Model Coco Rocha: “I’m a Size 4 and I’m Not Getting Hired”

Model Coco Rocha: "I'm a Size 4 and I'm Not Getting Hired" 1

Another perfectly lean model says that she’s having trouble finding jobs, now that she is a size 4 (models sizes 0-2 are OK, and so are the ones over 12, just, for some inexplicable reason I will never understand, sizes 4-10 are not OK). Details from The New York times:

“I’m not in demand for the shows anymore,” said the model, who has worked for Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton, among many others.

“I’ve been told to lose weight when I was really skinny,” said Ms. Rocha, who recently added a new line item to her résumé: correspondent for, the Web site for the model-obsessed.

“You know what, I’ve stopped caring,” Ms. Rocha said. “If I want a hamburger, I’m going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size.”

“Girls are told they’re not skinny enough, or they hear, ‘She’s old, she’s boring, we’ve had her, she’s not tiny anymore,’ ” Ms. Rocha said. “A lot of people don’t take into account the vulnerability of these young girls.” And the latest crop of models is not made up of “adults or even sort-of adults,” she insisted. “They are children. Point closed.”

One more Coco after the jump!

Model Coco Rocha: "I'm a Size 4 and I'm Not Getting Hired" 2

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182 thoughts on “Model Coco Rocha: “I’m a Size 4 and I’m Not Getting Hired””

  1. Maybe it does sound not too tolerant, but…I think we have all this situation with too skinny models cuz there are the way too many gays in fashion industry. Show me just only one straight man who will ask an already slim woman to diet out her curves?! Hillarious!

      • I’m not sure about the whole “gay” angle. There’s not a lot of hard data about how many homosexuals are in the industry. I have a lot of gay male friends and they don’t begrudge “curvy” women at all. I think it’s just an aesthetic of extremes. The thinner it is the more attention it gets. The whole coat hanger theory doesn’t work for me but the “gay” agenda doesn’t either. It’s probably a mixture of things. I know many gay males in that industry are hypersensitive about their weight as well. It would make sense they would project it onto others.

        • I agree with you there, it’s the extremes that catch the attention. I don’t think there’s a big gay lobby group in the fashion world that want women to starve themselves. Besides that, there is the competition in the modelling world, there’s always a thinner girl out there. It’s like a snowball effect; new model is very thin-> she gets a lot of work -> other model loses her work because of the thinner model -> she tries to lose weight-> gets more work -> influences other models—-> being extremely thin as a model is seen as the norm and desirable.

          • It’s not that gays necessarily want all women to be very slim, but gay men do find other men hot and attractive and the only way to make a girl look like a boy is to slim her down until she has no curves left. It sounds to me like that might have played a big role in why this extreme pin-thin model industry started, but of course that is not the only reason why models are so slim nowadays.

          • I don’t think it has anything to do with being gay. It has to do with a culture of excess. Its EASY to be fat, fashion always has and always will glorify the kind of beauty that is difficult to obtain. Before industrialization and during/shortly after WWII, that was curves. Now, curves abound, and they’re often over abundant. So thin is in. If (unlikely, but still…) society ever gets so health conscious or poor that thin bodies are more predominant, the fashion industry will push curves. Because then excess will look glamorous.

            The “gays like thin women” thing is ridiculous and over chattered about. Anyone who actually knows a variety of gay men in real life (and not just the fashion world!) knows that they are perfectly capable of seeing and accepting pretty in all forms. Straight men don’t admire “curvy” men because they’re more like the curvy feminine forms they like (generalization here!), why would gay men be any different?

            The fashion industry (male & female, gay & straight) is full of people obsessed with being thin. It’s been the thing to do for more than 40 years… It isn’t changing anytime soon.

          • justme, you’re babbling. Stop throwing the healthy card, it’s not working. And no, it’s not easy to be fat. Most people are normal sized, not fat. And the 15 bmi that most models have is not an epitome of beauty, health, desirable whatever. Not for sane people anyway.

          • Totally agreed with Uma. And yeah, models are essentially coathangers. I’ve read articles on the subject of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell becoming supermodels, and eventually taking away attention from the clothes they were paid to sell. Designers don’t want a model to stand out; they want to sell clothes. Furthermore, the less ‘mass’ (not sure if the term is correct) a model has, the less she overpowers the clothes. It has nothing to do with compassion; it is a business.

  2. When I read stuff like this I can’t believe I was trying to force my sister to go into modelling. She’s 5″9.5 and a UK size 8 (slim one). Then even she (who is very savvy about the fashion industry) said that she doubted she would get far because models are normally even thinner than her. She was going to lose weight but she was going to do it via Billy Blanks and cutting out the biscuits she scoff’s before dinner, not starving herself.

    I think if a girl wants to model she must really really love the glamour that comes with it because otherwise I see little benefits in a job in which you have to monitor your calories like boot camp and become old when you reach 27 years.

    Dont compare size 0-2 to size 12. Small sizes are hot and its fashion, sizes over 5, are just fat to me. size 0 until 5. And stop there.

  4. Wait models “models sizes 0-2 are OK, and so are the ones over 12″
    I understand models size 0-2 are ok, but sizes 12 and over? ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSS! THAT’S FAT.
    Dont compare sizes 0-2 to sizes 12 and over.
    I’m a size 0 and 1, and to me thats really good i wouldnt want to go anymore sizes higher.
    A SIZE 12 IS JUST TOO BIG TO PUT ON A MAGAZINE. Why are people comparing them? oh man its not like its good to be a size 12.

    • I have no idea how you could possibly understand that from my words – I was referring to the fact that in the modeling industry, most famous models are sizes 0-2 and now, the plus-size models are gaining popularity as well. The only ones that are not very popular / hired / or always criticized for being too big are the ones between sizes 4-10.

      • Yeah i understand you now, my bad. But i still don’t think that people over a size of 12 should model. To me it’s like putting Paris Hilton in a rap music video. Like it just does not make sence to me. I’m so sorry if i offend anyone, but I just like skinny models. They work it the best, and fashion has always been about skinny models. People over they’re size, should try doing something else. I’m sorry.

          • No i don’t think it ever would. I always liked thin females, and thought they look the sexiest. Just like the Victoria’s secret Angels.
            I will never start thinking people bigger than them look sexy. Never haha. Sorry.
            Um arent we supposte to express our feelings and opinions on here? Why is everyone so sensitive?

          • I think that’s a very offensive and vicious thing to say. People who are size 12 and over ARE in magazines. Believe it or not you can get very slim size 12 people. It’s about height and build, not dress size. So if you’ve got a size 12 woman whose a column and 5’9 for instance, she could be a model. Models also come in all different shapes and sizes, builds etc.

          • Bahaha. Woooosh. That was the sound of your correction flying right over Alexia’s head. I <3 ignorant people. They are so cute.

    • People are replying to you in this way because you sound a) aggressive, and b) like a snarky teenager. For all I know, you are a teenager. The all caps lettering and constant use of the word “fat” does not ingratiate you to others; it is obvious you have no interest in dialogue. If you worded your opinions in a more gracious and mature manner, perhaps people would not react to you in such a way.

      • Here is more a mature way of saying it.
        I think Thin females look really good. And the best in fashion magazines.

        • Honey, you need to take a breath, go back to school, and focus all this energy on more important things.. like the spelling of the words “their,” “sense,” and “supposed.”

        • Don’t you understand that many skinny people are ones that are starving themselves? People are going to die this way, and I think that’s what makes your statement so ignorant. You don’t care. You just know what you think looks good and you’re willing to call people that don’t burn of everything they eat in a flash or just aren’t starving themselves fat.

    • I’m sorry, you’re speaking “the truth”? There’s one truth now? Did I miss the memo? While it’s lovely and all that you’re a size 0 and 1–and thanks ever so much for gracing us with the information during your commentary–in my OPINION, a size 12 is not too big to put on a magazine.

      Some might say that a size 0, often unattainable for many models already at that size which is outrageous for their personal bodies, is “not good” to put on a magazine since it’s unhealthy and dangerous for them. Heck, it can be downright ugly to many people and offensive to men who wonder why magazines are trying to swerve their T&A obsession, and why the heck their gorgeous wife or girlfriend is throwing up in the bathroom so she can look how she did when she was twelve. Many men AND women find bigger bodies extremely sexy, yes, I’m “SERIOUSSSSS”. And have mercy, so what IF she’d been comparing sizes 0-2 to 12 and over? I know the first sin was Eve’s, but was Versus’ the second one?? Both ranges can and have been considered “extremes” that are unhealthy. You can like thin bodies, waif-like if you want. But my goodness, you sound like you’re regurgitating at your computer the very second you talk about bigger sizes. Others find the Kim K booty, the Ice-T Coco thick frame, the Crystal Renn shape, the Beyonce’s and bigger the sexiest things you’ll ever see. Good gracious. Thank God I live in a place where big and skinny is embraced equally with loving arms. Okay, with that said, I guess we should cue the “Oh, you’re just a jealous fat biyotch” assumption now. Obre moi.

  5. Wait whatt “models sizes 0-2 are OK, and so are the ones over 12″
    —-I understand models size 0-2 are ok, but sizes 12 and over? ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSS! THAT’S FAT.
    Dont compare sizes 0-2 to sizes 12 and over.
    I’m a size 0 and 1, and to me thats really good i wouldnt want to go anymore sizes higher.
    A SIZE 12 IS JUST TOO BIG TO PUT ON A MAGAZINE. Why are people comparing them? oh man its not like its good to be a size 12.

      • hahha i really don’t think I am. I understand the fashion industry and there is noone that can make me change my mind. I just like skinny females. Sorry, Geezz.
        And they just work it the best and look the best in the magazines.

        • woowwww ur definately tryin to start some s—. thats very insulting to say it such a b—y way. pls tone it down and stop takin it out on a blog site. 6 definately does not necessarily mean fat, thats my moms size and she looks better and more muscular/slim than me at 0-2.

      • No sizes 5 or over, are kind of fat. Well not fat, just big. My taste is skinny, like it or not. SORRY.
        People insult thin people all the time, say something to them.
        I’m just saying it would be weird seeing a big girl on a fashion magazine Elle, Vogue. Yeah.
        To me it’s like seeing Paris Hilton in a rap music video dancing and shaking her ass. Yeah weird right? THAT IS EXATLYYY HOW I FEEL ABOUT BIG PEOPLE. Skinny people just look better in they’re clouth and they always worked with skinny models. Blame it on the undustry not me honey. Truth hurts. Skinny is sexy. If the Victoria’s Secret MODELS WERE BIGGER THEY WOULDN’T BE AS SEXY. YEAH, THAT’S WHY THEY PICKEDDD THINN PEOPLEEE FOR VICTORIAS SECRETTTTT. 🙂

        • hi alexia do you see my profile picture i am a size 4-5 and 5’6 and if you think i am fat then … i do love skinny people but the way you talk is very offensive and you should go to some kinda manner school or something i do like honest people but your way to annoying i hope when your 30 yrs old you get so fat that you wish you never said these words oh by the way next time say whats on your mind but don’t drag it ok.

        • what is wrong with you? you commented this page like a million times saying the same thing.
          and ok you can state your opinion but consider saying it in different words so you don’t insult people.
          there are young girls who look at this site and it’s comments like yours that generate eating disorders
          i myself am a 2-4 so i am in no means disagreeing with your opinion.
          but serisously think before you write because you come off obnoxious and dumb.

        • give your poor caps lock key a rest, you are not Kanye West!
          Also I have no idea why you needed to put two n’s in ‘thin’, three e’s in ‘people’ and five T’s in ‘secret’.

        • Size 6 is NOT kind of fat at all! It’s very thin. The problem here is that people who have this deluded idea are brainwashed into believing that society’s “ideals”, are in fact the way to be, hence the media and the increasing number of eating disorders among teenagers.

  6. pressure is on for every celebrity, not only models. actresses must be skinny to get parts in movies, singers need to be skinny to look good on stage. if they’re not, the industry doesnt care how talented he or she is. then the celebrities start to go on strict diets that only allows them to eat one apple the whole day. and the next day the title on the magazines are like DOES “X” HAVE AN EATING DISORDER?!!
    what were you expecting? you comment on their weight on every single picture of them, paparazzis write about their weight on the magazines. thousands of people read those magazines. of course they go crazy and start to eat nothing. size 4 is like a joke to me. she is more than gorgeous.

  7. Ugh this sickens me. FIRST OF ALL, this girl is far from fat. For any fashion designer or person so say that she’s ‘fat’ or ‘bigger’ because she’s a size 4 is absolutely disgusting. I’m 5’9”, a size 6 in the US, and I find absolutely nothing wrong with my body type, but it is almost NEVER represented in any fashion magazines or advertisements. I’m lean without being skinny (although there’s nothing wrong with people who are naturally skinny) but yet the fashion world only represents the skinny skinny models and the 12+ girls. EVERY BODY TYPE IS BEAUTIFUL. I understand that clothes look better on models who are tall and thin, it’s just more appealing to the eye. However, a friggan 4 is still thin. ALSO, I love how she touches on how young models are today!!! Some of these girls still look like babies! Big companies start recruiting girls when they’re only 13 years old and who knows how much younger.

  8. Love her.

    She speaks the truth though. I remember on the Janice Dickenson modeling agency this one girl was a size 4 and Janice said she was “too big”.

    It’s strictly 0-2 and it’s sad.

    I’m a 2/4. %’9. 125 pounds. I’ve done some modeling and I’ve been told “i’m too big”. Yet honestly, I watch every ounce I eat.

    You have to be willing and determined to be a model or you genes are just on your side!

    • genes ARE on your side. your size is very thin for 5’9 and you probably look amazing. any more determination in the form of dieting would make you skeletal, don’t do it! im no model, but im 5’9 also and 132 lbs trying to lose and you are at my goal weight. any lower is not healthy for our height and on most frames it would not look attractive either.
      if people are telling you that you are too big, i would suggest you might try fitness modeling. in that industry, you can weigh more because they want you to look healthy and have muscle tone. not body-builder types, think the girls in self and shape magazines.

    • Try, you need to be careful but there are many people who get use it and get paid work out of it. Be aware you might not get paid at first and if you are near a major city it might not be that useful. Women of all shapes, sizes and heights use the site. A word of warning though, don’t get deluded and think you are going to get signed by agency. That’s a long shot. Do it if you enjoy it but don’t put your hopes into it.

    • was that the chick that she got to squeeze into Janices own skirt? That girl was the sexiest of the lot imo! and she did fit in the skirt it was just ulta tight!but hot! my dad was like ‘what?! why would she need to lose weight?1 shes got the best figure of them all!’ i thought it was true…she did lose weight i think. its sad but true

  9. As Coco points out they hire very young 12-14 year olds from poor countries and they model to send money back home and it’s probably the most money they’ve ever seen (if they don’t get paid in clothes). So they’re not exactly in a position to say screw this I’m gonna eat a hamburger.

    That’s the point she’s making – those kind of girls are all kinds of vulnerable. Not to mention that the reason they’re so thin sometimes is because growing up they didn’t get a proper diet.

    I think they should rule for larger sample sizes in the business – even the reason you get so many skinny actresses is because they’re trying to fit into the samples. No one wants to commit to even slightly larger sizes, that’s the thing.

    • Too true, people are blinded by the “glamour” of the industry. it’s laughabe. Most of the models I saw were between the ages of 14 and 17 and were smoking cigarettes, eating next to nothing, puffing on inhalers and even (in some cases) taking horse tranquilizers. Yea, that one was hot for awhile. There’s also an ADHD drug used to suppress appetite among these types. When most people think “model” they think Victorias Secret and that ilk. The actual industry is pretty far from that.

      • yep, and i saw an interview with a model once, and she was saying that she would literally see girls s— themselves in the bathroom before they go on stage because they had taken so many laxatives…very glamourous! honestly, i find it scary really. im not saying ALL models are like this though. BUt even the ‘curvy’ ones i.e. VS (just saying curvy because many people say they are, i dont think that…in 90’s they WERE curvy, but not anymore…) anyway back to topic. Just because they are tanned and made up and ‘curvy’ in bikinis (aka big pushed up boobs) and have makeup and ‘bright faces’ and long hair (extensions) doesnt mean they are happy and ‘healthy’…you never know what people are hiding! sometimes i think some girls have it all worked out and perfect…then i think of me…and realise there are so many things people wouldnt know about me just from looking at photos/ meeting me/ even being my friend for years. I mean, i am no different from anyone else so if i can hide things like that (Ed’s etc, or ’embarassing single behaviour’ like on sex and the city =p) then any girl can!

        • I never watched Sex and the City, I don’t know about that. I will say in my experience that a lot of the girls I knew in life who looked up to models did so because they wanted to be models. I never cared because I was never attractive. That’s not something that would ever cross my mind to try. People who “deify” certain industries/people will never be able to accept the truth about that industry or person. I’ve worked in and around music for years. it’s far from glamorous yet most people believe it’s some kind of 24/7 party. No, there’s a lot of sitting in studios for hours banging ones head on a desk because they can’t move from one chord to another for some reason and make it sound good. There’s a lot of drugs, big ego’s, depression, blackmail etc. It’s actually ugly business.

          Reminds me of people and politics. You can rationally explain “______ is lying” and give them the facts, but if that’s their man (or woman) it doesn’t matter one bit. You’ll just have to sit there and watch the doublethink form in their mind.

          • Why do you always say you are not attractive? I mean it is stating the obvious to say that you say it because obviously you think you are but I have read many of your comments and you seem so open to all different types of figures and beauty so why is it that you would label yourself unattractive? You don’t seem to support what has become the ideal for beauty according to the media, and you don’t seem to think there is only one idea of attractiveness so why can you not be a different type of attractive. I truly and honestly believe every single person is beautiful in their own way and although I do not know you and have not seen you I am willing to bet you are beautiful in your own way as well. I would understand it more if most of your comments implied that you look up to skinny models and that is why you find yourself unattractive but obviously that is not the case. This comment became somewhat long but I was just wondering.

          • I see what you’re saying Ann
            I also agree with you Mariah (not that i can remember reading/ seeing that common theme between Anns posts…i havent paid much attention though (not meaning i dont read them! just that i havent linked them up! phew! that sounded bad!) But you make great points

  10. I think she can’t get jobs because she is not that pretty anymore, and I’m not talking about weight. There is some model that lose appeal fast, they do not have the skill to keep relevant.
    I doubt it’s her weight that is keeping her to find job, Lara Stone is the same size and is everywhere (even @vogue cover).

    • It’s so much that she is not that pretty anymore, it’s just that she was everywhere for the past two years and people are getting tired of her. Otherwise, I completely agree with what you are saying. Lara Stone is quite curvy for a model and yet, everyone still loves her.

    • There are so many models that are plain ugly that your argument does not stand a chance. She doesn’t get jobs because the industry is filled with 12-15 yrs old. You just cannot compete with those bodies when you’re over 20 something.

      • yep! I mean, we hear it so much…”I am a size 3, and I can’t get hired!…I’m not going to deprive myself, I’ll have a cheeseburger now and then!” Well, you are a MODEL. I do feel sympathy for them, but then again I don’t. That is their job to be thin and fit into the sample sizes. They are getting paid a ton of money to be thin and fit into the sample sizes, and if a girl can’t get the job done, there is always a younger 15 year old that hasn’t hit puberty yet that will fit in the sample size!! Models should understand this going into the field. If you slack a little, or fall behind, you’re finished.

        • The fashion industry doesn’t seem to care about girls’ self esteem, or body images. They want what they want, and won’t budge. That is the model’s job to fit their mold.

  11. Wait models “models sizes 0-2 are OK, and so are the ones over 12”
    I understand models size 0-2 are ok, but sizes 12 and over? ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSS! THAT’S FAT.
    Dont compare sizes 0-2 to sizes 12 and over.
    I’m a size 0 and 1, and to me thats really good i wouldnt want to go anymore sizes higher.
    A SIZE 12 IS JUST TOO BIG TO PUT ON A MAGAZINE. Why are people comparing them? oh man its not like its good to be a size 12.

    • That wasn’t a comparison, she was saying that in the modeling world, sizes 0-2 can get work, and sizes 12+ can get work, but sizes 4-10 are pretty much SOL.

      Size 12 isn’t necessarily fat for a tall woman, and most plus size models are over 5’8″. On a short woman, a size 12 is fat(or getting close to being fat, depending on frame/build).

      And no, you are not “SPEAKING THE TRUTH.”, you are giving an opinion, and the last time I checked opinion does not equal truth.

    • A size 12 is not fat. You are a moron. If you want to be a size 0 good for you but you don’t have to be such a b—. Also, maybe learn a little reading comprehension since you obviously have no idea what she was talking about.

    • Neither 0 nor 12 is healthy for most women. Unless you’re really small/tiny/ 12 y.o. and you wear 0 or tall/big boned and wear 12.

    • You don’t sound very intelligent and so I’m very pleased for you that you fall into the very narrow weight bracket that is officially the only sector of female society that could ever possibly be considered sexy.

    • “0-5 IS GOOD. OVER THAT IS JUST NOT SEXY. SORRY, SPEAKING THE TRUTH.” Alexia, you are a Icking fuDIOT. I’m a size 6-8. That means I’m not sexy? I can’t even believe you acutally pressed the submit button fo this comment. Frankly, I would hate to be a size 0-1. I like having a shape to my body. I think a 0-1 is TOO small. I would never want to be that small…I think the smallest I would try to get down to would be a 4-6. Anything smaller is sickly looking to me, but that is MY OPINION, not THE TRUTH. Why don’t you not comment on anything until you know what your talking about. She was talking about plus size models dumbass. You are a ruhtard.

  12. I love the gurl who posts the same comment more than 5 timesd and everyone still disagrees with her. I don’t why people are shocked because Lara Stone talked about this recently and she’s a size 4. It’s gonna get to the point where a lot of girls are gonna become disinterested in modeling because who wants to deal with that garbage. Also I think maybe the American public will fight back and stop buying these magazines which will have a detrimental effect on these magazines. It’s a shame too because I love me some Coco Rocha!!! This is getting really old really fast bring back the size 4-10 girls ok!!!!!!!!!

    • Ugh no, they are never going to bring back the size 4-10. Trust mee.
      Why dont you people see that fashion has always been about THIN FEMALES. stop trying to change itt.
      This is stupid, I’m waisting my time. Like everyone knows every famous fashion model out there is Skinny. Period.
      Why change that? When skinny people work it really good in the fashion?
      Oh geez

          • Alexia, I believe I speak for *most* of this community in saying that you are a f*cking idiot. We all could care less about your opinion because it is more than apparent that you have starved any viable brain cells away. When you grow up and learn that there is more to life than being skinny, and that the only worthwhile women fall into the 0-2 size categories (which you yourself proved is b.s) please come back and join us in conversation.

            Oh, and btw, back when there were “real” supermodels- you know, the ones that men actually lusted over- Christie, Cindy, naomi, Linda, etc…. most of them were about a 6.

      • Hahahaha I replied to another persons comment not yours and you are right I am fat compared to your standards. So please do me a favor learn how to read buy hooked on phonics so you can learn how to spell *sence* and and look at the mirror and shoot yourself because the world will be better off without you lol. I’m crying myself to sleep please honey hardly. I’m starting s— please look at how many times you’ve posted you dumb a– comment and look at how many times you got handed your a– on a platter. No one agrees with you so……NEXT. People on skinny vs curvy aren’t on that close minded tip!!!!!! *YAWNNNN* nothing phases please keep on arguing because I wont respond.

      • no, fashion wasn’t always about overly skinny models, remember the 80’s?cindy crawford?naomi campbell?and they were known by everyone, not only by people interested in fashion (wich is the most probable case nowadays)
        so you don’t have a point.

        and you ask why change it?and i ask you why not?have you ever heard of models dying of anorexia?i think that just that could be a good cause
        and only repeating how you like skinny people is not a good argument on why there shoud not be average sized models.

        and no you are not “only” writing your opinion, you are yelling it.
        and repeating it. in like six posts
        by now even the scientists living on the antartic know that you only like skinny girls
        we got it
        now stop attacking everyone who thinks differently and behave in a more mature way

    • i doubt that girls will get sick of the modelling industry, i personally think it has a lot of power and is seen as very glamourous and prestigious (sp?) so i think more girls willmake themselves sick to fit this ‘ideal’. Im not saying that all girls that are that thin are sick btw. Just sayin many are not ‘naturally’ that thin. Anyway, even VS models are portrayed as ‘healthy’ and perfect and desirable…yet, they are all VERY thin. I have said this a few times but they are far thinner than what they were in 80s and 90s…yet its such an unattainable figure. to be ultra thin yet have ‘curves’ in all the right places…not that i agree with it because they dont have those ‘amazing curves’ in candids but only when pushed up on shoots in curvy poses and airbrushed too…

      • agreed 150% ughaaaa I really yearn for the 80’s and 90’s supermodels so much to the point where I don’t really watch alot of fashion shows only the old ones. Alot of of my favorite supermodels are from the 90’s and from that early 2000’s with the Brazilian models wave very few models that I see today are distinguishable of course coco is one of the many few 🙁

        • Thank you ladies for reminding Alexia of the true SUPER models! Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Linda Evangelista…ALL NOT SIZE 0!!!!

          Alexia is just desperate for attention with her rude attitude. Ignore. If anyone has seen the movie “Idiocracy”…I fear it’s coming true and Alexia is only the begining. 🙂

          • Do you relize that you dont offend me at all? [[laugh]]
            I like being honest sorrryyyyyy, stop waisting your time on me and go suck on something big and juicy.

          • Versus, really, you cannot block this Alexia? this last post of hers is outrageous, how can you allow this kind of sh*t talk? I’ve been warned on this site for calling Jessica Biel ugly and she gets away with this?! I hope you simply didn’t notice and not actually encouraging this kind of behavior for the stir it brings….

          • @Uma,
            As I mentioned yesterday (you can see somewhere below), I am moderating Alexia from now – furthermore, I have deleted some of her comments because she was offensive.
            I do not recall warning you for just calling Jessica Biel “ugly” – I only warn visitors when their comments are extremely harsh.

  13. Um arent we supposte to tell the truth on here, and express our opinions? Haha why does everyone get so sensitive if i said that i think thin females look the best. I just always thought skinny girls are the hottest and look the most ellegant. My opinion SORRY.

    • The “truth” and your “opinion” are two very different things. You need to log off the computer and read a book. It’s obvious your mind is in a sorry state.

      • yeah whatever it’s my “opinion” so why is everyone starting s— on here, if we ARE supposte to write our opinions. Stop being sensative people. Damnn haha.
        This site is made for everyones opinion, so I dont think im doing anything wrong. Thanks

        • Actually, you are the one who is attacking people on their opinion of wanting to see “bigger” size models.
          You’ve layed up you “opinion” for 13 times now….we get it.

          • I only wrote on this ONCE, and i was being nice and opinionated. Until now, everyone has a problem with my opinion. Damn, get a life and stop replying back to me, and I will do the same. DONE.

        • You said your “opinion” was the “truth”. Go look up those words in the dictionary. Opinions cannot be truths by definition. You can say “it’s my honest opinion”. If that’s what you are trying to get across. but really, you are just trolling. You’ve said the same thing at least 10 times. We get it. This train isn’t stopping because you want it to. Get a new hobby.

          • Yeah, so why does everyone keep replying back to me? [[laugh]]
            All i said was my opinion, and then i get like 10 people replying back to me. It Was My Opinion. Now shut up everone. Thanks 🙂
            Now bye, you people just cant accept others opinions.
            Byeeeeee, haterssss. lol

          • Ugh her posts are disgusting, how many times is she going to say it it is ridiculous! I hope she doesn’t become a regular on the site posting all of her crazy comments 10 times! Poor girl, I sincerely hope she is a pre-teen and not an adult!

    • You didn’t say “I think skinny females look the best. I’m not in to plus size models, I don’t think plus size girls should be models.” You said… “ANYTHING OVER 5 IS FAT, SORRY, JUST STATING THE F*CKING TRUTH”. There’s a different between being a tw– with no tact with an opinion and a mature adult with an opinion.

      BTW, stop posting OVER and OVER and OVER again…

    • I rarely comment but you are just hilarious. I like thin women too, I actually like all sorts of shapes. You just sound psycho or like you are 12 years old. We GOT IT, you like skinny people. I dont know why you keep repeating it, youre the one that seems too sensitive to me… Are you projecting your insecurities on this forum or something by proclaiming a million times on every post that a size 0 is the best and anything over a 5 is “fat” …?? That is just plain disturbing and I feel sorry for you…

    • you’ve made your point… over and over again. it seems like you’re the one wanting to start trouble. like every pre-teen, you need to learn when to stop. you need to shut up and let everyone express their opinion, just like you’ve expressed yours 16 times. enough is enough child! its time to be mature and respectful like an adult.

    • Please learn to spell. Also, quit posting the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

      Supposte is NOT a word! Ellegant is NOT a word!! Ugh.

      • And i love you guys toooo 🙂
        haha. From now on i will try to be nice and opininated, and srsly Do Not reply back to me. Im not trying to start a friggin conversation on here!
        Byeeeee sexyyss

  14. Yeah, why would anyone want to change this obsession with skinny models? Why would anyone want to change the fact that 12-year old girls look at said models in various magazines and think t themselves: that is how I need to be. Why would anyone want to change the reigning culture that says ‘being emaciated is cool’? Why set realistic examples? And for god’s sake, why would ANYone want to look healthy? B❆❆bs and hips are ugly. Curves are bad.

    In case anyone is confused: I am being sarcastic. And though I am fully aware of the ignorance that is out there regarding healthy body image, it still pains me to read it.

    • Being slim is being healthy. The human body was not made to carry and excess of weight. Slim people live much longer… I think that fact speaks for itself.

  15. She is so beautiful. Both she and Doutzen have been criticized for their weights, when they are two STUNNING models that I would kill to trade places with. I think they look amazing in clothing and they have phenomenal features. The fashion industry is starting to sicken me with their emaciated preteens. I want to see clothing on REAL womens’ bodies.

  16. If she’s really not getting any work because of her size, then that’s really sad. The girl is far from being too big, hell, she’s not even normal. I’d still put her on the slim side.

    But then again, I’m always skeptical with these model stories. There could be a lot of other reasons why she’s not getting work that she doesn’t want to admit to. For starters, she was part of the group of models with “unique” faces and that’s going out of style. Or there might be something about her attitude/modeling that has become infamous.

    Regardless, love the troll on here, absolutely ridiculous. You’ve “EXPRESSED YOUR OPINION” 10 times already, we get it, you’re crazy.

  17. I love, love Coco and applaud her for speaking out on this issue. I think she’s an amazing model whose poses can’t be beat, so I really hope the industry isn’t losing interest in her. However, seeing that pic with her natural brown hair makes me miss those locks! I prefer her long brown hair over the black (and red from last year) – she should switch back! 🙂

    • You all are giving me a laugh. How pathetic must people be to have a comment to say about my opinions haha.
      I only wrote on this page ONCE, until everyone started repling back to me. So thats how it all started, everyone just respect others opinions. THANKS.
      Some people dont like tall people, some dont like short, some dont like skinny, some dont like curvy, some dont like muscular. I just dont like big woman, SORRY.

    • She walked in 2 shows so far I think, DvF and Zac Posen, which isn’t at all numerous seeing as some models will walk 8+ shows. However, I was under the impression that Coco had reached a level of success where it wasn’t necessary for her to walk that many shows. Afterall, I read somewhere that she said Fashion Weeks can be exhausting and what with jetting all over the world walking runways in different fashion capitals, she hardly sleeps for 2 months. Now that she’s an established model, I don’t think she wants nor needs to put herself through all the trouble.

      • Well, I guess she wants to or else she wouldn’t have brought up the issue of not being able to book shows due to her size…

  18. Personally I think shes trying to get attention. To me she looks smaller than a 4 but I can’t really tell under that bulky dress.

    If you want a job – work out, eat salads, drink lemon water (but dont starve yourself to death) but def loose the pounds to be a size 2. If you want to get into fashion and be a model you have to be cut out for it. It would go the same way if you were a body builder – you wouldn’t last two minutes it you are toothpick or fat – you have to be in shape to be a body builder.

    Simple fact is – Clothes look better on slimmer people! No one wants to see rolls of fat underneath a silk shirt. Not that she has it at all but if she wants a job she can get it if she tries hard enough. If not – its not the profession for her.

    • Coco is a supermodel, so it’s really been there done that for her. I’m sure she is hardworking and respects her profession. However, I think it’s unfair to just say she can get the job if she tries hard enough. I find the expectations that the fashion industry puts on their models are very high and unrealistic. For many girls, “trying hard enough” entails eating very little in order to get the job; exercise may help you tone up and shed a few pounds but it won’t morph you into a stick.

      It’s true that clothes look better on slimmer people but I find that this mentality has been taken to an extreme – size 4 is nowhere near “big” on a 5’10 frame! If we keep making excuses, nothing’s going to change.

      • yea, i dont even know that clothes do look better on slimmer people! i mean ‘slim’ yes…but size 4 is slim…do clothes look better on SKINNIER people? Not necessarily! I think someone like Halle Berry, jess alba, jess biel, beyonce, kim k, can look totally hot in clothes. maybe even too hot so it would take away from the clothes if they look too sexy!
        also Nicole, i think there are still many people out there that just dont want it to change

        • sola, it’s a sad sad thing… 🙁 i think some people forget that these girls are living, breathing human beings whose health should be treated with some level of respect. recent efforts to show otherwise have struck me as weak and ineffective – forcing girls to eat turkey sandwiches backstage during shows when they’re trying to fit into their tiny sample sizes seems a little silly.

          • agreed! i would love to know the stats of models that die due to not eating enough. There have been a few i can think of…and then there are those girls that go unreported because they arent models, but regular everyday, not even recognised as ‘anorexic’ girls that have their ideas of healthy screwed up because of the modeling industry. And im not just talking thin models and photoshopped images. there are the celebs and models spouting- I eat REALLY healthy. I eat SO much. A days eating for me would be yoghurt for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch, then chicken salad for dinner. I also exercise evryday. clearly NOT healthy. then you get Alex Perry ‘no one wants a fat model. If you want to lose weight. Stop eating and get your fat arse to the gym’…(cant remember the EXACT quote). Clearly, neither are healthy lifestyles. Then you get the fad diets -low carb, high protein. Southbeach. Warriors (no food in day then big meal at night), celebrity ‘health’ shakes, no carbs afer 6pm etc etc. I mean, with all thisecrap around- who knows what healthy is anymore?! I had to go to a nutritionist for a while to figure out what the hell was actually GOOD for my body!

        • Well Jessica alba is really skinny and always has been – her bmi is really low. I agree with the Halle Berry comment (shes hawt but she is really thin you know), Jessica beil works out constantly and she’s slim too – Beyonce looks good sometimes but I’ve seen some weird photos of her lately. As for Kim Kardasian – EWWW. All I gotta say is that I throw up in my mouth a little every time I see her. She is sooooo lumpy. Not attractive at all. I dont enjoy seeing her in anything!

          • I don’t find you attractive @ all either. Just because you are thin, does not mean that you’re automatically gorgeous. Now please stop flattering yourself.

      • Oh I agree. But Kim’s not a size 4 she’s much larger. Jessica Alba and Jessica Beil and Hallie berry are all prob less than a size 4 tho….

  19. alexia should get help 😛

    ok, sorry, didnt mean to offend… well and imho models with size 4-6 are the best looking. they look real to me and thanks to them i can easily imagine how the dress would look like on a woman in common life- or on me :o)

    but we all got a different taste, no point in arguing..

  20. all in favour of alexia being taken off this site……
    although it was funny i don’t need to see ridiculous comments like that.
    i like talking and deabting with people on here about sizes shapes etc but only in a nice way
    there is no need to start cyber wars…..

    p.s this girl is big?then im guessing a size six or over is considered what morbidly obese?

    • not meaning to offend any one
      but i don’t find this girl that attractive
      to me she has a slightly tacky or s—ky quality to her face
      this is the first time i have seen her though
      im judging from the close up of her though
      the far away photo she looks pretty

  21. i think it’s a damn shame that the fact she’s a size 4 she’s called too big or fat?? please that is thin and nowhere near being big. it’s like you have to be too small or too big in order to model and can’t accept women who are in the middle. i’m a size 7 and 5’2 and some people think i’m smaller than that when i’m not. i can barely fit a size 3/5 so is that suppose to be fat?? no. glad i’m not a model because if i had to deal with that i’ll go crazy. and as for alexia, please just stop because we get you love skinny women and think they’re beautiful but saying your opinions are facts is just stupid and no it isn’t. reading the comments made me realize i’m glad i grew up and not argue at people i don’t know and think my s— don’t stink. stop while you’re ahead because last time i check, size 5 and over are far from being fat so get your eyes and head checked, okay?

    • yep agreed. i am fat too at size 4! lol! actually i am even fatter because i am 5’3 and she is closer to 6 foot…so yeah phwoar! i must be a mammoth! its really ridiculous! even when i am size 6 people still rfere to me as slim and petite…if you wear the correct size for your body its very hard to say what size you are! if you are a 6 and try to squeeze into a size 0 then you will probably look like a size 12 because ppl dont know what size you are actually wearing! they will just see the lumps and bumps from fitting into teeny clothes. plus, i dont get whats wrong with being a size 4 and above!? wtf!? what is this world coming to!

  22. It’s probably because all of their sample sizes are 0-2 and they can’t be bothered to alter them for her. She’s certainly not big any way you look at her. I can’t see her body well in the photo because of the dress, but her limbs look fairly slim to me.

    I think that the modelling world should stop reeling in young girls that are naturally a size 4 and above and then telling them they can become a famous model if they diet and exercise to at least a size 2 (isn’t that what happened to Crystal Renn before she became a plus-size model?). It is much safer and easier to choose a girl who is naturally a size 2 or 0 already. Still, from what I’ve heard, there are plenty more harsh and cruel comments said about models that don’t have anything to do with their weight…

  23. She is not fat size 4 is a uk size 8 which is very trim.she looks really good.the fasion industry annoys me,alot of models starve to death.

  24. ok, heres the deal: I agree with one of the above points stating that the ‘model look’ has not always been a thin look. E.g cindy etc. It happened to be the case that in the 70’s/80’s there were quite a few gay designers who wanted their models to be ultra thin and non-curvy ..sorta to resemble a man’s body for their clothes. And so the thinner models gained more popularity with the designers and later the public.
    I’m 5’6 and weigh around 130. I know I will never be very slim, but i’m ok with that because thats how my body is built. And im trying to be healthy even though I absolutely love sugar!

  25. Ok I’m going to stop replying to everyone on here. I’m like laughing right now because everyone cares so much about my personal opinion.
    From now on, when i post something, Do Not reply back to me or any s*** like that. Then it wont be drama. I will say what i think and feel, because that is what this website is for!
    OK? Thanks.
    So no more replys back, got it? And if yall do, that will just mean to me that yall are So Obsessed with my comments you have TO CHECK IT EVERYDAY.
    Hahha, i just say opinions, so leave me alone.
    These are my opinions, I like skinny models. I THINK they look the best and the hottest. Did you get the part “I think” ?
    and I THINK bigger people shouldn’t model for fashion because, fashion had always been skinny. I THINK. Ok? goodddddd. nowwwww i think i make a lot of sence. Everyone should shut up. ughhhh

    • Alexia, you are being moderated from now on – it’s because you’ve said some really inappropriate, offensive things to other users (And no, it’s not because you like skinny people :)). I already deleted them, but I think you know what I mean.

    • Alexia-
      I can guess you are a desperate middle aged woman with language difficulties. You must have a little boy body from starvation and probably secretly wish you had curves. Everybody gets that you like skinny chicks, but it is obvious you hate yourself for whatever reason. Get therapy, learn to love yourself, and you’ll see how dumb it is to hate certain body types so much. BTW I am very thin and athletic and I think curvier women are beautiful but also love my body:)

  26. my god it’s like listening to a broken record! I don’t even care about the content of your opinion, just stop carrying on and please learn to spell and type grammatically correct sentences! sheesh

  27. Um, guys …. I guess we got it , how about we give it a rest now. Your comments only fuel more of her stupid answers. Ignore her 😉

    On Coca – I actually love her and her amazing body as well as her attitude. Since I work in the fashion industry I get confronted with body images all day long and honestly I am so sick of it by now. Perfecty beautiful and lean girls get theire self esteem trampled by designers and label managers because they don’t fit the sample sizess.
    I am not a fan of campaigns trying to ban size zero all together – no they are as much needed as sizes 12 and upwards but it is not “naturally given” to be a size 2 at 5’10. For a shorter girl of 5’4 that’s all very nice and well but not for these tall gazelles.

    As for me women need to still look like females and not like they just screwed a girls head on a body body. Broad shoulders and super tiny hips just don’t do it for me. But of course that’s just me ^^ .

    PS.: Since calling out spelling and grammar mistakes got so big on her I just want to apologize in advance … 😉 English isn’t my mother tongue , so no need to nit pick.

      • a woman should like whatever she wants. as long as she’s healthy. just because you don’t have the womanly shape that most people lust over doesn’t mean you’re less of a woman. so i disagree.

        • A healthy weigthed woman, no matter her size, shape, weight, what have you, will still look “womanly”, even if she is a ruler. A woman that is underweight will stop looking womanly. They won’t necessarily look “boyish”, “masculine”, or what have you, but they won’t look like an adult woman, they become androgynous, or may even start reverting back to the way the body looks before puberty hits. No one is saying that a healthy weighted ruler isn’t womanly. However, they are saying that underweighted women lose the features that make them feminine.

          • to me a woman is still a woman no matter what shape she is in and i think it’s wrong to call women who don’t have curves look like boys knowing it could hurt their feelings and make them feel bad about the way they feel.

  28. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again.. Everyone should be well aware that the modeling industry likes to have really, really skinny people. If you are not willing to be skinny then go find a different profession. And if you are very vulnerable to that sort of criticism then you shouldn’t even be putting yourself out there in the modeling industry. I’m not saying that the industry is right but still, come on.

  29. Hang on a minute, I’d like to know her actual stats. Because in the fashion industsry it’s a well known fact that catwalk models have to be very specific measurement to fit the sample sizes. Say the garment is made to fit a 34-inch hip but the model has 36 inch hips they will be considered too ‘big’ even though it is only a measily couple of inches. Certainly doesn’t mean they are fat, just not suitable for catwalk modelling. All catwalk models are basically walking coat hangers, thought everyone knew that by now?

  30. So, I’ve read almost this entire page, skipping the bs that Alexia has left on here and the continuous comments on how stupid she may be. Yes, she is harsh and very ignorant, however, seems to me others are being childish in contiuing the “bashing” so to speak.

    Here is something that has bugged me for YEARS and I’d like to hear the opinions of others on this site.

    Victoria’s Secret: LOVE THEM, LOVE THE CLOTHES, BRAS, PANTIES AND LINGERIE!!!! They have decently thin models, although curvy. None of them look to be a size 0-2. Although, they also seem to have chest sizes of a 34 or 36 C-DD. Why the heck don’t they sell more of the larger sizes in the cute styles? Especially, the PINK line! And why the heck would they advertise large chested women wearing sexy bras & lingerie and not make them available to the public?????? I’m a size 4 in jeans but a 6 or an 8 in dress sizes (depends on the cut). Measurements of 36, 27, 38 and a cup size DD. I love Vicky’s and I still buy what I can but I’m angry about the false advertising. The company that promotes SEXY and apparently I’m not it!

    BTW- I’m not a model nor do I really care what others think (more people need to take on this attitude). I work out 6 days a week & I eat healthy. I am a healthy “thin”. No complants if you wish to critize me!

  31. The modeling is world is going to hell, most models don’t give a damn anymore, the truth is coming out. The world is going to a weight issue right now. All over the world people are extremely obsessed with weight, like this website for example. Everywhere I go people are talking about weight, they speak about things that are fatning things that aren’t.

  32. In response to the comments that state how a model has to understand the demands of the industry to get work, i would like to know how a 13 yr old is expected to know any of that?

    how on earth can a girl so young even imagine such demands, or even her own growing body?

    Looks more to me like a case of reaching them whilst theyre still vulnerable enough to be manipulated. I am actually surprised that it is still legal.

  33. There are plenty of size 4 models out there.

    I honestly think she is just getting old, there’s new talent coming in and designers want a new face.

    I LOVE COCO. I do. She’s stunning and I love her face. But she’s not getting hired because designers want a new look 🙁

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