Models at Coachella: Bella, Gigi, Hailey, Joan, Alessandra and Romee

Crop tops and lingerie tops, daisy dukes and an overload of boho accessories, paired with sun-kissed skins and thin figures – check out this year’s batch of models at the Coachella Music Festival, including Alessandra Ambrosio, Joan Smalls, Hailey Baldwin, Bella and Gigi Hadid and Romee Strijd.

Check out the gallery and pick your favorite festival looks!




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10 thoughts on “Models at Coachella: Bella, Gigi, Hailey, Joan, Alessandra and Romee”

  1. Well, it’s a festival that people go to to be seen, right? So I guess there’s not much to say here. I wonder if they even listen to the music…
    P.S. Bella’s hair makes my head hurt.

    • I have never been but a lot of my friends have and said it used to be a decent music festival but now it’s more of a see and be seen fashion show for models/ celebs/ people to dress up and show off. Not to mention it’s fairly expensive so basically a bunch of rich kids dressing up and thinking how cool they look. People I know who take music seriously think it’s a joke. Anyways to each their own as long as people enjoy themselves I guess.

  2. Bella looks so ridiculous, I can’t.

    As a European, I really don’t get the hype around Coachella. From what I’ve seen it just seems like an overpriced competition for who can get the most likes on their silly “outfit” with some music in the background. No thanks. I strongly despise how (some!) people base their lives around Instagram nowadays in general, it’s so toxic.

  3. Hailey looks the best in my opinion, not trying as hard yet still the best. Working out and a little tan does wonders. Gigi never looks happy sadly because she is either starving or unhappy with herself. She chose this frame over the healthier frame she used to have. No one can starve forever… unless they really do and that’s a sad life. Bella should quit the scrunchies and retro looking glasses, otherwise looks cute here but still everyone looks really into themselves except Gigi. I feel sympathy for her just by her expression.

  4. I love Romee but she looks awful here, every outfit she wore to Coachella was so bad. Why do the VS girls wear lingerie as outerwear every year to this event??? I’m kinda torn on how I feel about Alessandra, on one hand I think it’s cool that she is showing that older women can still have fun and be sexy, but at the same time I feel she comes off as desperate with her constant forever on vacation hashtag, and always trying to hang out with younger ppl. Not going to comment on the hadid sisters

    • FORgot to mention im glad Josephine didn’t go this year. Not sure if it’s related but the owner of Coachella is very hateful, and anti LGBT and Josephine is a rainbow baby. I feel like Jo and Lais are the only VS girls who are somewhat woke.

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