Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues the Pear-Ass Story

FP_3891646_RIJ_THIS_IS_IT_102709 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues the Pear-Ass Story

Remember this little story?

Part 1:

“The first time Jamie saw me with nothing on was special and I wanted to look hot. I had all my hair pulled over one shoulder off my back,” she said. “When Jamie saw me, he said, ‘Hey, pear ass!’”

Part 2 is right here (from US Weekly):

Jennifer Love Hewitt – who was famously mocked for looking fuller-figured in a bikini in 2007 – says she almost dumped her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy when he called her “pear ass.”

“We had a rough patch in the beginning because the first time we went on vacation, I was going to be in a bikini, and I was very nervous,” she said Tuesday on the late-night TBS talk show Lopez Tonight.

“I heard him coming down the hall, so I got in the cute bikini position.

“And he goes, ‘Hey, my little pear ass.’ “I said, ‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’”

Hewitt, 30, then explained to Lopez that the remark wasn’t a compliment. “Have you ever seen a pear?” she asked. “It starts thin, it gets fat and it never gets thin again. It’s not cute. It’s not a cute fruit.”

She said they’ve since “worked it out” and now “we’ve embraced the pear.”

Kennedy “didn’t mean” the remark in a mean way, she added. Said Hewitt, “He thought it was a compliment, I think.”

Would you get upset to hear such a fruity comment from your boyfriend / husband?

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72 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues the Pear-Ass Story”

  1. Um, RUDE. Pear shape does not equal fat… just look at tiny Leighton Meister who is most definitely a pear. I wouldn’t call 32-24-36 fat. And how is “It’s not cute. It’s not a cute fruit.” a compliment??

    • Her boyfriend meant “pear ass” as a compliment, as he enjoyed her shape, but Jennifer said “It’s not cute. It’s not a cute fruit” because she doesn’t like being pear-shaped, I guess.

  2. Guys are always like that. They’ll say you have too big this, too little this…and they mean it in either a positive or neutral way, not a negative way. You just have to remember that they don’t understand that some of those remarks are rude, and forgive and forget. Or at least tell them so they don’t keep making the same mistake. Imagine hearing “pear ass” every time you put on a bikini? 😛

    • Really? Cause none of my boyfriends have ever said I had to big anything or to little of something… I have heard remarks from people that have unintentionally hurt me but never ever from a guy I’ve been dating. I cannot remember my boyfriend ever saying anything hurtful about my body or face.

      “Pear ass” doesn’t SOUND good, but I think he meant it as a compliment or he was being playful or something. I’m pretty sure he loves her ass, and if he doesn’t then he can go date someone else, women already criticize enough their own bodies, that’s why men have to adore their girl’s body. Women come in different shapes an sizes, there is no reason for him to go out with a pear shape if he doesn’t like it.

      • Okay maybe not all guys. 😛 But I’ve had several incidents like that. For example, one of my ex boyfriends would tell me something like, “Your legs are so tiny!” which I would interpret as “Your legs are TOO tiny,” and get offended. What he actually meant was “Your legs are so tiny, I like them!”

        I’ve found that generally, men aren’t nearly as picky about women’s bodies as women are. The same man can like both skinny and big women, flat chested and DD’s. So like you said, if a man didn’t like something, then he would go find someone else.

        • what you said about guys is totally true. My boyfriend keeps doing that ”mistake” which usually turns out in me getting offended by his remarks.I’m sure Jennifer’s boyfriend didn’t say that to hurt her feelings- probably her a– was sth he liked about her!

        • You are absolutely right about guys They don’t really see flaws that we see. They like almost all women out there, skinny, curvy, tall, short. Thank God for that 🙂

          • True. They aren’t as picky about us as we are about ourselves. They do say some stupid s*** sometimes though. Seriously, I’ve been married 9 years and my husband has said some truly dumb things.

        • Her story made me laugh so hard! Pear a– is sooo rude but I guess I could see how a guy might think it’s a compliment. I remember getting mad at a guy when I took my shirt off he said “wow you’re losing weight, you’re getting really thin.” I obviously assumed that meant I am not thin yet and I need to lose more weight because I am so ff—ing fat. Apparently that’s not what he meant? Go figure.

    • my ex-boyfriend always use to say my thighs were too thin.i hated when her said that.i think men should think before they speak.

  3. My husband knows better than to comment on my weight. But apparently the rest of me is free game :-D. We always tease each other about stuff though.

    Anyways, I think she looks great and definitely lost even more weight.

  4. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t. I mean, I poke fun at the faults in my body myself. And I tend to think that people who like you (ie-your boyfriends, friends) wouldn’t purposely insult you. Perhaps she was being a bit oversensitive, especially for someone who supposedly was so happy with her bigger (but not big) body.

  5. I don’t know, I guess I really wouldn’t care, cosnidering I know what he’s probably meaning if he says “pear ass”. You look at a pear, and just as Jennifer says, it starts small and goes big. OK, now equate that to the female form: where the pear starts small would be torso/waist. Nothing wrong with having a small waist, right ladies? And then it goes down into a bigger and rounder shape, BUT, it’s not saggy or anything, so now you have a slim waist with a bigger yet rounded, shapely, firm, unsaggy hip and bum. What’s wrong with that? Not a darn thin, IMHO. And when a guy that’s dating you says something like that, he is most likely NOT saying it as an insult, he is admiring you and giving it to you in guy speak. And since my husband keeps telling me that guys are fairly simple(not in a stupid sense, but in a non-complicated sense), they will say what they are thinking in a plain and straight forward way. Maybe instead of trying to make guys more “complicated”, why don’t we ladies try to get less complicated? Trust me, life(especially with your significant other 😛 ) is much easier and less contentious that way.

    But considering the *beep* that was thrown at her about her butt a couple of years ago, I can understand why she felt insulted by it at first, but at least now she knows he wasn’t meaning to insult her 😀

    • “why don’t we ladies try to get less complicated?”

      Haha definitely agree with you there, I am learning to “think like a guy” in a sense and stop reading into everything, and just takes things as they are. Sometimes I can overcomplicate things that don’t need to be complicated in the first place! ha ha

      • Yup 😀 A perfect example is it took me a long time to realize that if I asked my husband “What are you thinking about?” and he says “Nothing.”, he really means he’s not thinking about anything, or at least he’s not thinking about anything important or special. I used to think he meant he just didn’t want to talk, so he would say “Nothing” to avoid a conversation 😛

    • it doesn’t matter if he wasn’t trying to insult her. He did. And if ANYONE said that to me, I would be extremely offended. Guys aren’t a COMPLETELY different species. They aren’t allowed to call people names just because they aren’t a “sweet and sensitive” girl.

      • No, guys aren’t a completely different species, BUT they do think completely differently than what women do. Why would you be offended? It wasn’t an offensive remark, it was a descriptive remark. Why can’t we women learn how men think, and not just expect them to always know how we think?

        • I feel like the burden always falls on women. We have to figure out how men think, we have to understand what they mean, we have to try not to read too much into what they say… and the list goes on.

          And they just get to be men and say what they want. If we are offended, we are too sensitive. Women are always labeled as complicated, hard to figure out (so that releases men from the burden of even trying to figure us out).

          No, my husband has to make just as much of an effort (maybe sometimes more) to figure me out/learn how I think and all that. We always make excuses for men and try to adapt to what they might mean or how they think.

          • Thank you!!!!! Some women read those books about how men think and how to get a man by getting in his head blah blah blah. I’ve yet to see a guy pick up one of those books. It’s irritating that we have to always be the ones that need to understand men. What about men understanding women??

            And FYI men are not simple. They have feelings, insecurities…baggage! and aren’t any less complicated than women. Just look at how we have to tiptoe around their egos and have to try to figure out how to put certain things to them in order to not hurt their egos.

          • I’m sorry, but I wasn’t meaning we should ALWAYS work to figure out men and men shouldn’t work to figure us out. But from what I was reading on here, it prompted me to wonder, if we women were actually making an effort to figure guys out, would we see so many offended women? I don’t think we would. I don’t read a lot of mags like Cosmo or Glamour, but in the ones I have read, I’ve seen more articles telling women on how to help their guys to understand them then I’ve ever seen articles telling women how to understand their men. I was just getting the feeling that people are under the impression that men should be the ones making the most effort in this particular case, that’s why I said what I did. All these other women are automatically pissed and offended at Jamie, but why? He commented on her ass, which she was showing off to him. He may not have picked the best descriptive word to use, but it wasn’t offensive, in the way he meant it, or even the word itself. Using the word “pear” as a way to describe someone’s shape isn’t an offensive way to describe their shape, is it? I never thought it was, but I guess there are exceptions, I just know that I wouldn’t automatically be offended at someone calling me a pear ass, especially if that someone was my partner. If I was feeling a bit “iffy” about it, I would ask, but generally speaking, I would probably know he meant it as a compliment because I’ve gotten to know men a lot better as I age 😛

            @Just Me:

            Actually, they guys I know are more offended if I try to find a sugar coated way of putting things to spare their ego than if I were to just plainly state what I needed to say 😛 I know guys aren’t 100% simple, but they are a bit more simple than women, at least the ones I’ve known 😛

            I think my whole problem here is that I didn’t clearly state that I was just stating my opinion on the matter and not trying to lay down an absolute truth and what not. For that I do apologize.

          • I was dating guys with huge and fragile egos for years (not on purpose of course). Then I decided that I needed to date someone who was not my type…and that’s how I met my husband :-).

          • sam and just me. i completely agree! it really annoys me! the whole ‘men are from mars and women are from venus’ stuff also really annoys me. i feel it gives men more excuses and women have to ‘work around’ that. there are two major flaws in that.
            1) it gives men excuses and makes women have to do all or most of the work. they have to ‘allow’ for things because he is a male. yet the same behaviour is not acceptable from women. AND men dont have to allow for women’s behaviour.
            2) it assumes men are dumb creatures that cant control themselves and have no power as to who they are and what they do/ say. they are purely just ‘men’. as a whole. not an individual person

        • NO ONE thinks alike. I know a guys who would NEVER say something like that to anyone because they know it’s an insult. Duh. It’s obvious that this is not an endearing name to give someone. Come on. Pear-ass? What was he thinking? Everyone thinks and acts differently. In this case, this guy acts and thinks like a douche. Just like some girls act like douches.

          • fluff…(sorry my computer slow and wont let me scroll back up with out reloading to memorise the rest of your name)…my comment i just posted wasnt aimed at you =o) i didnt read your comments and i actually didnt read sams or justme’s comments properly…i just skimmed and got the gist and then wanted to say my point =o) so please dont think i was having a go at you! i agree with your last comment

    • I would take it as a compliment for the reasons you posted. I also would have interpreted it as saying I have a nice slim upper body and then curvy hips and round bum. Then again, as you’ve also said, she had a lot of criticism about her shape before so it is understandable that she first got upset.

      • and some men are just insensitive! my ex always said my a– was too big and he liked skinny ones (i am size 8, 36,23,35 5’3 115lbs). apparently that is a ‘realistic, attainable figue’ that is not starved to look hot but is just natural. its not a compliment when they tell you. ‘that is not what i really like, but i realised that my ideal is unrealistic for you’

        • @sambywam: (because we’ve overtaxed that thread up there 😀 )
          **and some men are just insensitive! my ex always said my a– was too big and he liked skinny ones (i am size 8, 36,23,35 5′3 115lbs). apparently that is a ‘realistic, attainable figue’ that is not starved to look hot but is just natural. its not a compliment when they tell you. ‘that is not what i really like, but i realised that my ideal is unrealistic for you’**

          Yea, that is very insensitive(and probably part of why he’s an ex 😛 ). I’ve always wondered why someone would date someone that doesn’t fit their preferences and they can’t “compromise” their preferences to fit who their dating instead of trying to make who they’re dating fit what they like, I guess it’s a control thing. My hubby is a breast man. When he met me I wasn’t anywhere near what a breast man would like 😛 But I had a nice butt, and he says he didn’t even realize he liked butts too until he met me 😀 I actually never knew he was into bigger breasts until I found his adult mag stash. That was quite a shock, I never knew breasts could be that big naturally LOL But he never once made me feel that I wasn’t up to par for him. Granted, he has done and said things that have made me feel bad(just as I have to him), but he’s learned how I think and to treat me, just as I’ve learned how he thinks and how to treat him.

  6. My current boyfriend sometimes comments on my body but he never means them maliciously because he thinks what he says is so ridiculous I would be able to figure out that it’s a joke. But I can’t. I’ve suffered from an ED before and I can’t see my own body objectively. I’ve got rather thin arms and a bony chest but a little soft poochy tummy, no hips and normal legs. His comments will range from “buddha belly” to “snake arms” and “plumpy” to “stick”. He doesn’t get why I get offended at his words. He’ll be like, “But you’re obviously not fat and your tummy is way flatter than an airport runway! Can’t you tell it’s a joke?” And I will always tell him, “It starts with words. Even if you joke about it, if I don’t stop you, you’ll keep saying it till you and I believe it!”

    • agree that’s rude especially “budha belly”
      dad is calling me all kind of names about parts of my face or things i do…i get pissed like hell even @ him not talking about a bf..that would be tragic lol

    • Those things do sound offensive, joking or not. I don’t have a history of an ED, but I’d be offended if my husband talked to me that way. My husband and I joke around with each other A LOT, but never about physical attributes or personality flaws.

    • I really hate it when people say something rude but can’t understand why you get upset because they mean’t it as a joke.

      I find the jokes more hurtful than something said out of malice.There is usually frustration and anger (due to something you’d done) when someone lashes out at you but I don’t want someone to make a joke out of my appearance – that’s worse.

    • And on the other side of the spectrum, we have Jo’s boyfriend. He didn’t make a one time gaffe like Jamie did, he’s keeping it up. Now for this, I would be offended too, and can completely see why it is offensive. Your man is being a *beep*. He knows that his jokes are hurtful to you, even if he didn’t originally mean for them to be malicious they are now because he keeps them up even after he knows their affect on you. Sweetie, you don’t need that. I can only hope that things will go better for you in the future. Don’t take it if he keeps it up.

    • ok, seriously, boyfriends should only give compliments. What your boyfriend says sounds way worse than the pear thing…there is just no way to take it nicely…snake arms sounds like your some kind of medusa monster…and stick and buddah are quite hurtful, depending on what size you are.

      I would start doing the same to him, guys also have insecurities… there is balding, there is lack of abs, there is ugly nose…whatever it is, I’m sure he has something….and if not, there is always one thing they are all worried about… Anyway, I guess this isn’t the best advice, but it’s what I would do. At least you should talk to him about it.

    • Wow your boyfriend’s comments are much worse than a one-time comment of pear-ass. Especially if you told him it hurts your feelings and keeps saying things like that. If he knows you’ve had an eating disorder he must be doing it maliciously to lower your self esteem. Either that or he is extremely retarded. Either way I wouldn’t stay with a guy like that.

  7. I don’t know…the guy sounds like a jerk. What planet does he live on if he doesn’t know that JLH has been criticized extensively for her figure and especially her butt; that NO woman likes to be called “pear ass,” that you don’t comment on people’s bodies when you’re first getting to know them; and that it’s not okay to address someone as “ass” (pear or otherwise) until you’ve been in the relationship long enough that you know the other person will think it’s funny or endearing instead of offensive and macho?

    He sounds like one of those rude people that don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.

  8. guys just dont really know what makes us feel bad. my man once said something about my ‘junk’ and my big ol booty and i felt so horrible! so i said something and he felt really bad. he apologized and said that he only teased me about it cuz he loved it so much. yeah, it was the wrong way to show it, but the sentiment was the right one. so just embrace it! though i know it’s easier to say that than actually do it i’m learning to like my ‘junk’ cuz if he likes it, maybe i shouldn’t beat myself up about it either.

  9. oh god she should be thankfull she has an ass!
    but lol ive never heard of “pear” ive only heard of orange and apples, atleast from the guys i hang out with, they would put me under “orange”, but apple is the goal…so it seems

  10. Well I call my bf “bubble butt” and he calls me “chicken butt.” But neither of us is offended, we just laugh.

    Although, to be honest, I would not want to be called “pear butt” or “saggy butt.”

  11. I think he wants her to overcome her insecurities.
    My bf does that too.
    It doesn’t really work that way, unfortunately 🙂

    Btw. I love her. I think she is cute and pretty and she seems really nice

  12. Men just don’t get it…I used to be heavier but began exercising and lost weight. My husband told me, and I quote “Your Butt’s not at big as it used to be”. In guy languange, it was a total compliment; just said the wrong way from a female point of view. I can laugh about it now, but back then, it wasn’t quite so funny.

  13. thing is, girls will get offeded by this tipe of comments only if they’re already sensitive and concerned about certain body parts, e.g. jlh get offended because she didn’t really like the shape/size of her butt in the first place, maybe some other girl woudn’t have been offended because she was aware of her a– being a pear and either she liked it or she didn’t care much..
    boys have to understand that we have insecurities most of the times and they should try to be sensitive about certain body parts they know we don’t like..her bf for example probably meant it in a cute way but he should have known her issues about that and certainly not comment on it during the beginning of a relationship!
    other than that i think it’s stupid being too offended if someone says the truth without being’s just immature imo

  14. I love the fact that she shares these things, so other people can hear that she too was nervous about being in nothing infront of her boyfriend lol

    yeah, i would be pissed if he said it like that.

  15. I dont actually think “pear ass” -thing was so bad. Much nicer than calling someone apple-tummy. I would take pear ass-comment as a hmm.. wierd way to say I am curvy, and he likes it. But since Jennifer has been criticised a lot for her butt, I get why she didnt take it as a nice way.

  16. I have a curvy butt which my boyfriend loves, but he still tells me to “move my fat ass” in a playful way. I know he loves it, so it doesn’t matter. She’s taking herself (And her ass) waaaaay too seriously.

  17. I can’t imagine my husband saying that to me. And I can’t imagine saying something like that to him. Maybe “sweet ass”, but not “pear ass”.

    She obviously is basing a lot of her self worth on his opinion of her body, if she is staging all sorts of poses for when he sees her bod. So he must know this is important to her. It makes me think he is subtly cutting her down on purpose. That’s crap. Find someone who says “sweet ass”, Jennifer.

    • i think you just described my ex. at least i like to think he was cutting me down because he was insecure (he def was especialkly at 5’6 and 125lbs- thats his weight). but still, its hard to not feel bad about yourself when they say stuff like that! i wasnt used to someone being so critical of me…especially a man! i guess thats the same for her. she is used to being a goddess in the media (apart from the last 2 years), and everything was always about her body in the media etc. its sad really

      • Of course that would make you feel bad. Someone who’s supposed to be on your side, taking jabs at you? trampling on your vulnerability? Forget it. Your man is supposed to protect you, not make you feel insecure. I know my husband has my back, I know he is not going to try and sabotage me. Which is probably why I bristle at high school crap like this Jamie guy is dishing out, instead of excuse it as joking or whatever.

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