Jessica Alba Loves Her Stretch Marks, Sagging Boobs and Cellulite

Jessica Alba Loves Her Stretch Marks, Sagging Boobs and Cellulite 1

Hmm… should we believe her? Let’s hear out the context:

From Self Magazine:

On her post-baby body: “Even though some might consider them a flaw, I’ve learned to love my stretch marks. Pregnancy was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. So I’ll take the stretch marks. I’ll take the sagging boobs. I’ll take the cellulite I can never get rid of. If you walk around with your head held high and you’re happy and positive, then all that other stuff is irrelevant. Confidence is number one.”

On her anti-diet stance: “Diets are for the birds. I think you have to eat in a way that makes you feel your best. I include a lot of vegetables and lean protein and fruit and grains in my diet. I’m not a big workout person. Every single day, I tell my girlfriends we’re starting a regimen. And then it’s, like, ‘Want to get dinner? Want a glass of wine?’”

What do you guys think?

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120 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Loves Her Stretch Marks, Sagging Boobs and Cellulite”

    • She’s absolutely full of s—! She starves herself, doesn’t she? I thought I read that somewhere. She also restricts her baby’s food. She’s insane!

        • I technically agree with her about the “no dieting”. If you make healthy eating a LIFESTYLE then you never diet. My friends laugh at me and say that I am “always dieting”, when really I am just eating normal and healthy like I do every single day – which I plan to keep up for the rest of my life.

          As for her “not exercising” though… I don’t believe her, unfortunately… I am actually really disappointed because I think it’s great for a woman to admit she works hard to stay healthy. But she is probably just trying to avoid body criticism, which only backfires because now she is a “liar”. So I don’t know…

          • i believe that she doesn’t work out much. when you never eat, you don’t really have to work out. seems like thats her method

          • Why would that be her method? Just because she… I don’t know… EATS CLEAN FOOD?!?! Hello, if you eat healthy and are disciplined with clean eating, you can maintain a low body fat percentage just as Jessica does. It’s no secret, there is no magic, ANYONE can do it. I DO IT. Given that you workout hard and intense, which she also CLEARLY does. But she is choosing not to admit it…

          • maybe i should clarify. i didn’t mean that she literally NEVER eats. she doesn’t eat much. clean food or not. i would put money on it

          • I agree with you Alias. I dont think she starves herself by eating good food. She has always been smaller. She’s never been larger than she is now. I’ve never heard of her starving her baby… where is all this coming from?

          • I do believe she doesn’t exercise, when you don’t, it is easier to keep a low calorie diet (which of couse can be a healthy one).

          • Aw , I don’t know . I really don’t like to judge but what she said is a leeeettle contradictory with what she used to tell the press pre pregnancy.

            Didn’t she used to be one of the most rigorous sports fanatics in hollywood – working out nearly every single day ? I’m a little sad to hear that she seems to have a more unhealthy aproach now. Because what could she do to stay as skinny as she is with out sports – she most definatley is not naturally that skinny. Wasn’t she always complaining that her whole family is overweight and that she started her first diet at age 13 ?
            Then again I once heard Kirsch ( that trainer guy ) say that most celebrities downplay theire exercise routine a lot when talking to the media – even though I can’t fanthom what use it is to them other then totally confusing young girls.

            Well anyway, She still is a beauty and I doubt her cellulite and sagging b❆❆bs are that severe. I hope she is happy and can enjoy those first few years with her baby girl without having to worry about putting on a pound or two. But at least the message she’s trying to send is a good one.

        • Don’t understand why some celebs just can’t tell the truth about their weight and eating habits… If you have a body like Jessica’s it’s ridiculous to say this “I don’t workout” or “I eat whatever I want”-stuff, nobody believes that… I think she doesn’t like the criticism of her weight-loss and that “anti-sugar-thing” etc.. now she wants everyone to believe that she doesn’t care about extra-pounds and cellulite… Sure Jessica, we can see that…

    • Totally! She really irritates me for some reason. She’s harped on for ages about how much she works out and how she really has to restrict her diet because like someone said her whole family are overweight and blah blah BLAH….. Why bother changing your tune now Jess????

  1. I just feel like she doesn’t have any of that very badly so it is easy for her to say it! She doesn’t have sagging breasts that is for sure. When we saw her in a bikini I saw no visible stretch marks and very little cellulite! I probably have more than her and I have not had a child! I guess what she is saying is good though that confidence is number one and you have to stay positive. Aside from that she looks great! I have always thought she was extremely beautiful. I sat near her at a Laker game a few weeks ago and she had no makeup on at all and looked AMAZING and was very smiley and happy looking with her husband. I think she is one of the most naturally beautiful celebrities.

  2. I’m not sure I believe her either. The thing is, she’s very thin. Not in the same way as she used to be (thin and toned), but just really, really thin. Unnaturally so, especially after having a baby. And then there are, of course, the stories of her being incredibly afraid of becoming obese, like some of her family members are. I don’t know if those are true, but at any rate, I would say that she has a very strict and very limited diet, because she wants it that way. And the fact that she considers this normal (how many times has she stated that she “just eats healthy”?), indicates that her relationship with food might not be all that natural, or even good for her. I’m not saying that how it is, but from my experience, I’d say: maybe not so healthy after all.

          • all members are allowed to have their say.

            the point you’re missing, heather, is she acts like she doesn’t need to work for her figure – like she doesn’t restrict calories or exercise much. We all know better though since it’s in her genes to be overweight.
            she tries to make out as if she’s naturally thin.
            no-one likes a liar, and i think that’s what irritates people.

          • Yeah, she irritates me. It’s not that she’s supposed to be overweight or anything, it’s just that it’s more likely to be overweight than how thin she is at the moment. And when she says she doesn’t have to work on her figure, or slags of her “imperfections”, she seems so fake in my opinion….
            I don’t know, she just seems awfully underweight for someone who eats “so healthily”……

      • *I know you are asking this of Sara, and I’m not answering for her, only putting out my opinion to your questions too*

        “Whats the problem with being thin but not naturally thin?”

        Because to be thin when you aren’t naturally thin, you are probably doing drastic, and potentially unhealthy things to be thin.

        “So if you have a tendency of being fat you should just accept it?”

        Yes, actually, especially if you are eating healthy, getting a decent amount of exercise, and have over all good physical health, it really doesn’t matter if you are thin, slim, medium, or fat, it is healthier over all to accept your body for what it is and keep it healthy instead of fighting it and making it what it isn’t supposed to be.

        • I strongly disagree with you. I am not naturally thin, I’ve always been chubbie but healthy. Now, I am just think and still very healthy. I think that you should go after what you want and make and effort, just accepting being fat seems lazy to me, and I hate when people say things like: “I’m not against thin people, but only if they are NATURALLY thin.” I think Jessica Alba is totally right when it comes to her taking care of her body, if she doesn’t want to be like the obese members of her family she’s just doing what she has to do.

          • I apologize for not wording that better, I was not meaning it to seem like I was telling people to just accept being fat, I was trying to tell people that if they are healthy and fat, they can/should accept it, it’s healthier over all to be that way, there isn’t anything wrong with accepting yourself if you happen to be outside of the “ideal”, instead of hating yourself and making yourself what you’re not. I’d much rather a person be fat(or thin), healthy, and happy, as opposed to them hating their natural shape and hurting themselves to try and be “ideal”.

            If you are healthy either way, you’re not really fighting your body to make it what you want, now are you? If you are maintaining your current size in a healthy manner, you aren’t the type of person I was aiming that comment at. If you like and accept your body at either your bigger(but healthy) size, and like and accept your body at your smaller(but healthy) size, I don’t see what the problem is. But don’t assume that a woman that likes, accepts, and maintains a larger figure in a healthy way is “lazy”, that’s kind of insulting, don’t you think?

            When I say something like “I’m not against thin people, but only if they are naturally thin.” what I mean is that I don’t see anything wrong with naturally smaller people, but I see a lot of things wrong with a woman trying to make herself thin when she shouldn’t be, because she is risking her health(physical and mental) by fighting her body and not accepting herself for what she is, and trying to force herself to be what she isn’t. How healthy can a person be if they are forcing themself to be a certain body shape/size that isn’t natural to them? And why should I feel bad for feeling that way? I’d rather be “fat and happy but unacceptable” than be “thin and miserable but acceptable”. Ideally though, I’d much rather be healthy, no matter what that size is, and not give two shakes whether I am acceptable or not, because I am the only one whose feelings and opinions matter when it comes to this(well, my husband’s feelings and opinions matter too, but he likes me no matter what 😛 ), and it is too frustrating, and can be unhealthy, to try and fit into what other people find acceptable. If you’re healthy, why does it matter if a person likes thin but only naturally thin? If a person is healthy, why does it matter if they seem “lazy” if they are bigger?

            My personal *aesthetic* preference is for a fuller figured woman, but I don’t want a woman to be unhealthy and full figured because that’s what I like and she thinks she should fit what other people like instead of what she is. And I can only hope that the people that have a personal *aesthetic* preference for slimmer figured women would feel the same way, not wanting a woman to be unhealthy to fit what they like.

          • Well, I slimmed down 17 pounds, I were healthy and I still am, but I like myself much more now, altough, I work out six days a week and I don’t eat any kind of industrialyzed (I don’t know if the spelling is correct cause I am not a native speaker, sorry) sugar and also I don’t eat nothing that’s frie or fast food. It takes an efford from me, but I think it worth.

          • BTW, I do agree with you, if a person doesn’t want to be fat, then they should do what makes them happy, but I can only hope that they are healthy too. Hope that makes sense 😛

        • how do you determine someone to be naturally thin? especially somone you don’t know, have never spent the day with to know what they eat, or how much exercise they do.

          • that’s a point. But anyway, I was talking about myself. I don’t know if Jessica is naturally thin, she has been thin since I’ve “known” her (known here means, seen her in movies, pics, etc), but judging by her family, she might not be naturally thin either.

          • Eh, all I can really go on is what they look like, and I admit that since I’m not a doctor or anything like that, it’s all subjective and based on an emotional response 😛 If I look at a person and I’m not initially shocked by their appearance, I may think they are naturally thin. If I am shocked by their appearance, I may assume they are too thin.

  3. The only “restricting” I’ve heard her do on her baby is restricting her to healthy foods, which is a great idea considering all the crap that’s out there to give kids diabetes and childhood problems, and all the parents who, after letting their kids indulge in nonsense, then scream, “Oh why does my kid have X or Y, or behave hyperactive!” If I remember correctly, she said that her kid doesn’t even know what some of those other juices and fruit juices are. She’s like, “Yay! Cucumber juice!” Hell, at least she’ll grow up healthy. Fruits are nature’s candy, anyway. She knows her body, so she knows in and out what it looks like post-baby and what changes, sagging, cellulite has been added. But she has had eating disorders in the past. I hope her focus nowadays remains on health rather than thinness.

        • I agree. I know several people who didn’t give their children sugar for the first few years. There’s nothing wrong with it. My kids love healthy food because I introduced it early on. They still had sugar and still do sometimes but I do monitor what they eat to make sure they are healthy.

          I thought it was totally absurd when people were acting as if she was starving her child.

          Also, she said that she herself eats a jar of baby food for a snack sometimes and I can relate. When I was a kid my mom and I would go to the store and get a jar of baby food peaches for a snack, it was healthy, sweet and pretty tasty. 🙂

          I don’t really believe that she is skipping workouts but whatever, who really cares. I also don’t see any stretch marks or cellulite on her but when I see pics of me in a bikini I don’t see my stretch marks and cellulite either…but I know it’s there! Luckily it just doesn’t show up on camera very well…unless the photographer is close or the lighting is bad like overcast skies.

  4. Yeah of course she loves it…Her one dimple, one little stetch line, and so called “saggy” boobs. She has done nothing but keep dropping (unecessary) pounds since she had her baby…I’ve never fancied Jessica that much…

    • ha ha amen
      What a load of bollocks!

      Wasn’t she quoted as saying that she never felt as un-sexy as when she was pregnant? And that she couldn’t wait to lose the weight?

      Yet it was apparently ‘the most incredible experience’ she’s ever had.

  5. well of course shes going to say she’ll take the stretch marks and sagging boobs. if thats what she considers stretch marked and saggy shes insane. i’ve seen pictures of her in a bikini since shes had her baby and shes looks exactly like she did before. her body is amazing.

  6. …Says the woman who won’t feed her 2 year old daughter any sugar.

    But I agree that confidence is number one. A person may not be the most attractive thing, but when they have confidence, their personality becomes attractive which makes up for looks. Nobody really flocks to be bff’s with people who are always telling others how ugly they are….not only does that draw attention to flaws, but it also makes the other person feel uncomfortable, and people don’t like to feel that way.

    • its easy to be confident if you look like jessica alba. there is a reason people lack confidence in the first place. being unconfident isn’t a sin. i have no confidence. i fake it! the only problem or reason that people wouldn’t want to be around you cause of confidence is if you are always moaning on and on about your body. we all moan a little bit. me and my friends love a get together to moan! but some people take it too far. interestingly i don’t actually think they lack confidence i think they are just fishing for compliments.

      • You’re so right. I’m not confident either, I have to live with myself but don’t make a big fuss out of it, otherwise I’d not have any friends. It’s also very true that some people “are just fishing for compliments”. They don’t get it from me, though.

        • What is this “fishing” crap? Have you ever thought that some people are just unattractive and they know it? It’s not a sin to be ugly either guys.

          • I think what Su mean by “fishing for compliments” is that some people are just really insecure and need to be confirmed that they look good, are hot, attractive ect. Although it is possible (sadly) that some people are aware that they are unattractive. But I don’t think you need to be so rude just because she didn’t happen to mention that part as well…

            And ann, I have seen some comments of yours about how you admit your are unattractive and what not, but please don’t say things like that about yourself. I am sure that you have wonderful attributes that you aren’t even aware of! It makes me sad when I read about about how you talk down about yourself.

          • Well, I highly suggest you not worry about me. Being ugly does have certain social benefits. I find I can go out by myself and not be hit on by males. I also never have to worry about superficial people.

            “It makes me sad when I read about about how you talk down about yourself.”

            It is not “speaking down” as I don’t consider ugliness to be something one should be damned for. Certainly I won’t be famous but other than that it doesn’t matter. I never said I have no good attributes. they are simply not psychical ones. I have all my limbs and am in decent health so I don’t think I have an overly harsh lot in life. As for people who need it confirmed-tell them they are ugly. They’ll stop asking you.

          • I’ve noticed what Alias noticed too about your comments, ann.

            I know this is the real world, and the whole saying, “everyone is beautiful in their own way!” doesn’t exist. But you seem to be stuck in some kind of tunnel vision thinking pattern…that you’re ugly and that’s it.

            Maybe you’re not beautiful, maybe you’re not even average, but unless you have teeth growing out of your eyeballs with hair on them, you’re fine. You make yourself sound like you have no hope or something. I’m willing to bet you’re not nearly as bad as you say you are. And I’m willing to be there are at least 3 things that could be found attractive about yourself…it’s statistically unlikely that you’ll find all unattractive attributes on the same person, especially considering that everyone has varying tastes.


            And are you saying that just because someone is attractive that they are superficial? My friend, that is really unfair to say… I consider myself an attractive girl but I am in no way superficial, I have gone through a lot of crap in my life and superficial is not even on my spectrum of attributes… And I DOUBT that you are ugly. UGLY is rudeness, selfishness, shallowness, meanness… You just cannot possibly be those things, I can tell from your comments.

          • “And are you saying that just because someone is attractive that they are superficial?”

            No, I did not say that. Do not infer opinion from the absence of data.

          • Alias, if you’re so attractive, then why are you CONSTANTLY on this board. Shouldn’t you be doing more interesting stuff, like hanging out with your friends or guys or something?

            Ann, what exactly does visiting this blog do for you if you think you’re ugly? Isn’t it just depressing? Shouldn’t you be cultivating the other fantastic facets of your personality?

          • Maybe we just like coming to this site because we enjoy it. What is it to you? I’m sorry it bothers you so much that we are on this website. Why don’t you go search for some more people and question them as to why they are choosing to visit this site, run along now.

          • “Ann, what exactly does visiting this blog do for you if you think you’re ugly? Isn’t it just depressing”

            No, I don’t get upset with myself cause I’m not attractive when i see beautiful people. That’s just the way the cards fell. It’s like getting mad at a dress for being a dress. Pointless, stupid and a waste of time. Looking at others causes me no big issues. They can’t help being pretty and I can’t help being ugly.

      • Oh I wasn’t talking about Jessica Alba, just in a general sense. First impressions come from looks. Second impressions come from personality. If someone is not confident, they typically don’t appear to be a very fun person to hang around with. So people double avoid them, once for looks, and once for personality.

        I get you with the faking though. We all have our bad days, when we feel we weigh too much, too little, bad hair day..etc. Sometimes we just have to fake like we don’t care that we have a lopsided eyebrow because we overplucked.

        But I think everyone should also find good qualities in themself to be proud of, and focus on them. Bad nose? Okay, but you might have pretty eyes. Flabby stomach? Well, try to get it in shape, if it doesn’t work, then focus on your big booty. That kind of thing. Change what you can and accept what you cannot change, and focus on the positive.

  7. This is . . . Something I don’t believe at all. As most people before my have pointed out, this is the lady that doesn’t feed her 2-year-old kid fruit because it has sugar in it. I have a hard time believing that she likes her stretch marks, cellulite and saggy boobs. I’m a mom myself, with quite a good body image, but that doesn’t mean I’d wouldn’t go to hell and back t get rid of those things.

    • No she actually DOES give Honor fruit – she just doesn’t give her processed sugar. I read on her husband Cash’s twitter that they give Honor “apples for dessert”. So she DOES have some sugar.

        • I know she never did, but I know a lot of people still criticize her as though she is extending “her own body issues onto her child”, and they actually believe that Jess doesn’t give Honor ANY sugar whatsoever. Which is not true, of course.

          • I agree, good on her to feed her baby healthy stuff. What in the world does a baby need refined sugars for ? As long as she get’s all the vitamins she needs and get’s decent amounts of fruits , veggies and milk she’ll grow up to be a healthy child.

            She doesn’t need to eat white sugar already , she’s like what – 1 year 1 1/2 years ? I guess homemade juices are someting different but all the artificial stuff from the supermarkets are just crap. I guess Honor, her health and her teeth ,as well will thank mommy later. At least I was glad my mother did the same for me! And believe me, I still didn’t eat the sweets in masses once I knew what they tasted like.

          • Exactly Alias!

            If you don’t eat all the processed s*** your taste buds change to where when you do have something processed and/or with articifical ingredients it tastes HORRIBLE. I never drink soda and when I tasted a Coca-Cola the other day I thought it was disgusting.

            Natural whole foods is all your body needs and all your body should have.

    • I think it’s a very good think she is not giving her child any sweets. Her child is developing her sense of taste now and this way she guarantee she won’t have a sweet tooth when she is older. It’s not a crazy diet if the children have a balanced diet (vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meant), there are studies to prove that.

      • Agree! I’m definitely not giving my kids any sugar or processed foods. Fruits, vegetables and protein are all they’re going to be eating.

        • It’s funny me and my bro both agreed we are going to have our kids eat healthy, just as you said fruits, vegetables and protein. I want my little darlings to be healthy, fit, glowing and lean – just as Honor will be when she gets older, she is going to be in perfect shape just like her mother.

          • My son didn’t have any sugar or anything not homemade and organic until he was close to 3. One of my friends at the time was just SHOCKED that I didn’t put chocolate and candy in my son’s Easter basket as she did for her kids. She actually asked me if he got upset that he didn’t get candy. I actually had to tell her that he didn’t know how much he liked chocolate yet, as he had never had it. lol. Then again, she is one of those moms that gives her 1 1/2 yr old soda, and honestly admitted that the only vegetable her kids would eat was McDonald’s french fries. …so not the healthiest by any means. I had to bite my tongue quite a bit.

  8. I love Jessica I really do, she is one of my number one fitness inspirations.

    But seriously WHY is she lying about “not working out”. She is toned and fit yet she is trying to act as though it doesn’t take effort to keep her body-fat so low. Honestly I am disappointed because she is one of the few celebrities that I am genuinely interested in, I think her body is near perfection.

    Maybe she is fearful of being criticized for “working so hard to maintain a lean frame”…? If that is the reason, I don’t think she should be worried about that, if anything I commend her for keeping in tip top shape!! I am just really confused…

    • And another thing… I know some people believe Victoria Beckham is too lean, and others think she looks good ect. But at least VB admits she works damn hard to maintain a tight figure. I’m disappointed with Jess…

  9. BULLL SHIZEN sry…but she completely contradicts all other interviews where she talks diet and fitness. She has a personal trainer, Ramona Braganza, whom she works with almost everyday. They are so close Alba has even brought her along on holiday…AND she hardly has any cellulite or stretch marks, im sure if they were worse she wouldn’t be singing the same tune.

  10. She seems very insecure and neurotic about her body and the like…. I have a cousin who sounds exactly like her in this interview.

  11. I may be completely wrong, but I don’t think she is saying she DOESNT work out, just that she doesn’t enjoy it. Of course she works out with a personal trainer, she is a hollywood star – the studios wouldn’t hire her if she didn’t spend significant amount of time at the gym. Anyway, she doesn’t look particularly athletic (nor do most female celebrities) so maybe that’s what she meant.

  12. I second all the comments above – this woman has no idea what actual cellulite and actual sagging b❆❆bs look like. I’ve seen the same candids of her that everyone has, and she has no cellulite and her b❆❆bs look just fine.
    It’s all a load of BS. She probably thinks that she’s garnering sympathy by talking about things most moms can identify with…but I feel like it’s a slap in the face for those of us that actually do have these things (cellulite, saggy boobs, etc.)

    • I think she means she doesn’t enjoy it as opposed to she doesn’t work out. In past interviews she talked about her regiment and how she lost the baby weight. So she’s not denying that she has to work out for her body.

  13. I think she looks pretty damn good for having a kid. She lost all her weight in a matter of weeks and was back to her original 125lbs according to Star mag…. (not sure if thats valid) but its what I read.

    • I always wondered how much she weighed… Well not really actually lol I don’t really care about “scale weight”, to me, body-fat percentage is way more important, and is all that I really worry about. But still… I am going to take a guess at her weight.. Hmm, I’m going to say 115ish?? AHh I actually have no idea…Maybe 120?

      • She looks a lot lower eh? I would’ve guessed 115 too, but she is taller. I would only base her weight on my own cause I guess thats all I have to go by! LOL. But she is 2 inches taller so that would make sence she would make more – oh and she has boobs! LOL. I defently dont. AHAHAH So yeah 125lbs makes sence. 🙂

    • Actually 125 sounds about right, now that I think about it. 115 seems really really low, even for her. Wow I am terrible at guessing!

      • Well, whe have the exact same height , at least considering the interview where she said she was 5’7 and I weight 118 lbs . But Jess is definitley way skinnier then I am. But weight can be missguiding as Alias said. Depends on how her BF percentage is , so I guess there is absolultey no sense in discussing that – we’ll never know 😉

  14. This seems like a really healthy attitude. I don’t know her so I’m not going to call her a liar like a lot of people here have but I hope for everyone’s sake it’s true.

  15. She’s so irritating, she’s come under speculation in recent months for being too skinny again and ironically she just gave up dieting and working out? Considering even before she got pregnant she was ALWAYS photographed working out and she went on and on about it as well as being a super strict dieter? How ridiculous too, she’s going on about saging and what not like she’s huge now- she’s super skinny, boney even! I remember her saying before she gave birth how she couldn’t wait to lose the weight and she was tired of it. Wow what a bunch of crap…

  16. I blieve her. Im 5.7″ and 135 pounds. Would like to be a bit thinner but don’t really put in the effort. I over eat on fatty foods and eat when im full or bored. Not really a good thing but wheat I mean is that it is not that hard for some to maintain a thin firgure. I mean im no Alba but I eat enough food in one day for like 2 and 1/2 people sometimes so go figure.

  17. Oh, right, I completely missed the rest of the comments here, sorry!
    Of course I didn’t mean that there is anything wrong with begin thin OR chubbier. What I did mean was that I think Jessica looks thin in a way that seems to reveal that she doesn’t eat much, and that, what she DOES eat, is very low in fat and/or calories. Again, that might not be the case, I wouldn’t know how she lives her life! I just know – from my own experience – that sometimes, the line between ‘just wanting to live a healthy life’ and overdoing it, is very, very subtle. So that’s where the danger lies.

    I find her more attractive in her days before giving birth to honor, because it was clear then that she really worked for her body as in: a balanced diet and workouts included. Nowadays, it looks to me as though she JUST eats little (or not enough?), but the working out isn’t as included as it used to be. So from that point of view, I think her diet and lifestyle is a bit unbalanced, and as a result, she looks frail and thin, rather than strong/toned and thin.

    And to answer the question that said ‘So if you have a tendency of being fat you should just accept it’: of course not, that is not at all what I meant! I believe that, if you want to be healthy in life, and you are committed in a healthy way, then that is in fact a good thing.

  18. hahaha
    first : like she has all that, saggy boobs/cellulite/stretch marks … okay the latter is more conceivable than the others.
    secondly : that’s a bunch of lie what she says ! I don’t know where I read and saw that, but the fact is that after her pregnancy, her coach said she had worked her a– off to look trim again, maybe not as perfectly as before, but anyway. I acknowledge I’ve never seen such an amazing body, but at least she could admit what she does to have it !
    And not only she’s a hard working-out girl, which I think is impressive in a way, though she obviously doesn’t admit it, but as for her diet I’ve never heard anything about it, … only about her baby’s diet (crazy by the way!).

  19. To mirror other comments I have totally lost respect for Jessica.
    What a liar!!
    Having seen the latest pictures of her on the red carpet( some awards ceremony) she has lost a lot more weight and I dont see how this is possible without diet and exercise?
    She must be doing one of the 2 or both.
    ( I’m sure I read an article where she claimed she wore a girdle (sp??) to lose baby fat and regain her slim waist and also another article where she talks about exercise!!

  20. My cousin, who is an average person in a small town in Greece, had a baby and after a few months she went to a dermatologist and vanished her stretch marks with laser light.

    And Jessica Alba learn to live with them? Who is she kidding?

    • Well you also have to remember she must please her fans… In reality she probably of course hates stretch marks, cellulite and all that crap, but if she admitted it? She would get riddled with criticism and women would be angry at her for saying those things. But I think she is trying too hard to please everyone, it would be best if she would just be herself, and say how she really feels. I think that is why I am disappointed in her. At least Megan Fox says what she means even if most people hate her for it. She’s honest and that’s all you can ask for!

      • Yes, I think this is what we don’t like. The fact that she is not honest. She could just say something real, from her heart and we could accept it. Having this attitude I think it makes her look unpleasant to her fans. At least those who had babies and really hate their stretch marks 🙂

        I like Megan Fox, she is wild, honest and definitely sexy.

  21. she lies. completely lost all the post-baby curves and she comes across as insecure of her body. tell the truth or nothing at all, don’t bullsh*t

  22. She never said that she DOESN’T diet or exercise. She probably considers her healthy eating a lifestyle where some would call it a diet. My family thinks I’m on a diet when I don’t eat their cheesy potatoes, rolls and cream cheese corn on holidays but really I’m just eating healthy stuff that doesn’t bind me up (if you know what I mean), I’m not trying to lose weight, just don’t want to feel like crap.

    As far as exercising goes, sounds like my mom and I. We usually workout together but every once in awhile we say we are going to workout but we really go to Barnes and Noble for a Skinny Vanilla Latte and some good celebrity gossip:) We all know Jessica obviously works out. Like Jenna said, her pics are taken all the time coming out of a gym. I just think she doesn’t feel to horrible if she misses a workout here and there.

  23. she is a liar.jessica started working out 3 weeks after she had her baby.i don’t believe for a second that she doesn’t workout

    • totally agree! She was quoted saying she’d be crying because she was working out so hard. . . I’m so sick of insecure actresses who feel they need to lie to maintain a sense of unatainable perfection. . . ugh.

  24. um…yeah, right. before she was well known as a workout-freak and barely eathing anything…so all the sudden she does not work out and eats whatever she wants…and is still thinner after pregnancy than before…when she was pregnant she got big…and if she really would be that natural skinny she would not have gained so much…cause fact is you are only need 300cals more when pregnant…but of course when you eat basically nothing you have to eat a lot more than usual if you want a healthy child…imho she only ate somehow a normal amount when she was preggo….gosh I hate those starving celebs who claim to eat soo much

    • Agreed. BS majorly.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s beautiful.

      But quite honestly, she sounds like me. I’m very insecure about my body. I’m 5’9 and 130 pounds and a size 2 and I STILL pick myself apart.

      But..I wouldn’t lie this intensely. I eat as healthy as I can and work out & I would admit that.

      She has muscle tone. She works out. & to get that muscle tone, you must work out A LOT.

      I remember when she was on the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine, she told the mag she loved to work out.

      I think its a combination of:
      1) Excessive workouts
      2) Strict diet (she calls it eating healthy)

      That’s my opinion though 🙂

  25. Oh poor little miss. Perfect probably has 1 dimple and 1 stretch mark hidden away from most preying eyes………………..wah wah wah

    Get over yourself Jessica Alba, and stop lying about your dieting and exercising

  26. I think she’s needs to shut the hell up! Why lie? She seems like such a b— I can’t stand her. Everything she says pisses me off. From this article, to saying she doesn’t let her baby drink apple juice because of the sugar, to her saying she was ugly and unpopular in high school even though she played a popular girl on a tv show, to her rude behaviour to the paparazzi that I’ve seen on TMZ. She is a total cow.

  27. I say good for her. Great for her. She is doing the best with what she has and is happy with it. I can’t think of a better role model than that. She looks great and I don’t know why she isn’t commended for it. There is nothing wrong with keeping in shape and eating right. I don’t get people on this site.

    • Umm, did you read what she said? “I’m not a big workout person” – when it is clear that she is a big workout person. Working out is great and she should admit it! why doesn;t she admit it?
      This is what everybody is saying!!!
      Nobody said anything like eating healthy and exercising is bad, where did you get this stuff?

    • Yeah, I didn’t get why you would say that either. The people on this site say that she SHOULD admit to working out.
      What’s wrong with that?

  28. I’d say she’s got such a critical view of her body that she sees this as an honest commentary on the state of it. That’s what I find disturbing.

    I do think she’s stopped exercising as hard as she did because you used to have new candids of her coming from the gym every day and now you one see them occasionally and there are far more shots of her strolling with her daughter and husband. Also she’s thinner now than pre-pregnancy because you can see she’s not exercising as religiously, there’s a slight atrophy that’s making her skinnier.

    She’s still fit, sure but not as she was.

    Not to mention she says she’s not on a diet because she can’t stick to realistic restriction. I mean who thinks a glass of wine is a major diet-buster? Only she would.

    As for her limiting Honor’s sugar intake, that seems wise to me. Two year olds should not have sugar rush mood swings and in some ways with all the hidden sugar in everything I think the idea of moderate amounts of sugar has gone so far out of the window no one really knows what it is. Giving her kid vegetable juices mixed with some fruit is a good idea. Gives the girl a fighting chance as she gets older and starts finding sugar for herself – at least she can go back to her childhood palate without a sense of deprivation.

  29. she obviously works out and eats well.. she should just own up to it, it would make her seem more humble. She sounds like dieting and exercise are beneath her.

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