Different Sizes and Heights in V Magazine’s New Editorial “V Love U Just The Way U R”

Different Sizes and Heights in V Magazine's New Editorial2

That’s right: different sizes, height, shapes and styles all in one editorial that goes under the name V Love U Just The Way You Are.

“Tall, Thin, Short, Curvy. Punk, Prep, Dom, Deb. Whoever You Are and Whoever You Want to Be, We Are With You All the Way!”

REALLY? This is the first time a magazine says that! Well, let’s take a look – we’ve also got the measurements of some of the models in the shoot. If you want to see exactly what they are wearing, click here for all the info!

First photo (above): Inga (right)
Height 5’11” Bust 36″ Waist 29.5″ Hips 42.5″

V Love U Just The Way You Are 1

Photo 2: Eniko (center)
Height 5’10.5″ Bust 34″ Waist 24″ Hips 35.5″

Do you think this editorial has the potential to be memorable or should they have used a greater variety of models?

Share your thoughts after you check lots more after the jump!

V Love U Just The Way You Are 3

Photo 3: Regina
Height 5’11” Bust 33″ Waist 23″ Hips 35″

V Love U Just The Way You Are4

Photo 4: Amy
Height 5’7″ Bust 34″ Waist 25″ Hips 34″

Height 5’9.5″ Bust 31″ Waist 24″ Hips 34″

V Love U Just The Way You Are5

Photo 5: Tao (right)
Height 5’10” Bust 31″ Waist 24″ Hips 34

V Love U Just The Way You Are6

Photo 6: Constance (far right)
Height 5’11” Bust 34″ Waist 24″ Hips 34.5″

Ladyfag (center)
Height 5’8.5″ Bust 35″ Waist 27″ Hips 35″
V Love U Just The Way You Are7
V Love U Just The Way You Are8

Photo 8: Elle
Height 5’4″ Bust 32″ Waist 28″ Hips 29″ (hips must be wrong – maybe 39”?)

V Love U Just The Way You Are9

Photo 9: Reina (top)
Height 5’10” Bust 30″ Waist 24″ Hips 34″

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54 thoughts on “Different Sizes and Heights in V Magazine’s New Editorial “V Love U Just The Way U R””

  1. I don’t get it- almost every model is tall and thin, if not even skinny. They look…um…interesting, which doesn’t seem to be a personal choice or a personal look, but fashion, but well, it’s a fashion magazine, right? So basically, they took tall, thin models, a couple of people who seem to be at a normal weight and one person who is overweight (but is not exactly the center of attention in the picture) and put them in weird clothes to demonstrate individuality. That’s the message, isn’t it? Well, I don’t get it.

      • So anything beyond 6 or 7 is abnormal? And 6 is 7. 6 is a misses size while 7 is juniors. You would normally see this as 6/7. They are not transferable and completely arbitrary.

        • Lol yeah, I’m a size 8/10 and I’m not overweight I just have wide hips and I love my body… this magazine doesn’t have too much variation though they all seem super tall and skinny or just slightly overweight.

    • agree, why didn’t they get people of the street with very distintcive looks, varying sizes and styles? they just did a normal shoot and threw in a couple who look a little different to justify the title. if you bought it based on the claim on the front you were defrauded.

      anything to sell, long as they don’t have to do any work. like actually go out and find ordinary people, or models who might come through someone other than their normal booker.

      very sad.

  2. Imo this seems to be more of an attempt at high-fashion with a few fat people thrown in for contrast. In the end, contradictory to their tag line and ultimately does not speak to me- I do not find myself reflected in any of these images, nor do I want to emulate any of them.

    • Yea, that one is normal size and curvy. Not sure why someone had to start dropping fat bombs cause there are no fat women in this shoot.

      • hehe. not sure why someones afraid of a fat bomb. but anyway I see a couple of overweight people in the pics. who cares? whats interesting is that all the men are like totally what you would expect of a guy model. arent guys allowed to be different too?

        • Never mind you are right, I saw two but one of the girl’s does not have her measurements listed. I’m guessing the one in the Cop Hat/Chain outfit thing is the one not listed. As for the guys, yea i noticed that too. The outfits are rather….hideous. I hate it when people with no concept of subculture try to emulate it. They just look like poseurs.

        • Oh yeah, just so you guys who are interested know…If you click on day four it’s Dirty Martini. She’s a proud fat woman and you can call her that. She doesn’t give a crap really. (photographed by none other than Karl Largerfeld ironiclly) It’s probably NSFW.

          • Why would someone be proud for being fat? :S I could see someone being proud to be curvy, but being fat means a shorter lifespan… :O

          • She’s a ballet teacher, famous burlesque dancer and she’s performed around the world. If that doesn’t give her the right to be proud of herself well I don’t know what does. Really women, being skinny is not on par with winning the freaking Nobel Prize.

          • No but you cant win the nobel prize if you have a MASSIVE Myocardial infarction and collapse on the stairs… 😐

          • You can have that without being fat. We get it. You are thin. You aren’t Mother Theresa because you think you look good.

  3. I’m not seeing normal people either. I’m not sure how to describe normal but i think everyone gets what im saying. They just don’t look like people you could pick out off the streets. This ed won’t me memorable for me,

  4. Woah. They’re all so tall. What about the people who are like 5’1″-5’3″? I really want to know if they’d be able to pull of these sort of photo shoots and clothes.
    Everyone in these photos are so amazing looking, it’s an interesting set of photos, but not one i think the industry is going to remember.

    • seriously.im 5 foot nothing but slim, why can’t I model? Besides, most of the clothes they model are tiny anyway, not in height wise, but just clothing size in general. The fashion industry is sooo odd, they just need a change in the system. 5’11 skinny things are gettting old fast.

      • Why does every other person moan about not being able to model when they’re skinny/pretty but not tall enough?
        You CAN model, just not Runway/Catwalk- those women are professional coat hangers, the people come to see the clothes, not how beautiful the model is.
        VS, lingerie brands models are as short as 5’5.
        Plus size women can model plus size clothes. You can do editorial, hand modelling, advertisements

        Sorry, just had to rant. These articles are just getting annoying now.

  5. The girl in the cop outfit isn’t what I would call curvy… she’s overweight. The girl with the marylin monroe look is curvy in a healthy way I would say.

  6. Is it just me, or where they pretty much all really tall and skinny, with one short person and a few heavy people. What about having an average weight person? Or short and skinny?

  7. I’m sorry V Magazine but maybe you’ll have better luck next time either these models are a size 2 or 14 or 16 and look like little hams/whales why couldn’t they use models that are size 4-12 as well as the 2’s and 14-16’s. This is what I’m talking about when I say that hopefully all models of ALL SIZES could beautifully co-exist and I mean it. But my god the fashion industry is so narrow minded. God forbid nowadays when a magazine claims they are doing a “Shape Issue” they always use girls that are the complete polar opposite of each other instead of using girls of all sizes. The only shape issue thus far that never seems to disappoint is the Vogue one specifically the August 2006 one? with Scarlett Johansen on the cover and shes wearing a green corset with dark lips. To wrap this up what I’m trying to say is where is Bar Rafaeli, Lara Stone, Giselle Bundchen etc. Models that aren’t too thin and then plus size models that are in shape and don’t have flabs of skin!!!!!! The only girls in this issue who have done it justice are Constance and Crystal Renn. Dont get me wrong these girls are beautiful but this issue is overhyped and an EPIC FAIL. From the two different covers I love Dakota Fanning but not the cover, I don’t like Gabrey Sidibe!?? or however you spell it she looks like a whale.Not even Karl Lagerfeld can save this issue (he shot a spread in this issue).

  8. Eniko and Tao look great. I really like this photoshoot, it’s so flamboyant. I also approve of including a variety of sizes because people seem to want to see them. Personally, most of the time I like the tall and slim models, but I’m open to variety.

  9. “I like you just the way you are”. You must be kidding me?! This variety they have chosen is aimed to prove that regular thin and tall models are still the best?! Because only these girls are catching my eye.
    The rest looks like the bunch of weirdos.

  10. I like it.. Well I always like thin and tall models… I don’t know..
    Honestly it seems to me that the fashion industry will never have space for fat/short “curvy” women… It’s just a fact.

    The thin and tall girls catch the eye – the rest look offset…

  11. omg third pic!!!!!!! lady gaga-bad romance-like shoes
    this isn’t epic…they’re all tall…why couldn’t they used a petite girl? you know, dear magazines, short girls aren’t always overweight!!! LOL

  12. Skinny girls, two big ones, one average one. They’re all pretty tall, too. How about girls that are short? I’m five feet flat, and you never see short girls in editorials.

  13. When I saw this yesterday I was excited to see it, but now that I do see it I am only disappointed.

    I saw this same magazine preview shown elsewhere and described as showing people of ‘all sizes, heights and races’. I see mostly tall, white, slim models with one of a more average weight, two plus-sized (one of them petite at 5’4″), one who is short for a model (5’7″), two black people and one East Asian person (all of which are tall and slim like the typical model).

    I can’t help but notice that the only woman who classifies as a short woman is also overweight. I post on a number of fashion boards (with people who are involved in fashion in real life) and I can’t help noticing there is a strong stereotype among members that all petite women are overweight, stocky and therefore ‘hideous’. I find this only perpetuates the stereotype that petite women are never slim, especially considering how they have messed with the measurements.

  14. id steer a mile if I saw any of the above people on the street. what variety?they all look the same not body wise but style wise. what was the theme? David Bowie goes to Dantes Hell?

  15. Oh please. The normal people are just props/accessories in the spread. The “models” are all relatively tall, thin, and have crazy (false) measurements.

    Let’s just give up on magazines.

  16. Well, I don’t know about them delivering on the message- seems like a lot of talk to me- but I do know one thing: “Ladyfag’s” hair (7th pic) is FLYYYYY!! =)

  17. So if a magazine even tries to show more of a variety of models, they’re all either too skinny or too fat to you. No one’s ever happy. Personally I think magazines should usually stick to the skinny models unless their doing a special feature like this. Tall and thin models look sleeker, more uniform, and generally present the garments better. If you don’t like seeing beautiful skinny ladies in magazines stop reading them. There will never be room for fat women in fashion. They generally look ridiculous when they try to “dress up”.
    signed, a fatty

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