Update on Crystal Renn’s Measurements!

also10-crystal_renn_paper_planes_29 - Update on Crystal Renn's Measurements!

A few weeks ago, various sources around the Internet starting buzzing on one particular subject: ‘Crystal Renn’s agency lists the ‘plus-size’ model as a size 2′. A size 2 with the corresponding measurements of a standard model! A few days after the initial buzz, Crystal’s agent, Gary Dakin, responded:

“There was an error in the initial printing and it is being rectified. She maintains a 37-38 hip. But if people have truly followed her message, it is about acceptance and beauty at any size”.

Let’s see some of Crystal’s recent statements:

With plus size modeling, the sizes start at an 8 and go all the way up to a 20, and that enrages many people. They say when they see a size 10 girl, that’s plus size? They have to realize that plus size model doesn’t mean plus size woman… But bridging the gap would be a very good thing. We need to have all sizes. This isn’t a them against us fight. It’s about bringing everybody together.

Because of my size currently, I straddle this line between the two worlds–I guess you could say I’m a plus size straight size model. I am four inches smaller than a plus size model and four inches bigger than a straight size model.

At this point, Crystal’s (who still claims to be a size 8US) measurements on various agency cards and fashion model sites are listed as: 34C-28.5-38 / 85-73-97 (cm).

cyrstal_renn_paper_planes - Update on Crystal Renn's Measurements!

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81 thoughts on “Update on Crystal Renn’s Measurements!”

  1. I love these pics of her. I find her face very editorial/high fashion and quite versatile for commercial modelling as well.

    I agree with her statement (I guess).

    • I agree – she does look very high fashion in these pics. I usually don’t like her look, but it really works here.
      As for her statement, I agree about needing models of all sizes – I just wish there didn’t have to be a certain box to fit everyone in.

  2. she is absolutely right. i see no reason for her to lie. And what you also must take into account is that most images are photoshopped. I believe she is a size 8 and then with added photoshopping it is very easy to mistake that she is “straight size”. but screw this “straight size” “plus size” nonsense. shes right. the gap needs to be bridged.

  3. i don’t think she can be a model anymore, because she can’t be a regular model or a plus size model based on the current standarts in fashion, she can’t launch clothes for curvy women and she can’t fit in the designers’ samples. in my opinion she’s has the ideal shape for a normal woman, but not a model.

    • So just because her body doesn’t fit into a box, she couldn’t be a model? Talking about definfing what someone can do based on their body. I personally like seeing what clothes would look like on a “normal” sized woman.

      • you have some point but do you work in fashion industry? and do you know any model with her bodytype? believe me i just want to discuss it that’s why i post a comment, i don’t wanna fight with anyone.

    • YOU don’t think she can be a model? Well clearly lots of important designers disagree with you. She’s modeling and is very successful. hahaha

      • yes, ME, why? because you disagree with me, i can’t share my thoughts? maybe i’m wrong and maybe i’m right… i like crystal renn but i’ve known her as a plus size model, and because it happens to keep up with fashion and fashion magazines and models, i can’t match her in any category, and yeah she works in fashion industry but she’s not gisele or kate moss or alessandra abrosio and she’s not definetely a plus size now, she does very specific works. i’m just saying that she’s a very beautiful woman but i she doesn’t have the features to launch clothes… do you know that the designers’ clothes come out in samples first? based on her measurements she doesn’t fit, so leave the designers and tell us what you think…

        • To be honest, I don’t think she’ll ever reach the success of Gisele or even Adriana. There’s a huge difference between what you guys want (everyone the same no size 0’s blahblahblah) and what the fashion industry wants. Crystal can’t fit into sample sizes and there’s a reason the regular models are so thin-for the purpose of fitting in sample sizes.
          I think she can make it as a model (even I’m def not a fan of her) but not reach the high level of Adriana.

          • its not like adriana is exactly skinny here. shes quite curvy compared to other models as well.

            as far as crystal goes, i think she’s stunning and her body looks great. just because she has some curves on her she cant be a straight model?

        • My point is that what you think, or myself even, doesn’t really matter. Designers don’t really seem to care that she’s “in between”, they’re fawning over Crystal anyway. I don’t care what the sample sizes are, Crystal has been getting a ton of work regardless. So for whatever reason, whether or not YOU think she can be a model, or anyone else commenting on this site….she IS a model, and doing really well. She’s probably just a “flavor-of-the-week” type, frankly. Everyone will get over her sooner than later is my guess. But for now, she’s very successful regardless of not “fitting in”.

          • And by the way, I don’t actually like Crystal that much. I just get sick of people all in denial that she’s successful because she’s not fat enough for them anymore or whatever when clearly she IS successful, at least for now.

    • well, you know maybe she’s braking some of these standards, and maybe it’s time for someone to break them. Braking molds you know, changing the world a little, progress, evolution, call it what you wanna. Also models are more then just their shape, or that’s not all that makes a model.

    • I have to say that st is right to some extent, but Crystal is an exceptional case. MOST models Crystal’s size would not be able to find the work she does. It’s not the same as a straight size model. If Crystal had not already made her name as a plus size model, she would not be able to model at all because there is a very limited market for straight size models. I’m not trying to be harsh or anything, but I know a ton about fashion and this is how it works for high fashion. It’s not right, but you either have to fit in the size 0 mold or the size 16 mold, otherwise no matter how pretty you are or how great your body is, you most likely will not find work. Designers either make clothes in size 0 or size 16. But they cater specially to Crystal and tailor to her measurements because she is a well-known model. All the other models just wear off-the-rack sample sizes with a bit of tailoring, but they actually have to create a separate garment/order separate sizes for Crystal vs the plus size models or straight size models. I think she is a good model, but at the same time, there will never be that many models her size because of this issue.

    • Wow, the messages here are a bit too serious for st’s comment – no need to get so worked up. I’m thinking perhaps Crystal will remain popular for awhile for no other reason that the she creates controversy. she used to be super skinny, said she basically starved to be there, the gained back weight and was plus size and proud and all of a sudden she is dropping again. How often do models, actresses or celebs stay in the media with large weight fluctuations? Designers might be booking her just for that reason, the publicity.

      • Although Crystal is really pretty I do think she is only hired because of her fame as a Body Acceptance voice. You see the gorgeous Cintia Dicker, she couldn’t do runway shows anymore because she was considered “too big”, Cintia is by miles prettier and more unique than Crystal (in my opinion) .

    • When the fashion industry wants someone to model their clothes they make exceptions. If the business and various designers want her – they’ll work around it.

      They have with others. If they want someone bad enough they bend the ‘rules’, or create new ones.

  4. i think she looks gorgeous and is a inspiration since she is a bit larger then regular models but there is no way she is those measurements!!! They are pretty much exactly the same as mine (i am 5’9.5) and she looks sooooooo much thinner then i do. Going by my size in clothes which is a 8 or 6 she looks like a 4 for sure. That is totally awesome for her if she lost the weight in a healthy way, god knows i would like to be that size again. But i don’t think they can claim she is a size 8 unless it is a super tiny one.

    • except for bust, she’s roughly an inch larger (around) than me on “fat days.” I’m 5’4″ and a US size 2-4. That size 8 has got to be a shirt size

  5. I have very similar measurements except for the bust size. I’m shorter (5’4″) and definitely look wider than her. I also wear a size 8 and sometimes size 6. I guess height can make a huge difference because Kim Kardashian says her hips measure 39 inches (only 1 inch more than Crystal’s).

  6. She looks gorgeous in the picture in which she is wearing jeans.I never understood USA sizes though,how do they convert in European sizes?She looks to me about a size 6 USA,but then again,I don’t know how to convert that in European sizes and I may get the sizes wrong.I’m thinner than she is (I’m 5’8) and I’m a size 38EU which I understood is equivalent with a size 8 US,and she claims she’s size 8,so I don’t really get it.
    Sorry if I made any mistakes,English is not my first language.

  7. How is it possible to be an 8 with those measurements???
    I am 42-30-44 and I am an 8. And I hate clothes that explode on me, so that is not the case. And my size is confirmed by the fact that I fit in a UK size 12, the exact equivalent. I’m 5’7”. So how??

    • Ummm, I have 38.5 inch hips and I’m a size 8. I can squeeze into a 6 on a good day. With your hip size you’re considered a US size 14/16. May be you’re measuring yourself incorrectly?

      Size 0: Waist = 24 inches and hips = 34.5 inches
      Size 2: Waist = 25 inches and hips = 35.5 inches
      Size 4: Waist = 26 inches and hips = 36.5 inches
      Size 6: Waist = 27 inches and hips = 37.5 inches
      Size 8: Waist = 28 inches and hips = 38.5 inches
      Size 10: Waist = 29 inches and hips = 39.5 inches
      Size 12: Waist = 30.5 inches and hips = 41 inches
      Size 14: Waist = 31 to 32 inches and hips = 42.5 inches
      Size 16: Waist = 33.5 inches and hips = 44 inches
      Size 18: Waist = 35.5 inches and hips = 46 inches
      Size 20: Waist = 37.5 inches and hips = 48 inches

      • No, I got measured professionally, these are my measurements. I have never in my life owned anything of size 14/16.
        But never-mind, I think I figured out why I wear an 8: because my style is more like effortless-bohemian, so my clothes aren’t structured, tight or stiff. I don’t even own tight pants or skinny jeans, so the ample dresses I wear fit we well.

      • I am 5’4 and wear a size 0-2 and I have 37 – 37.5 inch hips… but I’m not wide in my hips (horizontally), it’s my butt that makes it so much larger. And plus, Kim K. is a size 2 I think, but she’s 5’3 and she has 39 inch hips.. so it’s possible?

        • That’s wierd, my hips are 36″ yet I wear a US size 4….but here’s the thing my hips ARE wide so MAYBE being big in the butt rather than the hips you can fit smaller sizes than indicated by the size chart?

      • It makes me wonder, seeing cameras create illusions a lot aka, you look heavier through film than in real life…. so it makes me wonder (seeing I always thought Kim was a lot taller than she was, till I found out she was shorter than me) if maybe her butt isn’t THAT big in real life ie. so many celebrities are stick thin, so her butt does look bigger in comparison but also, film can make things look bigger than they actually are. Ya know?

      • I disagree to this….. I am a size 4 and my waist is 25 but my hips are 38.. I am 5 8″ and I wear a size 26 jean. There is no way she is a size 8 at those measurements.

  8. I don’t know, I still think her waist is closer to 25/26. I’m 34-24.5-35 and 5’4″, and her body looks really similar to mine.

    • I dont know if you relize this but shes 5’9 when her waist is 28 inches it would be like yours at 26 or so the taller you are the smaller you look at the same size as someone shorter.

  9. Like I’ve said before, She looks just a little under my size and I’m at a size 6 dress and 8 jeans. (and 5’9″) so she must carry her weight like I do. I believe it! 🙂

  10. “it is about acceptance and beauty at any size”
    wasn’t she the one running around claiming ‘real woman have curves’ and so on?

  11. I’m really torn here–I think the jean picture (with the cigarette) has been photoshopped some, and the big hair is making her look even thinner than she is, but I don’t really think she’s maintaining that size 8 standard.

    That said, who the eff cares? Crystal has the right to be whatever size she wants to be. She has no obligation to any of us to maintain being a plus size. I definitely agree with her about ~bridging the gap~ though. She talks about body acceptance, and that’s what we need to focus on.

    • “Crystal has the right to be whatever size she wants to be. She has no obligation to any of us to maintain being a plus size.”
      You said it perfectly!

  12. Also, have any of y’all seen Neiman Marcus’ “plus sized” line? You wanna be up in airs about laughable plus sized models, that’s where you need to look.

  13. I don’t understand how she can be size 4!!!

    Her waist is 28.5 but most size fours are 26- 27!

    Mine is 25 and I still fit in a size 4 (if a little on the loose size).
    My sister has 28 waist and is a size 6 :/

  14. The jean pic is ps’d for sure. Her calves in the skirt pic look bigger than her thighs in the jean pic. I believe she is an 8. She will naturally look thinner than shorter, smaller framed girls who are 8s.

  15. i love her!! she is amazing her weight goes up and down but whose doesnt as long as she stays healthy happy and beautiful i am in complete support of her and her career.

  16. Nice to see a healthy looking successful model, but when are we going to see a shorty? If where suppose to celebrate all sizes what about the girls 5’3 and under.

    • I’m sorry to say, most likely never. The fashion industry adores tall girls, and one of the top 4 girls right now is about 6’1 1/2.
      Clothes don’t carry as well on shorter girls as they do with taller girls, and right now, the most generic definition of ‘model’ is tall and thin. The shortest models are at least 5’6, and the agencies lie and list them as 5’8 anyway.
      I think it’d be nice to see a shorter girl, but I doubt it will happen. Just my opinion.

  17. I think everyone is forgetting that her measurements aren’t based on the clothes you find at Banana Republic or the Gap. The clothes Crystals wearing are from higher end designers and their sizes run much smaller. Her measurements are a US 8 in DKNY, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. She may not be ideal as a couture runway model, she is great for Print ads, Billboards and Commercials. She could definitely be the face of a brand. And it’s nice to see that after all the extremes her body has gone through she seems to be getting healthy and find a happy medium.

  18. I agree with her. Why can you model at size 0-2 and then at 8/10-20 but not in between? That never really made any sort of sense to me. I’d like to see models that look like me.

    I’m just wondering if she’s getting into obsessive behaviors again. Anorexia just doesn’t magically go away.

  19. I totally believe her measurements. I think she’s closer to a size 6 rather than a size 8, but I can see that in couture, which cuts the smallest of all types of clothing, she might be a size 8. She’s pretty thin, though — 38″ hips on her height is pretty good. Good for her — I think she’s lost weight the healthy way, just by changing her approach to food and activity, and now she can have her cake and eat it too (literally!) — she can look good and be healthy too. And be a famous model! Not bad, Crystal 🙂

  20. I believe all her hip and waist measurement and I agree with her message. i’m glad she seems healthy.
    I just find it hard to believe she’s a 34C? I’m a 32C and she looks the same if not smaller than me? Could it be because I’m short and petite?

  21. She looks lovely! And I totally buy that she’s an 8. I have an inch larger hips and roughly the same waist measurement, and she seems a bit less bulky than I am. I’m a 12 bust, 8 waist, 8/10 hip (depends on just how pear-shaped the design is – I’m a vase).

  22. She looks great, but I think that the fashion magazines are just taking advantage of the fact that she is perceived by the public as a plus size model, even though I don’t think she currently has the measurements of a plus size model. Her figure is similar to Kate’s Moss figure these days. The magazines want to be more “politically correct” regarding models and sizes. It’s just a publicity stunt. As for the photos being photoshoped, I don’t see the point in slimming the figure of a supposed plus size model. That way, they could take the picture of an obese women, photoshop her and put here on the cover of Vogue. And how brave and close to the hearts of women all sizes, would then be Vogue.. Anyway, she does look good, she’s, profesionally, a good model, knows how to pose and has an expresive face.

    • I can see how you would think of her success as a publicity stunt. If Tyra Banks and her crew on Top Model found her they’d vote her off because she wasn’t “plus size” nor “straight size” yet here she is working and being very successful. XD

  23. I like her body better now. Assuming she is eating better and exercising, this weight is probably healthier on her. Although I loved how she has campaigned for beauty at any weight, I think it’s better she also campaigns for overall health and fitness. I have no idea what she’s doing personally, but I do feel like it’s wrong to encourage that a size 14 is healthy, when in reality it’s probably not for most people.

  24. Hmmm. I’m not really good at eyeing up measurements but I have a hard time believing the 34C measurement listed- unless she’s one of those people who pushes forward a bunch of fat from her armpit to fill a bra, I can’t really see the C-cup.

    • She’s probably a 32C or a 30D (or 30C) and not a 34C. Her frame is too small to be a 34 but a C cup isn’t really big when you know the way bra sizes work nowaday.

  25. I don’t know many people who are one size all over – I’m an extreme case – a size 2-6 up top and an 8-10 on the bottom – I have narrow shoulders and hips, wide thighs and no butt– it’s strange but it’s what I am. I have this one young, healthy body for a short time, and I struggle at times to appreciate it, but I accept and treasure it all at once. I can’t expect the worlds of entertainment, fashion and beauty to hand me body appreciation through using plus, or average sized models, that industry will never be that way, and I will just have to be okay with that.

  26. Guys, she is tall… so she looks thinner and her b❆❆bs will look smaller than a shorter girl with the same measurements…her measurements kinda annoy me because mine are a bit less than hers (66, 95) and I’m having to lose weight for my agency. She is just lucky she hit success first I guess…and high fashion is far from fair.
    Anyway, I so think she is beautiful and she is far from fat.
    I think we should just accept that she is one lucky exception to the modelling world.

  27. Ok, Is it me, or is obiously that she lost ALOT of weight… What’s going on, She used to say all this things about embrasing plus size blah blah and now she’s getting thinner… I don’t want to sound rude but wtf.

  28. I used to like her, a lot. But not anymore as I find her quite hypocrite. All she ever wanted was publicity – which she got. How comes that in all these years in which nobody knew of the “greatest plus-size model” she was happy with herself, and all of a sudden when she is more and more popular she becomes skinnier and skinnier (aka uglier and uglier). The more fashion jobs she’ll get the more she’ll become a normal-size model. The fact that she claims she’s still a plus-size model is bul…t there are so many other models out there with her size, claiming to be only models. She got publicity, she got better paid contracts. It’s all about the money.

  29. Weird. My measurements are 33-25-39 at 5’5 and I wear a size 4/6 US. I have a HUGE butt and hips, but somehow this size works for me. But, size is just a number. Each body type is different . My friend is 5’7 with a narrower butt and hips, but she uses a size or 2 larger than me…makes absolutely no sense.

  30. sizes are so screwed up these days, especially the A&Fs and Banana republics and Gaps. Their 2 should really be a size 10 or something. I think as a model crystal is listed at the designers standards rather than the vanity sizing that goes on nowadays

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