Jennifer Garner Brings the Quote of the Day

Jennifer-Garner-Brings-the-Quote-of-the-Day - Jennifer Garner Brings the Quote of the Day

Why she won’t ever pose in a bikini:

“Not enough money in the world, not enough double-sided tape in the world to keep everything in place.” Jen said. “Clothes are great. I feel great,” she laughed.

“If you want to see me in a bathing suit, you can go to season something of Alias and I wore a bathing suit for an episode,” Jen continued. “Go watch that, because that looked good! Now I’m very happy with myself.”

… says Jennifer

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  1. Really? That’s surprising, especially since she mentioned having already done that in Alias, which sounds like she wouldn’t do it again on-screen either. Posing for mags is another thing, but she’s an actress, a lot of films include quite a bit of nudity, even if it isn’t in any shape or form sexual (when you don’t need to look hot hot hot).

    • Meat is muscle, not fat, for friggin’ goodness’ sake, people! She clearly has more muscle than the vast majority of Americans too.

  2. she does look a bit thin, but if it’s from nursing, let’s just leaver her alone. we’ll see.

    i like what she says. she’s right, she shouldn’t pressure herself. she’s a serious actress, she doesn’t need playboy and stuff that makes men crazy, she has a guy already, and children. i wouldn’t want my mum posing in bikinis either, and not just because she could possibly look better in it than i ever will because i don’t care as much about it than her.

    Valentine’s Day way fantastic btw!

    • Lol, she’s a serious actress? Really?

      Well 13 going on 30 was quite Oscar worthy!!!

      She’s really annoying though. But maybe I’m biased. Everyone I know who has met her, thinks she’s a b*tch.

      • Your opinion of a serious actress is far different from mine. I think she’s a serious actress and I don’t think one trivial movie proves otherwise. For example, Sandra Bullock did a string of silly comedies and then decided to focus on dramas and no one says she’s not “serious” just because of Miss Congeniality 2. Even currently, she did All About Steve (a ridiculous movie) and now she’s nominated for an Oscar for The Blind Side. My definition of non-serious actress would be, oh I don’t know…Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Denise Richards… Garner, is definitely a serious actress to me. Once again, just my opinion, but I guess I give the woman a bit more credit than the above doofus broads, who aren’t serious to me.

      • hahaha… I love how you make it sound like you know tons of people that have met her.

        Funny, everyone I’ve READ about has said she’s nice. so whether you’re lying/heavily exaggerating (as I’m positive you are) or not, she comes off as sweet and someone who tries to be nice to everyone. Stop sounding so catty. Seriously.

  3. Love her! She’s a mother, she has children now, she’s 37. I don’t blame her for not wanting to show off her body. She is beautiful, such a class act!

    • it;s called having a high forehead. pretty common among women.

      and it made perfect sense. she’s saying as you get older, stuff starts to sag. hello?

      Heavens, the actually pretty celebrities certainly bring out the cattiness in other women…

  4. After seeing Jennifer Garner in credit card commercials, it would be absurd to consider her a bikini model.
    Point being if you can’t tell she’s good looking, has a Leonine warm personality, has progressed to 37 with
    a family, and expect her to appear as tho an 18 yr old model, then your development has been arrested. Pity
    they don’t take mug shots for that kind of arrest. But then what would be the purpose of seeing mindlessness ?
    Especialy since mindlessness is only another form of blindness. Moral is not to consider 37 yr old actresses
    as bikini models because they go to a public beach. Not everyone is as flush with dinero as Marlon Brando,
    who regarded his privacy so highly he bought an island in Tahiti. Tho I’d wager Jennifer Garner would look
    totaly hot in a bikini there. Le plus le change. le plus la meme.

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