Emanuela De Paula Tells Us Why She Loves Her Body

Emanuela De Paula Tells Us Why She Loves Her Body

After Marisa and Alessandra revealed the reasons they loved their bodies this week, it’s time to hear out another pretty VS model. Here is 20 year-old Brazilian model Emanuela De Paula, talking about the joys her body brings and about her favorite hobbies and body parts. She seems genuine and sweet!

FMD says that Emanuela is:

Height: 5’9″ / 175cm

Measurements: (US) 33-23-35 / (EU) 84-59-89

Check out the video, then share your thoughts!

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55 thoughts on “Emanuela De Paula Tells Us Why She Loves Her Body”

  1. wow shes really pretty in the video.
    the pic made her look a lot softer and curvier, i wonder if it’s older or if they photoshopped the extra weight in?
    in the video she still has big b❆❆bs but i find her body smaller than i expected. also her face is really pretty and she seems like a sweetie!! wonder why she doesnt get more attention in the media, i’d expect that men would prefer her over ale or miranda.

    • She is great!

      My favorite.

      Emanuela is only very newly in the VS spotlight, I don’t live in America, but I do follow the industry, and I’d say she just hasn’t been exposed enough to be a household name.

  2. Out of these videos Emanuela and Alessandra definitely did my favourites. They have such great personalities.

    It might also be that I prefer the exotic beauty to Marisa’s. Marisa is pretty and has a great body, but she’ll always be bland to me.

    Love that Emanuela has boobs.

  3. wow she is gorgeous , what a beautiful black woman. And what radiant skin. Is she new? I never heard of her till now. she definately has a likable personailty to match her wonderful looks. there is a sense of humbleness to her , which is really refreshing. I think thats what would make her easy brandable as a model and its a skill other models should embody(sp?).
    Her aaccent is just too cute, she should never lose it. I love her freudian slip with the currection of other’s perceptions ,so funny and quirky. Her body and face is perfect no flaws waht so ever.

    Overall i love the VS body ad campaigns, it gives us the same message as the dove real beauty ads. Although, some in other posts are bitter or question how these seemingly “perfect” models loving their body. Whats wrong with any woman loving her body? it seems in north america we live in a culture that looks down upon “ideal” beautiful women that regonize that they are gorgeous. females tend not to attack you when you put toyur self down, like that episode of mean girls, where Caty did not not yet know how to find things to critque her body of. That movie does a great job of dispalying the obserd lengths women try to find a flaw in themselves in american culture.
    regardless if one looks ” too skinny” or “too fat” according to media or even posters on this site, I think that we she really admire the self- love a woman has for herself. People tend to forget that healthy encompasses a healthy image, in order to fufill mental and phyiscal health concerns. The model here is defnately healthy in everyway. All I am saying is if (for example), if victoria beckham was able to truly love herself and profess that to the world. I would admire her for what she is able to do, maybe I would have a diffrent opinion on her her body or health, but I would admire her good self esteem espically under the scrunity of others.self- love usually leads to a more healthier body. sometimes one must love themselves, putting hard to fix health concerns a side.like queen latifa iss overweight, but I couldn’t imagine her any other way . love yourself irregardless of what others say.

    I apologize for my little rant, I subconciously went ran on. just a little food for thought. feel free to skim by it. ^_^

    • I agree with everything you said. 🙂 All women should have the right to love themselves. I especially agree with “love usually leads to a more healthier body.”

      Also, I think Emanuela is beautiful. Her face is stunning! I’d absolutely hate to live in Brazil and compete with all those beautiful women that keep coming out of there.

      • Well, I live in Brazil and to be honest with you, most of the regular brazilian aren’t that beatiful. In fact, there’s a lot of ugly people here.

        • Really? I’ve never been to Brazil, but the Brazilian supermodels are some of the most beautiful so I assume that Brazil is a country full of beautiful people. 😛

          • im always surprised when my friends say they want to go to brazil cause its full of gorgeous women. 99% of brazialian women i bumped into, as amazingly nice and sweet as they were, were very short, chubbish, with very blah facial features and frizzy brown hair

      • even the white Brazilians have a high percent of black in them from africa its a very mixed place..whether or not they want to admit that themselves…

    • You mean the models that come from Brazil are beautiful. Not all Brazilian women look like Emanuela; just like Angelina Jolie and Marissa Miller don’t look like the average American woman either. Insanely beautiful women are the exception in every country, not the norm.

  4. My lips are my favourite part of my body too! They’re plump and the top lip is defined. Then, it’s quite common for Nigerian girls to have lips like this; guess that’s why i never quite saw the big deal about Angelina Jolie’s lips!

  5. When the pic of her in the yellow bikini popped up the first word that came to my mind was ‘WOW’. She is absolutely gorgeous in both face and body and she seems sincerely nice. She and Doutzen are my favourite VS models.

  6. Pictures can never quite capture her beauty!
    In videos, she looks amazing, and i’m sure even better in real life. She’s in a NEXT advert here, and i can never take my eyes of her, she’s so beautiful!
    Look at any Google Image of her and she doesn’t look as attractive

  7. She is SOOOOO cute and gorgeous obviously. Wow I had no idea anything about her but now that I have seen this video, she might be one of my favorites! Ah, I love em all!

  8. She is so pretty. I also really like her bubbly personality.
    Her body is marvelous, so it makes sense that she loves it!

    I feel like this VS campaign doesn’t really make women feel better about their own bodies though, if that was the plan. If anything, seeing women in skimpy lingerie with skinny toned bodies and beautiful faces only makes me feel worse about myself.

    • Me too. Something about these videos makes me feel like total crap. I wish I could prance around in lingerie and talk about how much I love my perfect body. And this girl actually seemed cute and sweet. At least I could laugh at how dumb the other chicks were.

  9. She’s really beautiful but when I saw this video it took away some of her beauty. It’s usual that when models open their mouths, they become less pretty. I’m not saying she’s stupid or something, she just sounds sooo unattractive, can’t help it. Terrible accent.

    • how did she sound so unattractive? i like her accent and what she said about her body is wonderful and i think every woman should love her body regardless of what society thinks. when she open her mouth i didn’t anything that made her look stupid or less smart.

      • Jesus, people. I’ve already explained what makes her LESS attractive. I still do think she has an amazing face and body. But that accent, her posture, expressions – I don’t find them attractive at all. Yeah, she might be a really nice girl, I don’t know her in person. And I can’t make any assumptions about her intelligence, since this is a short video of her which doesn’t provide much information about her (but that voice, that accent – I really don’t like them).

        • That sounds pretty ignorant to say she is less beautiful because of her “terrible accent.” That’s basically discriminating against her being from Brazil…

    • aww, I found it so cute and quirky. It made her seem humble and more personable, but your entitled to your opinion, what an intresting take 🙂

    • smurfmutt:

      Well good thing for her, men aren’t as analytical as you are when it comes to beautiful women.

      Really, that was your sad attempt at knocking this gorgeous girl down a level? FAIL!

    • News flash: it’s not her fault that she has an accent or English isn’t her first language. You’re the only one who had to find something wrong. Damn it she is gorgeous, ooooh I know, I’ll attack the way she speaks

    • jup, agreed!
      love her, that was just SO incredibly sweet. i giggled while watching this! and wow her skintone is to die for! I’m kinda jealous right now 🙂 lol

  10. WOW! she’s beautiful in every sense of the word and it’s not her face or her body as one might think it’s her likeable personality the shines through!

  11. She’s really cute. But I don’t think she’s exceptional, supermodel standard. She has a nice smile, a nice figure, she sounds really nice.. but I don’t think she’ll ever get to be a household name.

  12. omg she’s really pretty! like wayy prettier than those other new girls they got, and she looks really healthy, slim and toned, but still curvy. and her b❆❆bs look real haha. this is what the old victoria secret models used to look like, heidi and tyra for example. vs needs more models like emanuela.

  13. Well,i’m brazilian and here we have a lot’s of gorgeous ladies,of course like any place so we have ugly ones,but here we can always find exotic beauties on the street, i’ve already traveled to lots of countries and and nowhere have so many beautiful girls,but about men we are crap!! all the other countries have better men than here!

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