Model Rain Dove: “Designers have literally made gagging noises at my facial features”

10717508_1565957713633022_2056519111_n1 - Model Rain Dove: "Designers have literally made gagging noises at my facial features"

Name: Rain Dove

Age: 26

Height: 6’2”

Measurements: 26″ waist and 32DD breasts

Modeled for: W, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire

On her androgynous look:

‘Whenever I wear a dress people look. I’m six foot two, I’m muscular, no matter how much I try to fit into society’s expectation of what my sex should be represented by – the more makeup I put on, the more things I do – people assume I’m trans and unfortunately that’s still a hot button issue.’

On how she would love to model for VS, but they only hire one type of ‘hot’ girls:

You don’t see Victoria’s Secret women running around with even short hair. That’s too crazy for them. I want to tell people that there are more ways to be beautiful, there are more ways to be handsome. Every year I see VS promote their show as featuring the “most beautiful women in the world”. During my career path I’ve experienced first hand what people deem as beautiful. It’s not me. It’s not most people. It’s limited and small. It needs to change.

On how designers love her body, but not her face:

I’ve been told I’d make a great parts model. Designers and advertisers like the idea of my breasts, waist line, long legs and long neck. But have literally made gagging noises at my facial features. The face of beauty literally needs to change. Which means the way we think of beauty needs to as well. That starts with us. Individually. Not hiding ourselves and standing up to say “I exist. That alone is beautiful.”

2014-06-12-raindove4a-thumb1 - Model Rain Dove: "Designers have literally made gagging noises at my facial features"

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80 thoughts on “Model Rain Dove: “Designers have literally made gagging noises at my facial features””

  1. I googled her out of curiosity and turns out Rain Dove is her real name, not a stage name, but she went by ‘Danny’ as a kid to blend in more. Also that she worked as a firefighter and they assumed she was male and she used it to her advantage…pretty clever. Ok so she doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter VS mold, but her androgyny is her call to fame! She can cash in big on this unique trait, there is a market for it, even if VS doesn’t recognize that in 2015.

    • I looked her up too… Actually it says they called her “Tranny Danny” and she didn’t know what a tranny meant until middle school… and she felt so popular and cool because of that nickname. Then she find out and realized people made fun of her her whole life.

  2. First of all, gorgeous body. This body is my ideal, personally. She is androgynous but whoever is doing her makeup for the events pictures just completely butchered a beautiful pallet. If she just shaped up her brows a bit I think it would go a long way. She’s pretty cool and I love androgynous models because they’re so much more versatile and when they model it looks like actual art, not just bimbos posing for a centerfold.

      • True dat. She was blessed with some insane proportions, but her short hair and facial features even it out. Somehow it doesn’t come off crude, but beautiful.

    • Absolutely agree, her makeup artist is the one doing her wrong. all she needs is strong brows and better lipstick (when she wears it) but other than that, her look makes me think, and i love it! she’s gorgeous!

  3. RD is rad! VS should be honored to be uttered in the same sentence as her. she has more brains in her nail-beds than all the angels combined. and her prevalence in the media means the world to so many of us who don’t fit into a silly binary.

    • Why would you assume all the angels are morons, just because their traditionally considered attractive? Why would you make the assumption that Rain is intelligent, just because she isn’t conventionally beautiful.

  4. seriously? women have life on easy mode. imagine her male counterpart. good luck even finding employment looking that hideous. you’d get kicked in the nads your entire life until you end up homeless. and she could use some lip balm

    • can’t tell if you’re joking or genuinely dumb. men go through life with far LESS pressure to look a certain way. you think ugly men have any shortage of jobs in the labor force? LOL

      • You’re a simpleton. Men face far more discrimination based on looks than women in every facet of life that matters, it’s just that the media and hardly anyone takes men’s issues seriously. Women get a free pass for being ugly, as this very article proves, and anytime they cry foul, people listen.

        you think her male counterpart could ever be a successful runway fashion model? if you don’t know about the double standard by
        now, you don’t know anything.

        • Aww, I am very sorry to hear you are ugly! Poor wittle boy – time to crawl back to the MRA section of Reddit. I will be sure to bottle your male tears to drink later! Mmm

          Google: Andrej Pejic, biological male, presents as female, very successful fashion model.

          • Yes, Chris- that was the distinction / analogy I saw too, and that the poster obviously intended until he realized the vast pool of examples that proved him wrong.

            If he now wants the distinction to be ugly, gg- I suggest you walk into a few country clubs, board rooms, polo matches, high end car dealerships, big money banks. THEN tell me how difficult all the ugly men have it.

      • You make it sound like being in the labor force is a sough after privilege. Again, you sound extremely unintelligent and uncritical with poor reasoning ability. The labor force has the most accidental deaths, most injuries, lowest benefits, and the lowest pay. Stop talking out of your behind, please.

        • Wow, what generation did you come from? I can’t believe you’re swing BEING EMPLOYED isn’t a sought after privilege. Everyone I know wants a job. I bet a lot of them would love to be in as luxurious a position as you, incel.

        • Are you kidding? Having a career is a privilege… It’s different than just a job… But having a job that pays is a privilege many people fought to be able to have… You know equal rights and all. The Appointment of slavery, making it illegal… Also there are plenty of people born into wealth who work and enjoy it

        • Yes, being employed is generally considered a good thing. I guess when you’re an internet troll who lives in Mommy’s basement, this is hard to grasp 😉

          Also, it’s obviously to everyone you’re the same sad person posting under multiple handles which violates the TOS.

          But I do get a giggle from your repeatedly calling me unintelligent, simpleton, etc….silly little boy, learn some manners! Maybe then you can stop blaming being ugly for your inability to get a job.

  5. She is ugly, but that’s not a bad thing. I hate that we say “everyone is beautiful” because it’s not true if its being said literally. Truth is some people are good looking and some are not, it doesn’t mean they’re any s—tier or worth less. If that were true she wouldnt have a career while other “perfect” looking models wouldnt be out there starving.

        • the only kind of modeling that isn’t about beauty(nevermind traditional or unconventional) is the kind used to sell things to dumb people like yourself.

          they chose to publicize her obviously to appeal to a certain demography.

    • True. That’s what I wanna instill in my kids (if I have them) being pretty isn’t everything, it doesn’t increase your value as a person and beauty fades. I mean, I’m not going to lie, I can be pretty vain but I wasn’t raised to be that way. My parents taught me to be kind and obedient, study, and pursue things I’m good at. I did most of those but I’m still not a fan of “obedience” lol

    • She’s not the prettiest lady but that doesn’t take away her value… Not everyone is physically beautiful, but that didn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile… I do agree with you… But I would date her, I’m very straight but live having female friends and company… All it did be like having the looks of a very good looking dude with some femini features with the body and soul of a lady… I could dig that:)

      • “Also a lot of women could pass as androgynous if they had short hair, unplucked brows and didn’t wear makeup.”

        Only unattractive women…I mean, Britney Spears isn’t that pretty (she’s just “cute” to me) but even she didn’t look “androgynous” when she shaved her head.

        But yeah, I know a few unattractive women who would look like dudes if you shaved their heads!

        If you have a feminine face though, short hair + no MU wouldn’t change that.

        • Britney Spears has small features and was wearing makeup on the infamous photo of the shaved head, she looked extra feminine because of that. Google a photo of her without makeup and you’ll see how she looks more gender neutral.

          I think most people can pass as androgynous. No, not because they’re ugly. Gender is a social construct. Check Katharine Hepburn and Scarlett Johansson as drag kings.

          You’re taking non (stereotypically) feminine features as a synonym of unattractiveness. I wouldn’t call them ugly. But I guess we won’t agree on that, your idea of beauty is different (and probably narrower) than mine.

          • Define “non-stereotypically feminine features”, first of all.

            OK, and I agree, certain non-feminine features can be attractive. I don’t consider wide, square jaws or large chins attractive on women, though.

            But certain features that are labelled “non-feminine” actually aren’t. Wide noses aren’t masculine to me, for instance. On the other hand, excessively narrow noses lend a “hard” look to the face, IMO.

            My hair is chin length and when I pile it under my beanie to protect it from the snow outside, I don’t look androgynous at all, IMO. I wear no makeup, not tinted lip balm even or mascara.

      • I agree with you on this, it’s something I’ve noticed a lot not only when I’m not wearing makeup but when the women I know aren’t wearing makeup. None of us look typically like a male/masculine but we do look more androgynous, meaning just a little less feminine. It makes sense when you remove the things that typically make a person have a feminine face: rosier cheeks, longer and darker eyelashes, etc…

  6. She’s handsome as a guy, but not pretty as a woman. She lacks the femininity to be a pretty woman, but she has all the qualities of a masculine, good lookin’ guy. 🙂 My take on it!

  7. Oh well the last three lines of her quote are in my opinion meaningful and new in the wa she words em. Yes,she looks like a boy not only in the face,but shoulders and neck as well,pretty much! Thats peculiar and makes me wonder about the role of hormones,but who cares,she told me shes a woman so shes a woman-end. And her manly features are exasperated on purpose by the agency,from the haircut to eyebrows to makeup duh!
    She is beautiful nonetheless (exept her breast that o dont like,personal opinion), and i eould love to see her on victoriassecret, instead of that not-that-well-proportioned body of kendall(who has a quote bad torso shape and legs far shorter than the model average,and her face is less pretty than this models one).
    She shouldnt say she is not considered beautiful though, because she is actively and priviledgly making A LIVING out of her simple looks. So clearly you cant say “society considers me ugly’ “they dont want to see me” comeon girl.
    Interesting though.

  8. I won’t lie… When I first saw her face here, I thought that this is the first article about a man on this site… Anyway, I think she strives for this look. If she wanted to, she could soften her facial features a bit by shaping her eyebrows, by having a different hairstyle, etc. Even her facial expressions make her look more masculine and it seems that this is what she wants. She knows this look is unique and modeling world likes unique look. So this is what I think.

      • I didn’t say that she needs to. But if she doesn’t like her own androgynous look and feels insecure about it then she could. But as i said, i think she strives for this look

  9. well if she didn’t try to make that masculine expression in all pictures and at all times maybe designers would look her in a different way.
    It’s easy to blame everyone when you’re the one not trying.. if you want to work in a feminine brand -such as VS sell their image- you gotta work on your feminine ways and expression, it’s as simple as that, the same way you will have to look on a more androgynous expression if the brand/editorial demands it.

  10. Well, this years VS show did have a stunning beautiful model with short hair. I dunno but I don’t find rain attractive as a man or woman. Attractiveness is subjective. To me Omahyra Mota and Elliot Sailors are examples of attractive masculine looking woman. Elliot looks like harry styles who i think is very cute. I could totally see them in a VS fashion show rocking a masculine look but not Rain.

    This is Elliot and Omahyra:

  11. I can’t tell if she is upset that people assume she is trans, but many times people see you for how you present yourself to them. She can’t control her height and face, but she certainly has a male hair cut and how she dresses. I’m sure she is using her facial features, muscular body, and height to her advantage to look male with a womans body. She could certainly look more womanly if she really wanted to.

    Not much different than a man who has gynecomastia going shirtless wearing a bra in public for support of his boobs. If you are trying to present yourself as a gender which isn’t your own (or a mixed gender), don’t blame it on the people who may think you are transgender.

    • Indeed! As i mentioned in my first comment, I think she choses to look the way she looks on purpose. Then why the complaining…?

    • She doesn’t want to look more womanly. I read an article where she talked about how she takes advantage of her unique look to model as agender. Sort of cashing in on a niche look. I don’t see it as complaining. She was taunted as ‘tranny’ as a kid, maybe that’s why?

  12. She’s got epic t–s.. I googled her and she looks amazing and so cool when she does men’s wear.. Tjeck out her instagram account. She sure has a tough v—- for being so strong and demanding her place in the world (trying to neglect the term “balls” because balls are not tough and v—-s are way tougher!). Kudos to Rain for her bravery and for insisting on being herself!

  13. I think she’s been styled to look even more androgynous than she already does, because I don’t see any femininity in her features, not even if I look for it. Her body really is incredible though.

  14. interesting look for sure. this is definitely a good time for her to be modeling, there is no way she would be able to 20 years ago. a lot of things have changed, so she should be thankful. i understand it’s still tough… but… she CHOSE this profession.

  15. Well this made for a great wtf moment. I never thought I’d see someone I’ve been on a date with on SVC. loooool. She looks beautiful and amazing as always.

  16. I don’t mean this in an insulting way but I’ve never seen a woman with such a masculine looking face and such a stereotypical ‘womanly’ body

  17. In some of the photos I googled she actually can look feminine-she should sth with the eyebrows, and grow her curls a bit – it would soften her look a lot.

  18. She’s not ugly though. She just looks very masculine facially. That, coupled with the fact that she is clearly a woman, should not equate to her being ugly. She’s probably the true definition of fierce. And she’s owning it.

  19. but hey, being a model is about delivering what the client wants to sell, so in a way all models have to compromise their image – whether or not they have a more masculine face- in order to do their job.. even supermodels have to act in a way for their clients, so I just don’t see why she should be the exception, it’s the way the industry works, she can go with it or ask out.
    Imagine if every actor or actress refused to make changes for their roles? Well, it’s the same thing.

    • There is a lot of variation in her modeling already, if you look up some of her pictures. The thing is most of them are not *traditionally * feminine or pretty because she just doesn’t have that kind of face. It’s like expecting a larger plus size model to pose like VS models, VS models look odd enough doing it, a large plus size model would look downright ridiculous. There are some things you just can’t do without lowering others’ opinion of your value, this is why she is even saying “The face of beauty literally needs to change”. Because if she wants to do jobs that require traditionally beautiful girls, she just won’t get it, unless the definition of beauty itself changes. The fact that she can’t do everything IS the reason why the modelling world has so many different types of models.

      Ps: maybe the reason we don’t see “pretty” pictures from her is because they didn’t lead to success, but this did.

  20. I think her face is rather attractive, at least in those presented pictures.
    Rain’s a true androgynous beauty, and with those strong facial features, height and broad shoulders she could easly pass off as a handsome guy, if you overlook her breasts, os course.
    Sure she’d look a bit strange in a dress, but I’m sure if she’d let her hair grow long and wavy and feminine she’d have little problem looking her own sex. Just my opinion.

  21. At first look of only the face I thought what there’s a male model one here? So either way it’s evident she has “model looks”. The last few sentences of her quote almost made me tear up because of how I want to hide just because of a “bad” hair day that isn’t even that bad.. This society is totally messed up when it comes to valuing looks and I can’t lie for a second that I don’t succumb to living to be pretty and feeling worthless otherwise. Good for her and every dollar she makes for the way she looks.

  22. IMHO, you are, perfection, just as you are. Shame on whomever thinks different. I can relate, though, because I’ve seen people’s disgust at my tall height and large a#@eventafi:disqus . Anyway, I doubt you will have trouble making a living. Beautiful!!!! Signed: an older woman

  23. If I have to hear one more person talk about how they get rejected by their industry because of blah… honestly if she was more traditionally beautiful, she probably wouldn’t be noticeable enough to be an Angel. Her Unique look is why she is booked.

    Same with Tess Holiday – I think if she were skinny, she would have just gotten lost in the sea of skinny models.

  24. Rain Dove is gorgeous! My goodness, people have such a narrow idea of what women look like, they can’t even enjoy how beautiful this woman is. Their loss.

  25. I understand how she feels. My face is so masculine that people think I am a guy too. I’ve also had people think I am transgender. I’ve had so much hatred over my face. I wish I could be as strong as she is. When I was in my early 20’s I was suicidal over it, especially after someone dumped juice on me. Not too long ago, someone tried to hit me while I was crossing the road. I had the right of way, and they drove right through the crosswalk and called me a freak only missing me by inches because I ran. There are many times when people have seemed as if they want to hurt me because I am ugly. It makes me scared to go outside. People want to hurt me over something I have no choice over. At times I still think maybe suicide might be the answer.

    • Your message is breaking my heart 🙁 Have you considered seeking help with therapy? I can honestly say it saved my life and I pray it will help you just as much. I also had a person that was constantly telling me not that I was ugly, but that I was evil – when I am a regular, good person. I only healed when I started listening to my inner voice, shouting louder that I was, in fact, kind. You need to listen to your inner voice, to how you feel – not to how the others feel about you. You ARE beautiful, just from your message alone I can tell that. You are a sensitive person with high emotional intelligence. The others are irrelevant, you just have to love yourself a little more each day.

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