Size 8 Model Treat: Stefania Ferrario

plus-size-model-Stefania-Ferrario - Size 8 Model Treat: Stefania Ferrario

Name: Stefania Ferrario

Nationality: Australian

Height: 5’8” / 173 cm

Size: US 8

A quote from Stefania:

“I am a model FULL STOP. Unfortunately in the modelling industry if you’re above a US size 4 you are considered plus size, and so I’m often labeled a ‘plus size’ model. I do NOT find this empowering. It is harmful and damaging for the minds of young girls to call a model “plus.” Let’s have models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, and drop the misleading labels! I’m NOT proud to be called “plus,” but I AM proud to be called a “model’, that is my profession! #droptheplus”

Untitled-5 - Size 8 Model Treat: Stefania Ferrario

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54 thoughts on “Size 8 Model Treat: Stefania Ferrario”

    • That’s exactly what I adore the most! LMAO She looks amazing with the shaved head! But hey, I have just 6mm, too! It’s the best haircut ever. You never have to think about your hair, it’s in perfect shape, after waking up, bathing, driving a car with open windows, taking a power nap, etc. Sweating and frizzing like hell in the summer isn’t a topic for me either! xD Make-Up is a bomb, because it’s getting all the focus. I guess, it’s just what we are used to see. And my boyfriend loves it, because he can touch my head all the time, without destroying my hairstyle….LMAO I guess that’s the best thing about it, feeling the loving touch of your beloved one! 😉

      • It’s great that it works for you. People can have any hairstyle they like. It’s just my preference and I’m glad you weren’t offended by my opinion!:)

      • I also think short hair is so practical and cool. Sadly my long face doesn’t support it and I’m usually around chin length 🙁

    • I love short hair on a woman, but a woman’s bone structure has to be damn near perfect to pull it off. There was a women I met once with a shaved head and perfectly arched eyebrows, her face was so perfect that I still remember her face even though I met her for only 5 minutes 10 years ago.

    • I can see why she doesn’t want to be called plus size. She’s thicc, but not fat. Plus size evokes fat women in the imagination. She’s possibly slightly overweight, but still very beautiful. I’d say plus size should be restricted to models like Tess Holiday that are obviously obese.

  1. I discovered her recently on instagram and I think she’s gorgeous. Her body, face and hair are amazing. An 8 size labeled as plus size is ridiculous so she’s got a point.

    • Yeah I can see why she wants to differentiate herself from the so-called plus size crowd. They are pushing this fat as body positivity thing that I’m sure she’s not down with. She’s just thick, not obese.

  2. Most of the pics are a bit tacky but that´s not her fault. I think she´s beautiful and her body is like sex on a stick. I like that black and white head shot

  3. Wow, she’s amazing. I love the hair and brows, they really fit her otherwise very feminine face. She has a nice body, too. Seems to have a bigger frame and a good whr.

  4. Her body is perfect!! and she is so beautiful I don’t think she looks like a plus size model either she’s in good shape she has a small waist nice toned wide hips I’m impressed.

  5. I really don’t like her hair. She has a very pretty face and a short haircut can accentuate that, but it’s the wrong cut and colour. As for her body, in some pics I’m thinking “wow” (that red dress!!), others not so much. Giving that she is tall, I would expect a size 8 to look slimmer than this. She looks more like a 10/12 to me. But I’m nitpicking, I think her body looks very nice.

    • On her website, it’s lists her actually measurements as 100-72-104 (39.5-28.5-41 approx), which I’d put more at a US size 10, I think. To be a size 8, I’m pretty sure she’d need to be smaller in the bust and hips, i.e. 37″ bust and 39″ hips, even though her waist is small enough.

  6. Wow she’s actually curvy and not just overweight. She reminds me of Amber Rose. I don’t really see why she’s considered plus size, it’s not like she does any serious modeling. All these pictures look like modeling done for a local p— shop. Yes if she were a fashion model she would be plus, but I don’t see the problem with that? The whole plus label is a joke, Erin Heatherton is bigger than Robyn Lawley, but isn’t plus size

    • P— shop? I’ve seen candice arche her back even more than in these pictures… many regular models make these poses and I don’t feel like the outfits are super trashy?!

    • Yeah, like wouldn’t that actress Christina Hendricks be considered plus-size? She’s very hot but her body isn’t at all what is considered ideal today.

  7. If you’re going to call yourself curvy this is the type of body you need. Though you can be slim and curvy, she’s large and curvy without being fat. Beautiful

  8. In the first pic and the one in the red dress she looks like a size 8, in the others like a 10-12. So I’m guessing they were either taken several months apart or some photoshopping is going on one way or another?

    Anyhow, I LOVE the lingerie in the 3rd pic, anyone knows who makes it?

  9. Yeah, you see other plus size models this is what curvy looks like. Unless the curves yiur talking about are looking like a circle, with an big belly and everything. She’s very pretty, and certain types of clothes and lingerie woukd really suit her body. The fashion industry though, despite thinking it’s so transgressive, progressive, and daring, is so status quo so she probably won’t get work.

  10. She looks gorgeous! I usually prefer thinner models but she makes me realize I really wouldn’t mind seeing more larger models as long as they have such nice bodies! And that face! WOW

  11. Beautiful! Such a unique look. But the problem I have with plus size models generally is they still look different than average women of the same size and it still sets unrealistic standards. For example, they usually have prettier faces than average or carry their weight extremely well by society’s standards. I would not be able to gain fat or muscle or both and look like that because the places I gain weight are not the best…most goes to my stomach while my legs stay thin.

    • Yes, the body of this model is unbelievable, I wonder if she’s had something done. She looks fit also.
      So you mean you want to see average people modelling? I think I prefer models to have an interesting look.

      • My body has similar proportions (though i’m a bit slimmer) and i haven’t had anything done… it’s called genetics + building muscle mass + a good diet…

        • Yeah, I believe you. It’s usually big breasts without sagginess the ones that surprise me the most. I guess because mine are big and they do sag, and I expect all of them to be like that.

          • I’m very similar tpretty similar to Stefania here, I’m an hourglass, but I’m a petite person. I don’t think Stefania has like VERY big breasts, more like mediums for her frame, and also we don’t see them in here completely naked without any support, so they can be a bit saggy. With skin getting loose and getting stretch marks it’s more about skin type rather than size; my skin is very dry and so my b❆❆bs (70G/75F) did suffer a bit when they were growing since I was stupid enough not to keep the skin well conditioned 😀 Also it’s just part of genetics if you’re prone to having loose skin like when you lose weight, does it snap right back or does it remain a bit loose. And taken account everybody grows at their own pace; if your growth spurt is very fast it will tear up the skin no matter what. It’s not really very realistic to have very large b❆❆bs that do not sag and are perfectly spherical (not saying you lucky ones who have those don’t exist). It’s not really something you can do about, or at least on your own.

    • I think it’s ridiculous that normal models are all skinny with pretty much the same size and the plus size models are all different but they still fit in the same “plus size” category according to the modeling industry. How can they put this girl and (obese) Tess in the same category? They should make a new category for the obese models.

  12. Very pretty. Finally a so called “plus-size” model that actually looks in good shape heathy-wise. Don’t get me wrong models should represent all kinds of shapes and sizes but let’s be honest, not all of them are healthy.

  13. Ah she has such a balanced and proportionate body! So soft and curvy yet in shape and toned. I love her smile! That face shot of her smiling is just gorgeous! Her personality glows from within!

  14. I think she looks swell as a person, but I hate the way plus sized (or what ever we should call them, because 8 is no plus size) are consistently potrayed. It’s always in lingerie or swimsuit in some boring catalogue style photos. Or then these “hey look at her curves!” kind of pictures leaning towards soft p—. Where’s the ambition? Where’s the style?

    I’d just love to see more plus sized models in normal fashion shoots with some more creativity and visionary styling. You know, just like any other model. I really dislike this where a photoshoot withs some on plus sized is always just stereotypical, blunt sexiness & b00bs.

    • I really hate her body. I really do. it looks exactely like mine when I’m 65kg and running, given that I’m 174cm, that is my natural set point. but I hate it, I’d rather be fat than like that. I would like to be skinny as I was with some effort, but I’m not at the moment. I hate the manly back. I hate those shapes.

      I thank you very much for pointing out the shoot mood here, because thats actually how I felt watching it: soft p—. and I don’t want to feel soft p—ish ever. at all. I want to feel like a good hearted princess, and that body is disturbing to me, even if, i repeat, looks exactely like mine at its favourite weight(exept the a– that is lot smaller in my case). Thank you for underlining that its not only the body,but the way it is presented that makes the difference.

      I would really like to see ”n normal fashion shoots with some more creativity and visionary styling. You know, just like any other model.”

      • Yeah I get what you two are saying, I agree. And I too am way too self conscious when it comes to my body, I mean, I don’t like tight clothes when working out, simply because I feel men look at my a– in them. And no it’s not just my imagination, my bf saw a guy go really slow, turning in his car as he went past…. sigh. However, I try not to worry about it too much, so you should try the same kia. 🙂

  15. I have exactly the same body type, same wais-hip-ratio, same breasts … When I was around 16 – 18 I had this figure but sadly I couldn’t appreciate, cause I was wider and a bit bigger then most of the girls. So I started dieting, almost anorexic, then bulimic,then it took me 12 more years to appreciate my body. Now I’m 33, 15 kg heavier and people still give me compliments for my body and face. But I feel I would weigh less and look more like this nowadays, if somebody (my mother, magazines, media, friends…) showed my how to appreciate myself. Men always liked me… but women’s jugement means a lot too!

    • Yeah, women really are their own enemies. Tearing each other apart for how someone looks or what someone says. It can bring you down, but I do think a lot of these women are just bitter. There are quite a few of those on this website too, nitpicking at everything you say or didn’t say! Haha, insane.

  16. I think she’s gorgeous. I really don’t like the crawling pic though, and I prefer her hair longer than shaved. She’s especially gorgeous in the first two pics.

  17. Basic mcdonald menu is called ‘mcdonald menu’, larger than basic is called ‘supersize menu’. Logics, you do it?

  18. I think she is smoking hot. Her body is way more similar to mine than any of the larger plus size models and definitely more so than any of the straight size models and I love to see her working it because I always wish I was thinner. I have short hair as well and I think when you have a slightly curvier/softer body it is more possible to pull off shorter hair without looking like a boy. I would love to see more women like this in fashion but not in lingerie or sexy red dresses like some Jessica Rabbit stereotype, just in normal clothing so people in the middle could actually anticipate what something might look like on them.

  19. Either she’s 10/12 or shorter than 5’8″. I think she’s extremely sexy and curvy, but I can’t see her modeling runway looks unless the clothes are sexier a la Herve Leger or Proenza Schouler ca. 2000s. “Straight size” models are literally hangers. She does look plumper than what I consider “average.” I think this is her natural size, which is extremely feminine, but not her fighting weight (ie doesn’t appear to strength train or workout).

    I think their should be representation of all sizes, but that does pose an overhaul of the fashion industry to not have models be standardized. If a model goes into a casting, they’re not going to have an array of sizes for different models to try on. Size 6-8 are fit models btw, which are models used to model the clothing when a line is produced for the line that will appear in stores and then proportioned for the range of sizes; once you get past size 8, however, there are different size specifications that change proportionally in production. I majored in fashion production at fashion school.

    Of course #droptheplus and body diversity are great in theory, but people need to be realistic in the way that might affect the fashion industry from a business perspective. I’m in no way in support of the 00-2 normalization, but cost and paradigm shift strategically doesn’t make much sense. Either a complete system overhaul or we take the shame out of “plus” size as they are a standardized industry as well, just larger.

    Magazines and ad campaigns is another story, they have the power to display diverse images to the public, but they are sent sample sizes from designers. Many tastemakers refuse to listen to the public so, it’s more complex than just demanding “healthier” looking models.

  20. Honestly, she’s the most beautiful model I’ve seen in a while. Stunning, gorgeous… Love the shaved head. She has that old school vibe to her.

  21. OMG! Finally! A “model” who is exactly my size/shape. I wish I had her face, wow, she is gorgeous. But, truthfully, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman with my body in pictures (other than myself). I’ve always considered myself “curvy” but man, really overweight women have stolen that term! Bums me out, honestly, because if I describe myself as “curvy” (especially when I was on dating websites), men would automatically think I was fat. I’m not! I look just like this girl! But, I had to change my profile to “athletic and toned” which, IMO, means someone else, like maybe Rhonda Rousey. This is what “curvy” means. Whew, great to see!

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