Jennifer Garner Talks Red Carpet Preparations

J-Garner-0-7152013-1 - Jennifer Garner Talks Red Carpet Preparations

On getting ready for the red carpet:

“The red carpet feels like a whole other side of me. What I wear during the day reflects utility. The red carpet is really fun. It’s show business and we’re putting on a show. A lot of people are involved in the styling and my voice is one of the smaller ones in the mix. You should hear the conversations. ‘I think it’s a smoky eye and a simple lip…’ I make fun of everyone for being so invested.”

… says 41 year-old Jennifer in Redbook Magazine.

See candids of her next!


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15 thoughts on “Jennifer Garner Talks Red Carpet Preparations”

  1. I wish magazine covers looked even remotely like the person…it does women a disservice and is a slap in the face at a women’s natural beauty. Ok off my soapbox.

  2. I ment covers, or photo shoots in general. Everyone is starting to look the same with the triple whammy of plastic surgery, Botox and photoshop.

    • They didn’t even do a good job of photo shopping… not only does she not look like herself, but you can see some tummy pooch

  3. I absolutely love her simplicity and beauty. I don’t know if she has had any work done on her face (could be, I can’t really see), she still has one of the most beautiful “doe-eyes”, and lips in Hollywood, eyes dark and deep set like Elle McPherson’s. The couple really do have beautiful daughters as well.

  4. I like the blue dress although it’s made of that clingy fabric that shows a little pooch unless your stomach is very flat. Jennifer is cute. She seems down to earth and like she would be a good mom.

  5. For some reason I never thought that she was beautiful or even strikingly pretty…apart from her appearance I think she’s one of the few grounded celebs in Hollywood and she seems to be a great mother and person to get along with! I like that!

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