Lane Bryant’s Plus-Size Models – Behind the Scenes

Here’s a short video that captures a few of Lane Bryant’s plus-sized models getting ready for their runway show in Las Vegas. You might recognize beautiful Ashley Graham, who was the star of the ‘too sexy for TV’ lingerie commercial (see it here!) a while back. Ashley is definitely one of the plus-size models on the rise these days – she is a size 16 and measures: 38D (bra)-34-47.

What do you think of the models walking in this show?

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81 thoughts on “Lane Bryant’s Plus-Size Models – Behind the Scenes”

    • I know, true American women are not all big/fat. These women, to me, are fat, and should exercise. Curvy is one thing, but these women need to drop some pounds to be healthy.

      • I liked all of the commerical accept for that line as well. I’m not american, but regardless I am healthy an look nothing like that.
        They may or may not be healthy. But don’t like how models are either really skinny, or much larger with large busts and hips.
        The true american women is variety. Variety in weight, height, body shape, heritiage, etc. The ‘true american women’ is not a size 16.
        That being said, that line was probably off-hand and not meant to be so anaylzed.
        But I don’t agree with it.

        • Also you have to think that they are promoting Lane Bryant clothing which is a plus-size clothing store. They are trying to appeal to their market base because it’s their job to…sell the clothes. And that is a real Lane Bryant woman’s size, If she said, “we are overweight and need to work out” you think women would flock to Lane Bryant to buy their merchandise? I think not.

    • ME TOO!!! I think she has a great figure too. Even though she is a larger size, she doesn’t look overweight to me like the other girls do…I feel like she might be at the higher end of the BMI scale? not sure though.

    • I think ashley is beautiful also its not about the weight anrantd size its about how you crazy your self as an plus size woman wearing nice clothes.iam myself is an plus size womanand beautiful and I love tht lane bryant is bringing out plus size women to show off there clothes to let them knowhave confidence in urselfs no matter how big u r u r beautiful and its not that the light just shine on the skinny models just knowing plus size women can do it also.

  1. i wonder if they exercise before this i mean there is something about plus size model bodies where they are fleshy but at the same time they are smaller but i love that their bodies are so in proportion as far as breasts hips and thighs

    • i know what you mean. the weight distribution is very flattering. they are thicker through the middle but still flat. Even at my current weight my stomach is still rounded. Its never been any other shape, and when you look at most actresses in bandage dresses etc they seem to have the same shape- but not models, plus sized or otherwise. They have some tricks they need to share 🙂

      • I am this bodytype.. and it’s all about exercising. I don’t loose weight easily, but when I’m exercising every other day (running, yoga…) my stomach and my whole body looks much better… and I feel better!

        • I’m also more or less this body type, but I gained too much a belly, and looking at how beautiful she is, and reading your comment, it encourages me to work out for loosing my fat belly

  2. I was really into it, and was like, “Hey this is pretty cool, ” and then the quote on the end.

    Real curves, true American women? Guess what ladies, if you don’t have THEIR body, then if you are in America, you are not American, and if you have curves, they are not real.

    Gee, sounds oddly familiar. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this whole brand of “plus-sized only” sounds pretty familiar to the strictness and exclusion of current high fashion. I don’t really see a difference except for the platform they stand on…fat or emaciated.

    • Not that I’m surprised, but Tyra is pulling that crap with the new “fiercely real” girl on this season of ANTM. She said it so many times during the last episode, I almost lit my TV on fire.

  3. I just don’t think that they should be sending the message that real women are that size…yes, I agree, it does exclude just like sample-size fashion. I think Sports Illustrated is more accepting of body types than either of the fashion runway extremes. Those curves, I’m sorry, are not enviable and we shouldn’t be aspiring towards that. Unless it’s in your genes, that look isn’t any healthier than rail thin.

  4. Their faces are beautiful but I don’t like their bodies that much. I just don’t think it sends out a healthy message, the same way I don’t think Chloe Memisevic sends out a healthy message.

    • i have to disagree. I’m not saying I aspire to this, but I doub they are overweight medically, certainly not considerably overweight. i would put their BMI’s somewhere between 24-27 and no doctor would describe that as unhealthy.
      chloe on the other hand needs to address her weight urgently.
      sometimes you should trust your eyes. these girls don’t look remotely ill- I’ll grant you they may not meet your aethetic standards, I understand that and wouldn’t judge you in the slightest, but don’t use health to justify your opinion.

      • I don’t agree, the majority of very skinny models are not healthy, too much exercise too little food, but neither are these women; too much food too little exercise.
        Nobody who eats healthily and regularly exercises will look like either of these examples.
        And I think a doctor would definitely term them obese, and tell them to address their lifestyle, without a single doubt, because they would be neglecting their role if they didn’t.

      • I’m no expert on BMI, but I do think they would be classified as overweight. I just don’t think they are the image of health, that’s all, I’m not saying that they are necessarily UNhealthy. Yes I do trust my eyes, and to me they don’t look very healthy. To you they may appear different though, and no one knows their health for sure besides their doctors!

  5. excuses, excuses.

    If that’s a representation of the “true American woman”, I’m so glad that I’m not living in America.

  6. This is the same propaganda as underweight models. If you dont either have curves in the right places or no fat at all then youre “not right”. How about a campaign about all different shapes and sizes not just PLUS or 00

  7. Not every american woman is shaped like that. The whole “a real woman is a certain shape” thing is bugging me. Also, very few woman have as small of a WHR, so that is not a “true american woman”. Every woman is a true woman and every woman’s body is real. Also why do people always go to each extreme? Why can’t they choose size 6 model instead of a size 0 or 16?

  8. Am I seriously the only one who doesn’t see sizes 14-16 as “extreme”? They obviously work out; plus-sized models have great WHRs and still usually look decently toned.

    Look at it from a plus-sized woman’s view:
    I think I’d probably talk about “real women” and curves and such if I had criticism from every angle telling me how unattractive/ugly/fat/lazy/disgusting I was just for being over a certain size. They have to defend themselves because no one else would.

    And can we have models between a size 4 and 12 please?

    • I agree Zeka. Although I don’t agree with the whole ‘real women have curves’ thing, I do understand where it comes from. Being plus-sized and curvy myself, I have felt unattractive for most of my life because I grew up with images of tall, thin, (sometimes toned, but often just skinny) women being put forward as the ‘ideal’ and anything else was not good enough. At least now being truly skinny seems to be out of fashion – being lean and hard is preferable.

      Even comments on here about these women being ‘disgusting’, ‘obese’ and making snide remarks about their waist sizes, shows to me that a lot of people are very ‘sizeist’! Whenever we have posts like this, the majority of commenter’s show that they find bodies that are not lean and toned ugly. This is what most of us have been brought up believing – the ‘ideal’ is everything smooth and toned and no jiggly bits (only the breasts – as long as they don’t sag and, if big, are fake, so they don’t jiggle much either!)

      I am not a big fan of very thin, toned bodies, but I can see the beauty in them and want to see them represented in fashion,etc – as long as they don’t look incredibly frail. I just want to see many different shapes and sizes being accepted and glamorised – so that all women can feel good about themselves! As long as they are not either sickly thin or truly obese, then I don’t see the harm in it.

      The fact of the matter is that most women’s bodies are closer to these plus-sized women than to the VS or (especially) the high fashion runway models. But the healthiest for most would be somewhere just below these plus sized models – so I join the call for more size 4-12 models please!

      • Agreed. I have never been plus-sized, but my friends are and they’ve dealt with sizeism. They’ve been ignored by salespeople and have been the subject of snarky comments on the street by random strangers. It’s sad enough that random strangers hate “fat” people so much that they take time and energy out of their own lives to say something. I just can’t wrap my mind around that.
        There is also the idea of what is healthy and what is unhealthy. I doubt that all of these women are ridiculously unhealthy. Someone actually called them obese. A 5’8″ woman with a noticeable WHR can weigh up to 170 pounds without being counted as overweight. If this woman had large breasts or was pear shaped, she could be up to 15 pounds above the overweight cutoff because fat is most dangerous when it is around the middle. Maybe some of these women are overweight. But overweight isn’t an instant death sentence.
        We have been brainwashed to think that fat is the ultimate evil. Some people need to come back to reality and realize that it is much more complicated.

      • “I just want to see many different shapes and sizes being accepted and glamorised – so that all women can feel good about themselves!”

        I have an issue with the media having so much control over how we feel about ourselves. Instread of pushing for a broader representation of beauty, why not decrease the importance of the concept?

        Aestethics is one thing, and competition between women is here to stay, but I would actually wish that this thing wouldn’t matter so much to the extend of being depressed over ones looks.

        Put other characteristics in the foreground.

        • I get your point Charle and I think it would be great if we could lessen the importance of looks in our society. I don’t think many women will go for that though – most of us are quite vain when it comes down to it!

          I’d just like to see more than one body size or shape being represented as beautiful and sexy so that none of us feel like we’re not ‘right’. I honestly don’t get depressed about it any more – but when I was a teenager it was a different story.

          And when it comes down to it, I don’t think looks play a huge role in life for most people – how you behave and who you are as a person is far more important.

    • I think the two extremes truthfully are stick thin and obese. So no, I don’t think 14-16 is “extreme” but it probably is to many people in my generation.

  9. i reaally do find the majority of these women removed*. calling themselves curvy and the image of the true american woman, is just an excuse to remain overweight– and maybe even obese.

    • Woah I just noticed that her waist is 34! I guess it doesn’t look that big because she’s proportioned well, but there’s no denying that it isn’t exactly healthy – that much of a layer of fat around the stomach can’t be that great for your body. And yeah that’s only an inch smaller than my hips, kind of weird to think about.

      • Well, my waist is a little smaller than hers and I think it’s kind of weird to think that anyone’s hips could be that small – guess it goes both ways! I couldn’t have 35 inch, or less, hips if I went on a starvation diet and worked out 5 hours a day – I think just my pelvis with the bare essential fat and muscle would be more than 34 inches! Just as you would have to become obese to have a waist that size – we’re all different! And remember, she’s quite tall too.

        And according to researchers white women with a waist circumference of more than 35 inches are risking their health – so, she’s not that bad. Also, her whr looks good which would put her at a lower risk too. I don’t think she is unhealthy.

        • I agree I don’t think Ashley looks overweight to me? She is 5’9 maybe she’s hovering on the higher end of the bmi range? not sure. Also I concur, even when i had a very clean diet my weight would never go below a certain number and my hip measurement could not go below a 35! at my smallest I think it was a 36-37 even though I’m only 5’2! Idk maybe I was doing something wrong lol anyway now its more like a 40!

          • Ashley is 100%, absolutely and positively in the OBESE BMI range – however, BMI is bull&&&, so it doesn’t matter. She looks like she is thinner because she has a great SHAPE, she is the perfect picture of an overweight AND curvy woman, which is rare, considering that in moast cases, overweight = big gut.
            My measurements are smaller than hers, 36C-31-43 and I am a size 10, but almost obese at 5’7”, weight 180 lbs (bmi = 28,2) though seriously, nobody ever guesses my weight, I simply don’t look fat (voluptuous yes, endowed, padded, chubby, ok, but not fat).
            Ashley is definitely in the obese range.
            Pics of Ashley:

          • I agree Ricky, I think a lot of people are saying they look healthy because they’ve got curves in the right places (I don’t see a gut)! Now if they were the same weight and ruler shapes, then that would be a different matter. I’m not saying they are unhealthy, but looks can be deceiving because it’s really how you distribute your weight.

      • Yeah. I mean, I get that women generally store their fat around their hips/waist, but that’s quite a lot no matter how tall you are. She does look well proportioned, though.

        • According to my doctor, it’s when you store a lot of fat around your waist which is unhealthy. He told me that because I recently went from 170 to 185 lbs mainly by building up a fat muffin top. He had no problem with my 170 lbs at 5’7 but now he told me that I have to loose those extra pounds.

  10. I’m a bit amazed at myself to think that these models aren’t curvy from the waist below, just chunky. Let me explain: For me, curves have more of a semlance to mathematical curves, elegantly definable by an equation. What I see here seems more of a mix of round parts (less coherent than a math function).

    Other than that, Ashley looks gorgeous in clothes and I would wish to have a smaller version of her boobs.

    • Agreed, I’m much curvier than these women being slim. I can’t imagine wobbling around like that while walking, must be uncomfortable.

  11. Forget about the message at the end. I thought these women are gorgeous. A few men that I work with that are 39 and 35 said to me once, as a man gets older, he wants meat on a woman. Both their women are stick thin. I was shocked to hear this..Men in their late 30s love curves..


  12. i hate everything that glorifies extremes.

    how is this supposed to be good? it makes it look like its ok not to work out and watch what you eat(same with ultra skinny)

    seriously everyone should work out and watch what they eat. there are so many people depressed and the solution is simple

    • That’s a bit simplistic! These women are not extreme, in my view, and for all I know they work out and watch what they eat.
      And not all of us want to be really thin and toned – some want to be soft and more curvaceous (which generally means having a bit of extra body fat)! That doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and sit on your backside all day – otherwise you’d be morbidly obese and ill!

      Some people find it depressing to have to watch everything they eat and work out a lot! Not all overweight people are depressed! Ever heard the expression fat and happy!?

      Everyone has to find their own balance and many of us don’t get it right – it is anything but simple, to my way of thinking.

      • i understand what you are saying. but this is just not healthy. people can smoke and be happy too, people can drink and party too much and be happy too.

        i was not saying that all as you say ”fat” people are depressed. but lots of people complain about different ailments and never think ”hey i should take care of myself”

        these women might work out and maybe watch WHAT they eat. but definitly do not watch how much they eat..

      • I fully agree with you. To be healthy is not only to be physically healthy but also to be psychologically healthy. If I had to deprive myself of eating with my friends, partying, enjoying some rstaurants with my boy friend,I would fall into depression and I don’t think it would be a good think. I’m much more happy enjoying life and its pleasures, even with some extra fatness. Of course, within certain limits, it’s all a question of balance. And I know that I should work out more !

      • How could someone not want to be thin and toned? Or even slim? (I don’t always like the word thin, because of the negative connotations)

        People seem to confuse deprivation with moderation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying attention to what you eat. It can become excessive and turn into an eating disorder, but you can be psychologically healthy and still be health/food conscious. 🙂

        • I don’t know. I’ve just never seen myself as very slim and toned I guess! I’ve had big b❆❆bs and round hips since I was 13 – so to me, that’s what my body is like. Of course you can be slim and toned with big b❆❆bs and round hips, but when I said thin and toned I meant more like the VS models and more extreme figures like Cameron Diaz! Those are the bodies I think of when I hear slim/thin and toned.

          But I agree Lisa, of course you can be psychologically healthy and still be health conscious – it’s all a matter of balance and the right balance is different for everyone.

        • Some of us will never be slim and toned, so do we have to spend al our life to regret the body we have ? or can we enjoy it ? It’s absurd. Besides that, one can be health conscious.

  13. I agree with Cfp. This is advertising for a plus-size clothing store. I don’t think size 14-16 is extreme in general. At Lane Bryant however it is the smallest size. The models do a good job of selling the product to their target demographic, which is overweight/obese women.

  14. it constantly amazes me how stuff like this is interpreted. Its almost as if people are threatened by the notion of a larger body being celebrated. They are not in any way saying EVERYONE should look like this, just that if you do, you can still look great, and here we happen to be selling the clothes to help you do it! I agree with the poster who said that we shouldn’t be looking to the media to define our self image, and in fairness I’m not convinced the situation is quite as extreme as it is painted. Most of my friends derive they’re confidence from other sources, and they’re desire to shift a wee bit of excess flab or maintain their figure doesn’t rule their life.
    These are the bigger girls, we’ve already got skinny girls, maybe one day they will get a bunch of rachel bilsons and kirsten bells and we shorties will finally be represented 🙂

    • I’d like to see shorties represented – I’m one too! 🙂

      Agree with you completely amazon – some people do seem to be threatened by bigger women being shown as attractive! It’s as if we should all be screened off from view and not show ourselves until we are thin, toned and ‘beautiful’! No one is saying everyone should look like these women – just that it’s okay if you do. There’s nothing unhealthy about it to me!

    • i don’t think anyone is threaten by a bigger woman being represented as beautiful. a lot of women are just tired of being told you’re not a real woman because you don’t look like this person or that person. and you don’t think skinny women are pressured to looking a certain, not just being skinny all the time?

      • I agree about the labelling – I don’t like it either. It’s unnecessary to say that curvy women are ‘real’ women – as if a woman is not real if she’s not voluptuous! But sometimes the comments on here just seem to say it’s not right for bigger women to be portrayed as anything but unhealthy and therefore unattractive. Obviously that’s not how you see it, so I agree with you!

        All women feel pressure to look a certain way – it’s a regrettable human trait that we tend to want what we haven’t got! But, the way I see it, there is a lot more pressure on plus sized women to be thin than the other way round.

        I always wanted to look like Nicole Kidman when I was a teenager – tall, long-limbed and slender – but short of a miracle I could never have that kind of body. Then I remember reading an interview where she said when she wanted to be shorter, curvier and fuller figured – more like a body I could aspire to! So, I thought I might as well embrace what I’ve got rather than wish I was someone else! We all do it – but no matter how great we think someone else has it, they might be thinking the same thing about us and wishing they had what we had! Sad but true!

  15. The most annoying thing about the whole video is how incredible wrong the last models bra size is! She needs to downsize her band by at least 2-3 sizes, and up the cup size. My good! The amount of women in this world wearing the wrong bra size annoys the c*** out of me! =(

  16. Ashley is really beautiful, her face is incredible, first time I saw her was on MTV made, .. she’s gorgeous.. But I don’t like that plus size model thing and words like “REAL women”, “REAL curves”..
    It’s like if I said that a man with no muscles is not a REAL man.. doesn’t make sense..

  17. WOW. She is a stunner. Though, I’m not too different from her(body-wise), people are right when they say that models like her are over-weight , I’m being serious, she could lose a few. Boy, that sounds really nasty and spiteful of me, but I don’t think that is the healthiest body she could have… Being fat or beng skinny doesn’t make one a bad person, it’s their body, it’s greatt to be happy but being healthy to yourself is a plus side too =)

  18. I am sick of this being promoted, being Obese is just as unhealthy as being too skinny. Where is the happy medium? It seems like they are using big women as a novelty or shock factor.

    • Being “fat” is not being promoted, bigger girls exist they can’t all run around naked, therefore they buy clothes and companies supply them with clothes and market them accordingly.

      They wouldnt be very sucessfull if they used slim models because people want to relate to the clothes they buy.

    • I’ve seen many plus size models that have gorgeous faces. I think they’re going specifically for ‘pretty’ as opposed to ‘interesting'(in high fashion), because of the need to appeal to the target demographic.

      For the same reasons a pageant queen wouldn’t be suitable for runways or fashion photography and vice versa.

  19. They’re all pretty facially but the excess, jiggling fat on such young women does not look good nor is it in any way inspirational. I understand being naturally larger due to bone density, structure etc but these women just look flabby and overweight. I honestly don’t see how someone can look at that and find it an appealing and healthy way to look. In pictures they look naturally larger because their bodies are still firm and young looking whilst being larger yet in this video they look as though their weight isn’t natural but rather, a substantial amount of excess weight.

  20. Really, people?? Do we REALLY have to anylize about what’s accepatble when it comes to how a womal looks depending on weight??? That’s REALLY stupid!!! If anything Ashley’s a BEAUTIFUL model!!! She beats those Victoria’s Secret moels ANYday!!! C’mon people!!! She’s like a breath of fresh air that we desperatley need!!! At least I think any way!!!!

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  22. I’d like to know how come Lane Bryant do not feature older, plus sized models in their advertisements. I really think that Lane Bryant would benefit from using beautiful women of a certain age as models. I am a beautiful, black, plus size women that enjoys all of the fashions from Lane Bryant stores.

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