Plus Size Model Bikini Treat: Iskra Lawrence


Plus Size Model Bikini Treat: Iskra Lawrence, who did a photo-shoot on the beach this week while eating ice-cream and cotton candy and wearing a mix & match two-piece bathing suit and a high-cut Barbie pink one-piece.

26 year-old Iskra is a size 12 US and according to her agency JAG Models, she has the following measurements:

Height: 5’9”

Bust: 34 D

Waist: 29

Hips: 43


Check out this video for a lengthy talk with Iskra about body image and being a size 12 model!

Continue our plus size model bikini treat with hot Iskra in a cotton candy-colored pink swimsuit next!


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13 thoughts on “Plus Size Model Bikini Treat: Iskra Lawrence”

  1. Her face is sorta meh to me-pretty definetly but not over the moon beautiful. Her body is ok, I’m sure that’s it’s rare to have such a flat stomach with such a large lower half but it’s not my cup of tea.

  2. She looks amazing! Wouldn’t mind having her body, everything looks cute on her. I think she’s pretty too, love her strong brows.

  3. Not particularly a fan of her face or body alone, but overall she puts off a very cute/bubbly/pretty girl vibe and I can understand the hype/attraction because of it. She also has her pro-all body love niche which has aided her in standing out/building a following.

  4. her waist looks really small and flat, interesting.
    If she lost weight, i dont think it would change much, maybe to a 27, because she seems genuinely curvy – vs fat like other plus sized models.

  5. Averagely pretty in the face, body less than average. Although I will say my legs could never be that size and still have a nice looking tummy so that’s cool for her tummy. However I’d never want my legs to be that size, I have a leg obsession.

  6. her legs are huge, you can see just how big next to the other women. Better big legs than a big tummy though, health wise and astehthic wise. still, while i like curvy legs i would never want mine that big.

  7. funny how some plus sized model shoots often include eating–like a celebration of gluttony. pretty distracting from the actual merch they’re trying to sell…but i suppose some designers/directors of adverts just want to bank on the “fat train trend.”

  8. The pink bathing suit is not flattering, but she looks good overall. I support this kind of plus-size model! Beautiful, healthy-looking and actually curvy! More, please.

  9. Very unattractive face, punchable even as some would say to describe unpleasant looking face. Her body is also unattractive and too large for my taste, she looks stocky and sturdy Imo. She just has good WHR but that’s it

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