Size 12 US Model Laura Wells on Skinny Models Diet: ‘One Cracker a Day and Water’


Australian plus-size model Laura Wells (size 12 US) recently shared some details about her experience living with straight size models and the extreme measures they follow in order to maintain their skinny figures for Fashion Week. Here’s what Laura said:

‘It goes to the extremes. No food being eaten, prescription dietary pills, agents telling girls that they’re only allowed to have one cracker and a couple glasses of water leading up to fashion week per day. It’s completely unhealthy, not only for their body but mentally as well.’

‘These girls are going to extremes to look like that, and then not being booked for any jobs. And then living with a plus size model who’s working every single day and comparing themselves to me. I eat healthy, I work out, but I’ll let myself have a treat every now and then and have a glass of wine. They couldn’t fathom the fact that they were putting themselves through so much stress and I was so happy with myself.’

Watch the video and share your thoughts!

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38 thoughts on “Size 12 US Model Laura Wells on Skinny Models Diet: ‘One Cracker a Day and Water’”

  1. How often is “every now and then”? Because HF models do too- just look at the it instagrams.

    They have to eat very little to maintain the standard measurements their agencies put in their cards. I imagine they fast sometimes, like on days before FW or shoots, but I’ve read more of them eat 800-1200 most days? I don’t know. But a cracker and water isn’t enough for anyone on a daily basis.

  2. Yeah she’s exaggerating. Straight size models do not eat that little, way to make stuff up so you can have your two seconds of fame. Most runway models probably don’t eat enough to be considered healthy, but still no agency is going around telling their models to starve on nothing, they would be dead, and unable to work.
    Anyways, I don’t think she’s necessarily overweight like the vast majority of plus size models, but she does seem a bit overfat. She would look better with a lower body fat percentage. She does have good proportions and a nice WHR, not really a fan of her look though, very forgettable.

    • I agree, I think if she lost about 15-20 lbs of fat she’d look awesome and would be a SI size like Genevieve Morton who’s always been bigger than other bikini models.

    • She doesn’t need to exaggerate, and she’s had way more than just two seconds of fame. She’s been much more successful than many straight size or pulse size models. She’s also an environmental scientist and conservationist, so she has a brain and isn’t going to go around and say stupid crap just to get noticed. Unless we are living in the industry like she is, we have no idea what’s going on or what extremes models go to. I can definitely imagine an agency looking at a girl and saying “eat less”, and the girl takes that as “stop eating”. As wide spread as eating disorders and drugs are in the fashion industry, I don’t see her exaggerating at all. Also, her carrer is going really well, so I don’t her body fat percentage needs to change one bit.

      • You, you’re awesome. She’s been doing this long enough that her statement isn’t about one group, one brand, one agency – she’s clearly talking about a whole industry that’s rampant with unbalanced thinking, and expectations. Maybe she’s lying, or exaggerating, but what would that do for her? Honestly, how does pointing out thin models probably abstain from food a lot improve her career? I just don’t see the angle.

  3. Given that she is probably exaggerating what the healthy, thin, and fit models she knows are eating, I’m not sure I believe everything else she is saying. Some people like to eat whatever they want and don’t want to limit portions. It doesn’t mean everyone thinner than her is only eating a cracker a day. She could work out, but she doesn’t look fit. To me it sounds like she is making excuses more than anything else.

  4. I agree that it’s not healthy, on the other hand, no one is forcing these girls into modelling either. Even the men these days are looking haggard and underweight.
    Its the money and the business people do it for.

    • The thing is that in a lot of eastern european countries (especially the really poor ones like moldova) these girls may be almost being forced into modeling. Maybe a 14 year girl there gets scouted and thinks she can become a model and doesn’t really have any idea of the dark side to it. Then she comes to the US (or wherever) and her modelling agency gives her all these bills for her housing, photos, etc and she knows she has no way to pay them back other than by booking jobs whatever means necessary.
      That’s kind of an extreme example but i’ve seen a few documentaries about exactly that happening. Laura’s comment about the crackers seems really harsh but maybe she saw girls going on fasts before big shows and that’s all they ate for a few days or something like that.

    • Exactly alissa..model size is often for money…i dont see even models being their model weight if they were not gaining money from it.and that is a thing society doesnt see,and women aspire to be like that but without any money in return, and another job to carry on. Im not saying models unpaied would be fat,but def 10-15-20 pounds more.

    • So…she doesn’t eat healthy and she doesn’t work out? I mean, if you know that fine whatever, but you’re assuming that because she’s plus size? What if I told you, not everyone who is fat is lazy, eats poorly or doesn’t exercise?

      • IF this woman ate healthy all the time and only had a treat every now and then and worked out daily she would not be overweight. Period. Even my friends who I’ve known since high school who are built larger/athletic that eat healthy and workout on an almost daily basis (and I’m not talking crazy extreme workouts) are a slimmer end of the athletic build. Not overweight.

    • BOOHOO! Go be sick then. Why would she be lying? I see more posts of skinny people saying they eat a lot and have a superfast metabolism than plus sized girls saying they actually do eat junk every now and then, which is probably true. Stupid people on this page..

    • I agree DaniH. I don’t understand the backlash you are getting at all…

      If a plus size model says she is healthy, EVERYONE must believe her!!!!!!! She works out and eats right all the time duh!!!!!

      But…if a skinny model says she is, no WAY can that be!!!!! She throws up and starves duh!!!!!! LMAO the double standards on this site are astounding.

      • WHY can’t the skinny model and the plus sized model both be healthy? Some skinny models starve themselves but some are naturally skinny or workout for it and eat healthy. Some plussized models are unhealthy too but WHY do you people think she’s lying when she says she indulges from time to time but is healthy most of the time? Don’t you realize you’re actually doing the opposite of skinny shaming? So you’re just doing the exact thing you’re hating. Just because this girl is plus sized doesn’t mean she isn’t eating healthy and just because some high fashion models are superskinny doesn’t mean they all starve themselves.

        PS: I DON’T agree with what the plus sized model says in this post so don’t think I am one of those people who judges skinny people and praises thick people because I actually prefer a skinny figure.

  5. Not quite true, non-model men really aren’t compared and expected to live up to male models, generally the ‘unhealthy’ issue is more centered around fitness modeling when it comes to men.

    Men vary in attractiveness but men for the most part are socially allowed valued identities about everything other than looks, women can run major world economies and still get devalued for not meeting beauty standards.

    Muscle Dysmorphia is a disorder that causes a person to constantly obsess and/or worry about being too small, underdeveloped, and/or underweight. Typically those who have Muscle Dysmorphia are not frail or underdeveloped at all, and actually have large muscle mass. They obsess about having the perfect physique and believe their muscles are inadequate.

    Skinny male models don’t get much respect in the wider populous, they are seen as effeminate and are not held up as general male role models, often getting low grade homophobic abuse, whether they are gay or not.

    Look at the male romantic leads in movies, generally they have pretty average fitness, male physique is way over exaggerated in action movies, which typically are made with a male audience in mind, in essence, it’s less of a ‘beauty standard’, but an exercise in male power fantasy.

  6. I think i’ll make another case that modeling is gendered, if you say model or modeling the presumption is female centric, you have to amend model and say ‘male model’ specifically, similar to how people will say ‘male nurse’, but will just say nurse, even if they specifically only mean female nurses.

    The truth about being talked about is that male models, generally, don’t exist as a social construct, few are famous and thus comparisons to other men are rarely made.

    Skinny male models don’t produce any unrealistic or unhealthy standards for men at large, because they are considered aberrations, they don’t create any standard template for expectations of how men should strive to look.

  7. Thank for telling the truth! That is what is required straight before fashion week,and very little meals all year around.
    about her: she is very well shaped and beautiful, but she should still loose 8 pounds by exercizing since you can see in underwear that her legs have not great skin texture and they seems a bit bloated: so,more water and exercise and she would be a plus size dream!!
    Her is the kind of body that could do great in plus size modeling and providing a fuller aesthetic ideal, opposite to candice huffine whos body is not well shaped at all and any added pound on her makes her less,and not more,beautiful.
    Ashley graham is still to fat so, a very plus model.
    Plus models who shows a strong effective beauty are this kind…still christal renn was my favourite sigh…i think this super cute laura could loose a bit by water an exercise and evolve into a plus size phenomenon,she has the potential

  8. Agreed. It seems like she’s intentionally trying to perpetuate the myth that ‘skinny’ people starve themselves in order to maintain their physiques, and it’s rather tiresome. Maybe I’m wrong but she also comes across as kind of snotty. Like “oh, look at you poor skinny girls suffering and starving yourselves when I get to eat all this food!” -_-

  9. She makes it sound like in order to be slim you only eat a cracker a day and when you indulge some more you’ll instantly become size 12. Why is everything so black and white? No wonder people’s eating habits are so messed up.

  10. Oh yeah I know some models eat barely anything but they are runway models. And even then none of them survive on a cracker a day. Plenty of them are eating less than 1000 but what this woman is saying is just ridiculous and not true. And the problem I have with people saying models starve themselves is that most people only know of the Victoria’s Secret models and so many bitter girls just say oh they starve themselves… That’s not what extremely underweight looks like but ok…

    • VS models are usually slightly underweight though. They don’t look as unhealthy as HF models, but most of their BMIs are under 18.5

    • All your comments make me shake my head in shame. Underweight people are healtheir the an overweight by people? All the time? Um, no. A cracker and water was probably an exaggeration, but living on under 1000 calories in my case almost killed me. I never suffered so much physically and mentally as I did then. Being overweight, I was much healthier and still am now after gaining 30 pounds than I was being skinny.

      You prefer skinny girls aND I wouldn’t be surprised of you had a bias against overweight people, seeing as how messed up your comments are.hmm

  11. I was vacationing in Germany and was watching the spring collection for men for some designer. The cuts of the clothes were hyper slim, so much so it was shocking. The men were probably 17 to 22, and for their height, 6 or 6’2″ were probably 140 150 lbs. They were gaunt, and wiry and had almost no muscle mass. They looked like prisoners of war, worse than a lot of women on runways

  12. I love SG! Yeah, the thing is, if you go to cattle call and you hear a casting director say “we’re picking her, her hips are slimmer,” you’re going to do what it takes to meet the size. I think that’s what the pressure is, not agents demanding their girls starve.

  13. There’s evidence that calories restriction can be good, but that’s by 20 percent. So that’s still 1600 calories for most people. For many models that be considered a binge and since their metabolisms and electrolytes are out of whack eating just a normal amount will make them balloon.
    There are many stories from supermodels, not just models, but like I sad janice, Beverly, Gia, Wilhelmina cooper of severe restriction. And the models are encouraged to take blow and cigarettes. So I really don’t think this plus model is so far off. And since she seems normal weight she likely is healthier than a model doing coke and drinking coffee.

  14. You sound like you have a serious problem with fat people. Not EVERY fat girl thinks the same way. You’re just as bad, only reversed.

  15. Agreed, but I don’t think Laura Wells falls into that category. It’s strange how people will use every excuse under the sun to justify being overweight e.g. ‘having too much muscle’, ‘being on medication’, ‘having the ‘fat gene” etc., but yet turn around and assume the every ‘skinny’ person eats ‘one cracker a day’. -_- While these are perfectly valid excuses in some situations, the majority of people, particularly in the West are overweight because of calorie over-consumption and sedentary lifestyles.

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