Top British Model Erin O’Connor: “I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done”

Top-British-Model-Erin-OConnor-I-Was-Told-to-Have-a-Nose-Job-and-Get-My-Breasts-Done - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

The Daily Mail has the scoop:

Supermodel Erin O’Connor has revealed she was told to have extensive cosmetic surgery if she wanted to succeed in the modelling industry.

The 31-year-old, who has been hailed for her unusual look and striking features told how the fashion world was originally unhappy with her physical appearance, wanting her to have nose surgery and a breast enlargement.

Miss O’Connor, who is 6ft 1in, said in an interview with the Radio Times: ‘In the early days of my modelling career, I think the industry was uncomfortable with how strikingly different I was.

‘For example, I was told to have a nose job and get my breasts done. But I suddenly got very stubborn and thought, ‘Well, no. This is me,’ and suddenly I was being hailed as ‘a new form of beauty’.

Miss O’Connor also confessed her concerns about society’s obsession with youth and questioned the ease of which people turn to plastic surgery.

She said: ‘I am concerned about ageism and the loss of beauty – the perception that as you grow older, you “lose your looks”, which I think is diabolical. I worry about how accessible cosmetic surgery has become. Of course, if it has genuinely helped people and their confidence has grown as a result, who am I to form an opinion? But I think there are better routes to confidence than trying to freeze time.’

Top-British-Model-Erin-OConnor-I-Was-Told-to-Have-a-Nose-Job-and-Get-My-Breasts-Done-0l - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

And just in case you’re wondering… FMD says:

Height: 6’0″ ; 182.5cm
Measurements: (US) 34-25-35 ; (EU) 86.5-63.5-89
Dress Size: (US) 4

See more pics of Erin after the jump!

erin_o_connor - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

FP_1479151_BARM_Campbell_Naomi_05_090808 - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

Top-British-Model-Erin-OConnor-I-Was-Told-to-Have-a-Nose-Job-and-Get-My-Breasts-Done-2l - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

erin-oconnor - Top British Model Erin O'Connor: "I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done"

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23 thoughts on “Top British Model Erin O’Connor: “I Was Told to Have a Nose Job and Get My Breasts Done””

  1. I’m glad she didn’t give in to the pressure. I hate how some ppl have such a narrow and ignorant view and cannot see the variety and complexity of beauty.
    She looks awesome the way she is, it would’ve been a shame.

  2. & this is why youre not supposed to use measurements 2 judge body type, but the visual body itself. take erin’s measurements for example- 34,25,35. nine inches between chest and waist, and a nice 10 inches between waist and hip. seems like the perfect hourglass,right?Yet looking at her i see an athletic/boyish shape.

    OT-I am very glad she didnt it, she wouldve been a cookie cutter model and not become a recognizable name she is now

    • About the measurements: they are probably not true. Almost all models have the exact same measurements listed – take or give an inch – even though there are extremely clear differences between them. For her height, i actually don’t see Erin as that skinny as those measurements would require. Which is perfectly fine, she looks really nice, quite out of the ordinary and i like the way she thinks. That’s the best attitude and that’s what ultimately makes a model special: flauting what she has not what someone else tells her she should have.

  3. The pic of her in the long black skirt is absolutly stunning she has a very individual look, admittedly though i did think she was older than 31.

  4. Boob job?

    For a model?

    How absurd. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the nose job is also patently stupid, as she doesn’t need one, but since when do they want super skinny models with fake boobs?

  5. Is that supposed to be shocking?

    Surprise, a modeling agency tells their model to drastically change their appearance. Like even the most perfect models haven’t been told to change something.

    She must have well known that going into modeling someone was going to criticize her nose and boobs. I’m tired of handing out pity left and right. I’m glad she stood up for her appearance but really, like I am supposed to feel sorry for her.

    She looks beautiful by the way.

    • I don’t think she was looking for pity, more like saying I proved them wrong, and they don’t always know what they are on about.

  6. dont hate me guys but it seems like if you are tall and skinny you do not have to have a good face at all to be a model. imagine her with a short chubby/fat body. oh my. she would be very ugly. :/

    • I have to agree. Beautifull faced women are allowed to be plus sized models and ugly faced women (like this girl) are allowed to be supermodels just because they’re super skinny. That’s the way things go.

    • I actually don’t think her face is ugly at all.. and with that body, she has some sort of an androgynous look so the thinness suits her better than being plus-sized. To be honest though, I have to say that her face reminds me a bit of Brian Molko (not that that’s a bad thing, but I know he’s a guy so..yeh 😉 ).

  7. I’m glad, on principle, that she didn’t feel the need to change her body for modeling agencies but I don’t personally find her attractive anyway.

  8. She’s quirky and unusual and striking……..but she’s also not conventionally pretty. She’s a supermodel because of her figure (straight up and down no curves, those stats are all lies) and her 6ft height……her nose has a large bump and she would look prettier with it straightened, but hey, that dosen’t mean that she should do it, as long as she’s happy with herself that’s all that matters.

  9. Versus, I LOVE this website, so thank-you! It’s just that the advertisments (because of the sound) are really annoying. I can’t listen to music and be on this site at the same time…ever 🙁

    That being said, I really do love this website so thanks 🙂

    • Oh my, thank you for telling me! The ad companies we work with promised they won’t have sound ads, so I’m upset about this – and the thing is I can’t see them, because all ads are personalized and appear only in some countries / cities.
      Can you please tell me where you are from (country and city) and tell me what are those ads promoting? And how long has this been going on (if you know)?
      All this info will help me solve the problem, thank you! And I’m happy you like the site!

      • Its fine for Denmark and Romania…i dont hear any sound…and i also have to say ur site is such a good way to start or end my day it just make me think that celebrities are also people like us with flaws…nobody is perfect…and also its nice it keeps me updated about what they do daily…u know what i was really curious lately?how is a celebrity spending her day when they’re not on tour,filming…ordinary days when they are off from their ”jobs”.

  10. How on earth is it possible for every single celebrity and model to have the measurements: 34-24-34 or close to it?!?!?! It makes me wonder everytime i see those magical measurements….

    • they’re lying, that’s how..:P I’m a model and I’m 5″10, stats 30-24-36 (aka no t–s, small waist, wide hips and skinny legs) we all look different!!Luckily!!! I’ve never understood why everyone wants to look the same??? And lying about it is just silly, since most people aren’t blind right…

  11. I don’t find her attractive but she seems to photograph very well and she’s super tall. Also I like the fact that she was able to succeed without having to make permanent changes to her body. Good for her!

  12. She’s a top model? Jeez she looks like an ugly Demi Moore (who ain’t no prize to start with). I agree on the b❆❆b thing though. Heterosexual men do not prefer these huge fake boobs. Trust me on this it just makes you look like an idiot.

  13. None of these photos actually do justice to Erin – in the flesh and without makeup she looks beautiful and her actual age. Would she have gotten as far without her figure? Probably not, but then a long lean figure and a graceful walk is what makes a great fashion model who can sell the clothes rather than her own pretty face!

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