Miranda Kerr Brings the Quote of the Day

miranda_kerr_elle_cute_7 - Miranda Kerr Brings the Quote of the Day

On her future self-help book Treasure Yourself! (which will be released later this year):

“It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.”

… says Miranda.

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43 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. God, I am so sick of that woman!She is everywhere!Okay, she is skinny. She is a model, she is supposed to be skinny.Get over it!

  2. lol, I agree with alanka – sorry but advice on “treasuring yourself” from a women who gets paid millions on account of her looks is worthless to me.

    • That’s funny because there are thicker women who get paid millions for their looks and that give the same advice, yet they don’t receive the same treatment that Miranda is receiving.

      Just because she is thin and a top model does not mean she is exempt from giving advice about loving one’s self. Like she said, everyone has their insecurities.I bet her being called anorexic/skeleton/prepubescent boy all the time doesn’t exactly raise her self esteem.

      • Agreed!

        It’s so unfair that the women who work hard for their bodies are the ones who are insulted and put down, but people feel sorry for women who are over weight, obese and are at serious health risk because they don’t take care of themselves.

  3. Why is her advice worthless? Yes, she is beautiful and a lot of people think so…but people also tear her apart as well. That can’t be easy. I look forward to her book.

    • I agree… For every person praising her as beautiful I hear others calling her a chipmunk and saying her body is like a 12-year-old boy’s. I can’t imagine how I would feel hearing or reading things like that about myself. Especially from more than one person because then I would feel as if there’s some truth to it…

      I also think a lot of people forget that what we see is not always what they see. They see themselves and their bodies in the mirror every day and know their flaws more than anyone who sees their face on a magazine or TV screen sometimes. If there is something you really dislike about yourself, no amount of praise from others is going to change your mind about it until you change your opinion of yourself.

      • having people praise you might help you change your opinion…
        of course everyone has insecurities like everyone else, but at the same time, she is a thin model who is often said about she looks good, and that’s why women want to be thin as well, she’s not contributing to an ideal of diversity among sizes

        • maybe she doesn’t even like being skinny and she just models because it brings her thos amounts of money.. dunno.. not everyone thinks the same.. and most of the time people don’t like being the way they are..
          I do think she is beautiful… but maybe she doesn’t think the same way

          • I have to disagree with the statement that “most of the time people don’t like being the way they are…”
            That’s only true for people who are not confident…there are plenty of people in this world who are perfectly happy with the way they are, and they should be. And everyone who comes to this site should be happy with the way they are, but sadly I don’t think that’s the case at all.

        • I agree that she’s not contributing to size diversity as a typical model, but I do think it is entirely possible for her to have had trouble accepting her appearance.

          Praise might help, but not if there is something you really hate about yourself that others have picked up on. Or, worse yet, if there’s something about you others have bullied you for and you’ve become brainwashed into thinking it is ugly.

          For example, I’m slim and always have been. I have a friend who is overweight and always has been. She was jealous and couldn’t help letting comments slip out about how my legs were like stick insect’s, that I looked like I was anorexic, that I had no bum or boobs, that my fingers were so bony, knobbly and spider-like, etc. Hearing this over and over soon made all the negative comments from other people stand out. The negativity washed away any positive comments I would hear. I soon became convinced every part of my body was hideous because I was thin. It took more than a DECADE to get back to normal. It took years of having the man I love tell me that there’s nothing wrong with these parts of me to realise I’m not some ugly Gollum-like creature. At first I couldn’t believe anything he said. I thought it was all lies to make me feel better. I assumed the same about anyone who complimented me. It’s sad, but this kind of thing can happen to anybody.

        • No one individual contributes to diversity of sizes. It is something done collectively. You put her alongside fellow thin models and you have the same thing. Put her alongside women of different sizes and she contributes to the group of range.

    • Well it’s not like she chose the level of photoshopping done on the shoot.
      Geeze…why all the bitterness, people?

  4. if I looked like her, I would have no insecurety 🙂
    damn, I wish every woman was satisfied with herself… low or no confidence and self-esteem can only do harm..

  5. I agree that even she might have her own insecurities, but I feel like this comment is kind of boring, bland, and it’s all been said before. If it’s a self-help book, I hope it will provide some more original advice than that.

  6. She is insanely beautiful!!!! She has the most amazing body!! And the cutest little face! I know now why pretty much every man is getting caught looking at pictures of her! LOL

  7. Love the look! the big belt makes her waist more tiny and gets the attention on the hips,good idea! love the shoes

  8. insecurities? i can’t think of any. maybe her chubby cheeks? perhaps she doesn’t like her baby-faced look, while her colleagues like alessandra, doutzen, marissa, adriana can easily pull off the ‘look at me i’m so hot’ look.

  9. I’m so sick of her frog face.
    She sounds like a broken record….. she says the EXACT SAME THINGS over and over and over in every single article and every single interview.
    Yes, we all should feel good in our own skin, no matter how we look like……. We get it Miranda, now find something new or shut up.

    • Because we, the public, who seem to deem it the responsibility of celebs to keep us happy with our figures, demand the same statements over and over

      • I disagree with you.
        I think the girl has got very little brain and a HUGE ego. If she had something different (and interesting) to say I’d be all ears. Hence it’s not the case and I personally don’t need a cheap lingerie model to tell me how to feel good about myself.

        • Oh, I believe you. It seems pretty clear from your comment that the way you feel good about yourself is by putting other people down. Calling her brainless and cheap? Why? That’s so unnecessary.

          • No, I don’t put people down, thank you, but if you think she deserves a Nobel Prize for intelligence and class, that’s your opinion……
            I just think that she’s very much full of herself and since she’s obviously not a genius, the only ways she has to catch attention are to show her naked butt/boobs in magazines every other week + speak about her physique in case someone missed the pictures.
            If you aspire to be like her, go ahead.
            I personally don’t, but thanks for trying.
            Hillary Clinton and Brigitte Bardot are among my female heros. A Victoria’s Secret model, not so much……

  10. For all those of you that are dubious that someone like Miranda Kerr can ever have any insecurities I think you need to put it into context.

    She’s a model judged on her looks. We may look at her as some ‘perfect’ slim beauty but she’s a diamond dozen in her industry.

    Some of the models she has to compete with may be slimmer, prettier, taller etc and it will be THEM that will make her feel insecure.

    Imagine her going to a casting and she’s told that she’s too hippy (she’s not – she’s just about got hips -but this is fashion we’re talking about) for a job. Not such a feel good factor, huh?

    So it’s all relative when it comes to feeling good and feeling crap.

    • exactly. being a model and being rejected all the time is hard. you have to learn how to accept yourself, and say, hey, i didn’t get this one, but i’ll get the next one, or the one after that, because SOMEONE is looking for ME.

      • but she has Victoria’s Secret going on for her.
        that’s why i’m doubting her insecurities.
        of course everyone can have their insecurities. i’m just saying she’s very, very fortunate.

        it’s a numbing process to have 3 agencies say ‘you’ve good stats but you’re just not what you’re looking for’, all on the same day. you can work and achieve the best stats but you just can’t add exotic features to your face. i mean without plastic surgery, of course.

        ok that is one jealous, bitter, old woman talking.

    • I agree. I’ve heard from those in the modelling industry that people are extremely harsh on models. Using your example, they wouldn’t just say ‘Your hips are too big’, they would say ‘You’re turning into a hippo, go hop on the treadmill and quit stuffing your face with big macs.’ They are hired based on their looks, so that’s what the model is going to get criticised for if it isn’t what they are looking for.

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