Jessica Alba Talks Workout & Healthy Juices


On her favorite workouts:

“I like dancing. There’s a choreographer I used on a couple of movies, JJ Dancer [aka Jennifer Johnson]; her dance moves are so fun, so it doesn’t feel like you’re working out. And I like interval training on a treadmill, with sprinting and then uphill walking, then sprint, then uphill walk, then sprint. This morning I did sprint intervals with a high-incline walk. Otherwise I get bored–I can’t just do the same thing over and over.”

On what she puts in her juice:

“I normally do one with kale, spinach, green apple, blueberries, ginger, cucumber and celery. So this has all of that but also tomato and turmeric and pear. I blend with the skin and everything. There’s only so many times that you can wake up, get right into the grind and all of a sudden it’s dinner, a glass of wine…and then two. Then you go to bed, wake up tired and it starts all over again. I just felt like I was in a rut. So now I’m waking up, working out right away and doing juice.”

… says Jessica.


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35 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Talks Workout & Healthy Juices”

  1. Is this healthier than just eating the veggies? I don’t cook so I eat a lot of fresh raw veggies out of convenience, but does it actually make them healthier when liquefied?

    • No…if anything, juicing gets rid of a lot of fiber, which aids in digestion and helps keep you fuller longer. I prefer to eat my fruits and vegetables too, I feel that it’s healthier.

    • A doctor I respect a lot told me that juices are sometimes healthier but it depends, if you blend the vegetables/fruits/whatever its like chewing super well (something most people don’t do) so you get more nutrients. If you use a juice machine it, again, extracts stuff some bodies won’t be able to do so well. But if you are healthy and don’t have any digestion problems eating the thing you would juice its just the same 🙂

        • Blending fruits/veg is EXACTLY the same as eating them with regards to nutrient value… the main difference is that you can consume WAY more when they are blended (also kale mixed with blueberries and pears is much more palatable than raw kale in my opinion). The whole “blending makes nutrients more available” is simply not true. Stomach acid is so strong that it fully breaks down fruits/veg within seconds of it hitting your stomach.

          • *not for people with digestive problems, by which I means those who have pieces of food in their poop, and quite a number of people also have lower stomach acid (higher pH)

    • I just like vegetable juice. I like fruit juice too, but the fructose gets problematic in high doses. However, I love mango juice too much and there are worse things.

  2. I think she looked her best in ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Into The Blue’.
    Her best asset is her flawless skin.
    According to a poll she and A.Jolie have the best skin on HD tv.

    I absolutely agree with her on variation in excercise.
    I’m one of those people who gets easily bored with monotony.This lead me to invent what i call ‘hardcore dancing’,where you dance freestyle carrying light weighs.It’s a high intensity work-out that makes you sweet LOADS in just 30mins.And you get the best of both aerobic and anaerobic excercise.It’s real cool.

    Water fast is the best detox imho.

  3. I love the whole healthy eating and raw thing, but when I started into it (one and a half years ago) I wasn’t talking about it all the time. Now though it’s a massive fad and everyone is an expert! The women at work are all talking about it ALL LUNCH BREAK and it turns into a competition. It’s so boring! I just pretend I don’t know about it. They just get weird and catty over who’s the healthiest and who knows the most. I just think, be healthy, do what you want that makes you feel good and get the eff on with it!

    Anyway I agree in regards to her working out first thing in the morning, I feel so much better when I do but I usually dont go to bed early enough. I also get bored with doing one thing over and over. I find time goes faster with intervals.

    She looks so pretty and fresh lately, and I agree with the poster above that said her skin is flawless – I love her skin so beautiful.

  4. Jessica is a beautiful creation from a cultural mix! Her daughters are even more diverse in their gene makeup, so pretty. I ♡ this woman!

  5. I do the juice thing as well, and I’ve never felt better. I luv Jessica!! She is gorgeous, has a perfect body (imo) and amazing skin!! Perfect little package!!

  6. Why does her top lip look all puffy/weird in the dress pictures? Injections?
    Anyway, she is SO boring. If it wasnt for her appearance I feel as though she wouldnt be famous/well-known as her acting/talent is mediocre and she doesnt have much of a personality/anything interesting to contribute.

  7. well that actually looks yummy, but i wonder, she is not a health coatch or has any health-wise diploma.. i guess today annyone can write books and advise about annything..

  8. Her hair is bad in that middle set of pictures: it looks as if she cut it herself.
    I’m a fan of intervals as well, with sprinting. They do help to alleviate boredom and, from what I’ve read, a more efficient workout than just straight running/jogging. I still find it difficult, however, to regulate them and not get completely exhausted part way into the workout.

  9. I am thinking ‘Kauai- taste the island (TM)’. Health inspired cuisine in SA. It is a scorcher today, instead of goji berries, I think I should try this mix, or something close to it. Thanks Jess! I love taking advice from celebrities that do actually look the part, healthy ofcourse.

  10. What I got from this quote is she doesn’t eat all day until dinner… Then she probably ONLY has wine for dinner… So that’s how to get the Jessica alba shape !!

  11. Water fast is just taking only water specific amount of time.A day,2,3 or longer,however long you want to do it is up to you.
    Although it’s advised to start with a day if you are doin’ it for the first time so your body can adjust easier,but for old-timers 3-day fasts is the best and safest option.
    To break the fast fruits are the healthiest option,for a few days,mostly the same number of days as your fast.
    I do water fast once in a while,quarterly(in a yr) and at times a day in a week.Although i usually do it for religious reasons,other times it just for a detox.

    The benefits of water fasts are immense: clearer skin and eyes,very less blemished skin,
    cuts down frequent bloating by 80%(esp during pms),lessens MP cramps,reduces eye puffiness,revs up your metabolism(the heart/lungs are made up of over 70% water),drastically cuts down sugar/sweet cravings,makes you more alert(the brain is mostly made up of water),your joint are limber,totally reduces muscle cramps after exercise and constipation after meals.These are the physical benefits.And all have been my experience.

  12. I don’t like her and never will. Does she even knows any other subject than sports and diet? She is always me, me, me! Can’t stand her.

  13. even with too much makeup and an ugly face she looks like an angel…I know all she talksa bout is diet but that’s all people ask her about they cant ask her about her talent for god sakes..shes a mom and a diet guru now…lol I love her style and her face:)

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