Supermodel Christie Brinkley ‘Felt Fat’ in Her Prime


On how she felt fat in her modeling days:

‘I came across an older picture of me that someone had posted on Facebook and I totally remember squirming and feeling very fat while I was shooting it. And I look at it now and think, I was actually really thin! How is it possible that I felt so uncomfortable in that body?’

… says Christie, who is, believe it or not, 59 years old.

Christie in her modeling prime:


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Pictured here with her daughter Alexa Ray Joel, who received a lot of criticism growing up for basically not being ‘stunning enough to be the daughter of a supermodel’ – read her story here!

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47 thoughts on “Supermodel Christie Brinkley ‘Felt Fat’ in Her Prime”

          • Her daughter is very beautiful and such a fresh face. Christie looks really good at the photoshoped pictures but at the others her age is obvious. Which is not a bad thing, she looks a beautiful 60 year old woman.

      • I know right? Oh boo hoo to be ridiculously wealthy, priviledged and pretty but fall short of looking like a super model, LIFE MUST SUCK 😛

    • I find Christie to be quite boring, facially. Fresh-faced, yes, but boring. Alexa Ray is much prettier and more unique than her mother.

    • Her mom isn’t pretty(and wasn’t). she pulls off heavy make-up well, though, but in the other pics she looks boring and even creepy. she also has a sick thinking.
      her daughter isn’t super pretty but she’s way more interesting looking. i think she’d look way better with lighter and thicker brows.

      the only one i find pretty and hot in these pics is Maria Menounos(sp) 😀

  1. Wowww she did some damn good plastic surgery. She looks like her daughter’s twinsister!!

    About her quote: I believe woman always find thereselfs too fat, too skinny, too masculin, too curvy or whatever.. It’s just stupid, but very very normal I believe!

  2. I remember there used to be lots of articles about her in the Daily Mail and I always used to click on them because I was in awe of how good she looked for her age!
    At my thinnest I was 5″7 and 112lbs and looked verrry skinny to other people and in photographs due to my bone structure, but I still felt insecure when I saw a skinny girl and would compare myself to them and make myself think I was larger than I was quite often and I used to wear black and avoid lighter colours because I thought I looked slimmer in them! I quite often felt even slightly ‘chubby’ which when thinking back, is ridiculous! The mind can really play tricks on you. When I gained about 5lbs I remember convincing myself that I looked considerably larger and people would notice.. it was sad because I was tiny.
    Now I eat normally (maybe a bit too much haha) and I am 130lbs and I know that this is a healthy weight for my height and especially my bone structure and I am American size 4 in clothes (I used to be a 0 / 2) but because I am at a better place in my life / more confident within myself, my ‘fat’ days are few and far between. Shows how powerful the mind is!

  3. Blech! That pink picture is horrible. I wounder if in 30 years time we will look back at today’s picture and think ‘NO TASTE’!?

  4. her body was perfect back in the day! she’s aging pretty well (with some help, i believe) but she does have the crazy-eyed look sometimes (4th pic)

    • in the photoshoped pics they are too skinny and in reality they are a good size but so wrinkly and dry looking, especially the feet. I noticed women who had/have skinny legs get that.

  5. Her legs are awesome. Yeah I get what she means though, even when I was quite underweight I felt fat and uncomfortable.

  6. she’s like… within ten pounds of the “before” photos… i mean it’s barely different! she does look awesome. you can tell how photoshopped the last picture is by her legs, comparing them to the photo with maria. still, she is beautiful (and a bit too vain)!

  7. She has had lots of work, and obviously she is very photoshopped in those magazine pics (but seriously…which models aren’t?!), however I just find her sooo gorgeous! More gorgeous now than before! Ok, so her skin may not be as taut, and she may have a few more wrinkles…but she comes across as so much more striking because her personality is just shining through that gorgeous smile, and those alive eyes! It’s so rare to see such alive eyes and smile these days imo. I hope I look as gorgeous as her at that age. Just stunning!

    I totally know what she means about feeling fat when you aren’t when you are younger! I dont think she is saying that for attention…I was the same way. I was a size 0-2 and felt ‘huge’ because I had a curvy shape, big b❆❆bs and bum, and more filled out thighs. There was barely any fat on me! So I can relate and understand. Then you look back on those photos and you’re like ‘wtf was I thinking!? I must have been on a different planet!’ lol.

  8. Also…I think her daughter is really striking. Christie was pretty in her prime in the typical ‘All American Girl’ type of way. She is more stunning now than she was then imo (as I mentioned earlier). However, her daughter is striking as she is not the ‘typical’ American supermodel like her mum…that in no way means she is less attractive! I actually think she is more attractive than her mum was back then. Her mum is gorgeous now.

    • Yep. I just googled Alexa Ray Joel pics and she is STUNNING! Far more gorgeous than her mum was. She may not be ‘supermodel pretty’ but I personally dont think ‘supermodel pretty’ is the epitome of attractive. I can barely think of any supermodel that I find prettier than certain actresses or even friends that I have had…or women I have seen in the street. Christie is pretty now simply because of her sparkle I think and her smile. Alexa kind of has a mysterious smouldering beauty. She has lovely skin, and mysterious eyes and a nice body. Great bone structure, and just an overall interesting and gorgeous face. This is the type of girl I would be staring at in awe (but trying not to be noticed for fear of being rude =P)

      • Her daughter has had a lot of work done. She looked exactly like Billy Joel when she was younger and the media was really rude about it. She looks great now, but she wasn’t born that way.

    • I thinko she’s striking too! To me Alexa Ray Joel is a lot more stunning than her mother is or has ever been. Especially her eyes are amazing. Not to say that Christie Brinkley isn’t attractive – whether you prefer the mother or the daughter they’re both beutiful women.

  9. wow alexa definitely had plastic surgery done on her nose though .. a well done job though,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48340889,d.Yms&biw=1366&bih=667&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=da&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=JLvKUebYKsfhtQbr84GgBA#um=1&hl=da&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=alexa+ray+joel+nose+job&oq=alexa+ray+joel+no&gs_l=img.3.0.0i19l3.80277.81577.0.82358.…0.0…1c.1.18.img.TOifRnhmEsw&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48340889,d.Yms&fp=1fbb97aade50611d&biw=1366&bih=667&facrc=_&imgdii=_&

  10. She was so boring and generic as a model, but she does look great for 59. Criticising her daughter like that is so harsh, she’s not unattractive, I actually like that she’s not generic looking.

  11. She looks amazing, yeah she’s had some work done but it’s not over the top. And I can’t believe how great her hair looks, sure she probably has some extentions but the quality looks great for a woman in her late 50’s.

  12. Alexa Ray Joel doesn’t look like the daughter of a supermodel because she is THE SPITTING IMAGE of a musician. I can’t put my finger on WHICH ONE, but I am sure it’s someone she is related to. *giant eyeroll at the universe*

  13. I really don’t see her appeal – either in her ‘prime’ or now. I personally think there are far better looking beauties in their fifties who looks far less artifical – Jullianne Moore, and Julia LD looks INCREDIBLE in Veep (Also an incredible show!)

  14. I was jut gonna say she has amazing legs…..she was pretty thin for a 90s model her body reminds me of a body of now she has a pageanty face….but legs are amaze

  15. I dont know why people are going on about the photoshopped pics, in the candid with her and her daughter they look like sisters! crazy!

  16. Her daughter is SO beautiful. How could she be bullied because of her looks? Weird.
    Christie looks good of course, quite fresh for her age and well-groomed and she has a cute smile, but she’s a generic kind of pretty.

  17. wow I googled alexa rae joel her nose is totally dif she looks loads better with plastic surgery…example of a good reason to get plastic surgery she looks just like her dad…no mom in her at all

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