Plus-Size Models Protest Against Fashion Week

Plus-Size Models Protest Against Fashion Week 1

After last year, 18 “plus-sized” girls walked the runway at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, this year, the size 12+ girls were excluded from the fashion event… so they decided to protest, while letting their T-shirts promote their slogans: “I love my curves” and “We love real women”. Let’s find out more details from

NEGOTIATING curves has proved too hazardous for the designers of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, as plus-sized models claim they have been shut out by the local industry.

Big Gal Models agent Darrianne Donnelly said the industry had gone backwards after showcasing 18 plus-size models at Australian Fashion Week last year. That positive initiative by RAFW owner IMG was hailed a success but has not one was invited to participate this year.

“The public wants to see themselves, in all shapes and sizes, not just size 6,” Ms Donnelly said.

A group of plus-size models wearing T-Shirts with slogans such as “I love my curves” and “We love real women” staged a protest outside an Australian Fashion Week event yesterday.

Designer Alex Perry was defiant about his right to choose. “Nobody is going to tell me how to pick models,” he said.

What do you guys think about this?

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87 thoughts on “Plus-Size Models Protest Against Fashion Week”

    • I just wanted to say the same.
      So thin women aren’t real women? When they’re saying they want to embrace all women of all sizes, than they shouldn’t lower women who happen not to be like them.

    • That “real women” campaign is getting on my nerves. Really, thin women are fake/men so if only curvy ones are real? LOL

      • I think the problem is that fashion standards have become everyday standards.

        Personally when I see thin women in magazines and on catwalks I don’t really feel bothered that I don’t look like them because I understand that is what fits the industry. Problem is that many dumb-asses have decided to declare Model beauty the one and only ideal beauty rather than just recognising that the ideal is reserved for the catwalk alone.

        Thus, women excluded from this category (most of the worlds population) become insecure and demand to be represented as well. It should be made clear that being tall, slim and curveless may be the perfect form for high fashion but outside that it is just one of a variety of forms for beauty. Just like in ballet being thin and evenly proportioned, bodybuilding, muscular, p—, curvy, rap video, big ass…. I could go on. Every industry discriminates and has its ideals. Let business stay business.

        • “Problem is that many dumb-asses have decided to declare Model beauty the one and only ideal beauty ”

          Honestly, I think people have done that to themselves. They’ve taken that standard out of fashion and decided to impose it on themselves for a reason I don’t understand.

          On this website and in general public, I always hear people referring to Hollywood as a size 0 industry, and how it pressures young girls to be size 0…etc etc etc. But when you think about it, there are barely if any actual size 0 actresses in Hollywood. Most are a size 4. The only industry with many size 0’s is high fashion, but that’s a speciality industry.

          I really feel half of the pressure to be size 0 thin is in people’s heads and not actual.

          • When I say ‘dumb asses’ I do in fact mean ordinary people impressing the ideal on themselves on or others.

      • I’m done with this “real women” thing, too. By the way, that’s just where I stopped.

        “I know we skinny girls look too good to be true, thank you and have a nice working day. Oh wait, you’ve got no contract at the moment, and I bet you know how this feels, so will you please stop wishing other models the same?”

    • You really don’t get it, they are real because they haven’t changed their size just because fashion industry says so, is miranda kerr real? marisa miller? alessandra ambrosio? we don’t know, probably not because they have all same size, the one that fashion industry is telling them to have. But this girls are “real” because they don’t starve themself, they are on their weight, not only because they have curves and meat but because they refuse to change their bodies, that’s the way they are ¿why do they have to change? ¿do we really need to see always skinny girls thinking that’s the only way you can be beautiful? that’s why ther are real

    • You really don’t get it, they are real because they haven’t changed their size just because fashion industry says so, is miranda kerr real? marisa miller? alessandra ambrosio? we don’t know, probably not because they have all same size, the one that fashion industry is telling them to have. But this girls are “real” because they don’t starve themself, they are on their weight, not only because they have curves and meat but because they refuse to change their bodies, that’s the way they are ¿why do they have to change? ¿do we really need to see always skinny girls thinking that’s the only way you can be beautiful? that’s why they are real

      • i disagree. yeah hollywood may have put thin women on a pedstal saying this is how you should look but so have other people who are not in hollywood and i don’t think how wrong and hurtful to say because she’s thin she is not real. the reason why a lot of people are mad because they use it as a way to make thin women feel bad about not having curves to be beautiful. what makes you think the women who are models starve themselves? and society have also put curvy women as the standard and now you have girls getting surgery, damn near killing themselves just to feel beautiful but no one wants to admit that.

    • wow i was gonna say the same thing…im a size 5 canadian(is it the same as US?) and im still a ‘real women’ gosh…they are also descriminating people are naturally thinner. We are all real women!! So annoying..boohoo

    • Don’t be offended when they say “i love real women”. I don’t think they are talking about weight (size) here. All women are real in all shapes and sizes.. i think this slogan on that one girls shirt is talking about nose jobs, liposuction, breast implants and the like.

  1. Alex Perry is right. He’s the designer, it’s his vision and creation, he get’s to choose how his clothes are presented. It’s ridiculous for these models to protest. If they don’t qualify for what the hiring style-makers are looking for, and they want to be “real” women, then they can go get “real” jobs.

    • bahaha. i believe in using models of all sizes (not forced, but wish there was more of it naturally), but i actually laughed out loud when i read the comment about if they are ‘real’ women they can get ‘real’ jobs.

      i love curves, and think there should be more models of all sizes…but it is sort of true. if they worked in another industry where they particular specialty wasn’t in demand, they wouldn’t protest! they would find a new job. all these ladies look sexy and curvy. they belong in men’s magazines. sorry if they want to do fashion and aren’t being hired…accept what your niche is! there are some size zero model who might want to be in maxim, but can’t and they aren’t being all ‘put zeros in maxim!’

      and i don’t think their demands are made with the intent of making a more diverse world of fashion, where fashion models come in not only all shapes and sizes but also all ages, looks, and races (with the exception of one white brunette, they are all young, white, blondes – that is not diversity!), and young girls all have someone to look up to. I think their demands are bitterness that they aren’t being hired for the best paying jobs.

      wish the industry would embrace diversity, but this is not how its going to happen! and in the meantime, ladies, there are plenty of opportunities in to makes money off your looks in men’s mags and beer ads (not shame in that)!

      • I agree completely.

        I too would like to see more diversity in fashion modeling but sometimes the complaining can get a little excessive. It makes me wonder when and if people will ever be satisfied…will we start complaining about people with acne not being able to model because its discriminating against people with bad skin? Etc etc.

        I also think you make a good point with the niches. Imagine there was ever a “size 0 in Maxim” movement like there are “size 16’s in high fashion!” I think people would RIOT, saying how that is encouraging eating disorders. Forget the fact that maybe there are size 0 young girls out there who don’t feel sexy. Most people don’t empathize with thin women.

        It’s thanks to the bad rep that eating disorders got in early 2000’s. The plus side of that is people are now aware of eating disorders. But when you think about it, more people get b❆❆b jobs and butt implants every year than become anorexic. (shrug)

        And that’s why I also think that eating disorders are not AS prevalent in fashion as people like to think…I think naturally thin women gravitate to high fashion BECAUSE they can’t do things like Maxim, or be actresses or singers. They don’t have the same sex appeal as someone like Beyonce, for example.

        Just sharing my thoughts. 🙂 You really got me thinking, haha.

        • exactly. everyone has a place. it might not be where they want, but sometimes you have to play with the hand you were dealt. as a child, i wanted to be a doctor when i grew up…but i am afraid of blood, and couldn’t get over it. so i figured out something else and took a different path! if you wanted to be a high fashion model but have curves and aren’t naturally very thin, i am sorry…lots of people would love to be ANY type of model but have unattractive, asymmetrical faces and they pick a different path!

          i want to see a more diversity in modeling in general too, but i really think they just are thinking of themselves. they aren’t thinking of the girls who are supposedly influenced. in fact, i think most girls would rather be considered pretty by the ‘male’ standard – pretty like movie stars of maxim models – because its more visible then runway models. and you are right to say, who is there to make the thin, size zero, ruler shaped 14 year old feel like she has a place in the beauty world and that she is pretty by more classic ‘standards’ too? who tells her that she doesn’t need to change to be beautiful and working to gain weight with junk food is unhealthy for her?

          they might claim they are helping girls and women by doing this, since we are ‘like them.’ but most women aren’t! they are tall, beautiful, blondes. they may be curvy, but they only represent a different body type. what about young asian, black, and hispanic women? what about SHORT women. height is another means of discrimination in fashion modeling…why don’t they include their short counterparts in their battle against uniformity?

        • also good point about b❆❆bs and butts – you see a lot of that. and we say eating disorders are bad because they are both unhealthy mentally and physically – but we don’t seem to have a problem setting a standard that encourages people to risk their LIVES for a surgery to enhance one silly feature and we don’t think there is much wrong with a person, mentally, who would take that physical risk? we see women like the ones in this photo in men’s magazines or highlighted as being ‘hot’ in everything for liquor ads and liquor promotions at bars to images in video games – and as i said, most girls would probably prefer to be ‘hot’ to guys than to be ‘interestingly beautiful’ in the high fashion world. but we see very little wrong with the fact that some women aren’t born with those curves, and do dangerous things to achieve them. now, i will admit, some of these models look amazing, others are heavier than some of us might want to be. they all have more ‘curves’ (and i don’t mean shape by curves, that is why i have it in quotations, i mean b❆❆bs and butt) due to their extra body fat – not saying they are fat at all, or that they would be otherwise flat butt and chested – just less dramatic. and some women might never have any boobs, no matter what their weight, and may resort to surgery to fit into our very narrow definition of ‘sexy.’ just like many women think thin and heavier women, straight shaped or curvy are beautiful, they think all types of women are sexy…but the media doesn’t really show that, they go for the most classic image, which may lead some young women to feel unsexy and consider surgery. YOUR point about surgery got ME thinking.

        • never looked at it that way. people say women are nothing but size 0’s in hollywood but to be honest they’re not even that thin like some make it seems to be girls are starving when you do have more women getting butt implants, breasts implants, lips done, etc. why not talk about that because they are women who happen to die from complications of changing their features. the media wants us to believe that girls have eating disorders because of what they see but what about the girls who don’t have the kim kardashian, beyonce body type? they will feel insecure as well but like i said before it’s a double standard and no one will have any sympathy for thin women. we have too many beauty standards here. one minute you have the fashion industry wanting thin women only but then again you have rap videos and men’s magazines having curvy women as the ideal.i would like variety like others have said but i don’t think that would be happening soon because people want one body type but complain that they don’t show women from different body types. i’m like this if these want paying jobs then they should go somewhere to find an industry that will want them and give them the exposure they need. i don’t see skinny women complaining about why they aren’t on rap videos, maxim, and other men’s magazines saying they should have them on the cover on their magazines. they won’t change the designer’s mind so they might as well stop and go somewhere else.

          • I agree with you bigvinamac. If you scroll up and read my response to Nkeon, I too address the fact that people believe that Hollywood is a size 0 industry, but in reality it’s not!

            By going around and claiming how it’s a size 0 industry…all that does is perpetuate the pressure to be thin, because it reinforces the belief that Hollywood wants everyone to be a size 0, even if it actually doesn’t.

            I don’t understand why people would do this and put this kind of pressure on themselves especially considering how anti size 0 most of them are. It’s almost masochistic.

            That’s why whenever I see a comment on this website where someone says something like “size 0 Hollywood actresses,” I make it a point to correct them and point out that most actresses in Hollywood are at least a size 4.

            There IS no pressure to be a size 0 unless you’re doing high fashion. Period. And like mermaid said, I think most people want to be sexy than high fashion. That’s why we have more women walking around with breast and butt implants than we do women having eating disorders.

            People go around claiming that the media has such an impact on young girls and eating disorders, but most media outlets put a pressure on women to be curvy rather than thin.

            But nobody wants to address the fact that there is pressure to be curvy, because it’s a lot easier and simpler to just focus on eating disorders, even though the pressure to be curvy is a bigger problem. Things like plastic surgery are packeted nicely: it’s IMPROVING your self esteem, it’s YOUR CHOICE..etc etc. Doesn’t change the fact that the women who get breast implants felt insecure about their breasts because the media likes portraying women with big breasts, does it?

            Sorry if that wasn’t very coherent. It’s 2 am and it’s the end of the semester. 😛

          • and now that you mentioned it casey they’re aren’t many size 0’s in hollywood like most make it out to be. i have nothing against and i do feel like it is a choice but people fail to realize that girls do get surgery because they want to feel more womanly because that is what being put out there but hey it’s a double standard and some don’t want to acknowledge that there are girls who wish to have curves like kim, beyonce, serena, and so on. the fashion industry does go for thin women but if you look at other magazines it’s mostly women who are curvier and if no one believes me look at the magazines that you see and point out who’s a size 0? we all saw what happened to heidi montag. people say she looked better without the surgery but i wouldn’t be surprised if people was making fun of her body and saying she looks like a boy and not a real woman. then you wonder why she did that to herself. and truth i think it’s more pressure to be curvy than it is to be skinny because once a woman who has that curvy shape the media will put her on this pedestal and consider her to be a real woman and then you have girls who don’t look like feel like crap and you’re right casey people do put pressures on themselves to be someone they’re not to feel good. yeah the media does play a role but doesn’t change the fact that people make themselves feel insecure. i would love to have gain more of a curvier shape but i know i won’t because that’s not who i am and the weight goes to my stomach or my butt anyways. i just learn to appreciate what i have and accept it. but unfortunately not every girl will feel that way.

        • “I think naturally thin women gravitate to high fashion BECAUSE they can’t do things like Maxim, or be actresses or singers. They don’t have the same sex appeal as someone like Beyonce, for example.”

          I usually agree with you, Casey, but I don’t agree with this statement. Are you saying that there aren’t naturally thin women who are successful actresses or singers? The majority of Hollywood IS thin – maybe they’re not all size zeros – but they’re definitely skinny enough to be in that category. And I know that there are plenty of thin women that have been featured in Maxim. I know you usually defend thin women, but here you contradict yourself by saying thin women don’t have the sex appeal of a curvier woman like Beyonce. You can’t say this for a fact, because some may prefer thinner, more toned bodies like Candice Swanepoel’s or Annalynne McCord’s, and others might prefer larger (not fatter, just broader framed) bodies like Beyonce’s.

          • No, that’s not what I’m saying.

            Let me try to rephrase what I am saying.

            Women who are very thin, like Victoria Beckham thin, actual size 0’s, are usually not successful in Hollywood, or any men’s magazines unless they have something about them that stands out (same as plus-sized models and high fashion). That’s not saying that there aren’t some women who are a size 0-2 who aren’t, but usually it’s not the case, just by looking at most actresses/singers/men’s magazine models. And as a result, those women turn to high fashion because it’s easier to get hired.

            Do I believe that’s how it should be? No. I would love to see a size 0 in Maxim, just like I would love to see a size 14 in a Paris high fashion magazine.

            And I agree with you that men like different things, including skinny girls. I will forever keep saying that. But at some point you do have to realize that if you’re trying to sell sex or a sexual image, you use someone like Kelly Brooke, not Victoria Beckham. Just like if you’re trying to sell high fashion, you use someone like Alessandra Ambrosio and not Kim Kardashian.

            It’s not so much about people’s preferences as it is about the stereotype or prototype of each of those two categories. When you hear men’s model do you think of Victoria Beckham? And when you think of high fashion do you think of Kim Kradashian? That’s my point.

    • THIS.

      I agree completely. He’s the artist, it’s his vision, he can use whoever he wants – it is his moment to shine, after all.

      I’m also incredibily tired of this “real women” rubbish. So anyone who is not a size 12+ is not real? Are we men in disguise? Honestly now. Besides, they’re not even that “real” since they are much taller than the average woman so they’d look much different at their size.

      Besides, if they’re so in love with their bodies and totally accept it (which is great tho, every woman should love themselves) why do they feel the need to put down women that are thinner? Don’t they have a right to appreciate their bodies aswell?

  2. a. the public doesn’t go to fashion week. it’s elitest, reserved for fashion insiders and celebs.
    b. i am 5’1 and a size 8(uk) how do they represent me?
    c. if I as a writer want to write about political stability in pakistan I don’t try and sell it to cosmo. know your market, catalogues, swimwear, plus size brands, etc. unless you are in a posiion to create your own market, ie design your own clothes and put on your own show with whatever models want. but you can’t force others to do what you want.

  3. I hate this so much. The thin women look better in the clothes if you want to model face it the thin women are going to get the better jobs. Im a size 00 no i dont starve myself I eat 2000 calories a day. I dont overexcersize I never work out for more than 2 hours. Its not that hard to be thin if you dont overeat. Thats all it really comes down to. Thin women are women too and not all of them are unhealthy. Why should overweight people set the example?

    • i think it’s the fact that the fashion industry is choosing to only embrace that one body type and size of women, sending the message that their clothes will only look best on a thin woman. you’re absolutely right, it’s easy to maintain a good body weight when you eat healthy and have an active lifestyle but genes are also at play here, and not everyone is meant to be that size. the fashion industry should let all women of different sizes walk the runway.

    • i believe models should be all sizes, but honestly, i personally believe curvy, sexy, hourglasses, with big b❆❆bs look best in clothes. i mean people like beyonce, kelly brook, jessica beil….clothing designed for women usually highlights features unique to women (boobs, butts, waists), and that looks bests on people who have those features to highlight. that is not to say a size 0 or 2 can’t have those features of that shape. but clothes on extremely thin models looks like hangers. might show off the clothes better at shows, but does not look better at all in real life – usually looks disturbing!

      that said, thin, ruler types, as well as hourglasses, should be models in fashion shows, by the designers choice, so all women will see how that clothing would look on them.

  4. I am so sick of this “real women” rubbish. All women are real. I am also sick of people thinking the word “curvy” means fat. Curvy is hip to waist ratio, yet some bigger ladies have convinced themselves they are “curvy”
    Go to the dailymail site, there are tons of comments there from these so called “real women” who insult anyone under a UK size 10, calling them a “bag of bones” etc….
    while they claim to be “real women with curves”

  5. I don’t think they are very pretty, the first and the last models are the best, but I don’t know how they walk the runway …

  6. I understand that all size woman want to walk the runway and be a fashion model. But its not made for everyone, sorry. Models are suppose to be tall and Thin.
    That’s what fashion wants, and it has always been that way.
    People souldnt change that, there are other jobs in the world, fashion and modeling are made from thin models, they work it better. Sorry, not trying to sound mean. But i just dont find it appealing when plus sizes try to do what thin models do.

  7. I like the idea of non pin-thin models at fashion week and I like that they are getting some press, but obviously the designer is right that he’s in charge of the models he picks.

    I’ve attended Fashion Week in Toronto several times and in my opinion (as well as my fellow fashion editors), the “plus size” models (who look about an American 6-8) really don’t make the clothing look less polished.

    Crystal Renn was in a show I went to in March and honestly, I didn’t notice a *huge* difference between her and the thin girls on the runway. You’re so focused on the clothes that the bodies aren’t as important as one may think.

    I don’t know about other Fashion Weeks, but in Toronto regular people can buy tickets and attend.

  8. I applaud their cause. They seem to be more on the right track than the idiot Katie Green and her stupid anti-0 movement.

    But they’re still not quite there. I support them protesting being excluded from the fashion week, but I don’t support them calling themselves real women as if those who are walking in the fashion shows are not real women.

    • Also, while I would like to see more plus-sized models doing fashion, I also agree with Alex Perry. He DOES have a right to choose whatever models he would like. If he wants to get models with feet growing out of their foreheads, that’s his choice because it’s his show.

      I just wish more fashion designers would be comfortable with using bigger models.

      • hahahahha seriously its up to him. its so easy to discriminate nowadays. if you dont include anyone in anything youre discriminating. next thing they are gonna be pissed cause there are too many models of same name. god only knows..

  9. first off i think that the tag line “real women” definitely needs to be changed… since when is a girl whose a size 2 any less real than a girl whose a size 14? besides that error in terminology, i hate how these designers are using “plus size” girls as almost an advertising campaign to draw more attention to their lines. perfect example is here: last year, using the plus size models was seen as a revolutionary or crazy new idea so of course they were embraced at fashion week so the designer could stand there and say, “i embrace all body types blah blah blah”. yet this year, when the plus size model isn’t all that new, they revert back to the same tiny girls they used before [i’m not trying to say these girls are unhealthy/bad its just the focus on the one body type that walks the runway that bothers me]. what i think the fashion industry needs is a CONSISTENT lineup of these “real” girls of ALL shapes and sizes. however, i know we are far from seeing this actually happening in the fahsion industry so i applaud the efforts that these girls are doing to protest this unfair treatment, however it would be refreshing to see girls who don’t fit into one extreme or the other (sizes 0, 2 or sizes 12,14) to be out there standing up for themselves to. last time i checked, a size 8 or 10 girl was just as real as any other.

  10. They can say whatever they want. What a real women isn’t, is if she has a p—- or is a robot or a alien. Every girl in the entire word is a real women. It’s just women taking a stand for something they believe in. Just as alot of people in the word believe some models in the business look to skinny and it’s scary. Because young girls look at them along with the rest of the world and people like seeing that type of person.

    But now, we have all types of women who go out and praise how much they love there bodies. Honestly, seeing these women and seeing more of them, I have become so much more comterable with myself and the people I surround myself with. I’m not trying as hard to be something I will never be. Everyone has opinions that are positive, negitive, whatever.

    I’m just very happy that these women are showing the word a newer side to the fashion world.

  11. This is why I think that runway fashion is lame. Apparently, many women think that the typical runway models are the “ideal” when in reality, proportionate and fit women are the ideal. This can include women of various sizes. Just goes to show how elitist the industry is. They try and point out that it’s about the clothes but they still worship the ultra thinness of the models. It’s a social construct and many women buy into it hook, line and sinker.

    I would like to see a variety of body shapes represented. Why does this story need to be about size 0 versus size 14? Aren’t there some sizes in between that would qualify as attractive and healthy?

    As for these models who are protesting, the “real women have curves” is really offensive. Not everyone is going to be built like Kelly Brook.

  12. I know and have worked with a lot of the girls who were in Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and they’re absolutely stunning. Even if these ‘plus-size’ models were allowed on the catwalk because of their size, they wouldn’t fit in because facially they do not have what it takes. They’re bland, and that’s with the piles of makeup they have on. They’re seriously deluded if they think that they look high fashion and compare to girls like Emily Cattermole and Bambi. As much I dislike Crystal Renn, she at least has a face that transcends bodysize, because it’s unique and her bone structure is photographic. These women should just go home.

    Also, for the record, Australian models are much ‘healthier’ looking than their European counterparts. The successful models I know are very slender, but none are emaciated. You’re standard 5″10 model would probably weigh around 56/57 kg. It might not seem like much, but when you compare it to the European models who weigh around 49/50kg it makes a biggg difference. Those 49kg girls though are still ‘real women’ though, unless they’re hiding p—-es there somewhere…

    • I do agree that a lot of the women in the above photo are rather plain, but I must admit, the girl at the very right is gorgeous! My eyes immedietely went to her. I can definetly see her as a model.

  13. I do not think having plus sized models in the fashion industry is a good idea, let alone a good idea for anyone. But neither is unhealthily skinny either. What is with the extremes!? I think healthy would be better portrayed by someone in between ridiculously skinny, and plus sized.

    I think it is ridiculous that these girls are protesting this because not everyone is made to model just because they want to. It is one of those things that is judged by others wants and needs, not by what you want. A singer cannot be a singer if he/she does not have a good voice, unless you get it for looks, for personality, or for that special something that someone thought you had, and gave you a chance.

    So, my point is that, if you want to be a model, you either have to meet their criteria, or have that special something enough for them to want you anyways, and you must be the exception to whoever is deciding at the time.

    Why don’t we all go protest every time we don’t get something we want in life! Or, all of us short girls everywhere should go protest because they have never even been thought of as models in the fashion industry! What makes plus sized girls different? How are they any more important that any other woman! I truly feel like a lot of plus sized models seem to think that they are the greatest thing to ever come about, maybe I’m wrong, but thats the vibe I get a lot of the time, and that is not attractive.

    • seriously. so well said. just because you want to be a model and they dont want you doesnt mean you should be throwing a fit and protesting.
      im skinny but 5″4- so there go my modeling dreams
      im white/caucasian and my university of choice won’t take me because it wants more diversity- so there that goes
      thats life

      plus if youre tall and chubby you can at least lose weight. if youre skinny and short theres nothing you can do about it. so whos getting discriminated against now? lol

  14. oh yawn. here we go with another “real women have curves” crap again. it’s great that they are taking a stand but you can’t change a designer’s mind about who he/she wants on stage. that’s their decision and if they decide who they want on stage then let them make it, not you. and since when real women are size 12 and up but if you’re below that you’re not real? hmmm really because last time i check women don’t have p—-es do we? so are short women real? are tall women real? cut the crap, we’re all real women and shouldn’t put other women who don’t have curves down. and i think they should find another agency that would hire them and won’t make them lose weight just to be a model.

  15. I agree this IS disturbing, self- indulget and just plain SELFISH! Real women? So what about us smaller sizes to 12? HAHAHA! I didn’t know I was a MAN?!

    • Sorry. Your post is incoherent. Why are you a man? And what about ‘us sizes smaller to 12?’ What exactly is ‘disturbing and self-indulgent?’

  16. this is just too much. these “real women” are just as judgemental as fashion industry they are critisizing.
    if a designer chooses skinny models- so be it. it is only up to him, it is his work, his career, his creations and he has all the rights to decide what type of models he needs. those girls should just give it a rest. what makes them think they know the best what fashion industry needs ???

  17. Alex Perry says “Nobody is going to tell me how to pick models,”
    picking thin girls like everyone else is just peer presure, he’s not choosing for himself eiter now…

    • or maybe thin models are his preference..
      he’s a judge on australia’s next top model and always likes the thinnest girls…alice burdeau for example

  18. This real women crap is stupid. Women come in all shapes and forms, some are naturally skinny, some are curvy some are chubby. Who the are these model rejects to say skinny women aren’t real? It is lame.

  19. isn’t it weird that models are either a 0-4 size or a 12+? What about all the other sizes? You never ses a size 5-12 models.

  20. Sure, bigger women who are pretty and have good bodies should be considered too.
    But it is HIS show afterall. It’s in HIS vision. And if they don’t fit that vision, then tough luck.
    And come on, quit with the ”real women” crap.
    Real women come in ALL shapes and sizes, not just ‘curvy’.
    Some women are naturally skinny, it makes them no less real then bigger women.

  21. What this is about is not “real” women, but fat women. These models are basically fat-acceptance advocates. What they want to say by calling themselves “real women” is that they feel they are more representative of your average woman, who is overweight (at least in America — I don’t know about Australia). Also, they believe that their bodies are equally attractive as compared to those of thin people. So, they want designers to feature overweight people like themselves on the runways.

    However, most people feel that being thin is more attractive than being overweight, and prefer models to be attractive, so that’s why most people prefer thin models on the runway. Furthermore, clothes look better on thin people than on fat people, since the lines of the clothes are not distorted by bulges, ripples, etc.

    Finally, here’s a reality check: the reason we only have one size body on the runway, instead of a range of sizes, is because models need to be interchangeable and each model needs to fit in all of the clothes. It’s standardization, pure and simple. All the railroad tracks in America are the same width so that all trains manufactured by all companies can fit on them…and all models have the same sized body so that all clothes by all designers can fit on them.

    Now, on a more personal note, these women annoy the hell out of me. They should shut up, stop eating excessive amounts of food, and slim down — and then they’ll qualify for being models. And don’t give me that, “Oh but some people are genetically fat and can’t help it” bullsh-it — population genes don’t change overnight and 75% of the population didn’t suddenly acquire 2 copies of the obesity gene over the course of one generation.

    • I agree with you soo much, this is exactly what i would say too.
      Models need to be thin, that’s just a FACT.
      And it’s not that hard to loose the weight come one, just eat healthy and exercise, dont starve yourself, but stop eating like pigs. Well most of you not everyone.
      And stop calling yourselves “Real Woman” wtf is thatt??!!
      These plus size models created this little word just so people wont call them Fat or Overweight or Plus Size. Yeah, im not being a hater or anything like that, i just dont see the point of big size woman modeling. SORRY!

  22. No no… I think you’ve all got it wrong!

    They are supporting ALL women. The reason why most of the women in this protest are plus size is because they are not accepted in the modelling industry and sometimes in every day life – it’s simply just how it has panned out (eg I’m sure that thinner women would be protesting if things were the other way round).

    A ‘real’ women is not to do with size – it’s to do with comfort in one’s own skin and society accepting you that way. That means every combination of body types; the whole deal.

    Just because the crowd of women in this situation are curvy don’t assume that they are protesting for only ‘real curvy women’ – it is simply the way it has happened. Don’t be put off, these women are attempting to fight on behalf of all women of all sizes.

  23. The industry needs more diversity. It’s rather boring how a lot of the models look the same. Even their facial features look just about identical… probably due to the bias the industry has for mostly eurocentric features. It would great to see a few different faces, and maybe more shapely women. Maybe even shorter women…

  24. I think I agree with the ‘real women’ agent Darrianne Donnelly who said the industry had gone backwards after showcasing 18 plus-size last year. I’m all for curvy models and am quite anti-size-zero models, but as with many things in life, there should be a good representative mix of different types. The industry has gone from anti-size-zero to anti-size-18. And as a guy who writes for business entrepreneurs, I was fascinated that my most popular post was when I spoke out about size 16 supermodels.

  25. I thank that the women that did this protest should be blessed I am ONLY 17 and I am having my own protest. i don’t thank that have the women in the world are very skinny and they can’t be models because they are “fat”. All the models have to eat nothing but cheese,salads, yogurt and baby food! BABY FOOD ! that should be for nothing but babies and not women. I dont know how far I will get with it but I am hoping to get far with it and I will not stop until i make a change.<3 🙂 ( thick,big and extra few pounds is sexy hahaha) plus half the man want thick girls any way. we are PHAT (Pretty Hot And Thick)

    What, so just because I’m an Australian size 8 (a US 3), I’m NOT a real woman? Well, well, well, I guess being slim makes me a man then.
    It makes me angry how plus-sized woman go on about acceptance and body love, yet flatly refuse to accept woman smaller than themselves. I don’t starve myself, I’m naturally this way, and there’s nothing wrong with me.

  27. Plus sized models make me sad. Their focus is on fashion and it is smoke and mirrors. Their hearts and internal organs bear the strain of that excess unhealthy weight and they are encouraging others to justify making unhealthy choices.

  28. Alex Perry is absolutely correct! The market doesn’t demand fat girl models. It’s nothing more than yet more political correctness trying to make certain people “feel” better about their physical faults.

  29. Firstly , Darianne Donnelly the woman who started Big Gals modelling agency was a food gutz. She ate like a pig, behaved like one of the teenagers in Nasty Girls and was a particularly unpleasant woman who obviously tried to justify the unhealthy condition of obesity.

    Contrary to some articles professing what she did for bigger women, she really just contributed to women believing it is okay to eat badly and develop obesityrelated conditions.

    She was a fat, big mouth nasty and unkind woman. Only the women of similar class and lack of spiritual rigor would want anything to do with her. And they know who they are.

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