Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to Weight Critics

24 year-old Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm is a fitness fanatic and she shares lots of workout pictures (as well as the results of those workouts) on social media – but this exposure usually comes with haters as well. And in Bridget’s case, the haters criticize the Australian blonde’s figure, saying she is way too thin.

On the fact that fat shaming, as well as skinny shaming has to stop:

Whether it’s skinny or fat shaming, it’s such a superfluous thing to do to someone. It’s so irrelevant to who they are as a person.

On her haters who call her anorexic:

I know that those people are hurting inside and I hope that they find some happiness really.

A while back, Bridget shared her disappointment at being called too skinny:

Can we STOP with the skinny shaming please? I am extremely fit and healthy and am not in the slightest way anorexic. I have worked hard to look like this and am proud of my body. I may not be the curviest but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do. Maybe today take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame strangers over the Internet about their bodies. Peace and love to you all – let’s change the conversation.

More photos inside!

A thin, yet not as skinny Bridget at last year’s show:

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18 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to Weight Critics”

  1. wow she looks like a different person. I don´t think she´s scary thin but the pressure is hard on models to be really small so I don´t get why people even bother to bash her

    • She’s gotten very athletic, thats the ‘problem’. I guess the real issue is that it is coming out to being ‘perfect shaming’ now. Girls who are shamed for being perfect. Probably mostly by overweight people who don’t take care of themselves. It really isn’t right to sham someone because you don’t want to take care of yourself. And the girls who get hardest are the ones who take the most care of themselves. The ones who don’t take care of themselves at all we need to have ‘overweight acceptance’ for.

      • biut she’s a model. the people who are payed to get women to aspire to them, and purchase the products they hawk as a means to do so. She is literally part of the process in the first place (and lets not forget she’s paid HANDSOMELY in doing so)

        The only problem is see here now is that now people know WHO models are and can actually reach them via media (which they place themselves on for MORE publicity and money making in the first place) whereas models before were more anonymous and unreachable from average people.

  2. She looks thinner than my ideal, but I think she’s also posing in a way that makes thin people look even skinnier.

    Her face looks cute.
    All this personality blah blah thing on instagram – why not show more of it if you’re concerned about it? If working out is (hopefully) not your only dimension, show what you read, what crafts you do, how you take care of your community or plants or environment, what you study, how you contribute to anything but your employer!

  3. She’s very slim now, especially her legs. But overall her look is like unflavored yogurt: potential to be something but just plain bland as it is.

  4. Are we seeing the same pictures? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. She is WAY too thin. She doesn’t look toned or fit–she looks as though she simply has very low body fat from restriction + exercise. I’d guess her BMI to be under 16.5. Not healthy. Sorry to be so blunt.

    • Agree completely, what’s with all the praise in this post and Bella’s?. It seems severely underweight bodies are back on fashion an people seem to not have a problem with it, on the contrary.

    • Agree, I’m so confused why people still think this is attractive in 2016, here I thought we were making progress on the whole healthy body image thing. She looked much much better in the picture from the VS show last year.

      If you want a realistic idea of what she looks like now, check out her instagram – she just posted a video of her boxing and she clearly looks malnourished.

  5. I follow this girl’s posts and she posts about working with a nutritionist named Dr Passler, is vegan, and works out 2x a day 3 months in advanced for the VS fashion show doing 1.5 hours of ballet beautiful (barre work out ) and then one hour of boxing in the afternoon. She eats basically veggies, fruit, coconut/olive oil, and protein powder. Although I do not feel like this is a remotely enjoyable way to live lol, I think the girl is probably super healthy. I am 5’9″ 125, so i am ten lbs more than her ish (give or take right), and I for sure indulge in carbs, junk food, alcohol, etc although eating a mostly healthy diet. I work a lot and dont have time to work out bc I just get lazy lol. If I ate only fruits and veggies and work out a ton, yes I would be this thin super easily. So I totally believe with everything she is doing that she is healthier than most and no one needs to be concerned haha

    • My besties sister is close friends with Bridget…I’ll let you in on a little secret… she’s only a vegan on social media. The modelling agencies place so much emphasis on the girls curating a specific image.

      • Really? Oh I’m so disappointed ! She’s got a cute blog with lots of good articles about veganism and I was very looking up to what she was saying (she’s got quite a laid back approach to it, which I like). Are you sure about your source? She says she’s been vegan for 2 years now, maybe your BFF sister saw her eat non vegan food before that?

    • I totally agree with you. Bridget clearly has lots of energy, exercises a lot, and eats a healthy diet. Good for her! I have a similar body type to her, and even though I *try* to eat clean and work out regularly, I drink alcohol, I eat junk food, and I get lazy. If I had a healthier lifestyle, I would probably look like her.

      For those who say “Her life would not be enjoyable,” it’s tough to make that judgment if you have not tried her lifestyle. When I go on spurts of eating healthier and working out every day (i.e. Insanity with Shaun T!), I feel great and have more energy. Give it a try for a few weeks-months, and see how you feel!

    • It is NEVER healthy to be underweight, no matter what you’re eating or working out. She clearly does not eat enough calories to be healthy – calories matter and your body needs enough to function optimally. Bridget looks horribly underweight, and probably does not have optimal brain function from not eating enough. she just doesn’t need her brain for her job. Try putting her in an intellectually demanding job and see how long her starvation diet lasts – it’s impossible to function properly on so few calories to achieve that look.

      No matter what you’re eating or not working out you are probably healthier for the long run than this girl at your weight. The long term health consequences of being so underweight are real and shouldn’t be underestimated. She could gain 10-15 lbs and continue a healthy diet and exercise and be MUCH better off

  6. “I may not be the curviest but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do.”

    couldn’t agree more, good for her for standing up for herself so elegantly!

    that being said , i do think she is quite bland looking. VS seems to like the bland look more and more tho…

  7. Too thin for me, I think models in the 90’s like Cindy Crawford had a nice balance between long and lean limbs without looking bony or looking like there’s 0% fat on them.

  8. You have a right to look however you want, but when your heralded as ‘ideal’ to young women, people have a right to comment… When your a Victoria Secret model you are not living in a vacuum. You’re not a regular woman going about her day looking how she wants to look. Your body PROJECTS something to the world, that is millions of young women. It is a large corporation dictating to women what beauty is. So people comment, get over it :s

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