Jessica Alba Says She Still Needs to Lose 15 Pounds

4DECBDFB00000578-0-image-a-83_1530728638427 - Jessica Alba Says She Still Needs to Lose 15 Pounds

On how she needs to lose 15 more pounds of baby weight:

‘Still got 15 lbs to go – this is my most challenging considering I didn’t gain as much w Hayes. 6 months postpartum.’

Spotted a few days ago:

281DB32400000578-3060145-image-a-12_1430277895844 - Jessica Alba Says She Still Needs to Lose 15 Pounds


336221 - Jessica Alba Says She Still Needs to Lose 15 Pounds

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  2. Very Very little respect for someone who has 3, not 2 or less, children AND drinks from disposable plastic bottles on top of that. All her “honest for the earth” is clearly BS but she knows how to sell a brand and clearly thats all that matters in the sum of her life

    • I support you, my friend, I also overanalyze people. She’s incoherent with her actions and her brand. But most people are fake.

    • that’s a little harsh, but I will add that I tried some honest brand products and they didn’t work… like, at all. so i do think the whole company is kinda BS. Maybe some products are good, idk, but not going to give her any more of my money

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