Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue (Gallery)

Kate Upton managed to score the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for the second year in a row – but the blonde beauty is dealing with lots of body-related criticism – from Page Six:

Upton’s on the cover for the second year in a row, and has bizarrely been bashed by some for her curvy body. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion,” she told us. “I am in a good place in my career, so it’s all right.”

While Upton brushed off criticism, her fellow bikini babes came to her defense. “Everyone is hyper-critical of women, and it’s got to stop,” Alyssa Miller said. “We should be embracing all body types.” Chrissy Teigen added, “I don’t think people realize we read everything.”

Browse through the gallery and share your thoughts!

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307 thoughts on “Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue (Gallery)”

      • Ugly?? Really? I think she’s hot! When she’s skinny and when she’s gained.
        The pic of her on her knees on the beach is terrible though lol it really makes her wide waist look wider.

      • BODY HATE
        Why do you all feel the need to rip her apart because she has an apple-shaped body and is successfull?
        Enough with this tiranny of the perfect hourglass figure!
        People on here can be so narrow-minded and cruel it’s incredible.
        How are we supposed to feel as apple-shaped women when we read your comments about her figure??
        She didn’t chose her figure, nobody chose where they gain weight nor their body frames. So why not accept them all and find beauty in them all instead of idolizing one body frame in the detriment of others??

          • That’s complete crap. Many successful models are apple/ruler shaped and fawned over on this site. Doutzen Kroes is a blonde apple-shaped model just like Kate and gets nothing but praise – she is beautiful. The hate for Kate stems mostly from her oversexualized image; her photoshoots often look like low-budget p—, which naturally appeals to men rather than women. Kate fans want to blame it on body shape because that’s easier than the truth. I’m not trying to sound offensive to Kate – I actually think it’s a good thing to see models who are not size 00 all the time. Obviously we need “softer” models like Kate and Kelly Brook too. Big b❆❆bs will always sell magazines 😉

          • @serena

            You might actually have a point if the apple/ruler shaped models got the same amount of ‘omg thick waist she’s so deformed’ comments from a majority of users.

            Oh, but they don’t!

          • @Fielding your logic is flawed. If other apple models were hated like Kate then your suggestion that apple shapes are too criticized would be correct. But the fact that other apple/ruler models are called beautiful and stunning while Kate isn’t shows that it isn’t about body shape – it’s about Kate. If lack of waist were the issue then Adriana Lima (who is practically worshipped here like a goddess) would be ugly too. The reality is Kate isn’t well-liked here because most commenters are women, and she appeals to men. Straight women don’t get turned off by her big b❆❆bs and barely-covered vu—-, it’s as simple as that. As a straight woman I can understand her appeal, but she is not appealing to me.

          • *Sorry that should read “straight women don’t get turned ON by her big b❆❆bs and barely-covered vu—-“. At least most of us don’t, though I can’t deny she’s got a nice pair of t–s 😉

          • quote: ” If other apple models were hated like Kate then your suggestion that apple shapes are too criticized would be correct.”

            Flawed logic eh? Well then, which is it?

            Do people zero in on Kate’s apple shape b/c she is trashy?

            Do people ignore the apple shape of other model’s b/c they are not trashy?

            Is apple shape only undesireable if the model is trashy?

            Why does Brooklyn Decker, who is not so ‘trashy’ also get a lot of hate for her ‘apple’ shape?

            If people pick on Kate’s shape b/c she is so ‘trashy’ then why don’t they just pick on the trashy part and not her shape?

            The very idea that people zero in on Kate’s apple shape b/c she is ‘trashy’ is ludicrous at best…

            Why not just say she’s trashy?

            THAT is the problem with YOUR logic.

          • You’re clearly misreading my comment. I didn’t call Kate “trashy”, that was YOU lol. I said she dresses provocatively to appeal to men, but that doesn’t make her trashy. It simply means her target audience is men rather than women – what’s wrong with that?
            The majority of models are ruler shaped and still fawned over. Therefore blaming Kate’s lack of waist for the hate is illogical. If waist were the culprit Adriana would be hated and Kim K loved (obviously it’s the other way around). Even Hilary Duff, who is chubby with no waist is adored here.

            I think the main reason people dislike Kate is because Hollywood pushes the cookie-cutter blonde + big b❆❆bs stereotype so much that people are tired of it. At least Doutzen is gorgeous; Kate is pretty but I know so many girls who look like her. I’d like to see some diversity (I’ve never seen a model of my background!) rather than a parade of blonde beauties all day. Also I don’t even dislike Kate, it’s nice to see someone who’s not size 00. I just don’t think she’s the Bees Knees like you do lol 🙂

          • quote: “Therefore blaming Kate’s lack of waist for the hate is illogical”

            Actually, I was, and the others were, referring to the fact that an inordinate amount of attention is given to kate’s lack of a waist. More so than to Doutzen’s and Adriana’s. Never have I read page after page of ‘Doutzen’s waist is too wide eww but I love her anyways b/c she isn’t trashy.’

            That’s all I was getting at.

            And I don’t think that Kate is the bees knees. I *do* think she should tone up and lose about 15lbs. She would look A LOT better. And wear clothes that are flattering for her figure..

            I just happen to love the kate upton comments b/c she does get way more hate than anyone else, and as I stated earlier, people complain that Kate ‘objectifies women by being trashy’ – yet they objectify her in the process…

            It’s very very ironic, that’s all 😛

          • I think Serena is right that it’s hard to blame Kate’s lack of waist entirely for her unpopularity here – many of the VS models and other popular women on this site are also apple, column or v-shaped. I think it plays a part though.

            Personally I think it’s mainly her weight and softness that makes her unpopular here – her body shape is part of it, because most are more forgiving of body fat on the likes of Kelly Brook or Jennifer Love-Hewitt because of their WHR’s, but it’s not the major player. She’s soft, not toned like Adriana, Alessandra, etc. Many people on this site prefer harder bodies with more defined abs and less body fat. I have also noticed a dislike for large b❆❆bs among many commenters. I think those things are more important in her seeming ‘unattractiveness’ to many here than simply her apple shape.

            I have warmed to her a little because of her size though – I simply like the fact that such a celebrated model could be a little soft and bigger than we’re used to – but I don’t really like her as a model. It’s true that I am one who definitely prefers lower WHR’s and am not usually stunned by apple or v-shape models – but with Kate, I just don’t think she’s a particularly engaging model and the p—-like shoots she so often does don’t appeal to me. But I’m much harder on her (and any other model) than I would be on a non-model and I fully acknowledge that she is a beautiful girl.

        • As an apple figure it is your job to hate yourself and realise that you are not worthy to breathe the same air as posters who have a better whr.

          • Oh, and I forgot to add:

            As an apple/lollipop shape you cannot ever be successful as a model or actress, b/c you are objectively inferior to women with a better whr and maybe you should just end it all right now you worm!!!


        • Adriana and Doutzen are gorgeous, that’s why. Kate is pretty but I see girls like her at the mall. No waist isn’t a big deal if the model has other attractive features – great legs or toned body or beautiful face. Kate doesn’t have any of those. Her best feature is her big boobs, which don’t appeal to straight women. I guarantee if she had a face like Emily Didonato or legs like Blake Lively or a toned body like AnnaLynne no one would care about her square torso. Anyway if she lost weight like you suggested her b❆❆bs would get smaller. And her b❆❆bs = $$$.

          • you explained it very well. i don’t like all of their bodies either but they look way nicer and i would never say they are eww cause they have some things that are good looking like you said. kate doesn’t.

        • It’s a models job to look after their body! They are basically judged by the way they look, especially Kate being in bikinis all the time should at least go to gym/ eat healthy since that’s all they have to worry about

        • @Nobsnob Huh? I didn’t think I was ‘ripping her apart’… I like Kate but her waist looks bigger than normal in that one pic because its an unflattering shot! #Imjustsaying

          • Why and when did a bit of fat become so wrong?? You can’t even talk of health matters when the girl in question is not overweight. oO
            I think a hell lot of people on here are a bit brainwashed by the current worshipping of slimness nowadays. But hey of course they will disagree, people ALWAYS want to believe they are completly impervious to the culture and mentality of nowadays. u__u.

          • She is very ‘fertile’ looking, and that makes her some kind of ho.

            This is nothing new of course.

            Look at fashion and movie stars back in the 1950s.

            Demure, skinny women such as Audrey Hepburn were the epitome of class – they were beautiful but sexless.

            Women such as Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Jane Russell were viewed as vulgar ho’s b/c they were very very sexual.

            You can see then, how both men and women objectify the more fertile looking women. Men are like ‘omg b❆❆bs I wanna do her’ and women are like ‘omg she has big b❆❆bs shes a worthless trashy ho’

            A girl can’t help it if she’s got big b❆❆bs and if she decides to flaunt them that doesn’t make her any worse of a person, than say, a skinny girl who flaunts hers. Simply being skinny does not automaticaly mean one is a moral person. just as having big breasts does not automatically make one a vulgar lying trashy ho with no morals.

        • “Adriana Lima (who is practically worshipped here like a goddess) would be ugly too. ”

          You are joking right? Adriana may not get as much hate as Kate on here but plenty of people have nasty things to say about Adriana. Such as erica talking about how she is “manly” “shapeless” and has a bad looking midsection. She and many others do it often.

  1. this could have been a funny/different shoot. But it’s a huge fail. Boring! She could grab a baby penguin against her giants boobs, i don’t know, something a bit more creative please?

    • Lol yes! I wasnt too impressed this year 🙁 usually i am drooling over the suits but not so much this year,, and only a fwe of these were actually in the magazine. Ann v did great so did jessica gnomes & i lovvee chrissy teigen! I feel like i look similar to her, does anyone know if she is native american? Also some of the girls did a shoot in easter island! How cool is that!? In my dreams i go there 🙂

  2. It’s kind of ludicrous – bikinis and ice and snow! I’m still not a fan of her modeling skills and I was really hard on her at first with the hyper-sexed commercials and videos – but I’ve come to see how she is positive for the industry – just to have someone heavier is a good thing, even if she’s not particularly attractive to me.

    • Google ‘christie brinkley sports illustrated’

      One of the top models of all time, and one of the top SI cover girls of all time.

      She is HUGE. Having larger, voluptuous women is nothing new in the history of the magazine…

      • Ok – seriously – I just googled the Christie Brinkley comment, who, is quite possibly the most drop dead naturally gorgeous woman ever – and her body is insane – she is every man’s dream!! She is not “huge”!! Have you ever been to a mall in middle america?? I live in LA and see skinny models & actresses ALL the time and my perception of “huge” seems so vastly different than the women here, and I am considered to be quite thin myself. I’m sorry to zone on your comment – I just think it’s quite unhealthy that healthy, gorgeous women who made the cover of SI are being considered “huge”! Also, I want to add one thing – I happen to think Kate Upton is gorgeous – movie star, stunning, gorgeous, she has sex appeal to spare – she is over the top sexy bordering on s—ty and THAT is what IMO is what makes women. uncomfortable. Sexuality can be “freely expressed” as long as you are starving a little – restrained. I wonder if Marilyn Monroe would be hated on here in today’s day and age. Kate does make me a little uncomfortable as well – I get it – but that doesn’t make her big or plain looking or whatever people are trying to justify their feelings towards her – we come from a culture of mixed messages about judging a woman’s sexuality very harshly, and Kate is very in your face (maybe too in your face and objectifying herself too much) about it. That’s just my opinion.

        • Also, I wanted to add that men who are HETERO generally like curvier women – I guarantee that 9 out of 10 men would rather wake up next to Kate than a high fashion bony model any day. If I were a guy, I certainly would find Kate’s body WAY more sexy and appealing than a stick figure.

          • The women here are obsessed with WHR, but back when I was growing up men would make mean comments about women with tiny b❆❆bs small waists and big hips.

            Big b❆❆bs were viewed as the thing to have.

            So, whatever.

          • From what I understand, guys really aren’t all that picky.

            About butt, boob, waist size etc.

            What guys, and even most women seem to care about, is whether or not their partner is FIT. As in, in good health, reasonably toned and slim.

            Your average person is not going to dump someone b/c their butt isn’t big enough, or b❆❆bs too small. Most people are not that anal.

      • @Fielding In what world is she huge?! I would say she looks strong, curvy and athletic – maybe big compared to the majority of models today – but certainly not huge. Kate is unusual in today’s fashion world, as far as I can tell. Though you are right that SI does seem to have curvier models featured more often. But the mainstream models of the 80’s and early 90’s were certainly considerably more robust looking than the mainstream of today – hence why you might consider Christie Brinkley ‘huge’!

        • I love the robust SI models of the 80’s and 90’s. I grew up on their amazon style of beauty. There is another blonde who is even bigger – if only I could remember her name.

          I just meant to say that, kate is nothing new, and that if some of the women on this thread hate kate, they would certainly despise the SI cover models of the 80s and 90s – who were some of the biggest models OF ALL TIME.

          That’s all 🙂

        • For goodness sake erica, please change the record!
          Stop it with the cliche ridden lines of 90’s models like Cindy etc being large and being role models to the “real women” etc. those women wither you like it or not were THIN women, they were no more than a size 4 during runway shows. Please stop making them out to be so much bigger than todays models. There were plenty of models in the 90’s who were very skinny such as Jodie Kidd in her prime. But you are making the likes on Cindy sound “plus size” you always do it and I don’t know why.
          According to you, you can only be seen attractive if you are an hourglass, you are overweight and you are soft and fleshy like Christina Hendricks for example. It’s funny how you dis Kate for her body yet defend Melissa Mcarthy On the one hand you are snobby and stuck up about peoples natural body shapes, then on the other you give other people a hard time for doing the same to overweight people. Every comment screams hypocrisy and every comment is centered around bigging your own body shape/size up by pulling anything different to you apart.

        • There you go again erica. Stop making 90’s models to be something that the real women brigade can relate to. they were thin. They are hardly any bigger than todays models. the only difference is todays models are more toned.
          Being a size 4 and 5ft 11, is tiny. Since the average woman is 5ft 5 and 165 pounds, you do the math.

          • to be fair, many of the 90s supermodels were bigger than today’s supermodels

            the runway models have *always* been superskinny

            but many of the super famous girls of the 80s and 90s were on the robust side, whereas today, the robust girls are only really seen in SI

            technically the Cindy Crawford’s of the world are TINY compared to the majority of women, but are ‘heffers’ compared to today’s supermodels.

          • @Fielding. I am just sick of erica telling everyone that, the likes of Cindy are like some plus size model. erica seems to think that she is some kind of role model for the real women brigade when she is tall and slim and tiny compared to someone like Christina Henricks.

          • Also kate moss and Jodie Kidd were supermodels in the 90’s and both were very skinny, especially Jodie at the time. so it’s nothing new. the models of the 60’s like twiggy were also very thin. it’s not something that just started in the 00’s.

          • @lol

            yeah, I believe that I am familiar with erica vs. others here regarding Hendricks

            I am enjoying your takedowns however 🙂

  3. I certainly don’t expect high fashion from Sports Illustrated, but wow, those are some ugly swimsuits. Kate looks chesty, like last year. It’s SI, they have a one note image they are going for.

  4. I think men might like her because she seems so approachable. Not a great beauty, not very striking or unique looking, but pretty enough, with a soft, cuddly body.
    Women such as Natalie Portman (face) or VS secret models (body) might look too “icy perfection” for most guys. And I’ve heard this a loooot of times: most guys won’t talk to a really beautiful woman because she seems out of their league and they presume she is arrogant. Instead they’ll approach the bubbly, laughing, “cute” girl. Easy.

  5. 1) I have to give her props because she doesn’t look cold at all and it’s Antarctica. I would have died, seriously.
    2) I am sooo glad I have my body and not hers and I don’t say that very often.
    3) Those swimsuits…clearly a man was the creative director on this shoot. Yuck.

  6. how is this girl a model again? I don’t know… I have nothing against her body in general, but obviously as a model.. , she’s a thing just because of her breasts..that’s all there is to her…

  7. IMO, big b❆❆bs does NOT equal curvy. Curvy to me is the waist to hip ratio, and she has a non existent waist, flat bum, skinny legs, and massive boobs. Kudos to her for being a successful model, but her body shape is not attractive to me at all.

  8. she’s cute. not the best model out there but cute. it would be nice to see lots of other successful models (short, voluptuous…) with different bodyshapes. apparently society is ready for it.

  9. oh god, this shoot is awful. Why is she in antarctica but wearing a super tiny bikini? and then she’s in the beach. And then she’s in the pool. And then she has this kind of necklace covering her boobs.
    No but really, why do they insist on making her wear bikini tops that are at least two sizes too small. I guess men like that, but im a woman and it just makes me uncomfortable

  10. She’s a cute girl. Yes she’s bigger than the usual model but I have seen a lot of high-fashion models who seem absolutely miserable. She seems (in interviews and candid shoots) that she’s happy and enjoying her fame, not taking it too seriously etc. Good for her.

    The suits were ugly and they could have done better but I still like her. She’s not the most beautiful but she has mass appeal to men apparently and I can see why. She’s like the south Florida girl next door. Very approachable and of course the huge b❆❆bs help 🙂

    • i agree. she looks like fun and not like she’s starving herself and on a 24/7 diet. i don’t think most guys are into the always dieting girls…

      it just would be so nice if we’d have more not-super-thin-super-tall-models. kate is a good start but we need more girls like her.

    • Great comment!! I just posted about why VS models appeal to me but high fashion ones in general don’t & I think you hit the nail on the head – a lot of high fashion models really do appear to be miserable looking – cold. And VS models (like Kate Upton – who could be a bit more modest!) seem HAPPY and that makes them appealing & sexy.

  11. like the hair and make up, very subtle.the only swimsuit i loved is in pic 20 and on Kate’s body it looks very flattering, the rest few are not only ugly but of course too small for her, am starting to think they chose Kate not only cos she’s popular now (=more money) and cos SI sw.issue is always about half naked/sw-suited models posing sexy (or trying to) and she’s also all for that but cos they didn’t seem to be able to afford or find any really interesting and beautiful swimsuits, so they thought they’ll just compensate that by making Kate’s b❆❆bs the center of the pictures!!! and though sw-suits may look ugly and cheap to me only even in general they’re not smth i’d put in a photoshoot for such an anticipated edition of a such a popular magazine!!(and yes, i know its prob cos SI is like VS more bout girls rather than sw-suits). and the photoshop is so awful in some pics it looks like they made pics of a natural location and then Kate’s in some studio and just plastered the latters on the formers.

    • I agree about pic 20. I don’t think Kate’s body is that horrid, but I wish stylists would learn how to dress it. She doesn’t have the waist for a tiny string bikini. The one-piece with the cutout at least gives the illusion of a waist.

      • I also agree about the cut out one piece–its obviously the most flattering. I also agree with JennM, that if we are indeed going to call her curvy then she should be dressed as a curvy woman should–in a flattering way considering that there is more of her, not as if she is toned and teeny tiny…dressing her in these tiny scraps is just giving big-chested women more of a unfavorable reputation…it would be the same if a big-bummed lady was dressed in something tight and short–think of how much people complain when Xtina wears something unflattering. There’s nothing wrong with different shapes or when those different shapes aren’t super slim, but not knowing how to represent yourself as that kind of shape, thats where you get yourself in trouble–people are just always going to critque that because its not represented in the best way it could be, or its claimed to be something Im not. Im totally making sense, yes? lol.

        • I think she would look amazing in more fitted clothes. Often she is dressed wrong, I don’t get it.

          The best theory that I can come up with is that they want to highlight her b❆❆bs and don’t really view her flaws as something all that negative. The people behind SI are great at marketing, they are not idiots.

          There must be some reason behind the apparent madness…

        • Yes, they ALWAYS dress her wrong – it’s like she is being dressed by a hormonal 15 year old boy’s sex fantasy!! The bikini tops are ALWAYS too tiny, and these suits look dreadful – she should be wearing more things like the cut out one piece!

          • I think that she has the same body type as Catherine Zeta Jones.

            Notice how CJZ is never photographed in a bikini?

            And how CJZ always looks classy in *fitted*, emphasis on fitted, clothes!

            CJZ has huge knockers, a wide waist, and a flat butt. Yet she is known as an hourglass precisely b/c she knows how to dress for her body type..

            However, I am not going to blame kate for poor fashion choices. I really do think she is at the mercy of her handlers!

    • i noticed that too! in photos she’s always wearing really low hanging bikini bottoms. maybe stylist think it will help elongate her torso and give her a slimmer look but it doesn’t.

  12. she isn’t skinny fat at all. She is toned and lean and thin. And her belly area is wide not beacuse she is fat but because of her bone structure. She isblessed with a very pretty face, long legs, big boobs, curvy butt and nice skin. She is above the standarts..

    • Are you serious??? If you google the human anatomy, you’ll see that there isn’t any bone structure in the midsection besides the spine. It’s ribcage and spine, spine then hips. The midsection is entirely organs, muscles and fat.

      • But the shape and size of the ribcage plus the width and position of the hips (Kate has hips which “sit” very high on her body because she has a short torso) dictate how a person’s midsection looks. If Kate lost weight (and she was slimmer earlier in her career…I liked her body at that weight), she would still have a “wider” midsection.

      • Artemis, did Kate Upton bully you in grade school or something? Why so much time, energy, and multiple post’s on your disgust towards her? We all get your point of view already-geez.
        Kate’s not for everyone, that’s for sure, but she generates a lot of buzz and that’s good for the company’s that hire her.

  13. Her body looks a lot different in these photos to the candid ones from the shoot, I think she looks really fresh faced though and I quite like the shoot – apart from the photoshop overload. I think she’s pretty but the fact that she is everywhere makes me feel like she’s overrated.

    I personally think Hannah Davis stands out the most in this years issue, she’s soo beautiful! In fact I think the rookies were the best in a long time, Hannah, Emily DiDonato, Natasha Barnard etc. I kind of think KU fades into the background next to the others, even though she had the most unusual location.

  14. Facially she is very pretty. But her body is just average, the only valuable part of her body are her Dcup boobies. Other than that her body looks round and smooth. There is no muscle definition at all.

  15. Other than some of the bikini bottoms being too tiny, I think she looks good. There’s just something about her I find appealing! 🙂

  16. I was talking to the guy I’m dating about Kate Upton yesterday, he doesn’t find her body very attractive when she’s not photoshop (except he did admit that she had great b❆❆bs when i was trying to point out positives about her). He’s a very typical guy who likes long-legged girls in tight skirts sooooo everyone making the argument that she appeals to men… keep in mind that a lot of men do not find her body THAT attractive except for the boobs.

    I actually like Kate Upton kind of. Its not a body I would want to have but I like that she’s different and I like her face.

    • you sound just like your deluded friend on here. telling us all what ALL men want and like. I feel sorry for you. the fact that you even had that convo with your bf is crazy. that’s if it actually even took place at all, in any place other than your head.

  17. I wish I had her body!! such a lucky girl to have a natural hourglass shape. I don’t really think she is that pretty face wise, but who cares when you have a body like that. She’s not exotic looking, which I prefer which makes her the typical looking blonde haired blue eyes thing.

    • Kate is not an hourglass, actually an hourglass shape is the most rare. Most women have a more straight body shape with a less defined waist… Kinda like Kate. Kate looks like an apple or lolly-pop shape. Apart from her bigger bust, she is not curvy. She has skinny legs and arms, but a bigger bust and thicker waist. There is nothing wrong with that. Its just her natural shape and lots of celebs and models have a similar shape. Kate is not fat at all and does not need to lose weight, in fact I think she looks good at this weight. She’s not stick thin like some other models, but she looks healthier. She can’t help the body shape she was born with so it doesn’t matter what her weight is, she’s never going to have a tiny waist. Every body shape has its own pros and cons, so no one is perfect. Also while I agree that Kate does look “generic”… It is not because of her hair or eyes. I doubt she is a natural blonde, but anyway natural blonde hair is very rare in most countries and therefore it is actually considered unique. Being a brunette or being tanned does not necessarily make you exotic, especially considering most people look like that in many countries. Blondes (either natural blondes or the ones who LOOK natural) can be exotic looking… Its just the ones who have bleached hair, fake tans, and fake b❆❆bs who look very generic and fake. Kate doesn’t look that fake, but her facial features are very soft and cute which makes her pretty but “generic” to me.

      • Don’t you recognize sarcasm. erica? the person was trolling obviously, so your long rant under anonymous wasn’t needed. we already know what you think about kate.
        your comments are so predictable anyone can spot them.

        • @lol

          Again, to be fair, the person *might* have been serious.

          Provided she is completely naive about body types.

          I have come across many many people over the years who think that:

          1) big b❆❆bs and ruler shaped body = hourglass

          2) completely flat chested with small waist and super wide hips = hourglass

          If the poster was genuinely naive, I could see how she might have been serious about Kate being hourglass.

  18. Seriously.. what’s the hype about this one?? I just don’t get it. She is chubby, her b❆❆bs are just big and flobby and not shaped very nicely, and her belly is not very flattering. BUT her face is suuupercute and thats the most important thing. Her legs aren’t chubby though, her upper body just makes it look that way.. Candice or Rosie H.W is 10000000000000 hotter than Kate 🙂

  19. Seriously, her breasts look ridiculous in some of these pics. The 4th picture on the top row – it makes me kinda nauseous looking at it. She doesn’t even look pretty in the picture, but I guess that doesn’t matter since I’m sure guys aren’t focused on her face as much as they are on those jugs.

  20. regardless of what people here say, she DOES represent a different body type form what’s the current “desired norm” and she is curvy regardless of what sort of curves she has. I do think she is being overly exploited for her large b❆❆bs and it’s laughable at this point but at least she’s not ultra lean/slim. The suits are boring but this edition usually isn’t really for the suits, just mostly for the men.

    I’m more interested in the other models’ quotes…they sound a little um..odd coming from models. Miller being a regular standard model wishing people would stop being hypercritical of women’s bodies is hilarious and annoying. As if she doesn’t understand why. Teigen’s quote is plain stupid…as if she’s indignant that people should only write non-critical things about models.

  21. men love her for reasons:
    -because of her boobs
    -because she is blonde (blonde hair any tone makes someone instantly atractive, even if they’re not)
    -because they don’t like stick thin women, and she could care less about her weight, apparently. She’s careless, even in the way she acts.
    But mostly because of the boobs… Remember Brooklyn Decker? Me neither…
    Men see the big picture, we see parts of the body, so we concentrate on what’s negative.

    • Actually, from the men I’ve talked to and the articles I’ve read, men do see women based on parts. They are very good at seeing certain parts, such as boobs, waist, butt and legs. Men and women see women as body parts, whereas men are viewed by men and women as whole. And not all men view blonde as more attractive. Several of my male friends strongly prefer other hair colors.

      • Men see women as objects of desire.

        Women see women as objects of beauty.

        However, I do think that men are capable of distinguishing between beauty and jerk-off material.

        One funny thing that I noticed while reviewing “hot or not’ back in the day is that the ugliest girls would often get the highest rating. Same deal on the gamer sites I used to visit.

        Basically, if a girl looks like good ‘beat your meat’ material, a guy will consider her to be ‘hot’ – however, this does not necessarily mean that he considers her to be beautiful. Men *can* tell the difference between true beauty and jerk— material. It really just depends what mood they are in at any particular time…

      • I know, blondes are not necessarily hot to men… what I wanted to say is that a blonde woman draws attention. All kinds of it. And in most cases, a woman who is not blonde, may look hotter if she dyes her hair blonde.
        And men do

      • Projecting as usual Kimbely? Yes we know you have brown hair, so anything different to you will always be seen as a threat. Instead of the usual “what all men want…” line why don’t you find something more productive to say? no wonder you and erica get along so well.

  22. she is a beautifull healthy young woman with pretty blue eyes, long legs and nice boobs, and seems such a fun to be around her, whats not to like about her!

  23. Whilst I completely understand everyone’s opinion and how her shape isn’t some people’s preference I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents… Please don’t hate me for this but I feel like some of these comments are a little harsh especially statements included with the gallery.
    I personally feel that it’s refreshing to see someone without much of waist in magazines and what not because, even though may not be common or true for you, some women, even very slim ones have wider waists and aren’t lucky enough to have a chest like hers. I think its nice that these women’s body shapes are being represented too. You might not be able to relate but it’s important to remember others can which is why I feel deviation from the normal image of perfection in any small form (even in an underwhelming shoot) is a good thing.
    Just my opinion though. 🙂

  24. What is that? Am I supposed to want to buy tacky undersized swimsuits? Is it a new thing? Should I start wearing my little sister swimsuit? What’s going on here?

  25. She’s pretty to most women and amazingly hot to most men. She looks happy, funny and like you could invite her out for dinner and she’d enjoy it. Go to a club, dance have a few drinks and she might even get chips ‘n’ cheese at the end of the night. I look at some of these people and wonder by how good they would be to hang out with and most the skinny ones look sooooooooo boring and like their legs would snap on the dance floor. I think my husband and friends and I would rather hang out with her than a lot of the other women on here! Maybe it’s an English thing. We like food and drink and enjoying the very short lives that we are given. Although the rest of Europe do too, we obviously like the food a bit more! Our arses aren’t made of lettuce!

    She’s not high fashion, so please stop comparing her to those models. She does this and she does it well. Can’t we give her some credit for that?

    I don’t think being the size she is going to affect her blood pressure and other health criteria in a negative way so does it matter that she doesn’t have much of a waist? I bet the skinny ones bodies are crying out for some nutrients. As well as they weight loss it makes them look so dreadfully old. Look at Emma Stone in the other post.

    Oh we’ll, each to their own…

  26. She’s pretty to most women and amazingly hot to most men. She looks happy, funny and like you could invite her out for dinner and she’d enjoy it. Go to a club, dance have a few drinks and she might even get chips ‘n’ cheese at the end of the night. I look at some of these people and wonder by how good they would be to hang out with and most the skinny ones look sooooooooo boring and like their legs would snap on the dance floor. I think my husband and friends and I would rather hang out with her than a lot of the other women on here! Maybe it’s an English thing. We like food and drink and enjoying the very short lives that we are given. Although the rest of Europe do too, we obviously like the food a bit more! Our arses aren’t made of lettuce!

    She’s not high fashion, so please stop comparing her to those models. She does this and she does it well. Can’t we give her some credit for that?
    I don’t think being the size she is going to affect her blood pressure and other health criteria in a negative way so does it matter that she doesn’t have much of a waist? I bet the skinny ones bodies are crying out for some nutrients. As well as they weight loss it makes them look so dreadfully old. Look at Emma Stone in the other post.
    Oh well, each to their own…

  27. She’s pretty to most women and amazingly hot to most men. She looks happy, funny and like you could invite her out for dinner and she’d enjoy it. Go to a club, dance have a few drinks and she might even get chips ‘n’ cheese at the end of the night. I look at some of these people and wonder by how good they would be to hang out with and most the skinny ones look sooooooooo boring and like their legs would snap on the dance floor. I think my husband and friends and I would rather hang out with her than a lot of the other women on here! Maybe it’s an English thing. We like food and drink and enjoying the very short lives that we are given. Although the rest of Europe do too, we obviously like the food a bit more! Our arses aren’t made of lettuce!
    She’s not high fashion, so please stop comparing her to those models. She does this and she does it well. Can’t we give her some credit for that?
    I don’t think being the size she is going to affect her blood pressure and other health criteria in a negative way so does it matter that she doesn’t have much of a waist? I bet the skinny ones bodies are crying out for some nutrients. As well as they weight loss it makes them look so dreadfully old. Look at Emma Stone in the other post.
    Oh well, each to their own…

  28. She’s pretty to most women and amazingly hot to most men. She looks happy, funny and like you could invite her out for dinner and she’d enjoy it. I look at some of these people and wonder by how good they would be to hang out with and most the skinny ones look sooooooooo boring and like their legs would snap on the dance floor. I think my husband and friends and I would rather hang out with her than a lot of the other women on here! Maybe it’s an English thing. We like food and drink and enjoying the very short lives that we are given. Although the rest of Europe do too, we obviously like the food a bit more! Our bums aren’t made of lettuce!
    She’s not high fashion, so please stop comparing her to those models. She does this and she does it well. Can’t we give her some credit for that?
    I don’t think being the size she is going to affect her blood pressure and other health criteria in a negative way so does it matter that she doesn’t have much of a waist? I bet the skinny ones bodies are crying out for some nutrients. As well as they weight loss it makes them look so dreadfully old. Look at Emma Stone in the other post.
    Oh well, each to their own…

  29. She’s pretty to most women and amazingly hot to most men. She looks happy, funny and like you could invite her out for dinner and she’d enjoy it. I look at some of these people and wonder by how good they would be to hang out with and most the skinny ones look sooooooooo boring and like their legs would snap on the dance floor. Maybe it’s an English thing. We like food and drink and enjoying the very short lives that we are given. Although the rest of Europe do too, we obviously like the food a bit more! Our bums aren’t made of lettuce!
    She’s not high fashion, so please stop comparing her to those models. She does this and she does it well. Can’t we give her some credit for that?
    I don’t think being the size she is going to affect her blood pressure and other health criteria in a negative way so does it matter that she doesn’t have much of a waist? I bet the skinny ones bodies are crying out for some nutrients. As well as the weight loss it makes them look so dreadfully old. Look at Emma Stone in the other post.
    Oh well, each to their own…

  30. I like my short but hourglassy figure much better than hers (I still think she’s really pretty, btw, just not suited for swimwear modelling) but i’d TOTALLY be willing to swap bodies if that meant I’d get her success and money! oh hellz yeah!

  31. I am not apart of the ‘Upton Bashing Troll Wagon!’. And i especially HATE that people call her fat and just completely RIP this girl apart for not looking like the convential skinny ‘Karlie Kloss’ model type! (and these will be the same people who b*tch about wanting to see more models that should be curvy, realistic, look like real women etc etc)….

    She’s not fat. NOT EVEN CLOSE!…But it’s her body SHAPE. It’s very un-proportional and i’ve never seen a body like her’s before. Very skinny legs, but a very ‘heavy shaped’ stomach..

    What kind of body type would she be classified as? My friend and i were actually discussing this. Lol neither of us could actually come up a definite conclusion.

  32. you would think SPORTS illustrated would use a model who looks like she exercises. any muscle tone would be nice, even if she just had *one* toned area. i know this is a lads mag but what kind of image does kate send out, especially to young women? she’s pure sex appeal, as if all you need is a chest to get ahead. i like models like marissa miller who you can tell work out. even rosie hw and miranda kerr, although they may be slightly too thin (i don’t know), promote healthy lifestyles. in her mercedes benz commercial, like half of the viewers on youtube gave her thumbs down. with a 50% approval rating, i can’t see her being around in the long term. i cannot believe she is emma watsons age, they look like they could be a decade apart

    • Not everyone works out to be “toned” (as in have a lower bf%) though. Not everybody who works out is “toned” anyway. In fact from watching the Olympics I found that a helluva lot of athletes like discus throwers, powerlifters, swimmers, hammer throwers etc are very “soft” in appearance and would probably be ripped apart on this site for their lack of “tone”.

      • Great comment Misscheeks! I’m a swimmer and I know so many female swimmers who are a bit soft. But they’re extremely fit athletes and do strength training in addition to cardio. Muscles are not going to be visible if they’re covered by a layer fat and all women need a healthy amount of body fat (usually if you stop menstruating that’s a sign you’ve gone too far). Runners are typically very lean in comparison but not all are tiny like some think. I know many athletic women, slender but not visibly toned, who would get comments of “She needs to hit the gym!” on this site.

    • *plus Marissa, Miranda, Rosie are relying on their “pure sex appeal” too, what message do you think *that* sends to “young women” hmm?

      • it’s not that those others models aren’t sexed up too, its that they also project healthy eating habits and exercise. i think the message they intend to send that exercise and healthy habits can get you far, which i find is true. sex appeal is just part of their image. kate is all sex appeal and nothing more

    • It requires a pretty low body fat percentage to have a lot of muscle definition….which it what people mean when they say “toned”. Many…I might even go so far as to say most people can work out every day and even eat sensibly and not have low enough of a body fat to look like Candice Swanepoel. Exercise can only do so much. I have no doubt that she works out with a personal trainer quite a bit. She probably also parties a good deal and eats more like your average person and less like a model. I hate it when people act like any woman who doesn’t have 6 pack abs must never exercise. They tend to be the same people who think doing a ton of sit ups does anything other than build muscle mass underneath the stomach fat….which will never be seen without creating a calorie deficit to burn away the fat.

      • it might require a ton of exercise to have *a lot* of muscle definition but kate doesn’t have even one sort of toned area. any girls i know who are even modestly in shape have one area at least that has some visible muscle. i still am wondering why they put someone without any muscle definition on the cover of sports illustrated. kate is clearly not an athlete or in shape

  33. She has a massive bottom now and the smallest squinty eyes ever!!! Geez, why didnt they atleast put some mascara on her eyes to open them up?!! GROSS, I really can’t belive how large she’s gotten, her bottom is HUGE and her stomach looks pregnant – she needs to stop eating for atleast a few days!!

  34. i dont see how she has an unfortunate body shape? i think all body shapes have beautiful aspects to them and that all bodies can be beautiful in their own way. wether you are short, tall, medium height, skinny, fat, medium weight, apple, hourglass, athletic body shape it can all be beautiful. why is it wrong for someonen like kate upton who provides a bit of diversity to the modeling world to be on the cover of magazines? why do people complain about underweight models giving girls the wrong body image when the moment someone who looks pretty healthy and maybe even a bit different is on the cover of a magazine poeple react negativly? or if god forbid someone whos famous has cellulite or isnt generically and plastic and “perfect” people say theyre disgusting? im not saying that anyone here did im just curious why this is and when i first saw the poctures i was so happy to see a different body shape on the cover and i was expecting alot more postive comments! you are all entitled to ur opinion and i do realiZe this is a discussion forum regarding bodies, i just dont get the negativity myself. i hope whoever reads this that has a similae body shape to kate doesnt get offended by the negative comments, just remember that any body shape can be beautiful as long as you love yourself!

    • I agree! I really hate body hate…

      On that note… anyone who says that this woman isn’t beautiful is full of it. She is, and there is no doubting that that face is gorgeous. I like her body too, so it’s not super thin or overly shapely (I never wanted wide hips) and sometimes I think they over do her boobs… she is still beautiful.

      • I don’t find her beautiful. She’s okay. It doesn’t me I hate her or am jealous of her. It simply means that I do not find her attractive.

    • I love the kate upton threads, mainly for all of the sl*t shaming that goes on.

      “she is too sexy she objectifies women by being so sexy”

      “hey, I am going to prove that she is trashy by objectifying her in the process”

      The hypocrisy is delicious.

      • lmao!!! perfect comment. I can’t stand it when I’m around women who are too comfortable throwing the words “trashy” or “s—ty” or “w—-” around like it’s nothing. It’s unnecessarily degrading.
        I feel like it’s one of the reasons why women have such a hard time progressing as a whole. We’re too busy judging the hell out of each other’s lifestyles and wardrobes and career choices….

        • I missed this earlier. GREAT comment Junior.

          Women spend too much time fighting over men:P

          I’ve always loved the bombshells, and I don’t care if men find them attractive.

          The *only* women I will s—-shame are women like Paris HIlton and Kim K and that is only b/c they engage in dishonest business practises and literally w—- themselves. But, to be fair, I do think it is wrong to even shame actual prostitutes/strippers etc.

    • Thank you so much for your comment – I was thinking the same exact thing. People hate her because she’s overtly sexual. That’s what I think.

  35. Seriously what is wrong with all of you , all you can say its negative all youre standarts about the girls got so high , that nothing is right, it’s like saying all those mean things gonna change anything. My opinion I’m not a fan of her , but she is pretty girl , and if magazine has their own opinion and ideas for choosing her well its fine , I’m actually so surprised that the haven’t choose one of the high fashion skinny girls , I mean you need some meat to pose outh side when it’s freezing cold !!! 🙂

  36. I actually dislike that this girl is getting so much work. I do not find her attractive…at all. Her b❆❆bs are just suffocating to look at 🙂 I am not curvy at all as in I have that “no waist “look, unfortunately. I think that’s why I’m so envious of Candace’s bikini body, yet find Miranda Kerrs…not as exciting ( not that I’m as thin as either of these two by far..lol) just comparing body types. Kate does not have a good swimsuit body, she doesn’t, shes blocky and has gained considerable weight since last year. She’s better in clothing ads, but I just do not think she has an interesting face, at all. Not high fashion, not beautiful or striking, just meh…

  37. Lol at “Picture 11 of 23”, couldn’t they find a bikini that fits her?! It’s like they gave an A cup top to an F cup girl (not sure what her bra size is) lol!

  38. Looks like she gained like 10lbs. I think she looked better a year ago. I’m not gonna lie, she has an unfortunate body shape.

  39. Sheesh, I can’t believe how harsh some of these comments are. Being so critical of her body, even though she looks healthy. Everyone’s got some flaws, some have tiny b❆❆bs and tiny waists, some have big b❆❆bs and big waists. I might not be wishing for Kate Upton’s body, but I can still notice that she has nice long and lean legs and nice b❆❆bs (though I prefer them smaller).

  40. she’s adorable! i’m not really a fan of the body-paint shots, but i definitely did see a couple of pictures that look better than the cover.

    i’m really confused at people saying she looks “sooooo old” she doesn’t here at all imo, she looks pretty youthful and even baby-faced at some points.

  41. SO much hate going on. It’s getting a bit ridiculous now. You’d think that everyone here has absolutely perfect bodies. *sigh*

  42. i also like her quote concerning the criticism about her body. i like that she doesn’t feel the need to get justify her weight to anyone. she doesn’t sound too concerned with other people’s opinions; she’s making her money. i bet some people would just love for her to lash out against her critics so they could jump on her and call her insecure and defensive. good for Kate. she has way more “class” (since people around here love to throw that word around) in the way she conducts herself than people give her credit for.

  43. the only thing that really bothers me about these photos is that they have the bikini bottoms slung so low it makes her stomach look a lot bigger than it actually is.

    I don’t understand the hate for Kate, though, I quite like her actually.

    • Actually a few months ago I always thought WHY ARE THEY SO HARD ON HER?! And now I somewhat understand!

      Sometimes I think it’s not even her body ‘shape’ or or her boobs, just the ‘tacky’ posing and the ridiculous clothes they put her in, makes her ‘trashy’ and cheap! I know this sounds hard but just look at picure 9,10 or 11, it looks like a p— star parody!

      The only pictures I remotely like are 8,18 and 20! They should have put her in more clothes like the white bathing-suit, looks really nice. All in all, I think she is a pretty girl with a decent figure and of course some really nice boobs!

  44. She certainly isn’t ugly or fat BUT I don’t think she has a nice enough body to be on the cover of magazines. Her arms are soft and skinny and same with her legs, it looks like she’s never done a squat or lunge in her life. Her a– is flat and her b❆❆bs are fake (probably). Her stomach is soft as well and she has no ab definition or waist line…it’s just kind of upsetting to not see someone who works hard to keep fit

    • how do you know she doesn’t “work hard to keep fit”? she is a model, there are body standards for all of them. they all have to work out, even the plus sized girls. from the way her body looks, Kate would really have to bust her a– to achieve even a smidgeon of the “muscle tone” people consider so attractive here. she just doesn’t look like she has the type of figure that easily shows off muscle definition. she didn’t really have any even when she was thinner.

      i’ve seen people with worse off figures kill themselves at the gym day in and day out with not much in the way of physical pay-off to show for it. they do it to BE fit, not to look it. not everyone’s bodies work the same. i know that personally, i can achieve a pretty toned look with a moderately healthy diet and minimal exercise, while one of my friend has the cleanest diet of anyone i know and goes to the gym every day yet is still quite noticeably overweight (probably obese by this site’s standards if people think Kate is fat).

      it’s not her job to look “fit” anyway. it’s her job to remain moderately thin (which is not synonymous with fit) and keep her knockers big. that’s what’s getting her paid.

  45. Mehhh…will never understand how Kate Upton posts get so many comments, she is so meh. At least she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Haha this is true…say what you will about Kate but she is quite the cash cow! If I were her I’d milk it for another 5 years, and then retire off my millions.

  46. Ugh. People on here are wayyyyy too critical. She’s OBJECTIVELY beautiful. Those gorgeous eyes and her cute little cheek bone/mouth/nose area. She might not have the MOST desirable body shape but if you consider it even with her “wide” waist it’s still quite flat and she has super long legs! Mix that with pretty hair, skin, and some amazingly perfect luscious breasts(sorry they are really quite hard to stop looking at) it’s pretty hard not to see the positives! I swear the more you focus on someones negatives, the more you never get to appreciate the positives! I’m not saying there aren’t negatives(mostly stomach) but she is both photogenic and “happy” looking on top of the way she looks stop the criticism!

    • I think you spelled “SUBJECTIVELY” wrong. She is subjectively “beautiful”. Hm, someone, we’ll call her Natalia, had said something about objective beauty once, and was JUMPED all over and lashed out at. Was it because she was talking about a model ideal, not some more relatable, girl next door blonde like Kate? I noticed no one else called you out in that. Interesting. Hm.

      • Actually, when Natalia commented back to me on a previous post, she was discussing how she and some other people believe beauty to be objective. I don’t agree with that at all because I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I did decide that if one person thinks that beauty is objective, then they have a right to that view, the same way that I have a right to view it as subjective. But that’s just my two cents.

        I think that xx is incredibly wrong about Kate being objectively beautiful. IMO Kate’s not that great as a whole. But xx (just like Natalia or anyone else) has the right to view her beauty as objective rather than subjective without being attacked.

        Hopefully in the future, people won’t attack anyone for that type of view no matter what type of beauty they think is objectively beautiful.

        • I think that beauty is objective in the sense of: if your face isn’t hideously deformed or obviously asymmetrical, you can pass as attractive.

          In other words, an ‘average’ face, with no obvious flaws, can be considered to be ‘objectively’ beautiful.

          But, when it comes down to ‘she is prettier than that other girl over there’ it is purely subjective.

          Objective beauty realy only has a role in discerning deformed/ugly from normal.

          That’s my take on it anyways.

  47. Geez deformities or serious burns/scars on the body isn’t met with as much criticism or harshness. Her body is not my ideal but she doesn’t look bad in fact I think she looks hot. Honestly I would rather see more Kates if they bring something different and variety in a bland industry then the same old model types.

  48. I appreciate the fact that she looks real and relatable. I think she has a beautiful face and looking at her body makes me feel more comfortable with my own which is wildly refreshing. I think it’s sad that women have been brainwashed to the point where they would call this woman “cheap and ugly” because she has a more real body type than most of the other models that are shown on magazines. I say kudos, women need to see more body types represented than just super skinny girls.

  49. I know she gets a lot of criticism from alt of people, but I rather think she is quite think she is beautiful! She has such a fresh face, next door type look. I can totally understand her sex appeal to men. Plus her breasts are fantastic!!

  50. Its not even that people call her fat, (she isnt fat – she is chunky) its that her body is absolutely shapeless/the most unfortunate shape imaginable. Plus her boobs, which are the one thing that has made her *somebody*, look sloppy IMO. Her face is also very… VERY average/no stand-out feature.
    Also, she was complaining about frost bite from this shoot but she has more then enough padding to keep her from that Im sure

    • No doubt you are attempting to be funny, but frostbite affects the extremities first, and even the fattest person is going to get cold fingers and toes in the Antarctic…

  51. Waist, waist , waist , waist, waist. How about something new once in a while. Nobody off this site cares that much about whr. I swear you people have a fetish, thats all you care about. As long as your waist isn’t flabby and 40 inches its fine. I never hear comments like ” oh what great legs” or ” amazing abs”, always ” her waist is too big” ” her hips aren’t wide enough”.

    • Oh please, legs and abs are commented on constantly. Basically if a woman isn’t tall enough to model then “Her legs are SO short and stumpy!” and likened to tree trunks. If abs aren’t visible then “Omg she needs to hit the gym!”. And God forbid she’s not slim, she’s a certain underwater mammal! LOL I can’t even type the word “wha.le”because the Mod censored it! 😀

  52. I think she looks sexy here! Sure, she’s not my ‘perfect’ body type…however she looks so sensual and sexy and perfect in her own way. I can’t stand her personality from what I’ve seen, but I must admit she looks great here. Most swimsuit models do though I guess. Nice boobies.

  53. forgot to say – I love the softness to her body. Like, she’s not overly hard or toned. To me that’s sexy (not something I feel I can carry off, therefore I like my body on th slimmer side with muscle tone) but I love the look on other women.

  54. i like her, she is cute, but i do not know why her b❆❆bs are considered so impressive, given the fact that she is overweight overall

  55. She looks really cheap. The shape of her body just contributes to that. I’m not a fan of Upton anyway, but in this case I blame the stylist because triangle bikinis are so flimsy and she has big boobs, it has done nothing for her.

    And yes, everyone seems to love her for being curvy or whatever, but it is a models job to keep her body in amazing condition. My ideal would be that someone posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated would have a toned, athletic body. Sports being an operative word there. She should maybe do glamour modelling. Or acting.

  56. I can’t be the only one who thinks the 9th picture makes her look cheaper than she already is – it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that she needs a bigger bikini, her nipples are about to pop out of her top. So unattractive.

    Nothing personal against her, just with the whole over-hyped/sexualized hollywood thing

  57. Her b❆❆bs just look… *uncomfortably* large. Like they’re actually about to burst or something. It makes my b❆❆bs hurt just looking at them. Urgh.

  58. I’m going to say it, I like her as a swimsuit model now. If she had her body fat measured she’d be in the ‘normal’, healthy range, she wouldn’t be underweight nor would she be overweight (as much as we might think someone as overweight just because they’re not thin, slender “enough”). And she looks like she’s firmed up. She may not be muscular or extremely toned but she definitely has firmed up. She’s not a high fashion model, and there is room for her in the type of modeling she does, so she’s fine. And I’m guessing her exposure might help her size become more acceptable. Women do come in different sizes (not talking about overweight women, I mean women who are still in the ‘normal’ range of body fat).

  59. I wonder if Kate got skinny and her b❆❆bs shrunk, would everyone still be calling her trashy?!!!!!!!! Doubt it!!!!! Just because she’s not everyone’s ‘ideal’ body in a bikini, does not make her trashy.

  60. hi versus. i know you probably wont do another sports illustrated post, but I would really like for you to feature the rookies of the year for the magazine… particularly this model Emily DiDonato. Shes one of the rookies and shes such a stunner… she doesnt quite fit the mold of the usual SI babe cause she doesnt have the bombshell look, but her beauty is exquisite. thank you if you have time to read this!

  61. We’re led to believe that MORE equals trashy. Oh, your thighs touch and you’re posing like that? Ho. Oh, are you seriously tooching that booty when it’s already so big? Ho. She’s a full-figured gal who in my opinion is presenting herself no differently than the Victoria Secret girls do and she gets exceptionally far more rude, distasteful comments said about her. Most people on here won’t care to admit to others or to themselves that it makes them uncomfortable to see a full-figured person trying to be sexy because we’ve been conditioned to believe that MORE FLESH= MORE GROTESQUE. It’s pretty sad. Thankfully, she’s making big bucks, is an inspiration to many women, desired by a lot of men, and doesn’t need to worry about the criticisms of insecure or nasty people.

    • Oh grow up. People who criticize her aren’t insecure, nasty people. It’s called having a different opinion, maybe one day you’ll realize what it is.

          • *gasp* How dare you Lc, don’t you know Katherine Upton is a goddess and we must (figuratively) suckle at her overexposed breasts?! Bite your tongue, child…

          • If she is considered a goddess than I need glasses 🙂
            I like my perky breasts way more than her old droopy grandma boobs! ha ha ha

          • I don’t think that anyone here has said she must be worshipped, or even imply it.

            Grow up.

            See, we can all play this game 🙂

        • Lol @ serena! @ Fielding, it’s not “playing a game”. It’s true, she needs to grow up and realize that some people do not like a certain figure/look, and that by no means makes them “nasty” or “insecure”. I agree with Junior %100. Especially this statement: “But I was commenting on the fact that she seemed to put all of Kate’s critics in a box and I don’t care for generalizations.” That’s what I was talking about.

      • You have to admit that some people who do are. I think that for you lc, you just have a preferred body type. So your opinion, to you, is simply a valid opinion based on your preferences.

        But I wouldn’t assume that just because I have rational reasons for disliking a skinnier person’s body, that this means that there aren’t people that say horrible things about thin models because they are jealous and/or unhappy with themselves.

        But idk. Maybe I’m reading your comment incorrectly. It just seems like you’re taking offense where you don’t need to. If you know that you don’t criticize her from a place of being nasty and insecure, then I would suggest just ignoring a comment like Rosaria’s.

        I can’t really tell if her comment was generalizing all of Kate’s critics as being nasty & insecure or not though so it’s hard for me to really comment on her last sentence properly.

        • Rosaria did say ‘insecure’ or ‘nasty’

          One can be completely secure, and hate kate, just ‘cuz they are nasty:P

          I also think that Rosaria was making a valid observation about culture.

          Full figured IS considered vulgar, compared to skinny, which is considered elegant.

          • I agree that she had a very valid point and I actually agree with it to an extent. But I was commenting on the fact that she seemed to put all of Kate’s critics in a box and I don’t care for generalizations.

            But I do see that she wrote “or” so I think that you have a point about people not being insecure but being nasty. Maybe they’re not a nasty person, but they can express an opinion in a nasty manner.

            I just think that lc wasn’t nasty about her opinion/criticism of Kate, so I was simply saying that if she was offended by Rosaria’s comment, she didn’t have to be.

          • lc is just fine

            some of the women here are a little wonky though:P

            but what do you expect, the site is named skinny vs. curvy

            what kind of people is it gonna attract:P

          • Actually, I would say that Artemis, violet and Daniela are proof of insecure people who love to be nasty.

            Artemis has perky breasts, or so she keeps telling everyone. I can only assume that she wants a cookie!

  62. I think she is supposed to be a throwback to the bodies of the previous era’s, like Marilyn Monroe. I dont think she is fat at all but they insist on putting her in the tiniest bikini bottoms they can find when she would look better in another style.

    That being said, I like that she is different with a different body type. She obviously gets alot of attention because of her body type which makes her stand out.

  63. Kate is pretty and has a healthy sized figure… But she looks a lot older than her age. She does not look 20, I thought she was 28 or something. Anyway while she is a pretty girl, she is very overrated (but then again almost all new “it” girls are… Its just a marketing hype and trend). Apart from the bigger bust, her body is not actually that curvy. She looks like a regular woman in her 20s… These SI photos are ok, some look stupid though. There is a lot of airbrushing and photoshop evident too… Kate seems to be the kind of person you either like or dislike. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so everyone will always have a different opinion/perspective/taste. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, you can never appeal to everyone. I personally think Kate is a pretty/cute girl and she looks healthy, however she is still overrated to me. Her body looks better when she is dressed well and wears clothes that fit her shape. Her face looks better in photoshoots than candids, in natural/candid photos close up her face is just cute but that’s it. She should try to do more high fashion stuff though, the ill-fitting bikinis look awkward and its kind of sad that she has dirty perverted old men looking at her in such an objectified way. She’s probably happy to get the money from the photoshoots, but I bet if she met any of those perverts staring at her she would freak out and run. She looks trashy in these kind of photos which makes her only likeable to the creepy perverted population.

  64. As a bisexual woman, I gotta agree with those of you who mentioned that the dislike for KU probably comes from her very strong sex appeal.
    I look at other models and admire them. I see KU and feel straight-up LUST. Something about the combination of her features just translates to that animal/fertility thing. It’s not about her individual features, it’s the sum of her parts, so to speak.
    Bashing her for it is ridiculous. She cannot help being so freaking ridiculously sexy. Just because she looks that way, doesn’t mean she’s promiscuous. She doesn’t style her shoots, her hair, make-up, nada. People are employed to maximize what she naturally (effortlessly) conveys.
    I think if I weren’t bi, or especially confident about myself, I might find her ‘threatening.’

    • I’m bi too, and this model has 0 sex appeal to me. It’s almost like she (or her agent) wants to give sex impulses a bad name. And I would find Emma Watson more threatening than her, if my bf was about to meet her. I honestly think women don’t like her because they don’t understand why a non sex-archetype body is so much desired. It’s all about control. Ignorance is lack of control. You don’t know what men like, you don’t know how to turn your body more appealing. But of course, this isn’t the only reason, there are thousands of different reasons, like there thousands of different personalities out there. Some women just don’t like her belly and give a sh*t to Upton’s popularity among men. I just wish some commentators would stop this “eeeew / disgusting” body bashing, it’s childish and uncalled for.

  65. So…. Anyways. Kate gets bashed IMO because she looks like a million in one pretty soriority girls post the freshman 15. Not hating, but she’s not inspirational, or a “model” if you will. Plus, when she talks I feel a little less smart for having listened.
    But hey, good for her she is getting paid. But the hate isn’t a “female bashing” thing. I just think most girls feel like if she is a “model”, I can be one too!

  66. at this point i don’t even care about how her body looks. all i see is just that some of this pics are absolutely ridiculous (11th). like. really?

  67. This is the figure men like best. Not fat. Not super thin. Nice butt. Great boobs. Let’s face it ladies. this spread was NOT designed to appeal to women. Sorry.

  68. The hair is bleached, that’s never a good thing, not natural looking. Face is not beautiful, but cute, even pretty. Good height. Body though is more like that of a post menopausal woman’s, with all the fat being in the waist and the midsection, the flattened behind. The large breasts are her selling point for a lot of men, but at the same time they also age her. Plus looks like she never exercises. Wouldn’t want to see her in 5 years.

  69. She is on men”s magazine b/c she is more sexy than beautiful. Beautiful is hard, sexy is easy, breast implants, make hair yellow and easy to see, don’t need to be in shape, etc. Most women who get implants are trying to compensate, she is mostly trying to compensate for being average, and to balance out how big the rest of her body is. Still, good height, pretty face, and still somewhat above the average woman. Not in the best shape, but still a good pick for this type of mag.

  70. I think she is Beautiful… nothing wrong with a full figured woman.. need to bring back the pin up thick ladies.. I love it..

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  79. From these pictures it looks like she’s gained 20-30 lbs since when she first hit the scene. (Keeping in mind that she is 5’10”.)

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