Vanessa Williams & Iman Talk Beauty and Body Insecurities


Every woman has qualms about her looks – we just assumed Vanessa Williams and Iman would be exceptions to the rule. But at the launch of renowned makeup artist Sam Fine’s new DVD, “The Basics of Beauty,” the poster women for beauty admitted that even they have a physical insecurity or two.

“I don’t like my legs!” supermodel Iman told us. “It’s why I wear pants most of the time.”

Williams confessed that her biggest beauty obstacle is her skin. “If there’s a day where my skin is not looking great, I have to have more coverage,” said the “Ugly Betty” star. “With high-definition TV, there is no such thing as too much makeup!”

But their guru Fine begged to differ. “These women inspire me so much,” he said. “They have such different features – Vanessa’s eyes, Iman’s bone structure. They both mean something so special to me.”

So who do the pretty ladies think is their best-looking peer in Hollywood – even without any touchups?

Said Iman: “Angelina Jolie. She’s a beauty. Cameron Diaz, too, and Halle Berry!”

Offered Williams: “Kim Basinger. She’s always got incredible, luminous skin. And Julianne Moore seems like she’s got very natural, gorgeous skin.”

These women could have fooled us – we’d say that they were among the most confident of leading ladies. But, according to Iman, we’d be wrong. Quipped the beauty: “I’m faking it!

Source: NY Daily News

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12 thoughts on “Vanessa Williams & Iman Talk Beauty and Body Insecurities”

  1. I do not understand why these women have insecurities, especially Iman, whom I personally consider to be the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She is the only woman that breaks my ideology that perfection does not exist. They are both such great beauties. I do not see these flaws that they speak about.

  2. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a black woman in hollywood amongst white women who fit the standards of beauty in America. I am latina and i go to an mainly white school and their perceptions of beauty are different than what I am used to at home. I am considered fat while the more athetic/bony body types are treasured. my skin tone and hair isn't as valued over there, but you know what? I am trying to become more comfortable wit myself. and while (ew angeling jolie shes gross to me) Cameron Diaz is absolutely beatufil, she is not the only one. Versus, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate your diversity on here. This post has probably helped many minorities (as well as white people) know that we are not alone when it comes to insecurities. Even these beauties are insecure. Wow 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Jay! I am really trying by best to feature a wide range of celebs of different shapes, sizes and ethnicities on our little site!

  4. That burger and those cakes in the ad on the top left look so yummy! I'm hungry now aaaaaaahhhhhh!

    Anyway, these 2 ladies are extremely beautiful!

  5. If several people tell you you are beautiful, perhaps you will feel good about receiving compliments, but you won't instantly become blind to any flaws you saw in yourself beforehand or change your opinion about any features of yours that you believe are 'ugly'. The same rule applies to those we find stunningly beautiful.

    For example, let's say you're a celebrity with crooked teeth. Your teeth annoy you so much that you rarely ever smile with an open mouth. Everyone in the world finds you beautiful and is constantly telling you so, you're always topping the charts of 'Who's the Hottest Woman in the World'. People don't care about the teeth, many even find it charming and unique. Does that mean that YOU will forget those teeth or ever be happy with them? No.

    In the end, everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful and what is not, and that cannot be changed by others' opinions.

  6. They are beautiful…I want to look like them when I grow up…also I appreciate the site depicting all types of beauty and as an African American it is greatly appreciated… 🙂

  7. I appreciate you taking the time to break everything down . . . but I wasn't being serious when I said that I do not understand why they have insecurities. :/ I guess that wasn't depicted clearly in my message.

  8. I love her chestbones . . . I love everything about this woman physically. Her face, body, skin, teeth & everything else. She is a walking goddess to me. It has been the same opinion ever since I was a little girl. She is a very thin, Somali, woman. Her thin frame is one of the reasons why she appears so regal to me. You seem to be one of the ultimate chancellors of personal preference on this site. I am hoping that you are open enough to grasp the idea of me personally defining her as physical perfection to my eyes.

    • I know the question sounded ironic, it actually was, but i appreciate your answer. I just thought you were somehow blinded and did not see the real her. I personally don't fall for that look, but you made your point very clear and of course i understand now.

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