Victoria’s Secret New Lingerie Outtakes

Victoria's Secret New Lingerie Outtakes 1

Elsa, Taylor, Lais, Josephine and Jasmine take the lead as they appear in a new set of Victoria’s Secret lingerie outtakes.

Check them all out inside!


Victoria's Secret New Lingerie Outtakes 2 Victoria's Secret New Lingerie Outtakes 3  Victoria's Secret New Lingerie Outtakes 4

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16 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret New Lingerie Outtakes”

    • there was a time when i used to drive to the USA to buy VS Biofit bras and paid a premium for them back in 2006. They discontinued them and never made a reasonable replacement. The stock ever since has the same quality as la Senza, but double the price.
      Ive found much nicer bras than VS at a slightly higher price point, but the quality is infinitely better.

  1. The pictures are beautiful, but I’m so over these body-models looking at the camera like a “squad” to show you how cool they are and make you feel like you should look like them.

    without genetics and with another career.

    • yup. im confused as to why these are “outtakes”–are they not perfect enough? is there something about their postures or styling that doesn’t appeal to white american teenagers who just got boobs? (bc lets be honest, only white mid-upper mid class white teenagers actually waste their allowances and babysitting dollars on this sweatshop crap.)

      • You’re describing pretty much every mass market brand – H&M, Zara, whatever. (Cheap materials, bad sewing, unethical production in sweatshops etc) And yet people bash VS more than any other brand, especially their models.

  2. Does anyone else find it hilarious that VS’ models are so skinny yet they barely offer any bras with band sizes below 32? Not that I would buy their products if they did lol.

    • Biggest pet peeve I have with them… their models all likely should wear 28 or 30 band sizes and in real outtakes you can often see the band is riding up, the center gore is pushed out, their breast tissue is squishing out into the armpit, or in other words, the bras don’t fit them! I actually don’t hate VS & might shop there if they made bras in my size (28E or 30DD, which aren’t big at all).

  3. Elsa is fire; im sure she is not toooo happy bcs she likes to appear more frail, but she looks great. especially in the second one. good for her, i like her. she has great style.

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