Jessica Alba Offers Style Tips

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On her favorite type of clothing:

A midi skirt is my jam. Floor-length is a bit too dressy for daytime, and I am not running around in a mini. It doesn’t feel very professional. Midi skirts are youthful and fun, and they make me feel comfortable.

On preparing her outfits ahead:

I usually pick out my outfits the night before and I pick out my kids’ clothes the night before and it just helps me get prepared for the day. If I am in a rush, which I usually am, I can just throw on my clothes and get out the door. It’s nice to lay it out the night before because it just makes getting out the door that much easier. But if you feel insecure at all in what you’re wearing, put on something else.

On the item she would never wear:

I don’t do booty shorts. It’s not my jam. I’m not a cutoffs with the booty hanging person. I tried it once when I was 11, and my grandmother backflipped. She was like, ‘What are you doing?!’ So you will never see my buttcheeks in shorts. But in a professional setting, you can wear shorts and a blazer and wedges and a silk blouse and it can probably be appropriate. It depends how you pair it all together.

On dressing for women:

I probably dress more for myself and other women than I do for men. I never dress for that type of attention. Even if I am going for date night or girls night out, I’m like ‘Oh, I hope my girlfriends really like these shoes!’ I never think about a dude. But I think you just have to wear stuff that makes you feel good. It’s more about your confidence. You can wear a T-shirt and jeans and Birkenstocks or you can wear a bodycon dress and a pump or you could wear a wide-leg trouser and a crop top. You can wear anything if you’re confident.

… says Jessica.

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8 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Offers Style Tips”

    • lol, i swear i put much more effort when i’m going out with my girl friends. Girls tend to nitpick things, and sometimes you just wanna be ‘on point’ with them. Women tend to look and judge another women, i swear.. (at least where i come from). I’m totally happier when my friends like my shoes, or my dress. When men like them i’ll be like “wut???” lol. Either it’s bs or they really like it, which is weird.
      Don’t get me wrong, there are times when me and my gfs are wearing whatever when we’re hanging out. But when we’re ‘hanging out’ hanging out, that’s when we put alll those effort.

      i don’t think i have ever really dress up for men. Yes, i wil pick out something a bit nicer and (try) to put some effort, but never like when i’m with gfs.

  1. I totally love her style and her attitude. I always dress for myself and with the clothes Im feeling comfortable at the moment.

  2. I like her, and I like that she approves of the appropriate-length work-shorts professional look. Also, @ ARIEL WINTER, PLEASE READ MS. ALBA’S STATEMENT ABOUT BOOTY SHORTS. AHEM.

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