Jessica Alba in a Bikini – Then (10 Years Ago) & Now

jessica-alba-bikini-body-transformation - Jessica Alba in a Bikini - Then (10 Years Ago) & Now

Left: 25 year-old Jessica Alba, looking thin and toned in a two-piece back in 2006.

Right: 10 years and 2 kids later, Jessica still looks amazing in a bikini, only now she is very fond of pineapple patterns instead of black and white zebra prints.

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24 thoughts on “Jessica Alba in a Bikini – Then (10 Years Ago) & Now”

  1. Her body back then was absolute perfection (and we can’t even see her perfect butt here). She still looks hot now, especially after 2 kids!

      • Not really, it would still look relatively slimmer depending on your shape. Has more to with genetics and where you tend to deposit fat and your bone structure than ab workouts. If you exclusively targeted the obliques using more than just body weight for months and months, maybe. But these women are doing routines created by trainers who know what they’re doing–they’re not exclusively targeting sides and they’re definitely not doing workouts that build a lot of bulk. Nothing wrong with either approach, but most actresses and models do not want to add a lot of “bulky” muscle.

        • No many personal trainers eve for celebreties are s—ty. Plus I think many women wanna do abs so their trainers dont say no. Remeber how britney used to have the perfect waist then she did lots of crunches and she got all boxy? After these thin celebs have babys they always do abs. Especiallly vs models and then they start to look boxy

          • I suspect it’s hormonal changes making women look boxier after pregnancy. I know menopausal women have a lot of hormonal changes and as a result their weight is distributed differently.

            My mom is perfect example of a pear and her waist did not thicken despite hitting the gym pretty hard to tighten up her abs after I was born. It has more to do with genetics. I think a lot of the models are too thin and if they put on healthy weight, their waists would not look so extreme to begin with. When I was underweight, my figure was much more hourglass-y but when I’m at a healthy weight, I look more athletic–instead of a 12-inch difference I have a 10 inch difference between hips/waist–enough for some definition but not extreme, whereas my mom even when she gains weight has a much more extreme difference than me.

      • well I think it is.If you workout a group of muscle properly and regularly they are gonna grow bigger.If you do squat,especially combined with weight lifts,you’ll get your glutes bigger.Then why wouldn’t your oblique muscles grow bigger and create a straighter look if you target them long enough?Sure it has a lot to do with your body shape,but then let’s not forget workout can change your body in drastic ways.Well in her(Jes.Alba) case,she doesn’t seem super ripped so I think it’s more likely due to having two kids and gaining a bit of weight than intense workout.

  2. For some reason I throught my she aged not as well than these photos let on, but she looks beyond great here. She looks great for 26, let alone 36; especially for being a mother of two. Did she adopt?

  3. I remember when she was popular back then, the media was trying to convince everyone that she had the most enviable body. Didn’t see it then & don’t see it now. Just plain average & she looks like the type who restricts & works out like crazy to maintain her size. Funny how models get all the flack for being unnaturally thin when I see it more in actresses. A little more weight here; the waist widening after birth thing is exaggerated I think.

    • agree times a million.
      that being said i think her face was enviable back in 2006, her lips were very naturally plump. waht happened to them? she looks like she morphed into a white woman. not that white women are ugly, i jsut mean she looked very “Ethnic” before

  4. She looks great,her waist isn’t as cinched in anymore but that’s probably from having two children,am I the only one who thinks she got small implants recently?

  5. horrendous actress (and goop wannabe) but dang–girl know how to take care of her body. sure, there’s a slight difference in fat distribution that comes naturally with being a mommy but not many mommys rock this kind of a body. kudos.

  6. Her frame looks a lot more petite before? Boxier now… assuming from the pregnancies. Even having children though… would not have guessed, quite incredible. She looks great both then and now in my opinion. Brownie points for ditching the belly piercing, lol. I prefer this body type. Slim and soft, not too bulky or athletic looking.

  7. She looks great now, especially at 35 & being a mom of 2. But I didn’t realize how much more nipped-in her waist used to be.

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