Size 14 Model Jennie Runk: “Size shouldn’t be a unit of measurement for worth”


Jennie Runk, the size 14 model who modeled bikinis for H&M last year (and received lots of attention while doing so) brings some interesting size-related quotes today:

On the term ‘plus-size’:

The term ‘plus size’ is just a term used to describe a body type, like tall, short, athletic, curvy, or anything else. I don’t see anything negative about it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being called plus size. To me, it’s just a label. Some people call me plus size; some people say I’m not. It makes no difference to me. Some people call my hair brunette and some call it dirty blonde, that means as much to me as whether or not I’m called plus size. How other people describe me doesn’t define how I see myself. I often refer to myself as a ‘large person,’ because I am, literally, large. I’m taller and bigger than many of my female friends. I simply take up more space; I’ve always been that way. I don’t care what the fashion industry calls me. If they want to call me plus size, that’s fine with me; if they want to call me a model, that’s fine, too. I’m not ashamed or afraid of my body type. I’m not ashamed or afraid of any words people might use to describe it.

On a size-obsessed world:

Honestly, I think people get way too obsessed with it. Who cares what size anyone is? If a person is beautiful, they’re beautiful, no matter what the tag in their jeans says. Size is just a number on a tag to help us find clothes that fit our bodies. That’s all size should be, it shouldn’t be a unit of measurement for worth.

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23 thoughts on “Size 14 Model Jennie Runk: “Size shouldn’t be a unit of measurement for worth””

  1. she sounds really smart and with it, and actually confident and comfortable with herself. and she’s very pretty. if young girls want a “role model,” maybe they should listen to what she’s saying (though the idea of models being role models is still pretty dumb).

  2. One of the most genuine-sounding quotes about plus-size modeling.
    I remember her name, she was featured here once right?
    I think she’s absolutely beautiful and makes a good model. Stunning face and I quite appreciate her figure, too. She’s on the bigger side, but it looks like natural and comfortable size (just my opinion of course). She looks soft in a good way and has a nice feminine shape and she just seems very confident and at ease.
    Thumbs up 🙂

  3. She seems so level headed , I love what she said ..that’s exactly it , sizes are just for finding the kind of clothes that might look good on you , because each size has a multitude of different body shapes , it’s silly generalising / judging someone’s body based on just their size.
    such a well thought-out confident thing to say.

  4. Size is just a number. Sure. Just as age or amount of money. It’s funny that we are still afraid of aging and losing money. But seriously. Jennie is slightly overweight with beautiful face and a career based on her looks. It is easy for her to say “size is just a nummber”.

  5. I think people judge obesity because it’s usually indicative of a lazy, unhealthy lifestyle, bad genetics and or lack of self control. We are genetically programed to seek out beauty, symmetry and physical strength/fitness as a way to survive and procreate a stronger offspring.

      • But then you could argue that obesity is more of a social cue, giving us (potential) info about someone’s lifestyle, diet and health habits. It’s not like we think through everything we see properly, that’s very time consuming. We make snap judgements, that’s how our brains work. I don’t necessarily think it’s right but that’s how it is.

      • I’m really glad you pointed this out. For too many years I’ve been hearing all these ‘biological’ underpinnings that explain our thoughts, feelings and behaviour which just are too narrow to be of any significance. Not to mention the fact that we are social creatures means it’s very hard to actually assess whether something is ‘biological’ because it would mean having to completely ignore so many external variables in our environment. I think just the difference in our attitudes towards body image alone (but also many other things in life) over the years helps to demonstrate the huge impact that our environment has on molding our preferences.

    • That’s like saying being skinny is indicative of drug abuse, cigarette smoke and famine. Don’t be daft. Social ideals are things we are taught to think, not biological imperatives

    • I feel the need to expand on the fact that obesity is judged in a bad way in our culture, yet in other counties female children are forced fed and even sent to fattening centres to increase their weight as much as possible, because the bigger you are the more attractive you are, the more likely you are to marry well. Skinniness is harder to achieve in our couture because we have an abundance of food, so to be thinness is aligned with wealth (subconsciously), in poorer counties where food is scarce if you can afford to overeat you are wealthy. Beauty and wealth go hand in hand, it is a social distinction, not a biological one.

  6. She said some really great motivating things…he should also give being a life coach motivational speaker a try…her words were some of the best ive heard on her….she isnt a dumb lady. Botto line if she is healthy and happy she is fine

  7. Gorgeous girl and a great quote! (and also very easy to remember her name as her last name means ‘jerking off’ in Norwegian… )

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