Jennifer Lopez Is Not a Fitness “Monster” Anymore

Jennifer-Lopez - Jennifer Lopez Is Not a Fitness "Monster" Anymore

Jennifer Lopez is the cover girl in Allure Magazine and she’s got a thing or two to say about staying in shape:

Has Jennifer Lopez let herself go? Has she sworn off the gym and calorie counting? Of course not – but she has chilled out, now that she’s a 40 year-old mother of twins Emme and Max, 21 months (their dad is her husband Marc Anthony).

“I’m not the monster I used to be in the exercise department,” Lopez says in the January issue of Allure. “You get past your 20s, you’ve got kids – you’re kind of unmotivated.”

The famously curvy singer-actress admits, “You want to be healthy and look good, but you want to do the least amount to maintain that.”

When she does need to hit the red carpet or a performance stage (as she did at November’s AMAs, where she slipped off a male dancer’s sweaty back), the star practices a more vigorous and frequent gym routine. Food-wise, Lopez says she’s a “big portion control person.”

Source: Us Weekly

Her attitude sounds pretty realistic – and I’m with her on the “pro portion control” thing.

See the cover picture after the jump!

Jennifer-Lopez-2 - Jennifer Lopez Is Not a Fitness "Monster" Anymore

52 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Is Not a Fitness “Monster” Anymore”

  1. She’s hot as hell.

    I have no idea what Dragon Tales is, and so does probably 90% of the world, so who cares? Emme is a nice variant of Emma and I know 3 Max’s, so who cares?

      • clever.
        since you’re dumb here it is for you:

        pop USA: 300 000 000
        1/2 pop eur: 731 000 000 * 0.5

        USA + 0.5 EUR/ 6 Bill = 10% of the worlds population.

        Most often people get the reference, but that’s what I get for visiting sites that cater to dumb, vapid girls 🙂

          • Are you for real? Go away nobody likes you?
            Seriously, this is the nice part about the internet is I can go about my business without (for the most part) dealing with stupidity like you. I bet you’re every bit as obnoxious in real life as you are here, luckily I’ll never have to find out:P

            cya next blog!

          • This lady is so so sad.

            I can just imagine of those overweight, middle-aged women, destined for spinster-hood who sadly unleashes all her anger on the world at every chance she gets.

            I mean really, it’s 6 to 1. Just stop and leave. Seriously. I think I speak for everyone on here when I say, YOU are the obnoxious one who has clearly outstayed your welcome.

            And are YOU for real? That’s the second time you’ve just called someone ‘stupid’ without any substantial reasoning…right..

          • Ha ha spinster?
            I bet everything you think I am is what you are… except I’m get to sleep with my boyfriend instead of staying up until 3 eating ice cream and wishing I were thin.

            Must be sad, I really normally don’t waste my time with people like you, but the fact that you’ve created an avatar for me, I so flattered!

            6 to 1? Do you have any real friends aside from people on blogs?

            I’d say you’re the pathetic one.
            And I’ll post whenever I like Thank you! I’ll be sure to post right above your comments when I can 😛

    • lol if you have her booty then i am very very very jealous of you!!
      and she does seem less b—y.

      if only the rest of the world could follow suit… ahem.

      i agree, i like that she’s showing her softer side.

    • Hmmm- well you must be seriously lucky, cause that is really obvious photoshopping! Her ‘Booty’ is often extremely exaggerated in finished pictures- just look at her during the shoot- her thighs are bigger in proportion to her butt, and even with the difference in pose, it wouldn’t stick out as much at all!

  2. Speak for yourself, J-Lo. I’m 33 and no where near being “unmotivated” to stay in shape. Sure, it’s much harder now that I’m not in my 20s but I certainly haven’t given up or slacked off in order to spend less time looking good.
    And if anything, since she’s trying to attach getting older to changing habits, how about she stops DRESSING like a 20 year old? I don’t need to see that much of her anymore. Blah..

    • Dr.Truth I agree with you 110%. I am 25 years old and I am very much into staying in shape, so I try to watch what i eat and I exercise about 4-5 times a week. But it pisses me off so much when my friends say ‘wait til you get to 30’ or ‘have children’ as if there is some unwritten rule that you should give up on your body when you are no longer a member of the 20s club or when you become a mom. I’m glad to see you’re committed to proving people like those wrong.

      • Are either of you moms? I have a 3 year old. I am in my 20’s, I work, and am in college. The 3 year old is 3 times the work of college and work combined! I used to be obsessed with working out, but after having a child my perspective on everything has changed. You see the more important things; these outweigh looking “hot”. Yes, it is important to take care of yourself, but your mindset changes a little. I think that is what Jlo is trying to convey. Jlo has a taxing career and twins! Other woman have more than 2 kids and I don’t know how they do it, but I guess you adapt.

        • OH…I also wanted to say that, I too, want to do “the least amount” to maintain looking good and being healthy. When you have a child you have to adapt and have balance. I think Jlo is also talking about being balanced.

        • but j-lo’s situation isn’t exactly comparable to the average mother’s. She’s able to afford 24/7 nannies (I’m not saying she DOES but just an example).

  3. “I’m not the monster I used to be in the exercise department,” Lopez says in the January issue of Allure. “You get past your 20s, you’ve got kids…you’re kind of unmotivated.”

    Where does she say she doesn’t exercise anymore Dr. Truth?
    Talk about twisting what the girl said lol!

  4. i think she means, she doesn’t exercise AS much as she used to…
    i think she has a very good attitude about things.. i dont think Jlo means she’s unmotivated to exercise, just that she’s more motivated to do other things, ex. spend time with her children… she obviously has been working out, it’s clear in her body + necessary to do her dance routines… good for her for doing it at her own pace and not hollywood’s demands 🙂

  5. Well good for her. I don’t think anyone should swear off working out unless they have a vigorous lifestyle, but I don’t think you need to hit the gym like a “monster” to maintain health either. Moderation is key.

    By the way, I can’t believe she’s 40. I was under the impression she was way younger!

  6. Jlos booty is real! it just depends on her position!!!!
    My a– sometimes looks big, and somtimes medium lol…….
    does thi make any sence hahaha

    • i agree with you. she’s always been known for having a big booty, even wayyyyyyy before Photoshop was ever invented back in the early 90s, she was known for her “assets”

      • well photoshop was invented in 1987 and i’m pretty sure there were some ways to alter the photos before that too, but other than that i agree. Her booty pops out more when she contracts the muscles, stands a certain way etc, the same as for everyone else, but i think her behind looks quite voluptious in basically all the pics taken of her..

        • You are all getting on my nerves. i said that is not her BODY not booty; her a– is huge, your link proves that, not that it looks like in the picture. Sometimes i feel that walls are way more comprehensive than some people on this site.

          • Uma, there you are again insulting people who have a different opinion or one that counters yours. Maybe take a look at the title of this blog and follow suite.

            Maybe the reason people end up turning this site into a giant cat fight is because no one sticks to the topics..

            And if you asked lp23, she’d probably answer that arguing with you is like trying to have a discussion with a kitchen table 😛

          • A: at least you could have read the entire thing, but fine, sorry for having the nerve to say this picture is photoshoped. Geeze, people 😐

    • I think part of it was that she was a different shape than a lot of other people at the time.. she was very.. LATIN! She has a very curvy body, but somehow strong, femenine, without HUGE boobs, and athletic, all blended in one. It kind of shook up the usual.

      Not saying hers is the best, just different 😛

  7. Well no matter what other women say, JLo has a big round butt with somehow narrow waist and a big curve below her gluteus…yeah it makes women jealous trying to deny her curves, but they are real LOL

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