doing the cat daddy while a convicted sexual predator films her. Yay America!

            Seriously? Wow. While I agree with Liv on her points on women being able to do whatever we want without being called names or being seen as an object; do you realize she is flat out objectifying herself? What kind of twisted ideology is going on here? I honestly don’t understand this site at all.

            Not only is she plain, but she’s VAPID.

          • Now you’re changing your argument – you went from saying Kate’s not attractive enough to model to claiming she doesn’t do enough to help the world. True she’s not Mother Theresa, but neither are the other girls on this site who are praised! VS Angels also model lingerie and do nudes but it’s ok since they’re A/B cups, but if Kate does nudes she’s trashy because her b❆❆bs are big. See the double standard? The hypocrisy is irritating.

            I’m in Graduate school but I understand not everyone needs advanced education, the economy needs blue collar workers and entertainers too – that’s what Kate is, mindless entertainment, like a summer blockbuster. I’m not calling her a role model but there is a double standard when it comes to her.

          • Great comment Serena.

            This is the thing – feminism, and women’s rights, are about being able to BE SEXY without being thought of as a dirty stinkin s1ut.

            And there is NOTHING WRONG with being sexy, and nothing wrong with being found attractive even if you are not 100pct mathematically perfect.

            The fact that she isn’t perfect is a GOOD THING, because it sends the message that perfection isn’t needed to be beautiful. That women are more than mere mannequins who need to fit some impossibly perfect ideal in order not to be thrown away like trash!

          • Amanda wrote “do you realize she is flat out objectifying herself? What kind of twisted ideology is going on here? I honestly don’t understand this site at all.

            Not only is she plain, but she’s VAPID.”

            What are you doing here? Objectifying women? You should be out saving the world, not wasting your time in such ‘vapid’ pursuits.

          • No dear. You are putting words in my mouth. She is attractive, but I don’t think she’s model quality. She’s trashier than the typical VS model, not because of her chest size, but the way she presents herself as a whole. Her entire gimmick is the typical bimbo. I don’t understand why you are trying to defend this kind of image

            So then it got me thinking, “Well she’s not very striking, she must have a DAZZLING personality.” But no, turns out she doesn’t at all. She doesn’t really have anything to offer other than videos of her bouncing around. It’s incredibly confusing, not just to me, but obviously to a lot of others as well.

            You aren’t wrong for finding her attractive. That’s your opinion, while I don’t understand it, I understand everyone is different. The main thing that really rubs me the wrong way is the bubbly airhead with huge b❆❆bs that is basically just the 20th century man’s sexist fantasy. I figured it would be TIRED by now.

          • And as for you “Mera” I can’t help but laugh at your comments. I checked back a couple pages and you are on this site every day commenting and (usually arguing) with other members. Maybe I’m being critical of Kate because I dislike her look and what she stands for, but I usually am not commenting on here.

            So you are accusing me of objectifying women when you do the same thing more often than even I? Hmmmm

          • @amanda

            There is nothing wrong with critiquing people’s looks. It’s when you start judging them as 1) worthless 2) of low character etc because you don’t happen to like how they look.

            Shalom Harlow isn’t my fave, for example. However, that is my opinion and I am not going to act holier than thou and proclaim that she must be of low character and morals, and worthless as an individual, simply because she’s not my type.

          • Never said I thought she worthless as a human, but her whole act does nothing for women as someone in the spotlight. You don’t understand what I’m saying.
            She is only slightly above average to me and others, so as a celebrity, one would assume she has a spectacular personaltiy or is a wonderful person. Then, come to find even that is unremarkable.

            I don’t want to go on and on about this, because it’s boring to me, frankly. You said something about girls on here getting their jolly’s off putting other women down (which you do frequently), but you seem to get your jolly’s off on here arguing with others on here. You constantly call other people hyprocrities when don’t even address your own hypocracies. You JUST SAID I was objectifying women, and now there’s nothing wrong with critisism? Your words, not mine.

          • “Never said I thought she worthless as a human”

            No, you just strongly implied it.

            “You JUST SAID I was objectifying women, and now there’s nothing wrong with critisism?”

            Clearly, the point has gone right over your head. It is possible to criticize someone’s looks without objectifying them. The objectification comes in when looks is ALL YOU SEE AND ALL YOU JUDGE THEM ON.

            For example, a person is allowed to not find blondes attractive. But when you take it a step further and state that all blondes are inherently worthless tramps simply because YOU don’t like the hair colour, well that is objectification – because you are seeing NOTHING but the physical attributes, and making unfair assumptions based on that.

            Kate may be blonde. She may have big boobs. She may wear small bikinis. And she may have a thick waist and be vapid. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. Just as there is nothing wrong with looking like Shalom Harlow, or Miranda Kerr or even Chyna.

            Judge a person’s character and worth by what they do – their ethical behaviour – not by how they look.

          • Geez….just let her be a model and stop trying to hold her to a role model standard. You guys take this stuff so seriously!

          • @ Amanda… I think it’s fine to not find her attractive… Blondes are not my favorite… She’s pretty “typical All American…” But she is very photogenic… she is pretty, and perhaps not preference to people doesn’t mean she isn’t attractive… especially in a scientific sense. I prefer brunettes… In my opinion I find someone like Olivia Wilde more attractive than Kate but that doesn’t mean that Kate is ugly or not good at her job. She poses the way high fashion models do… She’s bringing back b❆❆bs to high fashion and she isn’t considered PLUS size… She isn’t overly toned and she isn’t too too skinny… I think she represents women out there… I just think that you can’t deny someone credit when their success says other wise… I don’t find Beyonce to be an awesome singer and she isn’t a great beauty to me… but she sings better than most and she is pretty… Just because she isn’t my preference doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve credit.

    • Didn’t you make a comment saying you’d consider getting breast implants once? And yet you’re always bashing Kate for her natural endowment? Lol wow, I don’t even have to say the word.

    • I agree with Katya. Yes, it’s the boobs. And having long legs and big b❆❆bs really is not that uncommon. Seriously. I actually see it more often than people here think.

      And people who think people dislike Kate’s look because they are intimidated, and thus feel the need to be “catty”, are absolutely ridiculous; I’m sorry. That’s not true at all for me. And I *do* think her looks are a dime a dozen. Her success is her family has connections, and she was most likely simply in the right place at the right time, is all.

      • Yes, thank you… I’ll admit that she can look good in magazine photo shoots, but they put a lot of makeup on her and do so much airbrushing. If you’ve ever seen a candid photo of Kate, she doesn’t look any better than an average girl walking down the street.

          • If connections were all it took, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter with her sex tape would be a superstar right now.

            Nepotism and b❆❆bs only take you so far. At some point, your personality has to sell itself.

          • i wouldn’t chalk her success up to just that. coming from a well-off family and having a congressman for an uncle are hardly the kind of connections that will land you a Vogue cover…or three.

          • Kate lands Vogue covers because they sell well with her face on it – simple as that. Fashion is a business like any other. Directors, producers, designers hire big-name models like Kate because people will buy their finished product. It’s basic supply and demand, folks. And I say this as someone who will probably never buy an issue of Vogue in my life.

          • No, but they get her the notoriety and publicity to land the covers. She has the connections, which helped her get famous in the *first* place. She gets those covers simply because she is novelty now, flavor of the month. What novelty to see a bikini model on Vogue, that’s just crazy! I guess she is popular now, or something! Huh! So people think like that and the mag sells. Like serena said, publicity is the business. Sasha Pivarovna and Kate Moss types get those gigs because they’re in that sect of the industry; regular Vogue readers into that specific HF fashion niche want to see them. I don’t think those types are buying Kate’s covers.

          • “Maybe they don’t want to be, or haven’t been in the right place at the right time.”

            If it was ONLY nepotism and ONLY boobs, then a lot more wannabe daughters of famous people would be getting way more magazine covers – just like Kate.

            They are not getting the same attention that Kate is because they simply don’t sell magazines.

            It’s that simple.

            Nepotism and connections can only take you so far.

          • I think both Lc and Mera have good points. Wealth and connections played a huge role in Kate’s success – she is heiress to the Whirlpool empire, money comes with connections. But of course that’s not enough: Bruce Willis and Demi Moor’s daughter could never land a Vogue cover, she is rather plain. Kate is not stunning but she is 5’10, has the bubbly busty blonde role down pat, combined with her connections it’s no wonder she’s a successful model. It’s true a lot of average girls look like Kate but she’s not ugly, at least average if not a little above.

          • No. Maybe they DON’T want to be. Maybe they want to go to school and, you know, get an education/degree. And having money would certainly make that easier for them, anyway. Sure, it can only take you so far, but it damn well gets you started, a start many would not even HAVE if not in that position. Kind of like how Ashlee Simpson became a pop star because of Jessica. She obviously wanted to, and having Jessica’s name helped her get the start many other (more) talented girls did not have. If not, we wouldn’t know who she was now because she would have a different career.

          • “Sure, it can only take you so far, but it damn well gets you started, a start many would not even HAVE if not in that position”

            You are absolutely correct in that it can open doors.

            But the daughter/son will ONLY have a successful career if they have actual talent.

            Angilena Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Keifer Sutherland, Lena Dunham all had rich and/or successful parents to open the doors for them. But if they were wooden on screen, and didn’t project any personality to the camera, there careers would have gone NOWHERE.

            Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone are great examples of two gorgeous girls whose father is a billionaire. Both went into modeling/fashion and both careers tanked. The rich dad opened the doors, but since both girls have the charisma of a gnat, their careers fizzled.

          • @Mera
            To each their own, but I never found the Ecclestone sisters very specially pretty. I mean, they both have nice hair and nice clothes (of course) but facially Tamara looks tacky and has a huge forehead and Petra’s nose is just so strange. Honestly, they both look really cheap, like page 3 girls (ironic enough?). I dont know anything about their personalities, but even if they were saints I don’t think fashion would embrace them because they’re so generic.

          • @Lana

            I agree with you, but for the purpose of this discussion, they might be classed the same as Kate – generically pretty with big t–s (though I beileve their’s are fake)

            So, with a rich dad, and plenty of connections – got one of them into Playboy – why haven’t they managed a Vogue cover? Clearly, these girls just want attention, and want to be part of the fashion world.

            One of them even tried to a fashion designer and it tanked because she has zero talent.

            Like I said, rich parents open doors, but if you don’t have talent you will fail.

          • @Mera
            So what are your thoughts on why Kate’s so popular right now? I like her okay as a model, I think sometimes she can do fashion well but commercial is definitely her niche which is fine too. Being successful at HF is a little overrated IMO. So I like Kate overall, but I’m pretty baffled why she’s SO popular across a lot of different genres.
            Let’s compare her to someone like Carmen Electra who a few years ago was a super popular “sexy girl” with lots of magazine covers, sexy advertisements, etc. but high fashion just never gave a flip about her. And Carmen was also supposedly very charming and professional in attitude.
            What do you think the difference is between them? Maybe because Kate’s agent was pushing her so much into high fashion and she just got lucky and caught on? I think that periodically fashion just wants a girl of this type for a while, and then they get bored and go back to their usual skinny/androgynous models. Way back when Anna Nicole Smith was a Guess model’s also a good example of this. Any thoughts?

          • @Lana

            They are trying to recapture the essence of the 90’s models – sexy, HF, sold lots of mags.

            There are definitely girls out there that are prettier and have better bodies and some crossover appeal – Doutzen, Candice – but, I just don’t think they have the same broad appeal as Kate.

            And btw, Lc’s ‘connections are all you need’ theory can be flipped around. Let’s look at Stella Tennant, India Hicks, Jade Jagger, Edie Campbell and Tali Lennox.
            I mean, the above are ONLY successful and famous models now because they are 1) anorexic 2) socialites 3) daughters of rich and/or famous and/or aristocratic parents.*

            When it comes right down to it, parents with connections can only open doors, they can’t help you to actually sell magazines. My boyfriend loves Kate Upton – he thinks she’s hot. And not because she’s an heiress.

            *Just trying to show the logic fail of the position (she’s only famous cuz b❆❆bs and parents/she’s only famous cuz skinny body and parents), not actually calling the girls anorexic.

          • @lana i don’t mean to jump in lol, but Kate has been modelling for a relatively long time. when she started she was still a teenager so her b❆❆bs weren’t overwhelmingly big then. i think once her body began to change and develop more her management team probably discussed ways to utilize her new “assets” lol in a way that would be profitable. her first SI issue was actually when she was 18 and she got “rookie of the year” for that issue so it made sense for her continue on the “swimsuit model” path. it was a pretty racy shoot for a 19 y-o, so i think her age has a lot to do with her fame. the mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon because she also received a lot of backlash after her cover, she was criticized for being fat and out of shape and whatnot. it earned people’s sympathy because she’s just a kid really, and it is refreshing to see someone who doesn’t look like the typical featherweight, abs of steel VS model doing well. so while people criticize Kate’s body for being flabby and un-toned, i think it’s smart for her to stay this way. being “different” is what keeps people talking about her

          • @winnie

            very well said

            the controversy angle has been proven right here on this site – why do KU posts tend to have the largest amount of replies?

            a large part of fame,nowadays, is simply brand recognition

            take Karlie Kloss for example – she is the perfect model, she is famous, and she has the right connections – Anna Wintour LOVES her. Yet KK hasn’t been on the cover of US vogue yet, why? Because she is just not perceived as *interesting* enough to sell magazines.

            That’s it.

          • I ADORE Karlie Kloss, I wish she was shown here more! Like I said high fashion’s not really my thing, but in shots like this she just KILLS it:


            Seriously, she’s such a crazy talented model. I genuinely felt sorry for her when she did Victorias Secret (do they still use her, BTW?) because it was just a waste of her talent and they tried (unsuccessfully) to make her part of their femme-bot army. And VS is becoming more and more of a joke now:


            Oh Karlie, you poor poor dear. The back shot is even worse


            lolz, message to VS: you stupid. Just had to say it ;P

          • Yeah, my point is that it opened the doors for her already. She probably wouldn’t have been “scouted” if not for that. And I *do* think it’s her personality/charisma or something that is keeping her relevant, I’m sure it’s not her modeling. I think of her as more of a celebrity/personality than a real model.

    • Exactly. Unless someone put a gun to her head to force her to dance around in a bikini, SHE made the choice to allow herself to be objectified. I’m not saying it’s fair, but that’s the way the world is, at least at this point in history. You’d have to be an idiot to not expect people to treat you like a piece of meat if you act like one.

    • That’s because of a misogynist society, not kate

      And we should be working to change that, not tut tuting other women for the crime of being sexy, or sexual.

      Men who pose sexy aren’t accused of being vapid twits. Nope, only women. The double standard still exists. And instead of sh*tting all over the women, we should support them instead. This is what equal rights are all about.

    • What does this have to do with the post? Seriously, it’s like you go out of your way to post snide comments and its not necessary.

      I understand your “definition of beauty” is “more refined” or whatever but your comments are definitely not!!

  6. Unfortunately, if you are a swimsuit Fhm model, men tend to brand you that way…It’s expected, not that it’s correct. It’s cavemen like and far from being civilized. To get a different response from men, as in respect, I guess modelling in your underwear or swimsuit isn’t the best choice. That is the sort of message you are putting across as a model, especially lingerie related. Strange, I expected Kate to be comfortable with herself, and not worried about what others think of her, especially men.

    • I see your point… and while I know there are men who do that… and it might be the majority of men who do that… I do not think all men who see a VS model, swim suit model, or sexy woman think she doesn’t deserve respect. It is a career path they have chosen, they are not prostitutes, or escorts, and in a lot of the photo shoots it’s considered a form of art… I am not talking p— here… that is different, she doesn’t do p—… or at least hasn’t yet… so her point is valid… I just hate to lump all men into one category… straight ones at least, it’s like saying all men want to rape women or harm them… that isn’t true.

      • Note: When I said “straight ones at least” I was talking about lumping all straight men into one major category… or a vast majority of straight men… Not to say all homosexual men should be lumped together… I was trying to exclude them from my post for obvious reasons.

      • All women deserve respect, even p— actresses, prostitutes, etc.
        Why is it bad if woman offers sex, but it’s not wrong when man is looking/paying for sex?

        • good question Mila. women tear Kate apart for doing these kinds of shoots and justify the man’s actions with statements like “they’re just men! what do you expect?” ridiculous.

          • They are just men, but that doesn’t mean I think it justifies it. That’s just it. Men are just pigs. Most at least, imo.

          • but saying they’re “just” men? what does that mean though? that’s like men try to demean women and keep them out of certain professions because they’re “just” women and that somehow makes them lesser beings. both of those attitudes are wrong.

          • because we say they are ‘just’ men, we kind of justify their actions..like they are normal and like it is acceptable to behave that particularly way. today it is ‘normal’ if a guy sees a girl wearing bikini and say: ‘that b*tch is hot, I would smack her, she deserves it, look at her. she clearely wants it’
            this discussion reminded me of raping. I’ve heard many times when girls are raped this comment :’she wanted it, her heels were too high and she was dressed as a street walker’
            that is just soo horrible

          • Oh no no, I’m not justifying it. I just chimed in saying I think men are pigs, just something I have noticed for myself. I am not trying to get them out of anything, trust me.

        • I didn’t mean that p— stars or women in the sex industry deserve no respect. I meant that it’s not the same objectification… as in p— is meant solely for men,and the key iobjectification. I don’t believe those women should be harmed because of their profession. but I don’t enjoy p—. it makes me sad. but I don’t mind polling at Kate in a bikini because I find her beautiful and she inspired me to work out, she looks like she enjoys herwork. I don’t see that you often in p—, usually only xart does that, p— for women.I also don’t think most men want to sleep with p— stars, hookers o sex workers. but I also think womenare equally bad about putting women down, just ss bad as men

          • Sorry for my chalked up response Winnie… I was talking to you… I guess late night socializing on my phone should be left for the day! haha

        • Ugggh does anyone really think it’s okay for a man to buy sex? Except other men? In Sweden it’s only illegal to buy sex, not to sell, which I think is how it should be everywhere!

          • P— makes me sad too. The fact that the majority of men feel like it is their right to get satisfaction of some poor girls degradation is beyond me. I check my boyfriends internet history and if he watches p—, I’m out the door. I am a young and pretty girl who has sex with him every day, if he was needing to watch p— well he can sod off I’d rather be alone than with a guy who selfishly demeans women.

          • I don’t think most men want to buy sex, and I don’t think most men think it’s ok to buy sex… I think using sex as a weapon in any form is wrong… I also hate how we try to scare women away from sex, but at the same time get angry when they are closed off and “prudish” about their sexuality… Do I think that women should just go out and engage in risky behavior without protection for their lady parts… No, but if they do I hope they can live with it without deep wounds… I also find it odd, how you can’t buy or sell sex… but you can pay two people to have sex…

          • Soph – hate to inform you, but your bf probably watches p— in Google Incgnito mode, mode that doesn’t track internet history.
            I have nothing against p—, I watch it with my bf sometimes.

          • Mila, yeah some of my guy friends have told me he is definately lying. And I often wonder. But when someone you love promises you something because it means so much to me I guess I just have to try and trust. But I’ll never know I suppose.

          • I don’t care if my bf looks at p—. In fact, we often look at the sexy ladies together.

            I don’t think that men, in regards to watching strippers/vegas showgirls/erotica is necessarily proof of misogyny.

            I see two things going on:

            1) sometimes a guy just wants to rub one out. no prob with that, don’t take it personal

            2) men don’t have as many opportunities to appreciate beauty the way women do. especially if blue collar. your average blue collar guy is going to appreciate beauty of a) cars b) women

            Not so sinister in the end.

  7. Nice body on the cover, don’t know whose it is though cause it sure as hell ain’t hers! It must suck to be treated like a toy – but really, her job as a glamour model (which she is in my eyes) is basically to make men feel like they could “have” her. She should stop doing those kind of shoots if she doesn’t want that kind of attention.

    • And when she does do different types of shoots, she gets ripped to shreds by self righteous women…let the girl make her cash.

      • Exactly Winnie! If Kate does high fashion shoots people hate her and say she has no place in the fashion world and those jobs should go to *real* models. If Kate does swimsuit spreads people call her a tart. Well love her, hate or her, or think she’s mediocre, this girl is laughing all the way to the bank…in the past year she has become a household name.

      • I don’t mind her making money and being successful, I just think that kind of unwanted attention comes with the job, and is what has made her famous. I doubt she would be doing Elle without it!

  8. Versus, as much as Kate can pull comments, do you think you could also feature the Nina Dobrev Cosmo cover?? She looks amazing and is in a way Kate’s opposite!

  9. Wow, this makes me think she has some sense in her… However, posing for shoots as she does, one must expect some attention of the sort. She’s learning…

  10. I’m sorry but photoshopped or not she looks INCREDIBLE in this spread. I am a fan though so maybe I’m biased. I think her face is a perfect blend of classic beauty with sexy playfulness. And I genuinely think she seems confident and happy. Regarding her quote, I agree that she shouldn’t be treated like a toy- the fact that she’s a swimsuit model is irrelevant, I don’t care if you’re a p— star what you do in your professional life is different from your personal. And people shouldn’t treat/judge her differently because she chooses to make millions shaking her breasts dancing. I would be doing the same given the opportunity!! #teamkate

  11. Lol, this girl is not a good model at all imo. I just don’t buy it; this shoot does NOTHING for me. I’m sorry she has no place in the fashion world, mags like this just use her to generate interest/publicity. Not because she rocks the look. And that quote, lol.

  12. “Eww she’s just famous cause of her boobs” , “her face is like totally average” , “like what she doing in the fashion biz!?” , “I know like 45789993467 women that are prettier than her”. Yeah, she’s hot right now, she’s “the thing”, like it or not, some people think she’s sexy, pretty and capable of modeling.

    • Oh yeah and “lol I’m using lol to show you how I like literally lol don’t give a f*ck about her lol I’m do over herrr lol” lol guys

      • Lol and I’m talking about people indirectly but not so subtly because I’m too afraid to…lol. Aren’t you the one who says we can “agree to disagree”? Well, agree to disagree with this: She can’t model IMO and has no place in fashion IMO and is a dime a dozen IMO. So sorry.
        Man, people sure like to get riled up over this chick. LOL.

    • Waiiiit, I’ve seen you comment negatively on other women on this site, snugglepup. So because we don’t think Funbags is attractive, you’re the righteous one? Uhh no.

  13. bleeh model
    but I can relate..sometimes I feel guys are treating me like a toy. I hate it. Unfortunately most of guys are pigs

  14. Oh put a sock in it, Kate Upton….you are a swimsuit model, you make your career off your “good looks” and body. dont complain about men turning your into an object when you have 3 brain cells and cant carry on a conversation (and yes I have watched interviews of her, not the brightest bulb, as one would expect)

    • Sorry but this is just offensive. You are saying dumb people should accept disrespect? What do Kate’s “3 brain cells” have to do with her modelling or with her comment? Some people were born with strong minds, some with beauty, some with both, and everyone has the right to use their best assets to get by in the world. Kate is a pretty girl with a bubbly personality, and she has maximized her success with that. If you think you’re better and you deserve more respect because you are smarter and more educated, then maybe you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

      • Yep. I only hate on people if they have a bad attitude. If someone is ‘dumb’ but nice, why s— all over them? That’s just mean.

  15. It sounds like she wants a little more respect from men and other people… Well sweety, when you pose in MULTIPLE trashy shoots, take your clothes off for almost every photo, and must always be showing some kind of cleavage, of course men are going to respond that way. They are men. Maybe you should class yourself up a bit and you might start earning some more respect.

    • oh yeah, let’s blame women for a man’s lack of self-control! because they’re ALL that way, aren’t they? get real!

      • that is very sad. if woman puts a short dress they will treat her like a toy. not every guy but most of. just because someone wears short dress doesn’t mean that they want only one thing. It is sad that today people respect mostly woman who are not in revealing clothes. I mean, I am not a fan of revealing clothes but man should know that not every girl with cleveage is stupid and only for bang*ng

      • Some of the girls here sound like they would support the Burka – after all, it’s not the man’s fault for being unable to control himself – it’s the trashy woman’s for you know….the crime of being born female.

        • amm..In some cultures wearing Burka is ok! don’t get what you say sorry xD
          I think man are fault because we have control..we evolved from animals. that’s what makes us different> controling

          • The point of the burka is to protect women from sexual assault.

            Same with ‘purdah’ in India.

            The idea being that men are incapable of controlling themselves, and that any woman who leaves the house/shows her face/gets an education is automatically a s1ut who deserves to be raped.

            It’s all about controlling female sexuality.

          • I get you := i missunderstood, sorrry, thought you are saying woman are fault because of their clothes and beaviour
            men…and they say we are complicated? -.-

    • I don’t know why people are using the Cat Daddy video as some example of extreme trashiness. She just looks goofy in it.

      Heaven forbid some of the women here were to see a Jean Paul Goude photo, or something by Helmut Newton. You’d have a coronary.

  16. oh my word, the comments here are self-righteous and downright disgusting actually. so swimsuit models and models who dress provocatively don’t deserve respect, is that right? neither do stupid women, and most certainly not women who dare to have big b❆❆bs and not dress like Mammie or rock a Velma turtleneck! good God women are ridiculous! so because Kate is famous for being a swimsuit model, she should put up with, and accept being treated like a piece of meat by random men? that argument is not different than the ones made by the many idiots who defended the Steubenville rapists by claiming that the victim shouldn’t have “been that drunk” in the first place, and defense attorneys who ask victims what they were wearing, how many people they danced with, and how many drinks they had prior to being assaulted. that’s exactly the kind of attitude and reaction that lets so many men get away with the things they do, because even other women have the same mentality towards these “lesser women” as these predatory men do. no woman is more deserving of respect than another.

    for the record, SLEAZY men will hit on you no matter what. because they’re sleazy! not all men are like that. i’ve been hit on wearing no make-up and dressed in my bf’s sweats, in my ugly school uniform, in my ugly work uniform, and in full-fledged club wear. some men feel entitled to any woman, whether the “image” you present is trashy or not. if you have a v—- they think they can/are entitled to have you.

    • Agreed. I once, at the age of 19 had a 50+ year old man hit on me at about 9 pm as I went to Tesco without a scrap of makeup, wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and a bobble hat. :/ God help us.

  17. I think it’s really sad and disappointing that so many women feel that someone like Kate doesn’t ‘deserve’ respect because of her profession or the fact that she has big b❆❆bs and wears skimpy clothing in shoots. If your qualifications to treat a human being like A HUMAN BEING mean acting and following the code which you deem to be the ‘right’ one, then that’s unfortunate. People should be treated like people whether they’re prostitutes, homeless, addicts, or all the women that some of you seem to think are ‘below you’. Why that attitude? Does Channing Tatum get told he should earn all of our respect because since he worked as a stripper, was in Magic Mike, and makes a lot of his living off his body? Do you, same ladies say that he’s dumb or trashy or that well yeah, he should be treated like a toy because he shows off his body? I have never heard people say that, not once. I don’t find Kate to be super sexy or amazingly attractive, but to say that ‘she isn’t even pretty’ is a load of bull. There’s a difference between not being a huge fan of someone and saying that they deserve to be treated as less than human because of how they dress or how big their b❆❆bs are.

    • omg pilot, i love you. you just reiterated everything i said in my (still in moderation) comment. and you said it much more nicely than i did lol

          • Not really. I was scrolling down the comments and keep seeing Winnie comment on every other comment. What’s the point of arguing about this on the internet? Also pathetic? Nice, try tho.

          • @Jessica E.


            I spend most of my time arguing with forced birthers and creationists. I know I won’t get anywhere, but it’s fun:P

          • @Jessica E. and what’s the point of you commenting on what i write then? i knew a response that short and useless had to be hiding some sort of stupidity. “every other comment”? a handful out of 100+ at most, try again.

            also, the comment you chose to comment on happened to be me agreeing with another poster, not “arguing”. get a new hobby, hun. perhaps some beginner level reading classes and remedial math? because trolling is certainly not your forte.

    • “I think it’s really sad and disappointing that so many women feel that someone like Kate doesn’t ‘deserve’ respect because of her profession or the fact that she has big b❆❆bs and wears skimpy clothing in shoots”

      It’s more than her having breasts or wearing skimpy clothing.

      It’s the fact that she voluntarily subjected herself to objectification, when she chose to pose for a magazine whose sole purpose isn’t to showcase beautiful women as people, but rather to provide material for men to rub one out. It’s the fact that she is doing this as a transaction: she is getting money for it. She is compensated for her “duty.”

      The thing is, most men out there don’t treat most women as objects. Only the women that WANT to be objects, and Kate does want to be an object, because there is good money in it.

      I will say, however, that she has one point of contention. The whole system explained above works fine if both parties understand deep-down that it’s a fantasy. However, some men, due to either stupidity or ego or lack of control, go beyond the fantasy. These are probably the married men she refers to who probably are very creepy and violating to her in person. That part is not okay.

      She sold herself as a sex symbol, not a prostitute, and it’s not okay to violate those boundaries.

      And I can imagine many of these men are complete perverts/creepers, which generally only make you feel more disgusted, even though they’re the ones that should feel disgusting.

  18. I’m not really sure what she means by this comment, she felt like she was their bachelor present? Why? She’s not a stripper? In what context is she meeting these married men and why does she feel like their bachelor present, are they flirting with her or something?

    I think she’s a very attractive woman but when you make your money off squeezing your b❆❆bs together and giving the camera bedroom eyes, sorry love, but you aren’t going to be treated the same as a female doctor or a professional. Maybe it’s a cruel world but get real, she doesn’t do anything particularly skill worthy or interesting, and a lot of people will treat her as such.

    • So because she doesn’t have a professional degree (most women her age don’t) she doesn’t have the right to be treated with respect or dignity? Call her plain or chubby if you like but it’s a stretch to say she deserves to be treated poorly just because she’s a bikini/lingerie model. What about all the other lingerie models featured here, many of whom do nudes, VS Angels, SI models, do they not deserve to be treated with respect either?

          • I know…reel in that hyperbole because it is seriously an exaggeration to what that person said. I mean, come on.

          • It is a perfectly valid way to show the fallacy of the logic used.

            Why do people get an education anyways? Generally, it’s to make more money – move up in the world.

            If you can reel in the mililions while you are young and attractive – do that, and you can get the education later.

            So saying she is worthless because she isn’t working on a philosophy degree is ludicrous at best.

        • Haha it felt just a *little* extreme there. And I was never a part of the whole “she’s worthless, she’s uneducated” argument…I just felt you were being a bit dramatic.

      • No no of course not. I just don’t get what she means, what kind of treatment is she expecting? I don’t understand the context of the interview I suppose. I don’t think she should be treated poorly but I also don’t think she should be that surprised if she is flirted with and treated a bit more sexually by guys because that’s how she makes her money – from being a sex object.

        By no means do I think they should be assholes to her or not be kind to her though. And the cure cancer joke whatever – wasn’t what I was saying.

      • Honestly it’s like on this site you say one thing and people just take what you said to the absolute extreme.

        Like Serena, I say something maybe a little bit unclear but by no means did I say she shouldnt be treated with dignity and you just paraphrase me all wrong? It’s so annoying I can’t even be bothered arguing on this site anymore it just puts me in a bad mood.

        • Soph, I’m not putting words into your mouth – you literally said she should not expect the same treatment as a female doctor. Meaning that because she’s not an educated professional, she’s not worthy of respect. Kate’s not pretending to be smart – she literally just said “I’m not a toy, I’m a human” and apparently people take issue with that? Very strange.

          • You literally ARE putting words in my mouth. You are saying I said she is not worthy of respect. I didn’t say that. I don’t think a soft core p— model would be treated by men in the same way as a different kind of woman, a professional or whatever. Sorry if that offends you, but come on, its true. They will probably think she is very sexual, and maybe easy, seeing she makes her living off selling the fantasy of sex. I don’t know how she expects men to think of her given her career?

            Having said that, I think Kate seems like a nice person and should be treated with respect. But, I don’t think she should be all that surprised if guys leer at her and are all flirty and annoying. But again, I don’t know the context. That’s my opinion, nothing strange about it. It doesn’t mean I think she is trash or something, just that people treat people differently depending on their career and by the way they project themselves to the world.

          • It reminds me of this girl who lives in my area and posts very sexual photos of herself on fb. This girl is stunningly attractive and has an absolutely amazing physique i don’t even know how someone can be born with body composition that good but whatever. Anyway, guys just think she is so easy and they always flirt with her, hoping she will sleep with them. I don’t know how that makes her feel but it just makes me notice that the way you carry yourself and act, people treat you accordingly, right or wrong.

          • She may very well have expected it. I am sure strippers and p— stars expect it too.

            However, that doesn’t mean they have to LIKE it.

            And her complaining about the treatment is her NOT LIKING IT.

            Models, even HF ones, expect to be treated like pieces of meat. It’s part of the job. Doesn’t mean they have to LIKE IT, and they have every right to complain when they are treated like mere objects.

  19. Sexism prevails. George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio & Channing Tatum are all considered sex symbols but are treated with an enormous amount of respect. Whereas sexy women are treated like pieces of meat. The fact that this website exists goes to show patriarchy still exists. How many websites are dedicated to scrutinizing the way men look? You know what else bothers me? Leonardo Dicaprio is photographed with a different model every freaking week. Could you imagine if a female celebrity was photographed with a different man every week? And if said woman was Kate Upton? Good lord. She would never live it down. Alright. End rant.

    • “The fact that this website exists goes to show patriarchy still exists.”


      It’s misogyny and women fall right into that trap by hating on other women.

    • “Sexism prevails. George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio & Channing Tatum are all considered sex symbols but are treated with an enormous amount of respect. Whereas sexy women are treated like pieces of meat. ”

      Maybe by other men. Personally I’ve never really held any of those people in high regard, and I don’t know too many women that have except for women as shallow as the men who only know Kate Upton by her breasts.

      I also don’t think this website exists because of patriarchy. It exists because of biology. Women are and have always been more judged by how they look. Both by women and by men, because that is their biological “value.”

        • Sexism is rooted in biology. Imagine if men were smaller and physically weaker than men on average, and if men gave birth – the roles would be reversed, we would live in a female dominated society, men would be oppressed.

          • *sorry I meant if men were physically weaker than women – the roles would be reversed – biology is the root of sexism.

          • In many hunter gatherer societies, women and men are equal.

            Interesting note: The more warlike the society, the greater the misogyny.

            Also, in some cultures, it’s the men who are expected to preen in order to be chosen as a mate. Hair-makeup-jewellery – all expected of men in certain North African tribes. And the prettiest guy gets the most attention. Sure sounds like sexual objectification of men to me.

        • re biological determinism

          I am more in favour of environmental determinism, which is what Marvin Harris writes about.

          Humans are more at the mercy of the environment, and have been, than many are willing to admit.

  20. Didn’t read all the comments, there were too many. But I get what she’s saying. I usually say only lucky people say there’s not such thing as bad luck. And when it comes to men this is particularly true. You can do eveyrthing right and still attract all types of idiots, If she’s not falling for it… Good for her

  21. I find it odd that some people are blaming her but not mentioning that sleazy disgusting men in the scenario who HAS the problem here not her. Women can’t win for losing when it comes to other women because you damn if you do damn if you don’t. I think she looks pretty here

  22. A person deserves respect no matter what their career is and you being a SI model doesn’t give men the right to jump on you. The problem is that a big part of communication between human is subconscious and being a certain type of model may seem like sign of availability for men, even when in reality it’s just your job.

    SI’s objective with this models is to appeal to men by presenting them as objects. Someone who sees her tacky pics will hardly see a good girl. That’s wrong, but that’s how it works.

    • ” Someone who sees her tacky pics will hardly see a good girl. That’s wrong, but that’s how it works.”

      the way some of you talk, you would think that SI = Hustler magazine.

  23. Is Kate Upton my cup of tea? Not really – if I saw her walk down the street or at a bar I wouldn’t look twice. I will however admit that she’s a pretty girl and I can understand how she appeals to people.

    I am also tall, platinum blonde with long hair, thin with D-cup breasts

  24. Sorry about that – my comment got cut off.

    I am also tall, blonde, thin with D cup breasts and I have never felt ‘objectified’ or mistreated by men (minus those skeezy men that yell out comments at women walking down the street – but hey they don’t count!) I am an intelligent, successful woman and I have always behaved with class. I am engaged, but I’ve dated several men who have never treated me like a ‘toy’. I think if a woman behaves in a certain way and values herself in a certain way she will receive the proper treatment from men. I’m so sick of the belief that all men are ‘dog’. Of course some men, like some women, are shallow jerks, but the majority of men look for more than a ‘hot girl’ in a relationship.

    • Well Michelle, you are lucky. I’m blonde, slim, and a D cup and from the moment my b❆❆bs appeared I was written off as a dumb blonde. I honestly have never acted like a bimbo and always got good scores throughout high school and college. I even tried to dye my hair black to avoid the hateful comments but one of my teachers said “you’ll always be the blonde” so I gave up. Now as an adult, I still get a lot of “brunettes are way more respected” comments, but I realized it was a reflection of other peoples stupidity not my behavior.

    • I’d say your experience has been unusual then. Most women I know have been objectified in one way or another. Be at in relationships, or just by random guys on the street. Are you telling me you’ve never had to endure cat-calling? or those annoying kissy noises that guys make at women on the street? because that is a form of objectification, and it’s sickening.
      I recently had to change my favorite running route, because on more than one occasion I had random men harassing me and blowing me kisses while I was exercising. How disgusting is that!? This kind of crap doesn’t happen to men! Plus, let’s not forget, that I can’t really say anything, because I am a small female (5’3) and I would definitely be putting myself at risk by “fighting” back.

    • I have to disagree I am slim red head with an hourglass figure and I have men honk at me, shout at me from there cars had men who think they can just approach me in sexually threatening manor I’ve even had men offer to pay me for sex because I look like a uni student and there up for the money. I don’t wear overly provocative clothing and constantly see men look visably shocked when I seem to state an informed opinion usually on politics or literature. I don’t act like a “bimbo” either. But apprantly wearing a pencil skirt with a hint of cleveage is to much for some people, regardless of what a woman wears she still deserves some respect.

      • It’s obviously because you’re a redhead, and if you didn’t want all the attention you could just dye your hair. TOTALLY KIDDING btw (I know people can’t read sarcasm). I am just baffled by all this blaming the victim talk. I’m sure each and every one of us has been objectified for being a woman at this some point. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to admit. I think it feels good to talk about it for once, because men certainly don’t get it!

        • I know right screw dying it i’ll just shave my hair off how dare I provoke these men with my hair!! And your so right we put the blame on women as if it is our fault if a man is being creepy or being untoward with us its this kind of behaviour that supports rape culture its pretty depressing that we as women don’t support each other but blame each other.

    • “(minus those skeezy men that yell out comments at women walking down the street – but hey they don’t count!)”

      that’s just the thing–those men DO count.

  25. kate should know every job has its cons..of course she was going to be objectified..she needs to deal with that gracefully. why do some women complain about everything? i would never, ever complain about something like this publicly. how embarrassing.

  26. I’ve seen that she’s been compared to vs models since they of course model in lingerie/swimsuits as well. And I do find her look to be kinda trashy but not because of her boobs, they’re quite nice actually lol but bc of her cat daddy video. You can show skin you just have to do it tastefully. She’s a pretty girl though

  27. Ridiculous attention seeker!!! Why whine about the consumers she’s targeting? She’s bitting the hand that feeds her. She and her agency know that she’s obviously NOT a high fashion model. Her appearance targets men to buy magazines such as Sports Illustrated for the sole purpose of sex. If those perverts did clear their s— up, she would be unemployed.

  28. lol i dont understand how is she more s—ty than any other bikini model. her vouge pics are beautifull. american girls might be the sickest-the other day my friends and i sitting on the beach in bikinis, we notice bunch of american tourists(women) staring at as like they are weighting us so we were like wtf is wrong with them, is that polite in america,to stare? bc here its not!

  29. No offense but this is my opinion. Most women I’ve met irl are not smart (or classy). And the same is with women on this website. But a lot of them think they are and some of the hate reasons just prove it. So maybe Kate Upton is a bimbo, but at least embraces it and that’s why she is popular. Because imo there’s nothing more annoying than a woman who think she’s being smart, but really isn’t.

    • Most women you have met “irl” are not smart? And you don’t think that says something about YOU? Sounds like all the smart, interesting people are avoiding you!

      • Yes how did you know, women are really trying to avoid me. You know what’s funny? Even if that was true, I don’t care if they did. But your comment shows neither your intelligence or people who are prejudice (judging a book by its cover).

  30. Well, modelling is based on appearances so by getting into the industry you are basically saying you are okay with being someones toy lol.

  31. Of course she is absolutely right complaining about this thing, yet this quote makes her sound quite dumb/unreflected/brainwashed, as she’s working for an industry that is implicitly encouraging and feeding the objectification of women. If she doesn’t realize what her image is standing for she is indeed not the brightest bulb.
    I’m absolutely not slamming her for showing skin, being well-endowed, being sexually suggestive – just saying that she’s participating in the depiction of women as sexual objects. If she’s upset with what males are brought up to think about and how they treat women, she should start by looking at her own career.

      • Yeah, that’s right, and I wrote “I’m not slamming her for showing skin […]”. Skimpy outfits = objectification was absolutely not what I was saying.

        • I am saying that Burka’s, Quiverfull dress, LDS dress etc, though MODEST, also treat women as sexual objects/property – it’s just expressed in a different way.

          • Just illustrating that one can participate in the objectification of women without showing any skin.

            There are many forms that objectification takes.

            Women as property in certain fundamentalist societies is one example.

            And in the Quiverfull societies, and when people like Paul Ryan and Richard Mourdock say that ‘rape is just another method of conception’ or ‘rape is god’s gift’ what they are saying is that women were made to have babies AND SHOULD HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER, THAT’S ALL THEY ARE FOR. That is an example of what is known as *reproductive objectification*

    • i think people are misreading Kate’s quote. she is not complaining about being objectified or sexually desired, she is complaining about being treated like an object! plenty of women are sex symbols and are objectified! Jennifer Aniston posed topless for GQ just last year, didn’t she? plenty of celebs do that, and worse (Vanessa Hudgens’ countless leaked nude pictures, Rihanna’s fame-wh0ring on instagram, Miley Cyrus being half naked all the damn time)–i bet she doesn’t get treated like Kate or other swimsuit models and they objectify themselves 24/7. Kate does her skimpy photoshoots and then puts on her ugly grandma style dresses and goes home and is still called a sl*t…honestly, she should be able to pose spread eagle for Hustler if she wishes and still have the piece of mind to live her life without being harassed by sleazy entitled men.

      • I absolutely agree that nothing Kate is doing or could possibly do is making it okay for any man to treat her like an object. And it’s certainly not making her a sl-t; I have no sympathy for people using the term sl-tty do describe a way of (not) dressing.
        I’m really just trying to say, if you don’t like the way society teaches us to treat women and think about them, don’t work in an industry contributing to this issue in such an obvious way. Of course her career and image don’t justify the treatment she’s had to experience, that was not my point.

    • I totally agree Mara! That is really exactly what I think. That’s what I meant by my comments bellow that posters took an issue with – I was trying to say that that’s part of her career, she sexualizes herself so why is she so surprised when guys treat her like she’s probably really sexual etc?

      In my opinion, women who sexualize themselves for a living, making themselves an object of desire that’s their choice but I do think it contributes to something not very nice for a lot of women. Now I don’t know much about it and I’m not trying to offend, but there is something about the fact they are all airbrushed into objects of perfection, they are being sexual all the time and young girls and women are looking at these images over and over and over again and there is something not good about it. Do young girls see these images and feel like that being overly sexual is their role in the world? That’s what successful girls do? Sexualize themselves? I don’t know if that’s what happens but I think it can contribute to some confusing feelings for young girls. I think it did for me.

      Its offputting to me and then I sometimes feel like Kate, for example, is contributing some kind of negativity to the world. So I don’t have any sympathy for her to be honest.

      • The big corporations are to blame for sexualiziing children.

        There is a lot of money to be made by selling stuff to children, and by convincing them to act/behave a certain way – and thus buy into a certainly lifestyle that will then support certain companies.

  32. I’m sorry, but anytime you (as a woman) experience being cat-called, you are being objectified. Who here has not had to endure that at one point in their life? It happens when you’re decked out to the nines, and it happens on days when you are in sweats and no makeup. It has nothing to do with “asking for it” or wanting attention. It is boorish behavior, and I have rarely seen women cat-calling men in the same manner.

  33. I like Kate well enough as a model, I think she has a very pretty face, but she -really- needs to close her mouth more (in a stop posing w/ it open way)

  34. I hate everyone who chooses to be shown with fur.
    ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’
    I do not understand the -completely unnecessary- wearing of fur. It’s cruel.

  35. She’s only considered a toy to high profile men (men who are more famous or have more money than her). Of course those are the only men she’s interested in because she wants to date up.

    When she starts surrounding herself with worth while men based upon their character, not wallets or fame, then she’ll be treated appropriately.

    • hmm…that’s an interesting theory, but i doubt it’s the case. there are women on this site from all walks of life (i’m assuming) who are nowhere near Kate’s position and probably don’t deal with “high profile men” yet attest to being treated similarly, so i don’t think gold-digging is her problem

  36. Now I KNOW she is gorgeous, but I am not a fan of her look in this spread. Looks cheap, but I find Elle to have that look. I loved her Vogue shoot, it was really inspiring and I still have the pics. I wish her (and other models) stopped talking but I try not to pay attention and look at the pretty women

  37. The biggest disadvantage of having big boobies is that they can’t be hidden or covered unlike an ass.
    If u try to cover them u end up looking frumpy or too big up there.If you wear normal clothes they tend to look ‘showy’ and if you dress up(evening clothes,party dresses,etc),you might end up looking s—ky if u aren’t too careful.Hence women with big boobies really can’t win.
    I have small b❆❆bs but i’ve got a few friends who have them so i know their plight.
    That been said i think Kate shouldn’t complain that much cos of the kind of shoot and poses she does in mags and videos-her boobies are always on display in a distasteful way.And she shouldn’t blame men too much-although is a well known fact that some men are sexual/sexist sociopaths- cos they are naturally visual creatures,they usually move and act by what they see.
    But as i always say everyone deserves respect,even a new born baby.

  38. lmao. really this quote is coming from the same person who is known as a sports illustrated model, who did a very very “sexy” burger commercial and shows her clevage every chance she gets. Nobody is forcing her to wear bikinis on the cover of magazines all the time. I think she is a joke. She looks good in these pictures, but lets be real, when guys think about her its not because they think she is smart. She shows her body off every chance she gets, and then complains that men only want her for one thing. I actually know a few guys who are very attracted to girls who don’t have to do the stuff she does.

    • She started a big fight in the Kate Moss bikini post about how terrible she looked and it turned into like a 4 person name-calling thing. Like seriously immature stuff. A perfect example of its not what you say but how you say it. Versus took down pretty much the whole thing but I’m sure she’ll back back later :/

  39. I’d like to know what she means by “toy”. And what woman has a bunch of available, sweet men approaching them all the time anyways? Welcome to the industry you’ve chosen to be a part of.

  40. oh people. you dont have to be a brain surgeon and study on yale to be smart. any diploma and any experience is good for you. kate works and gets her own money since she was 16, she travels a lot, mets people all over the world of different cultures, and with personality like hers i am shure she has a lots of friends. she is born into money and now is famous and still earning money and is still approachable and down to earth and she is only 21.. thats pretty respectable.

  41. I don’t get the big deal with this girl. Is it the boobs? The blonde hair?

    It seems that her physique is opposite of what most women aspire to resemble and men consider attractive: Her face IS pretty with make-up. But she looks like a pug-faced boy without make-up. Her legs are gangly and shapeless. Her torso is comparably short and all hips. She’s pear shaped rather than the praised hourglass. And like most youths nowadays, her body has that inactive appearance.

    What gets me the most is how young she was when the industry and older male audience were touting her has the new symbol of sexy.

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