Lara Stone – The Size 4 Model That Gets Called “Fat”

Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Doutzen Kroes and Heidi Klum are not the only perfectly proportioned models that have been called “fat” by the fashion industry. Dutch model Lara Stone joins this group. She’s 26 years old, 5’10”, a US size 4 and she’s heard the “fat comments” one too many times.

“People still tell me I’m fat, but when I look in the mirror, that’s not what I see. It’s depressing when the clothes don’t fit and you are always the odd one out…I was on a shoot last week and the stylist took out this tight corset dress and said, ‘Here, put it on,’ and I was like, ‘Who are you kidding?’ There was no way, so that was very rude of her.  It’s like, come on, she’s a woman; whether you’re buying jeans at the mall, or wearing couture, you know what it’s like for clothes not to fit.  It’s not an easy kind of rejection, because it’s very personal.  It’s you, you’re body.  You take it to heart.”

‘What they say is ‘curvy,’ but you know they mean fat.”

“I don’t want to be the fat one anymore,” she told Elle UK. “I have just started doing Pilates every morning, then going to the gym, running, and swimming. I make sure to relax in the sauna after exercising.”

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Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat-5 - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat-6 - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Above: Lara in i-D Magazine

Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat-21 - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Above: Lara in Vogue

I-don - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat-3 - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Above: Lara on the runway

Lara-Stone-The-Size-4-Model-That-Gets-Called-Fat-0 - Lara Stone - The Size 4 Model That Gets Called "Fat"

Above: an elongated Lara wityh super long legs

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82 thoughts on “Lara Stone – The Size 4 Model That Gets Called “Fat””

  1. Well anyone can see she is clearly not fat. BUT in the fashion industry if you don’t fit the clothes then you don’t fit period. I am not defending them but I can understand that a designer makes the clothes to fit the average fashion model and if you don’t fit then you don’t get the job.

    • That’s true, the girl should not lose weight she should book jobs with clothes that fit. If she is booking jobs that notoriously only fit 00 models, she is just going to make herself feel bad. She should at least request clothes to fit her to find out of she should book the job or not. Increase your brain, not your loss on the scales.

    • it’s a shame though, that many designers only cater to cookie-cutter sizes of models and thus view someone like Lara as “fat” when she is clearly not.

    • I personally understand what she is saying, but in the united states the average woman is ‘over weight’, so if designers think they’re going to sell with size zero or even size two, you have got to be kidding me. I know there was a faze where 0 and 2 sizes were in, but now, that ‘faze’ is clearly gone. Now the model sizes should be more 4,6,and 8, because lets face it the super eliteness in modeling is gone, like ovbiously u still have to have a look, but now more looks are being accepted so there fore a greater population. But it is a complete shame to the industry that she has to change her body for work.

  2. She just has wide bones (compare to so called “regular” models), no fat at all.
    I am getting really tired with all there gay-ish vision of female beauty we are getting from fashion magazines. Normal looking healthy women are cosidered “fat”, mostly sick looking bony women are “pretty”. Though I see we can benefit from here it is great to save so much many when you have no periods at all.
    But, really, what is going on with this world now?!

      • Men do not want their women to look like runway models. Yes, they are mostly attracted to slim, fit girls, but they don’t think that ribcages are hot. Women impose these unhealthy standards on each other. And some mean gay guys.

      • Ironically the whole skinny thing came about around the same time as feminism. It just seems that no matter what’s happening in the world or who is deciding what is beautiful – woman are subjected to unrealistic beauty standards.

        At least the days of the corset are over.

  3. OH MY GOD.
    i renember when lara stone made me gasp in the vogue magazine-photo of her on a prada runway. i gasped because she had breasts and it looked wonderful.
    fat?! she’s SLIM for christ sake. her body is so, so beautiful. as opposed to hard, boney/muscley models hers looks soft and firm. this isnt fat, i bet there isnt an inch of cellulite on her. she looks healthy-not as in chubby-but healthy and slim.
    whats worse is now she’s dieting and with all this going on is probably going to take it too far. i renember reading an article, again in vogue, about how she was fronting the healthy model thang. it’s amazing-she’s not plus size so she can still walk down on chris kanes runway-just showing every girl out there that actually being size four is also congratulted in the fashion world.
    this makes me very upset.

      • well being too ‘fat’ to be a runway model doesn’t equal actually being fat.

        Even the craziest of fashion designers would find it ridiculous if someone referred to this girl as fat in a real world sense.

  4. When will this end I want to model but dang if she’s a size 4 and I’ a size 6/8 what am I gonna be because I don’t intend to lose alot of weight!? 🙁

  5. Nooo! What is the fashion industry doing to these girls? Why does the standard sizing have to be a size 2? How can they expect all their models to fit in the same size, when they all stand at slightly different heights and all have different bone structures? Why can’t they just make a normal range of sizes, because deviations from the mean DO exist in the real world!

    Lara Stone is beautiful, and to call her FAT is downright wrong, if not delusional. I can’t believe she wants to CHANGE herself (by starting to work out more), instead of trying to change the industry by defying the fat comments. Next thing we know, she will become sick and eating disorded.

  6. I think this is the girl Karl Lagerfeld was talking about, when he said in an interview that he admired this model who has a little more meat on her bones and doesn’t give a rats ass. He said she’s successful because of her attitude and that when Anna Wintour asked her to fix her teeth she answered something like: It’s called Photoshop! Those guys fix it!
    I remember this interview really well but never bothered to look up this model he mentioned. But I guess I just found her!
    I really hope she holds on to this attitude!!

  7. well compared to normal models shes fat but realistically she isn’t fat at all but she is in the fashion world obviously she either needs to lose weight or change jobs.

      • Well I personally think she’s gorgeous, and in the industry, she’s particularly loved for her Briggite Bardot-like attributes.

        Since when has it started to be ok to just call someone ugly so crassly?

        • Oh, i’m sorry, but this is a website where we judge people by it’s physical looks… So… And also, it’s a free country, I am allowed to call ugly whoever I want to.
          And yes, she looks a little bit like brigitte bardot, but it’s like… the ugly cousin of brigitte bardot.
          Also, I think it’s very good that she has a normal body. Not a SKINNY one, like usual models, but not a fat one (come on, crystal renn it’s georgeos, etc, but she is FAT)… Just a normal-sized girl.
          But in my opinion she’s ugly. And it’s totally ok to say it.

          • Then I take it you will be perfectly happy and ok with others calling you ugly? I’m quite sure it’s going to be happening to you rather soon.

            I doubt you will be though. Everyone wants to be a nasty little git on the internet but they certainly don’t want to take the abuse.

      • I’m sorry Amy, I didn’t mean to attack your opinion or your right to express it. It’s probably just the way I think clashing with the way you think, and if you want to call someone ugly, then I guess by all means you can.

        Just personally, whenever I’m going to voice a nasty comment, and the word ugly even sounds nasty, I end up imagining what it might feel like to have such a thing said or written about myself. I guess I just think it might come back around somehow.

        Regardless of whether or not Lara Stone will ever read your comment (and we all know it’s incredibly unlikely), I just hate it when somebody says such things about other people.

        Forgive me.

        • what I mean is that is ridiculous to say that it’s ‘wrong’ calling people ugly in a website that judges people by it’s physical looks. As if the world didn’t judge everybody, so I have to be nice? you can be nice and cute and always say people are beatiful, but I’m not like that, so let me be. If I think she’s ugly, then it’s MY opinion and I can express it.

          • I didn’t tell you not to express anything. I told you to be ready for people to call you ugly. You say it’s a legitimate feeling right? So i guess others can freely say what they feel about you as well. You won’t whine about it? You won’t tell them they are wrong? Since we obviously can’t tell you that you are wrong for feeling what you feel. I didn’t tell you to be nice at all. I don’t care what you do really. I was just noting that you are a nasty little git. You are probably somewhere between the ages of 16 to 25, don’t know much. Maybe you are on college break, Christmas holiday.

            Did you ever hear of that concept of Karma? One get’s what they give?

          • you are not my mother. I already have one to tell me this kind of things, so don’t even try. you’re obviously trying to make me change my mind. And I’m gonna tell that, as almost everybody, I have already been called ugly, and I have already been called pretty and it just didn’t changed the image I already have of myself. If someone calls me ugly, I am not gonna die because of it, I won’t bother, in fact. Why don’t you just go to a church or a budist temple and let me say what I think? I am not gonna change because of you and that’s it.

          • I didn’t tell you to change your opinion. I flat out stated I don’t care about your opinion. You can barely speak in a coherent fashion. Why would i take your opinion seriously?

          • Well, if you didn’t took my opinion seriously, then why did you even answerd? And I’m sorry, about writing in coherent fashion, I really can’t, but that’s because I’m not a native english speaker and just started taking english classes. Not because I’m a teenager, as you may think.

  8. The saddest thing was at the end of the article she goes, “Well, I don’t want to be the fat one anymore”. Sigh, an anorexic is made.

  9. How much would a size four translate to in pounds?

    It seems to me she’s obviously a bit underweight…I can’t imagine her losing much more. :/

  10. in by no means is she fat by american standards, however in the MODELING WORLD, she is considered big. most of the runway models are either 00s, 0s with small waists and slim thighs.

    its sad that she is being called “fat” when she looks normal to me. however, this is the industry that she chose to work in and yes she’s going to have to subject to listening to people say these things.

  11. the fashion industry is really sick, no matter how mucth Tyra Banks wants to make it look good, its still living in the dark…………

    Lara Stone is not fat, at all!
    she is skinny!!! …..
    cant belive what im reading,,,,,oh god, what a sick world

    • second that !!! this is so insane get over it fashion industry, women everywhere should try to remember that health and happiness are the most beautiful features! Also the fact that denying yourself of food is seen as a mark of beauty is pretty messed up if you ask me, the media and fashion industry (don’t give a crap if they think rails look good weraring clothes) should promote healthy eating and the pleasure of sharing food with family and friends ( i know there is a move to this view but it has a long way to go)

  12. Lara Stone’s not fat, of course.
    But the interesting thing is that, despite having more weight on her than most models, she doesn’t have a more curvy figure. The LOVE cover is a photoshop job – you can see from the runway shots that her hips are not much wider than her waist. That model walking in the other direction in the 2nd to last shot looks much “curvier” and hourglass-shaped than Lara Stone, despite being visibly thinner.

  13. I don’t particularly think she has a beautiful face, but what is sure is that if this gorgeous woman is fat, then I’m an elephant.

  14. What’s up with these Dutch models being called ‘too fat’ by HF designers, and yet they dominate all those runway shows, major campaigns, Vogue covers……

    Lara is nowhere near to be called ‘fat’. Doutzen is fatter, but her face is incomparable with that of Lara’s!

  15. This is so disturbing on so many levels. What now, make her chop off her muscles just because she si not skin and bones like most high fashion models? And don’t give me the they are toned crap, because at 180 cm height, being a size 0 or 00 means you have bones. Period. This woman is skinny, but toned. Eeesh, high fashion is disgusting.

  16. The two A girls/women—–you’re taking things entirely too seriously. It’s the Holiday! Loosen up and quit bashing each other/arguing your points/fighting—go have a drink and relax 🙂

  17. obviously shes developing anorexia(i have anorexia and bulimia), shes said she doesnt see fat in the mirror but then she says she doesnt want to be the fat one anymore? i think her body is great and should stay how it is not everyone is meant to be a stick or curvy for that matter. and shes really a bad role model to say curvy means fat. curvy and fat are two differebt things. a rather slim person could still be curvy. fat is if your overweight or obese (medically if a doctor would say ur overweight or obese). i think she shouldnt hate her body so much but no offense but her face is rather not “beautiful” but in fashion they like “different” faces so whatever. my opinion on body image and everything always changes

  18. I think it’s sad as well, yes, but…it’s the fashion world. they go to EXTREMES. i really don’t think any amount of complaining is ever going to fix anything. i really don’t. sure the majority of people don’t fit into that catalog, but then again like, what, 6% or less of the population are models? This is not reality anyway, so there’s no use in complaining. she doesn’t have to be a model if they don’t want her! it’s a luxury, not a damn birth right.
    I wanted to model but hey, i’m 5’2, short as hell, so I know I can’t do it, so i moved on. simple. if people turn you down, either continue to fight, but if it’s a losing battle, then simply do something else. she’s gorgeous, but she could also do much better things with her life than modeling. get a better, real job possibly? modeling is not the go-to for people who don’t want to do anything else.
    She quite clearly isn’t fat, we all know this, & if you don’t like what designers say, then i think it’s best to just not give them anymore attention. if you ignore them & their work, then they’ll change. that simple.

  19. She has a great body! And she is Dutch, just like me!!!
    I think we live in a sick world if this what some people call fat. It makes me really sad. Thank god she is comfortable with her body

  20. The fashion world is run by a lot of GAY men!

    Why do we even care what they say? They do not look at females in the same way as most straight men do or even as other women do.

    I think we should just be happy with ourselves and forget about everyone else. If you feel like you want to lose weight, than lose weight and stop caring about what people say. It’s your life and it’s what you make of it. If that designer is being a dick then she needs to go somewhere else and move on. I’m sure there are plenty of other designers out there that will book her.

  21. i am soo sick of these models whining when they don’t get a job, i mean can they seriously say they didn’t know what was required of them when they signed up for the job? the everybody knows that runway models are extremely skinny and range from 00-2, so yeah a size 4 is big for the runway but not for the average person, I am size 4 but I am not a model and it’s her job to stay in shape and maintain at least a size 2.

  22. she’s NOT a size 4. if she were a size 4 it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but she’s not. she already said she is much bigger than the other girls, so we can assume she’s like a size 8 or something. a size 4 is still very skinny and model-like.

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