V Magazine’s Plus-Size Issue Preview

V-Magazines-Plus-Size-Issue-4 - V Magazine's Plus-Size Issue Preview

We saw Crystal Renn facing Jacquelyn Jablonski in V Magazine’s Plus-Size issue 2 weeks ago and today, we get another teaser from the same highly anticipated magazine number: Lots of voluptuously plus-sized models!

The first thing I notice is that these models are pretty… uncovered. I mean, they didn’t aim for flattering outfits according to their body shape and size that would make the most of their curves and hide certain areas, but they actually wanted to show, besides curves, “a bit of rolls” as well. On the other hand, the pictures are retouched (since there’s no cellulite in sight).

And another thing – Do you think that using plus-size models in a fashion spread will focus the attention on the clothes… or on the models and their shapes?

Anyway, all the models are facially gorgeous.

V-Magazines-Plus-Size-Issue-1 - V Magazine's Plus-Size Issue Preview

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Lots more inside!

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V-Magazines-Plus-Size-Issue - V Magazine's Plus-Size Issue Preview

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321 thoughts on “V Magazine’s Plus-Size Issue Preview”

  1. Sorry. They are way beyond what I consider pretty (in terms of size) it’s nice however to celebrate variety by showing something different. On the other hand, weren’t glossies jyst as fairy tales? Showing irreal bodies in artistic poses and shots? Don’t we all know that almost nobody will wear Couture, nor even once in a lifetime? But we don’t depressed or blame VOGUE because of showing it, right!?

    Controversial, interesting.

    • Agreed. I’m not saying their faces aren’t pretty, it’s just that their bodies remind me of a newborn baby…

      If you want a balance between skinny and voluptuous, just look at the peak of greek civilization 400BC…. the sculptures then strike a nice balance between fit and soft.

      As for me, I can’t imagin being comfortable at that weight. How would I sprint down the bball court? Fit comfortably in a movie theatre seat? the thought of clothing bunching in odd places drives me batty.

      Admittedly, when I was in art school, the most interesting models to draw were these types of ladies as their figures had more light and shadow play, but I would prefer to be far less heavy…

      their faces are pretty tho~

  2. Wow those women are gorgeous 🙂 i absolutely believe that beauty has nothing to do with how much you weigh, i think women should just try to be the best version of themselves that they can be, and aim to be the right weight for their height/age etc

    • I agree! I prefer more athletic, slimmer women but these women are GORGEOUS. And seeing different types of bodies is great!!

  3. Since it seems that nowadays everyone’s about diversity, how come there can’t be skinny, normal and plus size models modeling together? Why is it always one or the other? The outfits are disgusting here and it’s almost repulsive.

    • i totally agree! there lots of slim (not skinny) women, size 38/40 (sorry i’m from europe, i don’t know the american sizes), who would rock those outfits!
      but those women.. seriously, i’m not saying this is ridiculous, but wearing other outfits that suit them would be so much better! and people would take those “anti-anorexia campaigns” much more serious..

      • I agree with you both! What about those of us who are fit, but not anorexic, we would like to see ourselves reflected in the media, as well. Why the extremes? At least some variety is good and these women look lovely.

        • My thougths exactly. Why not fit women size 4, 6 and 8? I don’t understand the extremes either.

          I honestly don’t find these women very attractive, sorry to say. I just see “unhealthy” when I look at them. I know that sounds terrible but it’s true. Of course I understand that everyone has different ideas of beauty so I say lets show it all.

          • I actually agree with you there, lets show the woman who are FIT, take care of themselves. I think it’s about time we see some role models for America, not just “Oh well their all obese let’s make them feel better a little about themselves”. NO THANKS!

          • totally agree!!that is extreme!i dont like anorexik or too flat figures but this definitelly is overweight and unhealthy!!!I don’t think women overweight sould wear such mini dresses with cuts!!terrible!!

          • I agree with this as well. I wish they had more variety, not just extremes. It really bothers me that when they try to make larger women “sexy” they try to use the most revealing and provocative clothing and poses. There are other ways to be sexy, and a large woman does not have to work any hard to be such. You also don’t need to make them sexy, to incorporate them into the modeling world. Modeling is not a synonym for sexy. Not every ad I see of a skinny woman is sexy. It’s artistic and beautiful in its own way.

            These photos are very unflattering to the women. It’s a bit upsetting because instead of featuring the women of larger stature, I just see ill-fitting clothing and unhealthy bodies. Not that their health should be one to be judged, but I can’t help it looking at these photos.

            They are also emphasizing their weight in the photos. Skinny models aren’t photographed for their skinniness, but for what they are selling, or conveying. They need to have the same idea with large women, and stop focusing on promoting “fatness is good”, but that “larger women can model too”, and showcase their beauty and talent.

            Every magazine that has featured plus size women have not struck me as mind-changing. If anything, it keeps making me cringe. Their attempts at bringing women of various sizes together in the modeling world are weak and poor. This is just another example of a failed attempt at bringing variety to the modeling world.

          • Because the fashion industry is all about shock value! We are drawn to models because they are frighteningly skinny, and now having bigger models is shocking because of how little it reflects the current industry and the typically tiny model. Fashion doesn’t care about body image or your health! just making money!

          • Ding! djk hit it on the head.

            This is a capitalist country. None of this is about making anyone feel good about themselves in truth. In the abstract someone might feel better after buy this magazine but they still paid for it. That’s the point. To make money.

          • these women are beautiful.
            in response to everyone who is judgmental and mean a size 4 or 6 is not “normal”. the average women is a size 10.
            because you see women every day as a a size 0, you might think these ladies are”fat” or unhealthy but I garanty they are healthier then 90% of all of you and can run down any bball court anyday.
            unreal the amount of rude people writing on this wall.
            who are you all to judge that your size is the right size.

      • I am so with you here! I used to be a ‘skinny’ model (sz US2-4) and was relatively successful yet also pretty much starving myself to maintain that weight.
        I am no a healthy US 6-8, I eat well, work out and consider my body to be much better in terms of tone than it was before, however I’ve just been told that I’m too small to be plus and should either put on weight to break that marker or lose weight and go the other way.
        Surely there should be a representation in fashion magazines of normal, healthy women?

        • That would be nice wouldn’t it? I think the last 5 shots are nice and artistic but neither these models, nor the stick thin types are going to give me an idea of how I would look in those clothes.

          As someone said up above, it would be nice to see a variety of sizes, modelling at the same time. There’s no ‘one size fits all’.

        • I completely agree with this!!! I am a model now and have had agencies tell me to come back when my measurements were smaller… Well guess what, a large portion of my “huge” hips is BONE, and I cannot shrink my bone. There should be more work and representation for us size 6’s who represent the general population more accurately. It sounds like that is what people want to see reflected anyways… but if your hips are 38″ you get the door shut in your face.

        • i agree…ideally, models would wear US size 6 and 8, the occasional toned size 10. women at this size are generally healthy and slim and at an ideal weight. they look fantastic, slimmer than the U.S. average, but they reasonably represent what clothes look like on people. men also find women in this size range most attractive usually. when i look in a magazine, i don’t care what things look like on bone thin women or on heavy women (though i do think that some of the photos above, like the last one, would create a nice variety and are still flattering. others, however, are just unflattering and don’t showcase clothing well), i want to see women who are healthy and fit.

          there are several types of modeling where your size and tone will be appreciated, though. more glamour style modeling uses women with more genuinely ‘ideal’ proportions (not just playboy, but beer advertisements, etc.). spokesmodeling or promotional modeling can pay quite well, depending on the jobs you get. i know its not fashion modeling, and if you are really in love with fashion, these genres would probably not be satisfying. i am an hourglass but slim size 8, and could never work as a fashion model (too ‘fat’ for fashion modeling, too slim for plus size), so i have tried other types here and there; its fun and pays!

    • This girls are a bit overweight….. I think oversize models should look like a normal person with a BMI in between 19 and 25….
      What I see in this pictures are a bunch of girls that really like to eat a lot. U might blame me for being mean, but… we should let time to decide that.. in a few years they will be obese!

      • exactly! I think these models are too heavy and the usual models are too skinny. I think they should take models with a bmi of around 20 because that is what is considered the “beauty standart” for woman…

        • 🙂

          Maybe the “beauty standard” for small framed women, but what about medium or large framed women? For me to be BMI 20, I would have to weigh 110 lbs.(I’m 5’2″). The lightest I’ve ever been is 118 lbs., and considering how I got to that weight(basic training/AIT, I really had no personal control over my own food intake and exercise 😛 ) and the way I felt at that weight, I don’t think I could handle being as low as 110 lbs. I’m large framed, and according to charts I’ve seen that break down healthy weight range by frame size, I should weigh 128 to 143 lbs.(BMI 23.4 to 26.2), and I actually evened out(by that, I mean I felt and looked healthy and great 🙂 ) at about 135 lbs(BMI 24.7). Personally, I don’t think they should be confined to a certain BMI, they should be evaluated on a case by case basis, and judged by standards that take their frame/body type into consideration.


          • Heather, are you responding to me? Yes, I’m quite sure some people would find me repulsive at my current weight(hell, from some of the comments I’ve read on this site and others, people would have found me repulsive when I was in shape because I’m not a naturally small framed/thin person), but they aren’t the people that matter to me. What’s your point? o.O

      • How do you know they really like to eat a lot?

        But seriously why only the two extremes, super skinny or plus size? Neither or those extremes represent me.

    • Polly I completely agree. Women and men of all sizes should be representing designs rather than an ideal. It’s time for a serious change in the fashion industry. We need to think about why we need to wear clothing, how it benefits us, and what flatters us. Designers need to start creating clothing for every kind of person if their true intention is to make beautiful garments. The clothes here certainly do not flatter the models, celebrating the difference between the standard model and the plus size model. It is repulsive and heartbreaking.

  4. At last! I think they should be celebrating women of different shapes and sizes… Why have to show the same sized models over and over again? It’s good to have variety!

  5. all beautiful girls…reminds me of that awesome british tv show “How to look good naked” with that awesome host GOK…love your body and have confidence no matter what your size and that will shine through..some of these models are curvy and some are chunky..but they all still are gorgeous goes the same for the naturally thin ruler shaped love what God gave you and just be as healthy as you can be.

  6. I think these photos are wonderful but at the same time, most women I know(myself included) fall between plus size models and the reg. models size-wise, and are also shorter in terms of height. When is the day that I can actually see someone like that in a magazine?

    • I agree about the “normal models” , I’m still missing them.

      As for the height ,you may be able to advertise your clothes on women of all sizes , but it is just true that most clothes look way better on tall people. I work in the fashion industrie and have seen it hundrerds of times – taller girls ( 5’9 and taller ) are just carring the clothes better. Especially because they usually have long legs compared to theire bodys. It’s always alittle bit scary to stand between these gazelles with theire long legs and extreme looks – and I’m not that short at 5’7 , but 2 inches make a huge difference.

      It would probably work just as well to use a smaller girl , who has really long legs proportionally – but they are just harder to come by.

      • Height has nothing to do with leg to torso proportions. I’ve known many short women in my lifetime and they aren’t all torso with tiny c0-ktail sausage legs.

          • Not really a fact, but an opinion. If the shorter woman wears clothes that are designed to fit her frame, she’s going to look just as good as the taller lady. They only reason a short woman would look bad in clothes is if she buys regular and/or tall clothes instead of petites, or doesn’t have them tailored to fit if she’s between petite and regular made clothes(or can’t find petite clothes).

          • @ Sexy Petite Girl: At a height of 6’0″, I can tell you that I have never had a problem garnering positive attention from the opposite sex. Blanket statements like yours are not only rude but ignorant.

        • As is said above there are smaller women who have the long legs compared to theire torso – but they are harder to find , because there are less of them. I didn’t make it an ultimate. But in general taller women do usually have lng legs , because the torso only has to be so long.
          I didn’t have the intention to offend anyone 😉

          • It doesn’t matter how long or short your legs are anyways, if they are fat laden or covered in cellulite and varicose veins you lose anyways. Just a FACT.

          • I understand you did not intend to offend anyone.

            I will explain why I believe shorter women do not tend to have shorter legs and longer torsos. Yes, they often need their trousers hemming because, with a shorter body, it’s not common to fit the standard 34 inch inside leg (though the regular petite 26-28 inch is often TOO SHORT for petite women which is one reason why petite stores often close complaining about not selling!). However, they also tend to need the backs of regular clothing altered (shorter backs) to avoid a big ‘bubble’ on the back. The shoulder straps or seams need to be altered (short back-waist length). The rise of trousers needs to be made shorter (either trousers come up too high or crotch is hanging lower than it should be). The back and shoulder alterations indicate short women also have shorter torsos, shorter waists and the rise alterations indicate they have shorter hips. If the majority of short women had long torsos and short legs, there would be no need for these alterations and they wouldn’t be so common as only trouser hems would need to be altered.

            Still, I guess nothing can be proved either way unless there’s a study where people measured hundred’s of short women’s legs and heights and calculated whether they had long, average or short legs…

            To be honest, I find that women with long torsos and short legs are the rarest, whether tall, average or short. I have only seen a few in my lifetime and I’ve lived in many places. Most either have average or long legs unless you’re in East Asia, where longer torsos are more common.

    • I so agree!!! Some of those photos look nice, but some look a bit too overweight. Most women are just normal, not skinny and not plus sized. I am size 38 and my BMI is about 22. I never see a model like that! Why does it always have to go to extremes? When did normal became a curse word?

      • maybe you should inform yourself on the meaning of healthy. just because you prefer seeing someone skinny doesnt mean everyone else does. you and alot of other on here are very rude and judgemental.

  7. They are all very beautiful facially, but I prefer skinnier models, because I focus mainly on their outfit and the whole concept of the photo not on their body, but on these pics the first thing that strucks me (and not in a very pleasant way) is their body. I don`t want to sound hateful or anything, I just think that catwalk and modeling is for skinnier women, because they represent something dreamy and unreachable (with all the photoshop). And I don`t understand how people can blame them for being a bad example for young girls, everyone should have a brain of one`s own and be able to decided what is healthy or unhealthy, not just copy someone without thinking.

    • I TOALLY agree with this comment. And I don’t understand why the photographer would make these women stand in such poses?. The way they are posing does not make them look flattering at all. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying they should hide there curves, just don’t twist your body so you flab looks bigger than what it actually is.

    • I don’t think it matters what size the model is. In our body-obsessed culture, we will always look at their bodies first. When I see a stick thin model, the FIRST thing I notice is how skinny she is. THEN the clothes.

    • I completely agree with you Dani. It’s just the outfits show the rolls and the poses just doesn’t make them look their best. If they dressed them appropiately for their size then they would look great. But I feel that the outfits make us focus on their body and not the clothes.

    • **I don`t want to sound hateful or anything, I just think that catwalk and modeling is for skinnier women, because they represent something dreamy and unreachable (with all the photoshop). And I don`t understand how people can blame them for being a bad example for young girls, everyone should have a brain of one`s own and be able to decided what is healthy or unhealthy, not just copy someone without thinking.**

      I would guess that the reason why a lot of people place the blame on the thin models(or, maybe more accurately, the USE of the thin models) for body image issues is because no one hardly ever says it’s because the models represent “dreamy and unreachable”, the most used reason I’ve ever seen for thin models is “Clothes look better on thin women.” And when the use of thin women spills over into everything, from ads for weight loss to ads for romantic get-aways, and thin women are being used in the lead rolls of films/movies and the “heavier” ladies are usually the quirky, funny sidekick that don’t get any attention, well, I guess I can see why the thin ideal can cause people to have body image issues. I even fell for it for a bit, but when you have a body that you just know will never be thin, you have two choices: hate it and try to force it to change; or accept it and move on. Hating it is easier, I can tell you that, especially when you aren’t seeing a lot of women built like you being held up as ideal/desirable.

      Hope that makes sense, haven’t had my morning coffee yet, and good ole’ Alaska is sunless right now 😀

      • But being ultra thin is only ‘dreamy & desirabe’ because the media tells us it is.

        In the 90s being a slim and curvy was ‘dreamy & desirabe’ – sure most women could only dream of looking like the supermodels on the catwalk, but at least they were admiring healthy sizes. I think some of the models today encourage young girls to starve themselves.

    • i agree , absolutely.
      when i look at these clothes on these women, no offence, but its just not to my taste and it kind of puts me off the clothes in a way :/

      yhe thing is, most people dont realise that being curvy isnt about being fat
      i am slim, and appear curvy :s
      i know alot of other people, too like megan fox, jessica alba.. all of them hav hourglass figures but slim ones. its nothing to do with the waeight its to do with being in proportion :/

      • I can agree with you partially because there are a lot of girls out there with great curvy who are still healthy and in shape. Jessica Alba is not one of them though in my opinion. I think she is absolutely beautiful but I do not understand when people list her as a curvy person! She is probably around 5’7 and 110 lbs and looks extremely skinny! This is fine if this is the body she likes and she is healthy but don’t call her curvy, if she is curvy then who is skinny? I just think that is an unhealthy perspective to call Jessica Alba curvy! She is slim like you said but does not appear curvy at all. These women are pus sized models, I can understand that not being your taste and that is totally fine but these girls are a lot closer to curvy than Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. There are a lot of slim and curvy celebs though like Kim Kardashian, Scarlette Johanson etc.

        • Mariah I understand what you are saying, but curvy is not code for large/fat ect.

          Curvy is the body-TYPE not body-SIZE

          Do you see the difference? Someone who is skinny and curvy would be Megan Fox for example, she is skinny, and short but she has a tiny waist and her shoulders and hips are the same width. Also you mentioned Kim Kardashian and Scarlette Johansen which are also curvy women, but not because they are larger because of the porportions.

          Sorry but I just thought everyone already knew what “curvy” was that is not some code word for “thick girls with tiny waists”. Curvy is the actual PROPORTIONS of your body. Which tiny, skinny, tall, short, large people, anyone really, could fall into.

          • I understand that but still would not classify either woman she listed as having a curvy body type. Maybe I have a different perspective of the curvy body type but are you saying curvy is anyone with an hourglass shape? I was just saying the example she gave-Jessica Alba-does not have a curvy body shape/type/size anything. I just think its hard for young girls to always see someone like Jessica Alba labeled as a “curvy” girl when she is not curvy no matter what meaning you have of the word. I agree that there are many different types of curvy someone who is tall/short could be curvy but how could a skinny person without curves to their body in terms of weight or measurements be considered curvy?

          • “…how could a skinny person without curves to their body in terms of weight or measurements be considered curvy?”

            See that is where curvy is NOT about “weight”. Is is simply about the body structure, and as I mentioned (a lot before) it is about proportions. It does not matter what weight, size, body-fat, ect you are, it all depends on the shape of your bone structure.

            However I DO agree with you that I don’t consider Jessica Alba’s body necessarily curvy, I honestly have no idea what shape she is, though I think her body is amazing. Megan Fox would be curvy though. Marissa Miller is curvy, Kim K is curvy, Scar. Jo., ect. I hope I was clear.

            If ANYTHING, when a woman gains a little too much weight, she “disguises” her curves with body-fat, because she then loses her waist definition to be “curvy”, so I don’t think we have a word for those woman yet, maybe, fat?

          • I specifically said in terms of weight OR measurements (proportions). I agree slim women can absolutely be curvy and I was not trying to classify curvy as meaning weight I was simply saying I do not think Jessica Alba is curvy in any sense of the word. Curvy CAN be in terms of weight as well you can be a curvy girl and not have hourglass proportions. I consider Kim K and Scarlette J to be especially slim and curvy because they have the curvy proportions as well as curves with their weight because they have breasts, booty, curvy legs etc. I agree with you in many aspects but do not think curvy can only mean proportions. A skinny girl can have a small waist and well proportioned hips and shoulders but have absolutely no meat on her bones and I would not usually call her curvy.

          • Okay I actually understand what you mean now. I guess to some people it also refers to breasts, booty ect. I do agree with you about that. My sister for example is a stick, with a small waist and even shoulders/hips, but has NO ass. I would definitely not call her curvy.

            To me, “curvy” is hourglass proportions with a good size butt, honestly breasts are not a big deal to me at all. I have a good B cup and I am more than happy, heck I could be an A and as long as I have an a– I am all good!

          • Yes I agree as well. I’m glad you understand my point. I just think there are different levels to being curvy. Like you said someone can be considered curvy if they have hourglass proportions but are still very thin, so their curves are on the sides of their bodies. Others are curvy in terms of looking at their profile, they may have curves from their b❆❆bs and butt and they may not be that curvy with their proportions. Others have both and are extremely curvy from the front and sides, it all depends, I just think there are a lot of different types of curvy. I also think that the word can be misunderstood like you said and I think a lot of ppl see it that way which is why I think it is somewhat misleading to some when very skinny ppl like Jessica Alba are called curvy, it may make some young girls think “THAT’s curvy? Then what am I???”

          • You are soo right. Curvy is NOT Size. Its how the body looks and how it is formed.
            I personally think anyone could be curvy. Victoria’s Secret models are skinny, but also curvy. Because they have curves and breast and a butt. Hahha.
            Yeah skinny or thick. You could be curvy eather way.

          • I’m with Alias here about curvy being the shape and not the size. A lot of women are thin or even skinny but with curves, like Marissa Miller. Women like Kim Kardashian and Scarlett are also curvy, but I wouldn’t say they are slim. Women like the one wearing the grey bathing suit…I’m sorry but I wouldn’t call her curvy..I would just call her big..and that is just because people get offended when you sue the word “fat”, while it’s ok to say”skinny”…the truth is there are big women with nice shapes….this girl is just fat..her stomach is way bigger than her a– and her boobs….

  8. I agree. I was thinking the same thing when looking at those photos…why do they have to go from one extreme to another? They should focus on a normal sized women sizes like 36, 38, 40 european and not on super skinny or in this case fat. I’m not saying they look bad, they look great but I don’t think they have healty bmi’s.

    • Theire BMI’s might be alright still , but I would love to see sizes 36-40 aswell. Everybody here says “We want variety” But just two extremes doesn’t give a huge range of diffrent models , but just two kinds.

      Wheres’s the rest in between ?

  9. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I’m just curious… Do they feel comfortable? I mean when they wear jeans or other tight clothes…. I am sort of curvy girl myself (not THAT curvy as those girls), but recently I began going to gym and eating healthy. I feel MUCH better now, when I can fit size 4 or 2 (I used to be size 6 and 8, I’m 5’7″)… I don’t know what to say. I mean when I was not exercising and eating everyyyything I wanted, I was feeling kinda ok, but now when I lost some weight it’s a completely different feeling!!! Why don’t they want to feel light and freee??? :/

    • 6 and 8 is really healthy for 5’7″
      I’m a 4-6 and I’m 5’9″ and still slim. Please don’t force yourself to be too small.

    • Ida, I’m sure they would all LOVE to be thinner. I completely agree with you – in my experience, everyone prefers being thin. Most thin girls secretly enjoy being thin and get upset if they gain weight. And all the overweight girls I’ve known who lost weight were all extremely happy and proud to have lost it. And, in my own experience, when you lose weight and become thin, all sorts of people come up to you and ask enviously, “How did you do it?” These same people told you before, “Oh, you’re fine, you don’t need to lose weight, you look great as you are!” These same people told you that models are too thin, that they don’t like stick-thin girls, etc etc. And yet, when you lose weight, they’re all envious, and that’s when you know that secretly, they wish they could be thin too.

      Everyone wants to be thin and light and beautiful, and wear whatever clothes they want without having to worry about hiding their bulging stomach or rolls or big thighs.

      • Yep I definitely agree with you. I had a friend who was fat, she was short and an apple shape and had a pretty face and claimed she “loved her body” and was “hot”. But the second another fat girl at school lost weight and toned up, my friend was all “How did she do it?! I really want to know!”

        • For sure. It drives me crazy nowadays when I’m watching a fashion segment and they say “if you’re a curvy girl try these jeans” when in reality they don’t mean curvy at all, they mean plus size.

      • I don’t want to be thin and light and beautiful, I want to be healthy and beautiful. And even at my current weight, I can still wear what I want because the clothes that I like don’t really show a lot of skin anyway(and that’s how I was when I was in shape), and if they fit right I don’t worry about bulges or rolls. I don’t care that my thighs are big, and will stay big, but I would like them to be firmer though 😛

      • there still remains degrees. i do prefer being slim. but i don’t want to starve myself or become a skeleton. i don’t want bones sticking out everywhere. i am a size eight british, it varies, i can go smaller, but i like my clothes loose, and tops and bottems are slightly different sizes. i would like to loose a half stone more. that would put my bmi at around 19. it currently is about twenty. that is healthy. i don’t want to be underweight. and yes when i get to my ideal weight, i will probably, no definitely still be unhappy with areas. but it is more about shape and tone and not weight.
        while i agree most of us prefer to be slim, i don’t know that it is THAT important to everyone cause the truth is we can all be slim if you are willing to put the work in. maybe they are just sick of being made to feel deficient, unattractive, and being belittled because of it.

  10. Oh Blah Blah Blah..

    It’s their magazine, if they want to be fat chicks in it, skinny people, the morbidly obese, people with no legs, people with chicken coops on their head, space aliens..etc, it’s their right. I don’t give a damn and I really think people need to stop saying “They should put this in their magazine”. Go make your own magazine.

    As for these photos. Kinda boring, and where’s Dirty Martini? I follow burlesque and I know she’s said to be in this issue.

    (Oh yeah there’s more burlesque dancers out there than Dita Von Tesse)

    • This issue is like every issue of every magazine ever made: all about SELLING COPIES.

      People will buy this issue of V just to show others the half-naked obese girls. (Yes, they are obese… that is not my opinion… calculate BMI.)

      Others will buy it to show how beautiful the girls are.

      Personally I can’t imagine that the photo editors and the stylists are still employed after the clothing choices (oy, the horrible fit!) and the fat-roll poses they decided to run.

      Even the skinny models that are essentially human clothes-hangers (I got that term from my model friend, sorry) can have fat-rolls and elastic-pinching in a bad position!

      Oh…and clothing size tells nothing about body size. BMI!!!! Use that.

      • gina, ur an idiot
        learn math, learn what a obese bmi is, they are not obese.
        look it up.
        hateful and rude.
        i have a friend who is a ‘plus size’ model and she is definetly not obese.

  11. Sorry, they are way beyond what I consider pretty. These models were supposed to be curvy, but these girls are much more bigger than curvy girls. I mean Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian are curvy. These girls look like Kelly Clarkson.

      • They do look unhealthy, the magazine swapped one extreme for another. The second photo in particular is extremely unhealthy, and I shudder to think what it was like before airbrushing. Facially though they are beautiful.

    • I think their pretty facially but you’re right they’re bodies are not that great. They are not what I would consider curvy either. I hate how the word curvy just means overweight with no shape now Instead of having a shapely but fit figure.

      • Exactly… It seems people still do not understand what curvy really means. It seems any “larger” chick gets curvy slapped on them, when in reality you cant even see their waists and they are not curvy AT ALL. Like these women in the mag.

      • I think people use “curvy” as a nice way to say big. Whenever I used the term big to describe a celebrity on here, people attack me as if I said something bad when I didn’t mean it in a negative way.

        It’s kind of how it’s better to say slim instead of skinny, although even moreso because people have much less of a problem calling other people skinny than calling them big.

        To me curvy is not about size, it’s about the shape of the body. It means a great waist to hip ratio, and some b❆❆b and butt. Christina Hendricks is curvy, but so is Candice Swanpoel.

  12. My eyes went straight to their rolls. Then again, if I see a very skinny model my eyes would probably go to any protruding bones.

  13. I´m sorry but I don´t see a point and this shoot looks ridiculous. The jeans are too tight, so the bellies and butts are hanging out – not flattering, nor sexy.

    This is ridiculous example of anti-anorexia war – show me, normal size women in pretty clothes in their size and I will take you seriously. Do not slap me in the face with overweight women in too tight clothes.

    However I like the blond girl in the leopard thingy.

    • I get a sort of car-crash-oh-no-but-I-can’t-look-away feeling about some of these pics. But I’m with you on the leopard girl and 1 or 2 others.

  14. im sorry but i think these girls look just as bad as the uber- skinny ones. y not use models with a normal bmi’s that project a healthy image?

  15. As a guy, I generally like slender women (I’m very athletic myself)… but if I would definitely love to date one of the women in the first picutre, their faces are what I consider very sexy, very beautiful.

  16. I think “real” sized women are totally hot! You can have all those skinny drug abuse looking models! Give me a REAL woman!!!

  17. Oh my god, a lot of you will disagree but I find these women incredibly beautiful- now if they weren’t so pretty facially then I probably wouldn’t be so attracted to them but there is just something so invitingly stunning. I agree with a comment above, why are different sizes only featured together- it makes the issue with size even more pronounced.

  18. Versus, not meaning to be offensive in any way, but your quote
    [On the other hand, the pictures are retouched (since there’s no cellulite in sight).] The part of the cellulite is a bit wrong, as lot’s of plus size women don’t have cellulite and even some skinny models have it. Although, the retouching bit is correct.
    Anyway, thank you very much for posting these 😀

    • You’re welcome!
      I know many skinny models have cellulite, I didn’t mean to suggest that these are plus-size, so they MUST have cellulite. Maybe they don’t have cellulite, but what I mean is that we don’t see uneven skin-tones, stretch marks or other tiny skin imperfections (cellulite was just a potential example), fact which proves that they are retouched, but at the same time, they decided to keep some rolls (while they eliminate all existent and nonexistent rolls when it comes to skinny models or celebs).

  19. Either overweight women or underweight (or very skinny) women. I don’t know anybody who takes the fashion industry of today serious. I mean so why? Is there a reason. Most of us are healthy and at a normal size and weight. No one aims us.

  20. I’m sorry to say that, and I make this remark with a little sadness:

    Whether these women are beautiful or not, that’s a question of taste…

    But I find outrageous for magazines to use plus-size models like the new trend, the last hype thing to do! This has nothing to do with showing curvy women…. It’s just PR strategy!!!!

    And some of these women are overweight, not curvy… And that’s just as dangerous as showing scary skinny women!

    Seems like they don’t know how to celebrate curvy women at all!

  21. the 6th and last picture are gorgeous. but there’s no point in using ‘real’ or plus szed women on fashion spreads, it will take the attention off the clothes and onto the model. the fact is these clothes look better on a slimmer body.

  22. It bothers me that a lot of magazines will have a plus-size issue in which they celebrate diversity… then next month have all thing girls with articles criticizing someone’s cellulite

  23. I’ve read that a lot of women feel better when they see skinny girls in magazines. Their body and whole look seems to be unreachable and not the average anyway. But here we have women who are closer to the bodies of average women, but still they look better, because of photoshop, professional make up and lightening. For example: They are “big” but don’t have cellulite (in the photos), so an also bigger woman probably could feel worse looking at them (“even at the same size, they look better than me”). While looking at a skinny woman, most other woman think “Oh, she’s a model, she doesn’t eat, works out all day, I couldn’t live like that anyway”. Know what I’m saying?

    • I completely agree with you! These women are even more unrealistic than skinny models! Skinny models are actually as skinny as they seem in the pictures, and lots of the time, they probably don’t even have cellulite because they are 15-17 years old! So of course they look like that, they aren’t even adults. But, these women are grown adults. They are large, have rolls, have cellulite, do not have this great of skin, and probably do not look this way without make-up, so i think this could definitely be more damaging to the idealized image of women.
      All men and women know real models are completely unrealistic (and frankly, not always that attractive-hello sticks!). But now, regular women have to compete with this new ideal of what a “regular” women should look like.

      • I completely agree with both of you, I hadn’t even thought about that. I think that these photos can be as damaging, if not more so than the usual skinny models. They should have made the photos more realistic.

  24. That nude photo is utterly gorgeous. I think whoever that model is, she’s beautiful and looks bloody good with no clothes on. Also, the blonde in the leopard print, she’s so pretty, she looks just like a doll. I like how they aren’t hiding rolls or anything like that, and they’re still looking good. I agree that it does detract attention from the clothes, but way to go in redefining beauty!

    • the nude photo does nothing more than glamourise obesity. yes, fine, she’s obviously happy being overweight but we should not be sending the message that these are desirable body types!!

  25. those pictures are supposed to appear in fashion magazines and FAHSION IS ABOUT CLOTHING

    I’m sorry and I think the girls a pretty, but I don’t think that the fight for more variety should be carried out in a fashion but in a health mag (like shape e.g.)

    in those pics nobody looks at the clothes
    and fashion pics with skinny models are WITH skinny models (and often more or less boring ones) because it’s about the clothes and the models are supposed to be just a mannequin!

  26. this is not a positive look at larger women in fashion but a freak show being played out within the covers of a magazine. putting these women in unflattering positions and clothes that are clearly too small is a tool to make them look bigger, to shock the viewing public. as women, we are taunted daily by skeletal fashion models, i’m supposed to feel elated to see a larger women fronting a campaign, a more representative body type. however, i defy any of you to idolise these women. nobody wants to be this fat! by letting the plus size model out of the covers of a catalogue and into a glossy every few years, the fashion elite merely cement in our minds the very ideal that models need to be thin. its almost a perfect plan. maybe one day we’ll wake up and demand better…

  27. WOW!!! These girls are gorgeous, they are beautiful.. Its nice to see curvy girls proud of their bodies just the way they are.

    They have miss universe faces 🙂

        • i agree with amazon.. some big girls are curvey some arent..some skinny girls are curvey some arent.. these girls are in the big and curvey catagory ..and how hot is the brunette!! =D

  28. I’m a bit confused though. Yes put curvy women in but to accentuate their rolls? No. If a thin model were to have a slight roll or fault it would be air brushed out, why not cover the rolls here, and show that curvy can look appealing and modelesque. They are beautiful women and they look good, but the showing the excess in such a away is a bit like freak show material. Again their can still be flawless beauty in curvy and plus side modelling.

    • yea i was thinking the same thing.. its not like the rly skinny models dont have any rolls when they pose in certain ways and bend in certain ways..but we never see them bcoz they are airbrushed.. hmm.. and also, if they airbrushed the cellulite and other flaws on their skin then why not just photoshop the rolls? =S makes absolutely nosense to me..

  29. The post asked “Do you think this will take attention away from the clothes…” I think, YES! I hope the point here isn’t to showcase the clothing as they do with normal models, because there is no way i would be able to look at an article like this and not notice anything but the large models. They are very beautiful of course, but i don’t think using plus-size models could be effective way to advertise and sell clothes. I don’t think women necessarily have a desire to be stick-thin, but they definitely have a desire to be healthy. I really liked glamour’s (Glamour Magazine) idea of publishing “normal” women, not scarry skinny, not plus-size, but just…normal. Like most women! I think that is a great way to showcase all body types.

  30. This is long….

    I think that these women are lovely…and I think that having a little roll in a certain position does not make you “horrid looking”….c’mon.
    I think that picture of the four women together labeled curves ahead, is nice…and attractive, as well as Crystal in the first one; the leopard one and the last one are also nice. I might be “old fashioned” or have a different mentality, but women used to be praised for being fuller looking “back in the day” with full hips and thighs and soft feminine tummies with ample breasts…that was the desire (not women who look as if they need a meal, or look as if they have not hit puberty) I always find the old paintings of fuller angels and nude women bathing very interesting because that is what was portrayed as beauty…and now, I think that our perception of beauty has become very distorted. Skinny does not equal beautiful and plus size does not equal ugly.
    If these women are heart healthy, then who cares. (and yes, you can be overweight and cardiovascularly fit) I am personally so tired of seeing super thin models and celebrities, who get airbushed to be even more thin or free of imperfections, praised for how they look. I certainly don’t want my daughter to have those images engrained in her mind. And yes, we all have our own minds and know what’s right and wrong, but after so much of anything, a person can form a certain mentality of what they “should look like”…etc.

    For every person who doesn’t find one of these pix attractive, there is someone out there who does. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • While I do agree that a primary element of old paintings are images of voluptuous women, it is not necesarily because they were visions of beauty (though it did play a part). A majority of art portrays prominent political or social figures, many of whom were overweight because of their wealth and particular subculture. Religious figures also reflected the upwardly mobile (and definitely vice versa). Finally, a common opinion I’ve encountered while being an artist is that it is simply more interesting to draw/paint heavier women due to the shadows and lines created by their bodies.

      Furthermore, I don’t really believe that a majority of people’s attitudes have changed throughout time. Yes, there are subcultures that worship the obese or frighteningly thin, but most prefer healthy, toned bodies on either sex.

      • Through the centuries, what was “in” fashion was what was hardest to get. Models aren’t any different. In times past sick, anorexic chicks were easy to find, the “common” people had to work a helluva lot harder to get enough to eat. Therefore, having weight on one’s bones was a sign you had money because you could afford to eat, often to excess. Being the harder shape to find, it became the “fashion”.

        Nowdays, we’re surrounded by food. Ergo, more people are overweight. It’s common and not considered special. Therefore, the focus is on the skinny, anorexics.

        Fashion has always been about feeding idiots the idea they aren’t good enough for who they are since people with poor self-esteem will spend their money on trappings that make them feel prettier even if it’s only for a few minutes. It’s nothing but consumerism at its worst.

        5’3, 120 pounds, size 8 for those of you who’d like to trivialize my words as ‘just another envious fat chick’. The shame of it is they’ve done such a good job indoctrinating ya’ll that here we sit, tearing each other down over something this ignorant instead of spending the short time we have to live doing something meaningful, like paying attention to the people you love.

        Sorry gals, but when I’m dying weight is going to be the least of my worries. So why should I live like I’m scared of a scale now? My health is my business, their health is their business, and go mind your own health. If you don’t like it, quit feeding the fashion industry.

  31. I think they are so cute there faces are gorgeous I’m size 2/4 and I think these woman are beautiful and we should support there looks and the regular model looks remember beauty comes in different sizes and shapes
    allot of people might not like them because we are not used to seeing curvey naked women we always see the stick thin and I can’t wait to see the day where there is curvy models as much as regular and skinny models

  32. I think the women are gorgeous and it takes some kind of confidence to pull of this photoshoot. However, real women will never wear these clothes because they are neither stylish or flattering for the body types.

  33. Absolutely stunning, about time girls like this got featured. Even bigger girls would do me right. Whether clothed or not, they are true beauty’s.

  34. We never get normal sized women (BMI between 18.5 and 25) because that isn’t extreme, or shocking. If it isn’t extreme or shocking it’s therefore not fashionable. Agree or disagree?

    Also rolls is nothing to be disgusted by and doesn’t always indicate obesity. Im 5’9″ an American size 4-6 (UK 8-10) I have a normal BMI, a normal body fat percentage and I have rolls. Don’t dis the rolls :p

    • likewise. most women do, if you get them at a certain angle!! i think the wierd thing is that we have maybe actually become completely unused to seeing it and therefore overreact when we do. we say that we want biggar models, but that means they will have more fat on them! or rather some fat on them! and fat is soft and squishy. its like guys saying they like big natural breasts, and then complaining if they sag- its just fat it has no bones no muscles tone. it can only abey gravity!

  35. I’m beginning to feel that the fashion industry is not about what looks good, but about what the other big names are doing. Up until a few months ago, the only place you would have seen a plus-sized girl was in the “How to dress for your body type” articles in all the girly magazines.

    I’m not saying that underweight is better than overweight or vice versa (or that anyone is better or worse than someone in between those two extremes) but it seems that now that one big magazine has glorified the plus size model that others will rush to also.

    I remember reading somewhere (maybe it was on this site?) that a photographer who had once called the heavier models something along the lines of cows was photographing a shoot of them. Clearly the “high standards” of the fashion industry is all about the IT topic of the time.

    I’m not waiting for the day where “skinny and plus-sized” can walk the runway together. I’m not waiting for the day that “skinny, plus-sized and average” can walk the runway together. “I’m not even waiting for the day when “skinny, tall, plus-sized, short, average, green, purple, spotted” can walk the runway together. I’m just waiting for the day when a model can strut out onto the runway and people will see the clothes, rather than the girl wearing them.

    • beginning?????
      the clues in the word. its the ‘fashion’, so whatever is in fashion is in! take a look at the seventies and the eighties!!
      its all about making an impact. look at the designers, versace, lagerfeld, yikes!

  36. Err, is everybody forgetting that these women are models and therefore TALL? It is perfectly normal for someone with a height of and above 5ft9 to have a larger build, these women are not fat! Ive never heard anything more ridiculous.
    Also, a few of the outfits are Agent Provocateur, and their largest sizes would fit a uk size 14, 16 at a (very tight) push, which, lets face it, is pretty normal, especially for tall girls. And for them not to be considered curvy is ludicrous; i thought curvy described a figure with a defined waist?! People need to get over the idea that an idealised body means no rolls, no cellulite and slim,slim,slim.
    Personally i love the spread, i think it’s very sexy and provocative, which i think is quite rare in fashion magazines. I’ve nothing against thin models in fashion features whatsoever, i think for a lot of fashion subjects they are wonderful, but i think the corsetted, tight denim and bandage dress look is just made for a bigger girl.
    I also love the the photos with the bigger girl and the slimmer girl, i think they are fun and cute, and i applaud the fact they were given the same high fashion looks, they both look great but it totally different ways.

    • you’re right, taller women often do have a larger build. however, the fact remains that having a waist greater than 31.5 inches is detrimental to your health. these women’s waists are absolutely larger than that. these women are not healthy.

      • It is said that women with a waist circumfrance of 33 inches or larger “can be” at a higher risk for heart problems…but, if they are cardiovascularly fit…which is possible, then that is rather void.
        At their height and with certain bone structure…well, you can’t judge from a picture anyways. Overweight people who are cardiovascularly fit will certainly outlive the slimmer ones who are not.
        They certainly do not look morbidly obese and unhealthy.

        • no, i assure you (I am a doctor), it is a waist circumference over 31.5 inches. (certainly in the UK anyway) the larger your waist, the more internal fat you have surrounding your organs, which significantly increases your chances of diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Some of the larger ladies featured, such as crystal renn have relatively flat stomachs, they may not have waists larger than this, but most in these have rather unsightly flabby stomachs.
          when are people going to accept that being, perhaps only slightly overweight is still bad for you!! it is one thing to say that overweight people can look attractive, quite another to say they aren’t damaging themselves.

          • I have a medical background as well, and even in studies, it is stated that people who are overweight can be considered healthy if their waist size is less than 35 inches for women or 40 inches for men, and if they do not have two or more of the following conditions; High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and yes that is possible. You can be overweight and healthy, and not “damaging yourself”; Now, that doesn’t mean you should run down to the candy store and load up. And, as for obese, that is a different story, but these women do not appear to be obese.
            Also, I have done extensive research about body weight…and the latest is showing that slightly overweight people who are cardiovascularly fit, are living longer than underweight people, and even those who are of a lower normal weight.
            I guarantee you that a person with a little etra chub around the middle who is heart healthy, is better off than the underweight one who can’t conceive because she is too thin.

            Regardless of all this talk…I think America needs to be more concerned about the damn huge serving sizes that are in all the restaurants! it is ridiculous!

  37. I feel like everyone will be starting at their bodies/shapes instead of the clothes, just like a lot of women do with the ultra thin super models.

  38. eww hwho would take a photo of such fat people obviously them need to lose weight and go away thats nasty eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww put back on your clothes and go home

    • That is so rude Terri. These photos are to show the other extreme, not all models have to be extremely thin and not all have to be overweight but this is showing the other extreme. I guess I have to accept that is your opinion but I think the models look beautiful especially facially so and their bodies do not look gross to me at all. Just because a body type may not be your ideal it is not always necessary to use the words “nasty” “ewwww” and “put your clothes on and go home.” That is just extremely unnecessary.

  39. This makes me want to barf. If they want to go far in this industry being plus sized models, they should model in CLOTHES.

    They look like washed up hippos!

  40. One of them you can tell would be stunning if she was the right size for a model, the black and white picture. As for the rest, im sorry but its not nice to look at.

  41. A plus-sized model needs to have an insanely stunning face to get a few pages in a magazine but a skinny model can look like a horse and still be successful.

  42. 7th picture down she has a GORGEOUS face, and makeup. But honestly… these woman in these clothes do not make me want to buy them.

  43. I don’t understand why it has to be the 2 extremes.
    What about just normal sized women.
    I know these woman aren’t majorly obese in any sense. But they are heavy.
    The man thing for me I guess is that whether it’s a persons natural weight. Some people are naturally this size, likewise some are naturally skinny.
    But it seems like the fashion industry has to have the 2 extremes, no one in the middle.

  44. I’m sorry, but some of these girls are unhealthy & fat, there is an in between!! between the extreme skinny & the fat ones, there are normal women!! Like the crystal Renn pictures in bikini, that was much better, these girls are too fat…sorry
    a normal girl

  45. It almost feels like they purposely put most of these girls in very unflattering clothes & poses to say “You see, plus-sized girls just dont work for fashion!!”

    Pics 4-6 and the last one really show that clothes can still look great on a pluz sized figure; the rest simply look like they are trying to mock the models.

    • Holy crap…JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING! It’s like the fashion industry wants to say “We tried “real” women and it didn’t sell so back to the size 00’s only”

      I think most women want to see models who they can aspire to look more like. The ultra-thin models just aren’t a realistic body type to aspire too for most women and most women don’t want to look like these models either. Why not show models who are in shape, tone, fit??

      • I totally agree!! though i think it is awesome that these models are getting exposure… i don’t think it’s the right kind of exposure they need.

        Being 5’8″ and a size 10.. i’m pretty normal sized these days so i’m all for this plus size modeling. BUT i think these plus sized models are trying to be OVERLY sexy and it’s just not working… be classy and beautiful, don’t try to be a sex symbol.

        • EXACTLY!! I’m 5′ 7″ and a size 8— I’ll never be a size 2, I’m not built for it. But I’ll never let myself look like these women in this particular shoot. Marilyn Monroe didn’t look like these women, but she was no Twiggy either.
          It’s interesting to see a different kind of model, but you have to wonder just how “healthy” these women really are.

  46. The last picture is absolutely gorgeous, not sure about the rest soooooo much…..but the last one is perfect! Good on them i say! x

  47. There is beauty in all sizes, but this certainly is not beauty. While all size women should wear bathing suits and undergarments, the point of a modeling photoshoot is to bring out the beauty of the women being photographed. In the pictures above, they are wearing garments which just don’t fit properly, emphasizing rolls, other body fat, and other normally unappealing features of being plus size. They are clearing going for an agenda not of beauty or beauty of curvyness, but an agenda showing off body fat.

    This is is not beauty and the intention of this photoshoot was not to bring out the beauty of plus size models. Any plus size supporters should really be offended, not in praise of these.

  48. As a woman of the same size as these models, I find these pictures gorgeous! The shoot is not about the clothes or showing these models in flattering poses, this is about shoving such women into the faces of everyone, and making them see that they exist. It’s not really a question whether they are beautiful or not, that’s a personal choice, it is about showing these girls so that people would know that they ARE. Because, frankly, if one were to look at magazines (not just ones dealing with fashion), one might think that there aren’t any young girls above size 6.
    BTW, to everyone who says they are overweight – they’re not, they’re probably at the end of the ‘normal’ BMI spectrum. And there are body types that look better being at the end of that spectrum and not at the beginning. After experiencing depression, I once dropped down to that number, I had no breasts, my back was constantly bruised from chairs, and my butt hurt when I sat because the bones were rubbing against the muscle. Oh, yeah, and my thighs stayed approximately the same size, and I got sick a hell of a lot more often.

  49. I dont understand this, when the goal is to be healthy, underweight and overweight are both ruled out. why not show healthy?

    altho I think all women are beautiful in their own ways that make them special,the message is still wrong.It doesnt have to be one or the other.

    Just cause I dont like when its extremely cold outside, doesnt mean I like when it’s extremely hot either.

  50. the thing is, WE ALL need to see pictures like this one, real women have different sizes, some are skinny, some are curvy, others have rolls, cellulite, some others are fat, others are skinny withs saddlebags, fashion industry just sell one prototype of woman, the skinny, and most of us compare ourselves to models and feel like crap, so i say BRAVO to this photoshoot, you make not like the models, the size or whatever but it’s the real thing, there is just not only one size in this world so I’m glad they show all kind of sizes.

  51. I’m a skinny girl, but I’m absolutely loving this Plus-size issue! I think the women are beautiful facially, and their bodies, soft and encompassing, remind me of those aged, European portraits of women posing with their voluptuous elegant bodies, looking soft and amazing. These girls are WORKING IT. I never thought they could look this good. Even if some cellulite (albeit I have seen thick people with NO cellulite and skinny ones with) has been retouched, that’s no different than when they retouch a skinny model who has some flaws to cover. Lots of men STILL desire this kind of look. In other countries, THIS is the ideal, so it’s all about what you personally like. Beauty has different definitions in different locations, and the definition changes with history. As far as I’m concerned, these women are stunning and as Tyra would say, FIIIIIIIERCE!

  52. gorgeous faces, but i think we need to ease into the “big is beautiful” movement. rolls all over the place…that’s no good. it’s not fair to larger people who eat well and work out but maintain larger builds. some of the pictures just look plain sloppy. terrible, i know, but i don’t want a license to gain a ton of weight. just a license to be happy and healthy and normal.

  53. They’re all beautiful facially, and some even have great bodies. But some are a little too much…maybe even overweight.

    Because they’ve been photoshopped, we can’t see the details, but I am willing to guess some of them have absolutely no tone.

    I don’t care if you’re a size 0, or a size 10, but I think you should be the best of your size if you’re going to be a model. That requires being in reasonable shape. Crystal Renn is somewhat fit. Some of the girls here are not at all. That is not something I can accept, because I want models to be amazing and goals rather than mirror images.

  54. Ok i just think that fashion and modeling should stick to skinny females.
    Not trying to offend anyone, but to me being that big and on a fashion magazine? It just does Not work.
    Models are supposte to be skinny, look like Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Twiggy. You know all of that.
    I don’t find bigger woman ugly, they are just not my type.
    AND ON A FASHION MAGAZINE? It just does Not work out.


    why is there ‘plus’ or ‘skinny’ models why can’t there be NORMAL size 10-12 models??!????! why??!???!?! what is this insanity that they call the fashion world???!! It just really fustrates me that they can’t just be average, fit, normal size slim but curvy models! REAL models that actually look like women like Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren?? Nope they’ve all gotta look like terminally ill boys or obese people. This is just getting ridiculous now. No one will ever look at the clothes if you get extra fat or extra skinny people modeling them.

  56. Why are we presented with such extremes?
    Does it really have to be either 0 or 10?
    I believe that whilst it is healthy for magazines to showcase models of all sizes, the regular models should be of a size 6/4 (American) (10-8 UK)
    This issue has nothing to do with beauty and diversity it’s about saying ‘There, we have fat women in a high fashoin magazine, happy?’

  57. Stop hating on them people I know you will say I’m saying my opinion and all that but you people are hating on them they are beautiful models and we should support them before every girl in the street is going to have eating disorder plus look in your family photos you will see allot of your family member are over weight and even obese do you hate them for there weights? I hope not

    • I agree with your general sentiment but I don’t think you’re correct about your anorexia comment.

      I’ve worked with a lot of anorexic patients and most of them did look up to thin celebrities, but that is not what caused them to become anorexic. They started to look up to thin celebrities AFTER they developed the disorder.

      Maybe this is not true for all people suffering from ED, but it is what I’ve observed.

      And if having thin celebrities is the only/main cause of anorexia, I think we’d have a lot more people suffering from the disorder rather than just 2% of the population.

    • If thin models are the cause of anorexia than these girls will be the cause of obesity. If their bodies were the most popular then people would try to move the least possible and just stay on the couch eating greasy food..

      Anyway, I don’t think anybody here hates these girls, since we don’t even know them…so I don’t really get the family argument…

      • Sharen agreed. As far as I can tell no one is hating on them at all! There may be one or two idiotic comments with mean things like “gross, fat, yuck” ect. but that’s about it. But for the most part, people just want to see healthy people, which there is nothing wrong with.

        • I agree! But also, what people aren’t really commenting about is that there is a blind agenda in the magazine’s reasoning for taking these photos. The agenda appears to be promoting excess body fat. These models are wearing garments which do not fit them properly and they are posing in ways which causes their bodies to show off their body fat. Most of the poses here are intentionally showing off the bad attributes of being plus sized. Body rolls really are not desirable traits, but these models were told to pose in ways in which they can be displayed and photographed.

          In my opinion, this shoot looks to be as not only an anti thin model photoshoot, but a shoot which promotes being overweight. They are not in anyway trying to show of any beauty of these models, but showing off their high body weight traits and that its good to be overweight.

  58. While I think these women are extremely beautiful and strong for being uninhibited plus-sized ladies, I do not find this sexy…Im really sorry…

  59. it just goes from one end of the spectrum to another, girls who are scary skinny to women who are obese, neither of these things are good examples and shouldn’t be glorified. while all the models above are beautiful, young girls should have healthy examples of attainable, healthy bodies and in my opinion, the women seen above aren’t healthy looking. crystal renn, is a good example of a girl who has the body of the average HEALTHY american women. i really hope all of this plus sized exposure doesn’t go overboard.

  60. I’m fine with them wanting to start representing more variety, but as i’ve said in the past & has already been stated on here, there is no variety of the in between, just extremes, &….i’m sorry, but this is my opinion & i wouldnt pick up this magazine. maybe because i’m thin i like thinner models, but i find nothing attractive about this & the need to look at it. everyone has their own preference, & i like them thinner. not completely emaciated, but fitter, thinner, & just more healthy looking. sure heavier girls can technically be ‘healthy’, but come on….does the girl in the swimsuit look healthy to you?

  61. Very facial pretty. One has good legs. I think the folds of fat were a little excessive… they could have found more flattering poses….

    • agreed. when i hear “plus-sized” model, I usually think big-boned, but naturally beautiful, not ROLLS of fat, which anyone can have, including thin women, if they are posed in an unflattering way, but this is just careless in terms of releasing these unflattering photos. If the plus-sized models/industry wants to portray a positive image, put positive images out there. flattering ones, preferably haha

  62. im sure many people already said this but why do they either show super thin girls or really plus size girls i rarely see a slim medium toned body in fashion magazines

    • cellulite is what you inevitably have (unless you’re a human miracle) when you’re that size. jennifer hawkins -the post before- even has it on her inner thighs. these girls with those sizes and bent legs – no way they have these extremely toned legs. cellulite is one of the side effects of weight gain and also one of the reasons big girls usually have a hard time to be a perfect model without being that massively photoshopped.

  63. I think these are beautiful pictures! Normally, I am kind of grossed out by rolls – even on myself. I am not skinny by any means, but never thought I would really look at photos like this and think beauty, but I do! I agree with other posts that it would be nice to see people my own size. Regular gals who are not in perfect shape, but also look somewhat normal in clothes like a Britney or Jessica Simpson kind of size. I am 5’7″ and 140 lbs with some problem areas. 😉 I exercise regularly and eat right, but I just eat too much most of the time to be truly “skinny”.

  64. Ok so THAT’S why models are supposed to be skinny!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing more normal-sized women, but this is just ridiculous. These models completely divert all the attention from the clothes to their rolls. And if you do pay attention to the clothes, you will notice that they look distorted, almost every single piece.
    This will never sell clothes, and that’s why it will never work in fashion.

  65. not to sound like a complete jerk but i really don’t like seeing rolls of fat. they look better when the rolls are covered up.

  66. BEFORE Much years this size was sexy, and all the skinny woman was not desirable .
    The people say little by little this age come again..

    I believe one day womans understand that diets dont help them find man.
    I believe one day woman understand ..
    to be happy of who you are..


    • “Before much years this size was sexy” …NOPE! curvy was very popular before but it was curvy like Marilyn Monroe, not like them. I don’t think bodies like that have never been popular before. no offense, they are all good, but they don’t fit in a fashion magazine.

      • Vivi,

        Your ignorance is truly astounding. Fashion existed long before the 1900s, it’s been around since humans have. When’s the last time you checked out a museum? Fat was in (check out the Greek sculpture section sometime) long before the “modern” thin kick came knocking.

        Fat proved you had enough to eat while anorexic thin chicks were a dime a dozen. I take it they never taught you about the French Revolution in school? Check it out sometime – it was COMMON for people to starve to death in those times. Famines? Also common. Thin generally meant sick, wasting away from consumption (tuberculosis), for example.

        It’s only now, in this “modern” age that anorexic thin has become the ideal.

        You’re fortunate in that ignorance can at least be remedied.

  67. I mean, these women are beautiful but they can’t model, they can’t sell clothes, then they are not good. i really don’t think choosing athletic and slimmer models is offending plus-size women, it’s like if you wanna sell a product, you will present it in the best way. It’s the same thing as selling make-up, you wanna someone who has great skin and facial feature to sell the make-up. That’s why I don’t understand people find it offensive when designers only use slimmer models.

      • i just don’t know why they showed, or rather highlighted the rolls. there are alot more flattering ways to shoot them and cover up the fat, or deemphasize. its almost as if they wanted it to be the focus.

        on the one hand you could say they are trying to make a point, that we are so unused to seeing it that we are shocked, even judging by some of the comments here repulsed by it, and they want us to examine our own issues with it.

        Or you could say they are sabotaging the whole thing, labouring the point that there is a reason thin models are in. and fat models don’t look good.

        the reason i want to know the size is cause I think that these girls will still be probably an average size, 14-16 british would be my guess. its interesting as it probably puts them borderline for healthy BMI’s, and yet could be classed, just, as proper plus sized.
        but then they could be a size smaller as like i said they aren’t being photographed to make them look better.

  68. i’m usually very tolerant and i do believe the whole concept of beauty is very subjective however i’m looking at these pics right now and I can’t help thinking they may just be a perfect justification for gettin’/bein’ much much bigger/unhealthy (not to mention “another extereme” & perfect business strategy). and just for the record, women may say all they want, but there is no single one of them who wouldn’t trade her “XL” for healthy/confident “S-M” if there was a chance to get it without having to work too hard… fashion may be about trendy clothes, but true style is about knowin’ what makes you look and feel attractive; what on earth is someone “marketing” those rolls for? as if coverin’ them would kill the whole idea…

  69. 1st… it’s sad that these pics are photoshopped too!.. yeah they are plus sized and everything but none of those have cellullite or any imperfection…. they just have big rolls…

    2nd… im against scary skinny… but this is not healthy either…..they have high BMI’s and any nutricionist would consider them overweight in a bad way….

    I think our society should find a point in the middle.. healthy women… that exercise and eat healthy… without being under or overweight…..imho

    • yeah i think the point is being lost. i have no problem with tall slim women modelling clothes, despite bing a small round curvy girl myself. i know the difficulties of dressing my shape! the point is it has been taken to extremes, when a 5’9 girl at size eight is considered fat!

      likewise i enjoy seeing a more varied look in magazines. i think articles showing how to dress for different shapes and sizes and real women showing their bodies and flaws and stuff are great . its kinda like when you sneakily comapre yourself at the beach to your mates!

      this is just publicity and selling magazines probably. All about impact and ntohing to do with the real issue. although one thing i will say, based on those photos they cannot be said to be promoting ‘fat is good’ image!!!

      The girls do have lovely faces, and some nice shapes, beyond the rolls. i bet in person they look pretty sensational. they just got exploited. hope they were paid well!

  70. I think allot of people would buy the magazine I mean so far there is 157 comments whether you like them or not but there is only 20 comments on Lindsay lohan in bikini pictures LOL and to who ever say being these girls are unhealthy well I weigh 120 pounds and I don’t eat healthy but my friends eat healthy and they weigh allot more than me they just don’t have active job or slower metabolism see and I really feel people say sh** about skinny models because they can’t be like them cause it’s too hard and now they are saying sh** about plus size because in there opinion they are not healthy fat rolls and all that we all have fat rolls all you have to do is sit down and then look in the mirror. How do you think these models will feel if they read the crazy comments in here

  71. Great faces, but the size just isn’t really accepted in the fashion industry. I agree with people that don’t like the pictures. :/

  72. i know its hard to tell and judge from pics, but i’m a US12-14 at 5ft8, my BMI is nearing 30 and i’m smaller than a couple of these girls… I’m all for plus size models, slightly overweight is fine but i think some of these girls are bordering obese if not already and thats not healthy

  73. KT Your bmi is consider unhealthy and these girls are look like size 14 Max 16 just because they are couple sizes bigger than you that doesn’t make them unhealthy, ooh and please skinny vs curvy I want more post of these models they are beautiful and nice to look at I’m sick of seeing hangers

    • im well aware my BMI is unhealthy and i’m currently doing something about it.

      I agree it doesn’t neccesarily make them unhealthy because they are bigger, but I do think some of them would possibly have a BMI over 30 (not all of them & i did say in my initial post its hard to tell from pics so i could be wrong…), and thats not considered to be in a healthy range – just like you said mine isnt healthy either.
      Of course, thats just my opinion 🙂

  74. I think these women are quite beautiful. A little too much photoshop for my taste though. If I were running a magazine I’d like to use mainly models size 4-8, with a few skinny ones and a few plus sized girls for nice variety. I don’t understand the need for such extremes.

  75. I really dislike this magazine spread.
    It’s portraying curvy to be unfit and high body fat.
    And to make it worse, the models are posed in positions to enhance their overweightness.
    They arn’t showing off the clothes, they’re showing off their figures.
    They are showing that it is ok to be overweight. When infact it isn’t, health and self-esteem is much better if you are thinner (within a healthy bmi range, which I’m pretty sure the majority of these models are not).
    Same with the normal anorexic models that typically model high fashion clothing.
    Their should be, I believe, models with a more healthier figure. Clothing does look better on thin, tall people, yes, but I think people with figures like Blake Lively should model them – slim but healthy, to portray a positive body image to impressionable girls.

  76. Ive come to an interesting conclusion. Why is it that the way to represent real women is by having very big plus size models?
    I dont know how to phrase this right.. like if a model were to represent a regular girl, what about then having models that are short and sporty? mid size and chubby? skinny but with a bumpy nose?
    so on,
    so forth
    Basically what im trying to say is that just the size of the model isnt everything. If models were meant to look like regular girls, then any girl could be a model
    do you know what im saying here? A big girl thats “almost perfectly” balanced out in fat department, with a pretty face, isnt exactly a representation of a regular girl
    so yea, if models were meant to look like real women then any real woman could be a model.
    and thats why we have those tall, skinny girls. they are the lucky few born with extra inches, and i think what they really are meant to be ARE hangers for ridiculous clothes that no one would wear, not a representation of real women.

  77. I think all of this girls are facially extremely beautiful.
    But I cant understand why they make them pose that way.
    It is not at all flattering to neither of them.
    I do love the idea of plus size models, but these girls don’t look healthy.
    I do think that they are taking it to the extreme
    Its either super super skinny or to fat.
    They should be shedding a good example
    of a healthy nice body to women out there
    other than that
    theyre beautiful!

  78. OK…I always try to think of the “plus” side (no pun intended) with everything. but this is just down right disgusting. Isn’t a model supposed to be beautiful and isnt beauty “unique” or extraordinary? I dont have a problem with thick/curvy people thats attractive. but theres nothing attractive about just straight up GLUTTONY. they’re are people starving all over the world and these women clearly consume more than what is healthy. and im supposed to appreciate this? or view it differently? NO, this is easily attainable and UNHEALTHY. You can pretty much eat cheesecake & fast food and be LAZY and look like them. This just disrespects anatomy. I wonder what their blood pressure is. geez

  79. that is not how “real” women look…real women look like kelly osbourne or around that body size. this qualifies as obesity i get the fact that they wanna change the fashions idea of models and they shouldn’t be too skinny. I agree i don’t think the sick stick look is cute either its not womanly. but why can’t it just be all about health? if you’re fit, and healthy…thats the most beautiful a body can look? is that so hard? why is it always an extreme!

  80. (Maybe not all real women look like this!)
    And what is this with all the extremes? In my view, a plus-size model should be a girl wearing a 4-6(basically a catalog model) not a girl which would never look good in those tiny little clothes they have to wear…

  81. it does make sense to display a more natural range of body shapes in magazines. however, it doesn’t make sense to put chubby girls in the same dresses and poses as skinny models, as they can only look ridiculous and undesirable like that.
    i personally think they are on the verge between healthy and fat, but the poses and clothes are just unflattering.

  82. Honestly it makes me feel good about myself! It’s great to see that models have rolls too..and it’s great to see that there are clothes..for everybody! And it’s nice to see some jeans on a plus size woman it gives me a different perception on how those jeans might look on me..

  83. I think it’s great that the magazine decided to do something different than the usual 5’9″ stick thin model, but these pictures are hardly as gorgeous as they could be. Yes, the models are beautiful but the lighting, positions and clothes are doing nothing to flatter their (fuller) figures. Its like they’re just trying to prove that these girls have rolls and less than flat stomachs. I want to see models who are definitely not skinny (bodies like Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr etc) and who are shapely and healthy. I wish they would feature plus-size models in a shoot with a little more clothes and flattering positions, showing us all how beautiful a girl can be if she just dresses for her shape. These pictures will make a lot of people go, “Uhh, no thanks, I’ll just take Gisele’s body”. Also, I really like the “Real Size” model initiative, it’s much more realistic than Size 2 or Size 16 models. Something all girls can relate to.

    I like the idea but not the implementation.

  84. What it comes to the “does using plus size models draw the attention away from the clothes” I would say that people always look more at the models than the clothes. And using plus size and/or normal size models gives people a more realistic idea about how the clothes would actually look like on a normal size woman.

    And that’s a good thing. Many designer clothes can look ridiculous on women larger than size 2, and some look better on curvier women. Using models of all sizes would be great. I’m quite sure that would make people more open minded about sizes and feel more comfortable in their own skin. This only skin and bones adoration has gone too far.

    Gisele’s body is absolutely gorgeous, divine and all, but really there aren’t many women who are actually able to get that kind of a body – no matter how hard you worked out and how well you ate. It’s also about your bone structure etc (Gisele’s very tall, long limbs, very narrow hips).

    Your body is a good body when it is HEALTHY. That’s a thing that people should think of.

  85. is it me or are they just too fat, and not only for models??
    yeah sure, maybe they are healthy and everything, but it´s really hard for me to find that attractive in any way…look at doutzen or bar for example, they are healthy and sexy at the same time.

  86. I already discussed this shoot on another website, but what I want to say is: they should all go for HEALTHY models, no extremes.. just healthy, this isn´t healthy and stick thin isn´t healthy either.

    But their faces are absolutely stunning I have to say.

  87. I find these picture revolting. I can’t even see the clothes, because all I see is fat. Fat, fat, fat. Some people might find that mean, but I think it’s mean to tell girls it’s okay to be fat. It’s not. Being fat is as unhealthy as being anorexic; they’re both eating disorders. I read that some people were commenting on the how pretty their faces are, I had to scroll back up because I hadn’t even noticed their faces. I also can’t help but wonder about the amount of airbrushing that was done to make these pictures “visually appealing”. I think these picture also deliver the wrong message to girls. Put down the spoon and go to a gym.

    • Being fat isn’t an eating disorder unless you binge and/or purge. Just like being skinny isn’t an eating disorder unless you are restricting/over exercising/binging/purging.

    • Yea, I also think being overweight is a result of an eating disorder the majority of time. Just like anorexia is a caused by mental sickness (rather than a desire to be skinny), I think overeating is the same. I feel bad for those women. They’re just as sick as anorexics.

  88. they have gorgeous faces, but tiny clothes doesnt suit them well, they would look better in maybe sofisticated clothes?

  89. everyone follows that of 3 own body types, Ectomorph, the Mesomorph, the Endomorph, or a Combination. If everyone did a little reading on this, theyd realised no one compare/judge themselves with other physiques.

    Our country’s children should learn this in school during Physical. Education classes. All schools should also encourage healthier lifestyles.

    Sad to say, a majority of Americans are obese, and some of it is due to generations of unhealthy living. It has to change, America has to change.

    People should always be the greatest resource, sadly, people do not treasure /realise life enough to want to improve their body health for themselves.

    This whole image thing, is a very deep rooted problem, that cannot be solved by changing covers of magazines/ changing our favorite celebrities. It is a really big picture problem that is a reflection of how the population has become. Our kids should not have to go to fast food places for quick food, organic marketplaces should be more abundant, stop eating at fast-fodd places, make them close down due to lack of business, let the F&B industry realise the people want healthy food, transparency in ingredient information. This way a new country is born, people are fueled by food, country is fueled by people.

    Change the American stereotype that everyone’s obese. Our steretype of asians is they are small framed. This is only because of what they eat. They eat homecooked food that is balanced and filling. Its a lifestyle, and the billions of asians all live healthy lives. Why is the self proclaimed greastest country in the world failing to see how traumatic obesity is and all the problems it brings? Instead are nitpicking at photos of people who are wearing clothes youll never buy?

  90. wow , hot! Its crazt how these women ARE waht the average american or canadian women looks like… and yet they are represented as not being in the norm.
    I honestly just think the media has distorted our image on bodies sooooo much … for the past 50 years , I mean even if you have a conscious and you ARE aware of wahts beautiful ,,, your bombardes vy these THIN women everywhere so … no mastter what you Willll GET INFLUENCED …THERES NO escape. This ad IS great and a step forward but its alson hypocritical…

  91. I’ll post it again, but there is a blind agenda in the magazine’s reasoning for taking these photos. The agenda appears to be promoting excess body fat. These models are wearing garments which do not fit them properly and they are posing in ways which causes their bodies to show off their body fat. Most of the poses here are intentionally showing off the bad attributes of being plus sized. Body rolls really are not desirable traits, but these models were told to pose in ways in which they can be displayed and photographed.

    In my opinion, this shoot looks to be as not only an anti thin model photoshoot, but a shoot which promotes being overweight. Even thin women can have rolls of fat, but they pose in a way to not display them. In this shoot they are not in anyway trying to show of any beauty of these models, but showing off their high body weight traits and that its good to be overweight. This is not hot at all, but very insulting to plus sized women.

    • If their agenda is to promote body fat as good in this one particular issue, does that mean that they aim to promote unhealthy thinness in their other issues when they use bony, thin women?

      • I’d say yes if those magazine photoshoots you are talking about shot the thin models in very baggy oversized clothes which didn’t fit right, next to larger boned models, in awkward poses designed to show off their spine bones or shoulder blades, or anything else, shot in a way which makes them look unhealthy and fashionable. I can’t think of any fashion type magazine photoshoots that do that.. So I’d have to say no.

        I haven’t seen this issue, I am only commenting on this photoshoot.

        • All fashion type mag shoots that use thin women show off the thinness of the models. They don’t need to be wearing baggy clothes or be shot next to “larger boned models”, or in poses to show off their thinness, the thin models are the vast majority of what we see now. If this shoot is designed to glorify fat women(and they aren’t all photographed in fat roll inducing poses or in too small clothes) as you say, than I say that all other shoots that use thin women(regardless of their poses and clothes) are designed to glorify thinness. And when I say “thin”, I use it the same as when someone says “fat”, meaning the person is at an unhealthy weight.

          • Bah, it wouldn’t let me edit, I didn’t mean to keep in “the thin models are the vast majority of what we see now.”, when I changed the sentence a bit, that doesn’t fit in my point anymore 😛 That particular sentence should just be:

            “They don’t need to be wearing baggy clothes or be shot next to “larger boned models”, or in poses to show off their thinness, just as the plus sized models in this spread aren’t all in too tight clothes or awkward poses.”

  92. for me these bodies arent sexys, they’re too fat for me :S
    i dont saying that i prefer a bag of bones, I try to mean that i prefer slim bodies with some curves.

  93. I already said what i had to say, but this is not sexy at all.
    I’m not “hatin” im not “jealous” , this is just too Big.
    Models are supposte to be skinny.
    That’s the truth, it’s sexy and fashionable.
    Whyy would you put a big girl on a fashion magazine?
    I really don’t understand this, and i think anyone who is smart would think the same thing that I’m thinking.
    It’s like asking “Who’s hotter, the Victoria’s Secret models, or this?”
    lol, I think you all should know the answer to this.
    Sexy is not being fat.

    • There are quite a few centuries of different opinions to yours. Anyone who is smart would know that. I don’t find them sexy either – though those faces are incredible – but I’m not going to be ignorant either. For hundreds of years this was the body to be, maybe it will come back as a desirable icon, maybe it won’t; however skinny is considered sexy today, but it does not mean you shouldn’t have opinions of your own!

  94. WHAT IS THIS. The magazine should be EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED. This is absolutely ridiculous and I am astounded. This is not a fashion spread. The only thing I could focus on was how the models looked like they were going to rip the clothing at the seams. Best said by Karl Lagerfeld, “These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly,” Lagerfeld said in an interview with Focus magazine. The creative director of Chanel went on to add that readers crave fantasy, and that fashion was all about “dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women.”

  95. This does not shine a good light on plus sized woman.

    Also, I think that there is a difference between showing a girl who is healthy but bigger and someone who is obese..

  96. There should be models in every sizes from 0 till 30 because their are people who do exists have these sizes and there is clothes for them I say if the models are happy with there body I’m happy for them

  97. Don’t be so shocked. These women in the pictures are representing the size averages for women in the western world. These models are at least Australian size 16 (which is now the average size for Australian women).
    Versus, do you know what the size average is for US women?

  98. what stunning faces tho! also, in some of these poses where they are lying on there sides skinny women would still have a crease (albiet not as ‘roll’ish) just look at Jen Hwakins…HOWEVER on skinny women it is airbrushed out! even on this larger women its still only one line to airbrush out and i can guarentee it would make the world of difference for them

  99. its hard to comment on these cause its one extreme to the next. models are uber thin these days and these girls are not thin by any means. sure they are beautiful but you cant go from bones to rolls and be objective about it

  100. I like it! 😀 I love them!
    Quote: “Do you think that using plus-size models in a fashion spread will focus the attention on the clothes… or on the models and their shapes?”
    I think the focus will be on the models and their shape.

    And for the malicious people…
    Please watch their thin ankles (compared to body volume), ferm leg; well formed waist.
    Ok! The belly it is a little bit too much,
    Look their face: don’t have wrinkles and/or tired eyes. Thei are like the porcelain dolls. If you know what i’m saying. 😉

    • similar to normal models their faces have been retouched, same with the rest of the body. And they’ll likely have major problems with their ankles in the near future from all the weight they’ve been supporting.

  101. These outfit’s may not be the most suitable for their bodies, but i think they look stunning 🙂

    i adore plus size models. & these women for bearing their curvaceous bodies, knowing that people are going too judge.

  102. Their face structures are amazing. People on here are overreacting. Just because they are thicker than most models doesn’t mean they just enjoy stuffing their faces. Some people cannot loose weight and are happy with their weight. You nor I know if they are healthy or not. Skinny people have health problems too so not every person who “looks fit or skinny” are healthy.

  103. They’re fat and unhealthy, and the outfits are extremely unflattering. They could showcase models that are size 4 or 6 or something that are fit, instead of fat people with rolls.

  104. All the models have gorgeous facial features… that said, I’m unsure of why the media wants to “promote a healthy body image” or whatever by flaunting these bodies in particular. A size 00 isn’t any healthier than a size 20 or 23…. so why are plus-sized models considered “real women”? Yes, they look more like women than lik 12-year-old boys, but why not some who is a size 8? or 10? Or short/flat-chested/etc?
    To show a healthy range of bodies, why couldn’t they run a model in each size and actually try to put something flattering on them? Spreads like these communicate “it’s sexy to have pudge” when they should be saying “even if you have pudge, you can still be sexy.”

  105. I’m all for using plus size models and women with curves but they should style them in clothes that are flattering. No one wants to see rolls, muffin tops and clothes cutting into skin; GIVE THEM CLOTHES THAT FIT THEM! ^_^

  106. hahah – i read these comments, and most of these responses were from women – i bet if you asked 100 men if they want to tap this or some skinny model, you would get a 50-50 response – what is that they say, meat attracts men, bones attract dogs?

    Not to mention the point that most of societies pressures put on women regarding their weight are perpetuated by women (see above comments- mostly women) – just because you are chunky doesn’t mean you are out of shape – my twin sister is 40 pounds heavier than me and still whoops me in tennis…

  107. Some of the comments portray the models as genuinely huge…

    They’re not obese, they’re just fat. They’re probably not fat enough to have obesity-related health issues.

    Not one has an attractive body, and the perfect body is somewhere between skeletal model and this. But if we show unhealthily thin models, then we should by rights show unhealthily fat.

  108. I think the main problem I have with this shoot isn’t the models, but the idea behind them. The fashion world isn’t about promoting a healthy body image – its purpose is to showcase and sell clothes. A few people mentioned this before, models are meant to be hangers. I think the reason so many of them are underweight is because they aren’t supposed to upstage the clothing, and the ‘less’ of a model you have, the better.

  109. well. That’s a ‘no-no’ for me, because even they’re gorgeous and confident, I say they should cover a little more flesh of her bodies…

  110. after looking over these pics again, i have decided that the girl in the animal print thing looks perfectly normal, healthy, and good. same goes for the last photo. however, one of the girls in the first photo just looks uncomfortable! her jeans are not the right size!

  111. I am all for “real women” and curves, but these women look overweight. Just like promoting being too skinny isn’t good, neither is promoting being too overweight. These girls have beautiful faces too, they just don’t look healthy.

  112. Chubby :O!!!! i dont mind Chubbys :O i just dont like really FAT Girls 🙁 thats just wrong :O but i got a lot of chubby cute friends that are awsome ! 😛

  113. I’m a curvy girl myself and I hate nothing more than seeing grossly underweight girls in magazines because its unhealthy and we shouldn’t be promoting unhealthy and unrealistic bodies to the young women and teens who read these mags, but nor should we promote overweight bodies! I don’t get it, they’re either size 4 eating disorder skinny, or size 14, 16, 18 overweight girls with unhealthy waistelines. how about promoting size 10, 12? you know the average size of most women (in aus anyway). its either too skinny or too fat. i feel insulted, i certainly dont fit it the skinny size 4 range, but im not as big as those girls either. these mags are putting out these occasional issues trying to promote healthy sizes, so why put out an issue with a bunch of fat chicks? its insulting to the majority of us here in the middle. i just want to see a healthy looking size 12, who obviously takes care of her body, exercises regularly and eats junk only on occasion….but i think i’ll be waiting a while.

  114. i think alot of women are very ill informed on here and their minds have been so brainwashed with unhealthy depictions of beauty that their entire world view is completely skewed.


    They probably, since they are professional models, have to do wayyy more to keep fit and within a certain plus sized model range. They are not Ruby sized, like from the show on the Style network. These women look healthy and do a lot more actual work maintaining their beauty than ridiculous posters on here like “emily” or other girls who look at this and say “thinspiration”. To you guys, I say go ahead, starve yourself, throw up your meals, deprive your body of nutrients and die and early death. Good luck with that skinny b******!!!!

    • My goodness, you are quite an angry young lady aren’t you?!

      Not once, in any of my posts did I state that this was ‘thinspiration’, quite the opposite in fact, for if you were at all educated in this area, you would of course know that for a photo to be considered thinspirational, the model is usually bordering on emaciated.

      For you to look at these pictures and believe that they represent a healthy body type, is in itself quite deluded. From previous posts, it is clear that we are all aware the average catwalk model is grossly underweight (sometimes attained using very unhealthy methods, that you were so kind as to point out), most people that have commented on this thread also seem to be aware that these models represent the opposite end of the spectrum – unquestionably overweight, and most likely endangering their health. They have been used in this cover, not because they are beautiful, which undoubtedly is true, but to shock us, and as a marketing ploy. And bravo I must say. I doubt few posts have created quite a debate!

  115. i think they are to big they look overweight, they will be obease in a couple of year’s propbley it doesnt look like they exercise at all i would rather have a size 8/10 girl on the cover tbh, y carnt there be size 8,10,12,14 uk size, there healthy size’snot 18 and +, that unhealthy. y carnt they get it right.

  116. As an exercise physiologist I have to say that these women are NOT obese. I have read that some of these models exercise 5-7 days a week and eat a healthy balance of food. Just because their bodies are not perfect does NOT mean that they are unhealthy. I actually know a lot of size 2 models that have a much unhealthier lifestyle and higher risks of Cardiovascular disease because of the way they eat.

    Anyway – I think these women are beautiful – but that they did a HORRIBLE job of dressing them. THere are certain clothes that suite curves, and little leotards are not them.

  117. these women are gorgeous, but they’re unflattering clothing and in positions that accentuate their heavier weight, and it’s just not appealing to me. i think smaller plus sized women are just as beautiful as a more slimmer woman, but these photos are just not my taste.

  118. While these women are undoubtably beautiful, theres something about the certain poses pulled and outfits worn that do not appeal to me, yes i agree, bigger CAN be beautiful, but its all about pulling off the look.
    what they’ve done here, is like getting the size 0 models and focusing on their bones sticking out.

    its all about finding the right balance and here, you can tell they havent done that.

    I don’t think its about what size you are that makes you look beautiful, its about working with what you’ve got, and making that look great.

  119. Im sorry right, but the people on here who are like ‘these models are unhealty and overweight’ just re think a second.
    Isnt this what most women, especially in America, look like?
    I know its what they look like in the UK!
    So what, their tummies are slightly bigger and stick out? their thighs are a normal size? oops that shouldnt be publicised.
    Seriously some people need to stop being drawn in to the media into what they think is ‘beautiful’
    (removed by admin for being offensive)
    what size was marilyn monroe? oh she was a size 16.
    a Uk average size is a 16, thats like a 12 in the USA right?
    these women are NOT fat, overweight, or unhealthy
    their what women look like, nice hips, in at the waist
    and maybe a little bit of something to hold onto
    rather than feeling their ribs or being able to trace their backbone with your finger.

    wake up people.

    • they are beautiful women but they don’t look healthy and please the whole people saying they’re average and that a size 16 is normal is b.s to me because all women are normal, size 2 or size 16. and a woman should look like whatever she wants and none of these women have tiny waist and i see no curves at all. it seems the fashion industry is saying you must either be overweight or underweight to be beautiful, instead of getting women who are sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10. it seems they don’t give a damn and try to make us believe they are sending a message when they care about money.

  120. You people are INSANE! This is exactly what is wrong with our country. These girls are by no means “FAT”. To me, and I am a size 8 female, they are beautiful. I would much rather see a slightly heavier model that has a beautiful face, than a skinny model who is just plain fugly, with make-up trying cover it up. Yeah, they have a few rolls, but they are not fat. Beth Ditto is fat! What is wrong with you people.So critical of a few extra pounds. Just really pisses me off!! YOU are why girls have eating disorders : 0

  121. right, the size of your clothes and your weight hardly have anything to do with how you look, people on here bashing people for saying they’re overweight is rubbish, i am by no means a stick, i am a size 10, i am curvy, but i am not overweight, i am healthy, just because i think these women LOOK overweight does not mean i think size 0 looks good, it doesn’t, there are two extremes, too big and too small, these women are by no means HUGE, by they are overweight, average or not, and this should not be advertised as a healthy weight to be.

  122. I am a plus sized women. When I look at catalogs for plus sized clothing stores the women who model for them are NOT plus sized. The women in this article are not my idea of plus sized either. These women to me are average size. A plus sized women to me is size 20 or more. I really wish a magazine would get brave and put real women of all sizes in magazines with no airbrushing or any alterations. Take their picture and put the raw prints in the catalog. Besides when the models are out in the real world they are not walking around airbrushed.

    • What? I am shocked by your comment. “These women to me are average size.”
      Now come on, it’s not healthy to view these women as “average”, just like it’s not healthy to view a size 0 girl as “average”.

    • Yeah, I am somewhat shocked u would say they are average as well. This size is just not healthy and will probably incur health problems in their future. These women are larger than average and probably do not engage in a lot of physical activity and eat unclean. I think that the ideal look for beauty is health, not either anorexia and weakness or fat and slothy.

  123. What? I am shocked by your comment. “These women to me are average size.”
    Now come on, it’s not healthy to view these women as “average”, just like it’s not healthy to view a size 0 girl as “average”.

  124. They are pretty but.. who wouldn’t be with that amount of photoshop? So they’ve stopped photoshopping the bones but still continue to make the skin look like some fake computerized CG picture? Isn’t anyone else annoyed by this fact? It was the first thing i noticed..

    When i look at magazines it is not so much the models that annoy me, i don’t mind if they’re a size 0 or size 12 as long as they wear the clothes good and show off a healthy glow. I’m not really paying attention to the models but the clothes. The thing that does annoy me in magazines is the fact how clear and perfect their skin and faces always look, photoshop. It’s just frustrating because EVERYONE knows no one has skin like that all it does is frustrate girls (some, depends on how easily influenced you are i guess..) and send off a bad imagine to younger kids. I can’t count the amount of times i’ve heard girls around me say they want better skin while their skin is already as flawless as it can get without photoshop.

  125. skinny

    are all realistic bodies.

    people have different body types because of their genes… I am slim but I don’t look like ‘anorexic thin,’ because my bones are not popping out… and I eat healthily. peace. 🙂

  126. i think these pictures are beautiful. everyone is built differently. you dont choose your body type. but these women are comfortable in their own skin. everyone who is saying they are overweight and unhealthy, i’d like to see you fill out a bra and a pair of jeans and look as good as they do.

  127. Facially gorgeous? …. Pretty sure they’re just gorgeous. What is this site? I enjoy the articles and I like all of the real pictures vs the airbrushed ones and the behind the scenes shoot pictures, but I don’t see a mission statement anywhere or anything. Is this an pro-ana/mia blog or something… I’m honestly just wondering. I see lots of interesting articles but I can’t really find any all around female empowerment in the text.

    • Yes, they are “facially gorgeous” – I didn’t realize that anyone could understand something “less than positive” from this statement. Their faces looked particularly stunning to me, but this doesn’t exclude the fact that they do have other appealing attributes.
      Please refrain from associating my site with “pro ana” websites, as they are pretty much the opposites. I have explained my views many times and my daily visitors are familiar with them: this site tries to feature a wide range of female shapes and sizes, and is PRO healthy, PRO natural and against beauty standardization and falseness (via media, Photoshop, etc.). However, I try to keep my posts objective and brief because it is wiser this way and I don’t pretend that all my posts have a clear mission, this is an entertainment site after and it should be taken lightly.

    • I agree with Nicole this website is definitely reminding me of the pro ana mia website. They congratulate the skinny girls and say all of the more fuller figured women are unhealthy.

  128. As a size 16 woman i can say that some of you may not find this beautiful because your brain has been programmed to worship the barbie dolls that were shoved in your faces as children. You learned that that unreal body shape barbie had was “ideal” well let me just say, I may not be the “ideal” you, but i am the “ideal” me. I’m not unhealthy in fact I’m very healthy in the military I just happen to not be a single digit size. These women are beautiful because they are owning what they have, they love them selves and they put it out there for everyone to see. You are all right in your opinions because each and everyone of our views is totally different and thats what makes the world beautiful. 🙂 good day.

    • And that is precisely why you are wrong. But if you want to kid yourself and use that as an excuse to be large, so be it … but you’re still just deluding yourself.

      My brain hasn’t been programmed by Barbie, but by eons of evolution that have led me to seek out a healthy mate and these ladies just look like they are headed for a life of diabetes and high blood pressure. Sorry, but I’ll pass on the fingerstick at the breakfast table.

  129. Hey now! Barbie dolls were not shoved in my face. The culture as a whole has shaped our views of women.

    Anyway, I think the models DO detract from just looking at the clothes. This can be a two-way street. On the one hand, I think it’s not so great for advertising your product, unless you are trying to market a certain brand, maybe like Lane Bryant. But actually looking at the merchandise itself is difficult.
    Which brings me to the other side. I think these women are AMAZINGLY beautiful. (And that’s supposed to be news!? True, they are photoshopped but so are regular models, so that just increases objectivity here.)
    So basically I look at these pics and can’t get past the model to see the couture.

  130. All of you haters need to sit back and watch as plus size woman rise to the modeling world. These woman are absolutely gorgeous, just because their not a size 00-5 doesn’t mean they don’t belong. Society is so stuck on skinny rail thin woman that there brain washing all of you. Ask 100 men about thin vs. curvy and i bet curvy wins. STOP JUDGING. I see these woman have gotten more far in life than any of you HATERS. Their signed to top agencies and are on magazines for a reason people, cause their REALISTIC, beautiful woman. Not sick looking woman OK, so stop copying what society thinks is beautiful and think out side the box. By the way I’m a size 3 and i can be a little bigger.

    • Yeah. And just imagine how hot they’ll be when their toes are amputated due to diabetes. Or they get those beautiful veins on their calves from poor circulation. Sorry hun, but beauty is based on health and always has been, and these gals look like a recipe for long-term health issues.

      Also, they happen to have jobs because we keep encouraging such unhealthy lifestyles in this country. It has nothing to do with how stunning they are but with dollar bills — obesity is BIG business. Just imagine the mountains of money being made off plus-sized clothes and Hoverounds.

  131. EWWWW! If I wanted to see pics of fat chicks with fat rolls and thunder thighs, I’d just go outside. Obesity in America is bad enough without us glamorizing it. I’m 5’10” and 115 pounds, so ‘realistic’ for me is normal, skinny, gorgeous models. Please keep the fat chicks in modest clothing! That’s so gross!

    • Clothing is not made well for any size. I feel bad for you, skinnygirl, because you are not in tune with true beauty! I agree that clothing should be made to fit and flatter bodies, but the truth is that people come in all shapes and sizes, and designers are not focusing on that. Even myself at a size 2 can barely find clothing that truly embraces the human figure. Put yourself in another’s place and see if you can find a rational solution. Also, I suggest you look at renaissance paintings and other sources of inspiration to assist you in your understanding of the human body. Good luck!

  132. See, I believe these women are healthy. Yeah, they have a little extra weight but that doesn’t necessarily make them OBESE or UNHEALTHY. I’m a size 10-11, but I know for a fact I am not fat! And neither are these women. They are gorgeous! But that’s just my opinion. At least these women aren’t skin and bones -_-

  133. Just because a woman is size 12, 14, 16, doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy. You can’t assume that because these women aren’t athletes that they aren’t healthy. Sure, they can’t sprint up the basketball court, but they can most certainly fit in seats, they can walk up flights of stairs without issue, etc. In the same way, being thin doesn’t equal being healthy. I don’t mean anorexic girls, either. There are plenty of “fit” looking people that are completely unhealthy (smokers, vegetarians/vegans that don’t eat right for their dietary restrictions, naturally thin people that eat loads of unhealthy junk). You can’t assume that because they’re larger than what you like looking at that they are somehow unhealthy (let alone obese!!) or that they’re trying too hard. If you don’t want to look at it, don’t. Simple as that. But don’t make rash assumptions about their HEALTH if you know nothing about it. Side note: some studies show that having a little extra weight (which this is, if you look at the true average, at least for the U.S) is healthier as a safeguard against illness that can drastically effect eating habits leading to weight loss.

  134. These plus-sized issues of magazines are just as fraudulent as any other issue. They are not plus-sized models, they are actual models. They more accurately represent an actual human being than most, but this is what we need to see on a regular basis. Fashion needs to be fun again, and the only way it will be is when it’s made for everyone. Designers with talent need to start creating for the average person rather than an ideal. I am a young fashion designer trying to change this. There are better ways to make and represent garments. Most clothing is not flattering, and people are suffering in their clothing! This cannot go on any longer. I predict that in the future people will not want to buy clothing unless it’s represented on a real person. If anyone agrees or would like to talk more about this, contact me.

  135. Wow, I didn’t even get through reading half of these comments without getting upset. I can not believe how rude and judgmental people are today. These ladies are BEAUTIFUL!!! So what what if they’re “overweight” according to some stupid standard mankind has made up for them selves. They put them selves out there to tell the world an amazing story. One that’s not about extremes, or being unhealthy or being stick skinny on the other side of the spectrum, but to tell a story that says, “Hey, ya know I might have fat roles, but I look damn good, maybe not to you, but at least I am comfortable to go in front of the whole world with my own body, and not be ashamed” I honestly feel bad for you if you find these girls repulsive and hard to look at.That just means you’ve let the world’s judgmental views get to you. Who are you to say some one is not beautiful? Beauty is all shapes and sizes, weather or not you agree is insignificant. What it comes to not liking anything, if you don’t have something nice to say keep it to yourself. Especially when it comes to looks because that emotional hurt can really take a toll and people these days. Another point, if you think models are extreme, good, maybe they should be to really show people that the industry is changing. Having a “plus size” woman model isn’t embracing obesity at all either. These ladies are NOT even OBESE! and I’m sure they probably are involved in many physical activities, just people are not all the same and their bodies work differently. Same goes for food just because some one is overweight does not conclude that they are an over eater. In fact in many cases of women, even men, that have a few “extra” pounds tend not to eat enough tricking their bodies into storing more fat then normal. Like I said, these sort of things are about being who you are and being proud of it. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND YOU SHOULD LOVE IT, AND NEVER CHANGE BECAUSE SOME A– HOLE IS TELLING YOU OTHER WISE. Only change when you feel like its some thing you want, you need and your doing it for your self and not for any body else. If you feel differently then that’s sad and you should probably learn to keep your negative comments to yourself. I find it disappointing that I’m 16 years old and my opinion on this issue is one of the most mature on this page.

  136. I absolutely agree with Gabrielle! I love the fact that a 16 year old girl can have such an insight into treating other people with respect and not judging people because they do not fit the Hollywood norm!
    RESPECT Gabrielle!

  137. I think skinny models look gross and unhealthy. repulsive actually. so the “this isnt attractive because they are unhealthy” argument is stupid because most models in magizines are EXTREMELY underweight and that is also VERY unhealthy. these girls are gorgeous.

  138. I feel like this magazine is defeating the point of what they’re trying to do.
    They have this plus sized magazine, with curvy models to make the statement that all women are beautiful regardless of what size they are. However, they all still have supermodel faces. It just seems to say to me “You can be a little chunky only if you have a pretty face.”

  139. These women are beautiful. This represents the beauty of the average American woman. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. As for having pretty faces, many many women can look like these women if they did their makeup as if they were going to a photo shoot.

  140. Wow. I don’t know what is more controversial the pictures or the people commenting. There shouldn’t be a size on beauty. Everyone feels insecure at times and its ignorant people that evoke that kinda of judgmental mentality.

  141. I would like to see a balance of models:apple, pear, hour glass, rectangle, and ruler in sizes from 4 to 18 misses, and plus size models 14W to 24W but they should have a level of fitness.many women away from clothing stores that have fitted clothes and the so called “skinny only” stores. Society is getting tired of anorexic twiggy from the 60’s, we want variety in shape.

  142. Please disregard the first post I wrote, I forgot to put in a word or two. I rewrote:
    I would like to see a balance of models:apple, pear, hour glass, rectangle, and ruler shapes in sizes from 4 to 18 misses, and plus size models 14W to 24W but they should have a level of fitness. Society is getting tired of anorexic twiggy from the 60′s, we want variety in shape, and designers need to realize that not everyone is twiggy or close. They need to make beautiful clothes for all sizes and shapes.
    The models here remind me of unhealthy looming diabetes plus other health issues down the road. You can be plus size and fit which would encourage society to say “hey these plus size women look fit, I can do that too”. Just letting the rolls out is unnerving.

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