Size 14 Ashley and Size 2 Abeba’s Test It: Does Size Matter in Regards to Health?
2 models with very different body shapes and sizes and one test to check out their fitness level and their general health. Size 14 model Ashley Graham and size 2 model Abeba Davis are almost the same height and age, but are they also around the same fitness-wise?

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47 thoughts on “Size 14 Ashley and Size 2 Abeba’s Test It: Does Size Matter in Regards to Health?”

  1. People seem to either love Ashley G or cannot stand her. I actually love her. Granted this is just one doctor’s opinion but I do & have always believed that skinner does not always mean healthier. Ashley is obviously not a thin girl but she looks good to me & carries it well imo. She’s no Tess Holiday. That’s on a whole other level….and it’s not good or healthy. A lot of people here seem to not care for her (which I respect) but I’m ready for the not so positive comments about her lol 🙂

    • Absolutely. My comment was somehow not approved in the Hilary duff post but I was baffled some people were calling her fat. Calling Tess Holiday fat? Sure, more like morbidely obese. Ashley Graham? Sure, I guess she is fat, although she carries it well. But Hilary? Dear god… Anyway, yes, Tess is too much, the other ladies… matter of personal preference, but even if Ashley is overweight she is not on the same level as Tess and that should make a difference in terms of the comments they get.

    • I like Miss Graham also…….Having said that it would have been interesting to see the actual numbers since the range of so called “healthy” can range quite a bit. I suspect that ABC wasn’t trying to embarrass either model which to me is silly since why even do the test and go through this big production if they weren’t going to reveal the actual numbers. It would be interesting to see how the results would change in say 7 years when the are both 35. The no exercise would really start to take a toll on the slimmer model especially since she has a family history of high BP the numbers would undoubtledly be higher. For Miss Graham I would suspect her numbers would stay around the same with the same moderate level of exercise even if her weight remained about the same. I think we all know plenty of skinny fat women who use restrictive diet and cigarettes with little exercise as their way of staying slim, which always shows in a flabby physique with no muscle tone. Miss Graham really doesn’t have too much muscle tone either but I suspect she does not want to alter her soft curvy appearance too much since she is a plus model. She has already received back lash from hoards of larger women calling her a fraud for losing weight while claiming to be a plus model……….

    • i don’t have a problem with her personally–she seems friendly and confident, and is definitely beautiful. i think a lot of people criticize her not as an individual, but as a representation of the plus size modeling industry as a whole. its expansion signifies the fact that as a country we’re getting fatter, and i don’t think this is a trend we should simply accept, and certainly not one we should promote in any way

    • her BMI is 30; that’s not just overweight, that’s obesity. no doctor would vouch for that. that’s like saying smoking a little bit is okay…
      women’s weight and heart disease are closely tied, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year, heads and shoulders above breast cancer.

      north America has an obesity epidemic. we need to face the fa(c)ts, and it’s going to be murder overhauling our lifestyles.

      Anyway, we all know women are just for looks, and who cares about their health, and if they fall apart at 40 from chronic diseases, we’re not really paying attention anymore because they’re over 30 and spent :S

      • As I said, I respect everyone’s opinion. I find her to look good overall. Different doctors say different things. I do think think there’s an obesity problem in America & that’s not okay. I also believe that certain people can get away with certain things better than others. Some people almost have to kill themselves to stay a certain weight because their bodies may not be able to stay that size. It’s unrealistic for some. Does that mean people should just say screw it and get fat? No. Crucify me if you want, but we always cannot determine ones OVERALL health from a picture or ONE doctors opinion. Also she looks better & can get away with it (looks wise) because she’s taller. I’m sure her weight would look awful on a 5’3 person etc. Anyways have blessed day 🙂

        • lol, warning – wall of text! (sorry 🙂

          i can agree with you to some extent, about there being no line in the sand and that people vary from one another, but there is a limit, and those people are the exception and not the rule.

          But again, we’re going into “looks” – so long as it looks okay, attractive, there’s no issue here. That’s a type of context that seems to exclusively apply to women when discussions of health come up, and i think it’s becoming a very detrimental issue for women. Its the same way justifying someone who is very underweight is not to bad because they look good :S

          Saying that she’s tall, she looks okay, its not so bad, because on a smaller person it would look worse… well, on a smaller person of 5’3″, her weight (91 kg) BMI would put that 5’3″ person at 37! 100% unhealthy, and we know that.

          Ashley seems nice, but i hope she loses weight until her BMI is a little bit lower; at 28, she can get away with this, but over 35 years of age, womens hearts become a big concern. But she is also being remunerated for her weight by an industry that wants to use her to make money

          (but thats a much larger discussion ..sigh)

          • You make a lot of good & valid points. I can see where you are coming from. I like to hear others opinions & their points of you. Thank you for saying things respectfully too 🙂

          • I see where you are coming from. You have a lot of good & valid points. I like to hear others opinions and thoughts on such matters. Thanks for saying yours respectfully as well 🙂

  2. That’s a squat? They don’t even hit parallel.
    Weird vibe in this video. Ashley is almost cringy to me with her “i’m so sexy and so healthy” attitude. Trying so hard to force it down everyone’s throat. It’s like she desperately seeks approval and validation

    • was thinking the same thing about the squats lol. I have actually seen this type of squat taught in lots of exercise classes – too bad cuz it actually stresses your knees instead of strengthening them :/

  3. Ashley G, irritates me so much. First of all, she’s lost weight, I would have liked to see these test results done when she was bigger…after all that’s her whole platform right? Bigger women are just like skinny women. Second of all, they picked someone who is naturally thin, but does not have healthy habits and Ashley still tested the same as her. Third, like the doctor said she’s 28. If she continues to remain overweight, how will she test at 38, 48, 58?

    • I’m 28, normal weight and I feel tired all the time. I have no energy at all (and what little energy I have left, I save it for the gym and then just nap all day afterwards). My point is, maybe there’s something wrong with me (I think I’m in denial) but I feel like my body doesn’t react as well as it did when I was 18. Am I the only one? Serious question!

      • You need to see a doctor. No one on this site offers good advice. Your symptoms might indicate thyroid issues, a virus, MS, Type 2 diabetes…the list goes on and on. Just go get checked out. Better safe than sorry.

        • Thanks, my doctors actually suspected MS for a year, worst year of my life. It’s a long and boring story but eventually they concluded it was a weird migraine with aura (that would make my arms and face go numb along with the fatigue). I’m still not officially out of the blue when it comes to MS but it’s been almost 10 years and I’m still fully functional so…
          I guess what I meant was this: it’s not just me, my 3 best friends also feel this way. we’re tired all the time and lack motivation. I always thought it was normal as we’re getting older, but maybe we’re still too young to feel this tired. We’re probably depressed. Hence the denial. I really don’t want to be depressed, even tho everything adds up…

          • Hey Carrie! And have you gotten a 2nd opinion on the dx? It’s worth paying to see another dr. who might be able to piece everything together. I’m assuming they ordered an exhaustive panel of blood work. Did they test you for heavy metals as well?

            I have migraine with aura and it doesn’t make you feel fatigued all the time (only during & after incidents).

            Josephine’s right. Only a doctor could really answer. I will say that I noticed in my later 20s how much the quality of my diet impacted my energy (couldn’t fake it with caffeine anymore). Also, couldn’t skimp on sleep like my early 20s. But feeling excessively tired all the time is definitely not normal.

            All the best to you & I hope you get some answers. xoxo

          • Thank you, I did it all, almost every possible test and exam you can think of (to diagnose MS you have to first rule out a lot of other things), but I don’t know about the heavy metals. I’ve been trying to convince myself that this is normal but maybe I need to get myself an appointment already. Diet used to make a huge difference but I’ve been eating pretty healthy lately and this time I don’t see it 🙁

          • depressed and eating too much sugar/carbs would be my guess. try a higher protein diet with no sugar, less wheat (carbs from fruits& veg) and see if you feel better. and also go to the doctor 🙂

      • You should check your hormone levels and test your thyroid function. That’s one of the first signs there might be a problem, if you’re constantly tired and have no energy. Your heart rate gets really low and you just feel like crap. It happened to my mom. And if your thyroid isn’t working you’d have to work extra hard to see any change in the gym because the body works against you.

    • Absolutely.. Additionally how will her knees, back, and feet be 10 years from now? As a body is not designed to be over weight, 10 years from now after the damage is done, what will she be like? Then with bad joints and when it hurts to exercise, what normally happens then?

  4. Meh, Ashley is so desperate it’s annoying. The other girl seems way more down to earth. Actually, this video made me realize (not that anyone cares really) that at my very modest 5’6 I wouldn’t really want to look like either of them. I guess a lean and strong size 6 is my ideal. Like I said not that anyone cares or should care, but watching this video made me realize none of this girls have ideal bodies for me, tho I prefer Abeba’s body. But both are beautiful in their own way, but Ashley is sooo annoying!

    • I find it annoying that every time a woman seems to be confident she is described as “desperate”. Instead women should be “down to earth”, demure, contained or whatever. Even though I can’t see how the other girl was “down to earth”. She just seemed shy.

      • I didn’t mean that the way you perceived it. I’m completely against the “sit still, look pretty”, submissive way a lot of people (mostly men but also too many women) think women should act. It’s just that I also don’t think the “please look at meee!” vibe Ashley exudes is confidence. More like fake confidence. If you’re truly confident you’re not starving for attention and approval the way she seems to be. It’s just the way I see it, of course, I don’t know her, but that goes without saying.

  5. Yeah, they both did great. Only Ashley was sweating like a pig after treadmill and Abeba was cool and relaxed. I believe that after few more exercises Ashley would be looking like a mess.

    • So? Sweating has nothing to do with fitness level. Some fit people sweat, some don’t. Some unfit people sweat, some don’t. This was about their health, not about how they look while they are training.

      • Actually, fit people sweat more and faster. Their bodies adapt to effort and they begin sweating a lot earlier, as a cool down mechanism. Check out a tennis match, those people are often involved in the excruciating game for 3-4 hours, but 5 minutes in they are pouring water. Sweating is good for you, when you work out, I have no idea why people blame it. Also, I don’t really see the thin model running at all, she is speed walking a bit. Hardly tedious cardio.

    • the fact that her green juice and resistance bands were even there (in the news studio) shows how orchestrated this effort was on her part. they scored similarly on health test (except AG’s higher cholesterol)–so why wasn’t the other model there? oh, that’s right, she was working. AG has nothing better to do than these types of fluff pieces in a desperate attempt to show how worthy she is of public attention. the kicker is that dang-near everybody already knows that health comes in many shapes and forms. this is yet another display of AG’s narcissism. good for her that she’s healthy according to one “physician’s test” but jeezz girl, shut your mouth every so often.

  6. Forgot to add … I don’t think she realizes how irresponsible she is being. She may think she is being body positive, but a lot of young girls are going to see this and think “Wow Ashley Graham eats only 1000 calories a day? I guess I need to starve myself on 100 calories a day to look like Romee Strijd” The truth is ANYONE eating this little will look like Romee (or even thinner), and not Ashley. Anyone who claims to eat this little and is Ashley’s size has serious memory problems and does not remember what they eat in a day.

    • Agree. It depends on how long you are doing it. One week at ashley size won’t make you model skinny. An habit for 6 months and on,maybe

    • True.. I think Ashley has lost some weight, but if she was really eating 1000 calories a day, her body could not possible maintain this high of a weight. If she isn’t thin like or thinner than Romee in a month, then she’s obviously lying about what she is eating. What’s interesting is that while I believe Ashley is exercising, and Romee may not be, Romee is just as fit for her body weight as Ashley. Ashley needs much more exercise to make her muscles big enough to keep up with her extra body weight so that she matches someone who is at a healthy weight that doesn’t exercise.

      • Romee does work out, quite a lot actually. She’s obviously not a body builder, but she’s able to lift her boyfriend’s weight so she does have some good strength. It’s funny how so many people will call Romee anorexic, when her boyfriend is thin too, works out as much as her and probably just eats slightly more based on pictures… Anyways I don’t think Romee is pretty but they’re such a hot couple lol

  7. Some people really actually love the gym. Espically if you are into muscle building, theres no better way than lifting weights. Its all about your mindset, if you hate it then don’t do it. personally i really enjoy it when my lift goes up or I’m able to hit that extra rep in the gym.

  8. I like the gym, I’ve never been one for outdoor activities to maintain my body. I’ll do those things for fun of course but the gym is a great place to change your body, but it’s not for everyone. But a lot of people who do play outdoor sports also go
    to the gym. Being fit is a lifestyle for sure.

  9. When you grow up and have a job and other responsibilities and the only exercise you can do is at 10 pm, you will understand why people love the gym. Until then, how about you stop judging, exercising isn’t really that big of a problem in society to criticise it, is it now? And calling it a mental disorder is extremely extremely offensive to both people who enjoy this and especially to people who actually suffer from mental disorders. It’s not some trivial bulls—, it’s a serious medical diagnosis that impairs your existence. How about showing some respect, eh?

  10. if i wanted to play a good round of tennis, i would choose girl #1; i dont think girl #2 would play very well or keep up.

  11. That was my first thought…of course they pick a “genetically blessed” size 2 model who does minimal exercise.

    I would have loved to see them find a size 2-4 model that was more of a regular exerciser, but of course that wouldn’t fit the narrative that they were clearly going for.

  12. “*the only way an overweight person is healthy is while shes/he’s loosing it (the extra fat).”
    Not true; actually it’s quite opposite.
    At least from my personal experience. Had lost almost half of my body weight. And after having lost that weight (btw all done through eating super clean, exercising, NOT that I was purging or starving myself, although I did go to *extremes* with over-exercising and eating too clean, which triggered ED, but that’s a different story). Anyway, when I did my blood check after having lost the weight and been following the “healthy“ lifestyle, my doc freaked out. Cholesterol levels were ALL way up. he explained to me though that it was normal due to me losing SO much: basically not only you consume your own fat, but the fat also somehow goes through your blood system, etc.
    You may say that maybe my cholesterol was way off when I was obese and been eating junk like a pig? No, actually it was in a normal range

    I mean, I wouldn’t say that it’s the same everyone who is losing weight, but that’s what happened to me once… And the doctor actually giving this explanation.

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