Jennifer Aniston: “I have always been really comfortable at about 110 to 113 pounds”


On her perfect weight and finding balance:

“I have a Greek salad in front of me, but I also indulge. Oh my god there’s a balance. I just had a bagel. I usually give myself bread on the weekends, but really, my body doesn’t love carbs. These days, if I was being super picky, I would love to drop 5 pounds. That is just where I have always been really comfortable at about 110 to 113 pounds. But it is harder at this age.”

… says Jennifer, who is 5’4” 1/2 tall.


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40 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston: “I have always been really comfortable at about 110 to 113 pounds””

  1. She certainly looks a lot bigger than that. I think she’s trying to confuse us with this quote. She was probably 110 at her thinnest and now she’s like 130. She’d have to lose 20 lbs to be 110 . She’s been looking a bit beefy.

  2. Is she pregnant?! It looks like she has that “pregnant face” specially her nose. She has a nice toned body but I think she looks better when she is slimmer, I don’t believe it for a second she is 5’4 and a half, she looks 5’3 to me, maybe less, wich is fine btw, I seriously don’t get this “lying about your height” trend in hollywood.

  3. When I first read this interview I knew everyone will be focused on that number! She does take care of herself so I believe she is telling the truth. Oh and these photos are clearly from set so I don’t think they should be put out there with this quote because clearly it doesn’t reflect how she represents herself.

  4. She is gorgeous but I’m not entirely sure I believe that. It’s sad that happiness is dependent on a number on the scale.

  5. I sense that this quote makes her sound a little more vapid than she actually is. For being in the spotlight as long as she has, she seems amazingly grounded. Waldorf child 🙂

  6. These are not the most flattering pics but I believe her. She has always had a great figure. 110 sounds a bit thin, I’m 5’2 and a size 0 at that weight.

  7. I’m sorry, but she looks awful in those paparazzi pics. Surely nowhere near 115-118 (as implies her quote regarding goal weight).
    And what’s with the scars on her forehead & chick?

  8. In her Friends’ days, I think she was smaller than even 110. Maybe around 100-105, she has quite a small frame. Nowadays, she seems more like around 125-130, but definitely not too big or anything. 110-113 seems like a really nice weight for that height, my face looked the best at that weight and the same height, but I prefer my body smaller.

  9. I always think she is completely gorgeous. Her best weight imo was when she first started on friends, she had a little more fat and it softened her which I thought was sexy. She was still super slim, but her curves were more filled out. Anyway, I think she is a unique beauty, has an awesome body no matter what weight, and pretty hair, oh and she is cute and funny. I can’t help but love her.

  10. Carbs only make you gain weight if you have resticted the food group before and of course if you eat way too much of it (like fat). I don’t get why people think bread will make them gain weight? Sigh…

  11. She’s filming in the schlumpy clothes, see all the equipment behind her in that pic? Plus the scars are her face are clearly for a role. At anyway I appreciate her candor about her weight. I believe she maintained a low weight for years, if you watched friends and any of her movies afterwards like the bounty hunter she was teeeeny. I noticed that she gained weight when she got engaged, which to me indicates she’s happy. Still looks great. Will always love her.

  12. Agreed! I would actually guess 130 lbs. She looks great for being 45, but it’s so obvious she does not usually weight 118-120 and def hasn’t weighed that little in like 10 years lol. I’m 5’5 and 115 and unless I am grossly mistaken look much thinner than her.
    I hate it when celebrities do things like this! False humility ha

  13. I think the weight range she gave is fine for her, providing the height written here is right, cos the number didn’t come from her so i’m not sure. I get why people are skeptical when a celeb says her weight and/or height cos many lie, but i also believe many say the truth. And the worst part is many people even here would still not believe her height&weigh even if she got measured publically&everyone would see numbers for themselves, cos apparently most people think that just cos she’s their height&their body kinda looks like hers but they’re bigger or smaller then she’s definitely lying!So sad, i mean everyone whines about how we want honest celebs, then they get an honesty or smth that could easily be that, they’re like “whatever, or she’s an idiot, or she’s a liar..” I may understand when it’s about a celeb known for lying openly, like saying one thing then doing the opposite all the time, but not all of them are like that.

  14. she was her tiniest during season 6 and 7 ish of friends that’s when the eating disorder rumors were gong around if she was 113 in her later years she was 15 pounds smaller back then…and don’t get me wrong in the break up and just go with it her body looked phenominal but those movies are a few years old now…and she looked more muscular and toned up then in herfriends days…the last 2 years she looks bigger and heavier to me and113 just seems way too low. I always thought she was 120ish now maybe 113 before….anyone else with me? and her body didn’t look very good in we are the millers it looked overworked

  15. I really think she looks great but I am SO grateful that I don’t have to reduce my carb intake to the weekends. I practically live off noodles, rice and bred. With vegetables of course, never forget your vegetables.

    In my opinion she is a bit neurotic when it comes to food. Does anybody remember her remark on how she felt after eating a Big Mac? Something about feelings really bad because it polluted her clean, organic-food-trained system? I understand the appeal of eating healthy and try to do so myself (vegetables!) but from time to time I also enjoy the fast food that our great, modern society so generously provides.

    Also – my native language isn’t English so here I might be wrong – but isn’t it weird to say I GIVE myself bread? It just sounds so detached, like she really has this completely strict regimen where she “gives” herself her food portions. Like to her eating is not enjoyable but something planned and necessary. I mean I give meat to my cat, but when talking about myself I would always say: I eat meat/bread/whatever.
    The way she phrases it just somehow depersonalizes the whole act of eating. Dear Lord I sound like some food fetishist. I’m not, honest. I just thought the phrase was weird.

    But well, if I had to wear her shoes and was surrounded by photographers day in day out I’d probably also be a bit more concerned about my food.

  16. I was going to comment around the same thing. I’m 5’5″ and 119, I once got down to 112 and I was tiny. She is also toned, no fat, she has to weigh around 125.

  17. I think some people say that because they don’t have the self control when it comes to certain foods. I love carbs and I can eat them in moderation but I have a weakness for other foods.

  18. Um, that’s great and all, but that pic is SUPER photoshopped and I still don’t think she is anywhere near 110-113 nowadays, or recently at all. And I don’t like her figure anyway, but I’m not obligated to. Nothing I said was unkind, just an opinion and something I happened to think that I noticed.

  19. She “looks” taller because her proportions are good but when you look at photos of her next to other people you can see just how tiny she is. And again, that’s not a bad thing, I just thing it’s a shame that most celebrities (if not all) lie about their stats so much.

  20. I think everyone is different, she doesn’t really seem around 110-113 but, who knows, maybe she is. I’m 5’5 and when I was 115 I didn’t look thin, now 16lbs less and I don’t look too skinny, just slim and narrow. Weight isn’t such a great parameter.

  21. Hormones used in in vitro fertilization and ovarian stimulation do not cause long term weight gain. Kindness counts as does factual info. Please don’t propagate urban legends. How do I know? I practice reproductive medicine and have undergone freezing as well. Peace and love JN1976, practice what you preach!

  22. Huh? I wasn’t bringing anything up to “bash her coolness”…wth? Where do you get that from??? …Reaching much?

    I was strictly talking about her weight and using that time frame as a comparison. I don’t know any other movies she was in where I thought she looked 110 lbs. other than that one. Serioulsy, that’s the only one (that I’ve seen) that she looked anywhere near that small in to me. And I stand by it. I don’t think she looks that weight. It’s really not that big of a deal…

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