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On how counting calories is no longer a priority:

‘There were times I had to watch every calorie that went into my body. Doing something like that again… it’s not exactly on the top of my list.’

… said Jennifer in Allure.

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28 thoughts on “Jennifer Garner Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. This ia a stupid yet very typical Hollywood comment to make. First off, if you want to achieve a lean body you have to do two things. Watch what you eat and the portions and you have to workout, yes you have to do cardio too. If you don’t want to monitor your diet than its not as likely you will achieve the body you want. I run, weigh 100-105 and eat like a teenage boy. I do have to follow the 80-20% rule and make sure my main meals are clean and very healthy. Point is, when you don’t train hard you can’t eat like you do. There is no need at all ever to count calories as long as you get the right % of macros in your diet. Your body will tell you when you need more OR less food.

    • Lol, touchy subject? What did those two harmless sentences do to you, to provoke a logorrheic monologue about your personal diet guidelines?

    • Actually watching every calorie you eat causes metabolic issues in the long term. People who are naturally thin don’t have to do this because their bodies self-regulate and it’s possible to teach your body to self-regulate but not if you are always on a diet. Dieting causes Insulin resistance which is at the root of obesity, PCOS, diabetes etc. That’s why so many women go on diets and then balloon up because they’ve screwed their metabolisms. And the ones who don’t I guarantee you are borderline starving themselves to keep from getting run over by their broken metabolism.

    • Kind of. I started watching calories because I didn’t know how many I was introducing in my body everyday. When you have learnt roughly which food is good for your body (and everybody is different) and how to eat properly, you can drop off all the calories thing.

      All of this can seem a little maniac from the outside, but a lot of people (including me before reading about it) don’t actually know what they are eating. It’s not really about portions, but about knowing that maybe if you eat a very healthy pasta, a very healthy quiche and a very healthy potato salad you’re eating too many carbs! (and no, carbs aren’t bad at all, but there are boundaries as for meat and dairy)

    • The most important part of being thinner/leaner is the amount of calories you eat, followed by exercize, followed by macros.

      Unless what you are eating is 90% sugar, macros really don’t matter that much in terms of attaining the body you want. However, macros mean a lot when you consider health; obviously you want to eat a balanced diet.

      Additionally, the old saying “It’s 80% diet, 20% exercise” applies. You can work out regularly all you want but if your diet is bad, then it won’t matter.

      I do think however most people overdo exercise and diet restricting when trying to lose weight. The truth is there is no reason why an average woman shouldn’t be able to eat 1800 calories if exercising regularly without gaining weight. Weight should stay constant at that point.

    • I agree. WHen I was my thinnest I was eating more than ever…never skipped dessert either, it was amazing. Its all about how you train…its quite easy to manipulate the body without starvation if one is patient and consistent. I was only doing 15 mins of cardio a day on average, but an hour of vigorous weight training kept it off and burned calories like crazy.

      • Same here! I am 5’8 and a sprinter. Do hour everyday but I eat all the time and not healthy stuff. When I was trying to watch my diet I ate nothing and was 20 pounds heavier.

  2. I don’t know why but I’ve always really liked her, she seems down to earth and like a good mom. Counting every calorie is really stupid. Well I do know this guy who counts every calorie but he used to be severely obese, lost 200+ lbs and has a medical issue. Jennifer looks good at her current size.

    • Agreed, to me it makes her look more beautiful and for the cover of a beauty magazine it is very appealing to not over photoshop so called “flaws”.

  3. This lady…. she does not seem like a celebrity at all. She is bland bland bland to me. She looks like she should be on a midday housewife talk-show, or reading the 6 O’clock news.

  4. I think she’s exaggerating. It’s impossible to count every calorie, and it’s better to just eat healthy meaning no processed junk!

    The pictures with her daughter are very cute I love children/

  5. I actually like her quote because we know that most celebs do this and it’s refreshing to see one admit to it. Much better than the “I actually eat like a pig, I just have a really good metabolism” line – usually coming from someone clearly underweight who’s never pictured eating anything other than a salad (dressing on the side). I think she looks good but I’ve never found her espectacularly pretty or anything.

  6. That sucks…I would hate to have to count calories…Its pretty easy to have a general idea of how many calories consumed without getting obsessive. ANyways, always preferred to work out hard and eat what I want (within reason) but to each their own.

  7. It’s amazing how little it takes to be considered a “role model” these days. Besides, I have to say that her body looks just as good now as it did when she was “counting every calorie”, so obviously it wasn’t worth it.

  8. She’s still a thin woman. She looks very healthy–skin, hair, body…. And I like how good if a mom and home-maker she us.

  9. Counting every calorie is no way to enjoy life, you can have pre-planned meals which are always the same amount of calories to eat if you need to eat a certain number of calories to lose weight, which is easier than taking strange foods and having to count each time you eat. Easier to follow a plan, if trying to lose. She has always looked good and healthy and strong.

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