VS Model Sara Sampaio’s Body Image Message


On being criticized for being too skinny:

I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different! I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I’ve always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I’m healthy and I’m happy!

Her views on body image:

The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it’s ridiculous! U don’t see us shaming other types of bodies so please don’t come and shame ours (sic)! Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don’t share hate! Be happy.

… says 23 year-old Sara, who models for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.


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66 thoughts on “VS Model Sara Sampaio’s Body Image Message”

  1. No. Just no. That’s not the way “metabolism” works, is not magic. Don’t know who she is, but she looks good. She uploaded a picture of herself in front of the mirror wearing underwear/bikini, so she kind of asked for that attention. I’m tired of egocentric people…

    • Yeah? I doesn’t work that way just because you decided that? I have her same body, I eat a lot and I do sports, but still I can’t gain weight. But still people think it’s ok to shame my body just because I don’t have to struggle with diet. Please get some informations before speaking…

      • Okay dear, so see you in 5 years, if you are still as skinny as you are, then I believe you… If not, then you will just sounded as ridiculous as all the women who claim they eat mcdonald 3 time a day and never get bigger….

          • Ok, i’m older than you, 5 years older… let me tell you something… you better start thinking that you are not in the 0.05% of woman population that are ”supposely naturally skinny not matter what” because one day, when your metabolism will slow down or when your activities will be not as often as you wish you could, you will get slowly bigger. You may still fit you 0 size jeans but you may not… the things is that no one I know can eat without restrictions and without sports and stay as skinny as the girl on the picture. So lie to me, lie to other girls on this website but dont lie to yourself… keep your diet straight cause you will look like a fool if finally you are just as the normal 95% of the population.

        • The same. 108-110 pounds at 19 (height 5’6), 120 pounds at 23. Nothing changed much: the same diet, the same level of activity (100% sure that I don’t work out as much and eat as little as Sara does though). *sigh*

          I would have respected Sara more if she had admitted that she worked out a lot, watched out for what she ate (= didn’t eat burgers every other day) because she wanted to look the way she looked, which still DOESN’T allow anyone to bully her.

          In my mind, she looks beautiful, thin, fit and healthy. I won’t look that way even if I get back to 110 pounds and not because of my size (I was really tiny back then) but because of my body type and height. I will never have her long legs, for example, and my butt and thighs will always be proportionally bigger but I do like my body as I like any other fit body. And my body can do amazing things. I am good at yoga, for example. It also allows me to move, use all my limbs, to run, to work, to eat, to breathe and I am very grateful to my body for all that.

    • The differences in metabolism are usually relatively small, though big enough to allow some freedom to those who have a bit faster metabolism. Exercise and an active lifestyle of course helps so those people might feel like their metabolism is fast by nature. I think fairly commonly the problem in not being able to gain weight is to do with malabsorption… I guess those problems can vary a lot… Thus some people just stay relatively skinny and don’t suffer a lot of other effects while others have to be on a doctor recommended diet and take a whole lot of supplements to try to prevent the negative effects of not being able to absorb nutrients.

    • I can’t believe how many people fall for this metabolism bs. You are so right but, alas, the replies to you prove people are very ignorant on the matter. Differences in metabolism between people are minor, it is not a magical thing, it is science, its function and mechanism are proven. People who say they eat all the time and can’t gain weight are either (i) way overestimating what they eat or (ii) have an underlying conditions that affects weight gain and absorption of nutrients. It works both ways: there are no magically fat people and there are no magically skinny people (the latter may happen in growing teenagers, but this is actually a result of a higher BMR than anything else). If you think the above does not apply to you, just go to the nearest research center, because you are breaking the laws of thermodynamics and someone could win a Nobel prize by studying you.

  2. She may look like that naturally, and that’s fine. I personally don’t think she’s very attractive, and I’m surprised VS would hire her. I’m sure they’re going to have a rep contact her to chill out, because she’s been going off about body image a lot lately.

  3. I don’t like the label “real women” = “larger women.” We are all real and should be respected and not judged off our appearance. So I like her point and I agree with her, BUT it’s just hard to accept coming from a Victoria’s Secret model who’s body type is the accepted “ideal.”

    Of course that is no reason to hate on her, but when you become famous and make millions of dollars off your body and looks it’s hard to feel too sympathetic. The fact is, girls look up to her (mostly) unattainable body. I blame Victoria’s Secret not Sara. I once saw an interview from one of the people who casts the VS models, and he said something like only one in several hundred thousand women has the potential. If that’s not discriminating on body image and narrow minded, I don’t know what is.

    • ‘I blame Victoria’s Secret not Sara.’ Yes. It’s such a hypocritical brand. ‘For girls and woman with curves’, and on the runway it’s all skin over bones. Speaking about a contradiction….

      • Yeah I’d like to see women of all body types and of various weights, with different bone structure and different heights, different skin colors….
        But of course it would require much more knowledge of the right cuts for each body shape, and more work so they stick with what’s easy.

    • I hate when they use “real women” to describe larger women,it’s actually so offensive.

      I’m not going to dis the VS models bodies because they are beautiful but I would love to see women with a bit more on them modelling lingerie.

    • As a person who is naturally skinny, I can tell you that the reason she’s so skinny is because she doesn’t eat enought food. You just have to look at her arms to tell she’s underfed. Naturally skinny my a*s.

      • What? What about her arms? i have these twin friends, they’re super skinny and it’s completely natural (I lived with them for more than a year so i know, they ate a lot, especially fried food) and their arms are even skinnier than Sara’s. You can be naturally skinny but maybe not so much in your arms! It depends, even myself I eat freely chocolate, fast food, evreything is in the menu and I only gain (and never very much) in my hip/ass area. The rest of my body remains quite thin. It’s different from body to body, her arms look fine to me.

  4. 1) about her quote : I definitely agree with her, I’m very skinny myself and it’s hard to gain weight, especially without putting it all on your belly and still looking just as gangly except for an obvious bloated swollen looking belly , which is not healthy. Some peoples normal isn’t everyone else’s normal. As long as she’s truly healthy , and not starving herself , she looks okay to me.
    2) but who on EARTH was responsible for hiring her at VS?? They’ve been hiring a lot of models that just don’t look like lingerie models at all ! Especially this one….she might be a great model otherwise I dunno , but she doesn’t have the curves VS needs, some girls can be model slim and curvy too : like candice for example.
    Also someone commented on how in an interview a dude said that only one in several thousand had the potential to be VS material ? How did she get picked ? She’s nothing special , body wise or face wise..she’s pretty and maybe tall, but so are so many other women , model or not

  5. I wonder what her definition of “eating a lot” is. Anyhow she isn’t too thin she’s a young model who is probdbly 5″7 and 120 lbs. she’s thin but not severely underweight

  6. dear silly girl, it’s not about shaming, it’s about expressing an opinion, in this case, that “naturally skinny” girls is a bs concept.

    you’re skinny because you need to stay below a certain weight as mandated by your modeling agency to attain a certain pay grade

  7. i love this new game which is picking instagram photoshop distortions. between her left elbow and belly…illuminati confirmed ? 😀 funnier than where’s wally. Anyways, i wish i had such nice hair…sigh

  8. She’s a slim girl, I don’t see why someone would “skinny shame” her, she isn’t that thin. She doesn’t look like she’s on a hunger strike. But of course everyone should cut the shade throwing towards any kind of bodies. And metabolism can do something, but the reality is that eating junk does result weight gain. Also… is there some reason why everybody is like “I eat 8 pizzas everyday but I’m just naturally skinny ;)”

  9. Well if she is 5’7 I think she if closer to 108-110 pounds. When I had an eating disorder I had similar body proportions.
    Also I am so tired of celebrities/models,etc. taking bikini selfies and then try ing to play them off as something other than showing off. Im sorry but if it is just you in a mirror posing, yes, you are asking for attention.

  10. Not sure if she means she’s someone not genetically predisposed to put on weight easy&with healthy habits&workouts this body seems natural to her cos it’s easy for her to maintain(and “eat a lot” can be interpreted differently) or is she one of those “eat a ton&and stay skinny” people (i have a cousin like that, in childhood we lived few years together, were BFFs did everything together, our level of activity& what we ate (mostly home-cooked stuff usually semi-healthy or healthy) was the same but amount of food she ate was twice as much&she snacked a lot in between, yet i was pudgy&she v.skinny&still is the same now, her mom is the same too, so i do believe there are naturally skinny folks who can eat a lot of food(even junk only)&have 0 activity, and still stay skinny-i think it’s genes). Looking at her frame though, seems like Sara’s body is more of light build, narrow&long limbs and i don’t think such bodies would naturally be able to put on or even hold a ton of weight. I get her frustration and agree there shouldn’t be body shaming at all, but, imo, skinny shaming becomes more popular today cos more “non- conventionally skinny” folks get tired of it being the only one body praised&adored, so this shaming comes of ignoring or shaming of other body types/frames&sizes. Also i wish she didn’t say this “i eat a ton of burgers” cliche, or said smth like “i love burgers” and gave few examples of healthy ones, cos everyone seems to associate burgers with junk food only, but they can be healthy.

  11. It’s just like pro athletes who take s—ids to gain an edge. In some sports it’s part of the culture and necessary to compete, but everyone knows the risk. Most models know that in general skinny is what you have to be right now whether it is achieved naturally or by near starvation. If she wants to be skinny to get ahead in her industry so be it.

  12. I agree with the message, as in skinny shaming is not okay. However she did not communicate this well. She sounds super arrogant. “I will probably always be skinneir than you”??? Wtf, that sounds really bratty… Like she’s super proud (in a child-like way) of being skinnier than everyone else.

  13. While I agree with her that you should not shame others and you should be happy with what you have, her message would’ve gone over a lot better if she didn’t deliver it in such a defensive way. I understand it’s probably difficult to be in the public eye and to have your body criticized, whether you’re being criticized for something you have naturally or for something you’ve achieved through hard work. However, being in the public eye as a Victoria’s Secret model means she’s held up as an extremely high standard of beauty, and I’m sure she receives a ton of praise for her appearance. She should take her own advice and share positive energy instead of retaliating against her haters with further negative energy.

  14. I used to be overweight, and worked very hard to lose over 50 pounds. As a woman who’s been every size from 0 to 14, I’ll admit that Taylor Swift has my ideal figure – very slender and elegant in absolutely everything she wears. I know most men would prefer a Sophia Vergara body shape, but admit it, ladies… Deep, deep down, most of us wish we could be as thin as this model. Every time someone tries to body-shame women for being too small, I think, “Ah, you protest too much.”

    • Why is it so difficult to understand that not every woman wants to look like a VS model? I personally don’t, b/c I’m happy the way I am and my body shows my heritage. I come from an Eastern European Jewish family-meaning all the women are on the short side with bigger hips and breasts and curly hair. I’m happy I look like that instead of a 6ft tall Brazilian woman.

      • agreed. my body reflects my lifestyle, which is something i’m proud of, so I’m very happy with the way i look – happier than almost any other girl i know, regardless of looks/body type. I’ve been 30 lbs thinner than I am now but I love my body WAY more now than I did then 🙂

  15. One word…TUGA!!! Estou-me a cagar para o disparate mas fico feliz de ver uma Tuga neste site! 🙂 Tenho orgulho que ela esteja a conseguir e o mundo da moda é messed up mas isso não é culpa dela. Sooooo! Força Sara!

  16. So.. lets presume that what she has said is right.. that she eats and eats and eats, and still stays ultra slim. Then wouldn’t the opposite be true? That “plus size” girls can diet and diet, and no matter what they do, can’t lose weight?

    • yea if they have some kind of medical condition, otherwise, no. i’m not saying everyone should be skinny. some people are healthier with a little more weight, it’s whatever is right for your body. but no one is meant to be Gabourey Sidibe size.

  17. She is gorgeous, stunning, love her figure too. But I don’t believe she eats all of that, and she sounds kind of dumb, to be honest. She must think we are stupid lol.

  18. If I looked like her I wouldnt’give two craps what anyone said or commented about me.
    She is so beautiful and sexy…I have not seen her a lot lately I hope she does not replace Adriana Lima for VS. I cant really sympathize with her…whoever is skinny shaming her should not bother her she is beautiful. And before everyone gets on me that models have feelings…
    maybe they do but I think they will be just fine. I would not mind walking around and lookng like Sampaio, Agdal, Dunn, or Smalls and get a 10,000,000 posts a day saying “eat a burgerr”….In fact I think it would pretty fantastic:) you will live sampaio…when you’re walking that vs runway in a couple weeks and all those haters are wishing they were you
    I think she has lost weight actually since I have seen her last prob for vs..she looks great…

    • most people would not look like her at 5’4″ and 110… try 5’4″ and 95 lbs. either you think you are thinner than you are or you have a really low bf% and lots of muscle.

  19. Well, having seen her in person I can tell you she’s really scaryskinny. She used to model for other lingerie and swim brands before vs hired her and she was a bit heavier so “naturally skinny” my a–! She put a lot of weight down to get the deal with vs because that’s what every model does to work with them.

  20. She’s gorgeous. I don’t know why she cares so much what strangers think of her body, but she’s probably just a sensitive person. Nothing wrong with that. She doesn’t look too skinny to me, compared with other models that are around. She clearly doesn’t eat tons of burgers all the time though. Maybe during times of stress, or when she’s working hard and exercising a lot she might eat a lot, but not all the time or else she’d be fat. All our bodies work in the same way and our metabolic rates are the same unless we have thyroid problems etc. No one can eat more than they expend without gaining weight. It’s physiologically impossible. Some ppl’s idea of eating “a lot” differs from that of others. Also if you exercise regularly your metabolism will speed up, but the natural rate is similar to everyone else’s. If anything fat people have a faster rate than thin ones.

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