Jessica Simpson Brings the Quotes of the Day

Jessica Simpson Brings the Quotes of the Day 1

On life after her mom-jeans photo: “When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today! Thank you!’”

On acting: “I will never do nudity . . . I don’t care if I frickin’ could get an Oscar for it, I’m not going to do it. Those accolades mean nothing to me. I don’t think people deserve to see what’s under my clothing. That’s only for my next husband-ha-ha-ha.”

… says Jessica in Allure Magazine.

One more shot after the jump!

Jessica Simpson Brings the Quotes of the Day 2

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  1. Well she’s come pretty close to nudity in the past.
    I find it funny when people like her say they won’t do nudity and Lady Gaga goes on about not doing alluring album covers when the scenes with actresses that actually do nudity (Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway) tend to be more tasteful that batty-riders and tight see-through dresses.

  2. Very nice pictures but overly airbrushed – they altered her body way too much. She’s obviously bigger than this. Anyway, she’s a very beautiful woman and definitely not fat.

  3. i know she’s as dumb as a rock, but I think she has a great sense of humor, even though it’s a little silly at times.

    Anyway, she is by no means fat. She’s just not what people are used to from a celebrity, especially because she did manage to whittle herself to a size 0 – 2 at one point.

  4. I actually think these pictures don’t make her body look THAT different from how it looks in other pictures. They’re airbrushed, yes, but I don’t think they alter her body too much.

  5. She’s adorable and interesting, and has next to no talent, but I still love her. She seems really simple and down to earth, and good for her for doing ditzy things, looking pretty, and having big b❆❆bs and being famous for it.

    • ‘next to no talent’.

      I wouldn’t say that exactly. I remember when she came out with her first single it was clear that she could sing. She has the ability but doesn’t use it.

      • That’s why I said “NEXT to no talent.” I agree, she has a pretty voice, and like you said, doesn’t use it, but she’s remained famous for other “assets.” If anything, she’s a singer with no hits lately, but Hollywood never talks about her singing. Too bad…

        • Yeah, the reality is that she has better prospects for a career with her constant weight fluctuation than she would with a good album. Weight stories are money these days

          • Isn’t it funny, how you can have zero talent and get a TV show, a clothing line, a perfume, movie parts, and a club named after you? I like her, but she falls into that famous-for-nothing category.

            Wait, on second thought, she kind of did start the couples-who-get-documented-on-a-reality-show craze, which led to Osbournes, Carmen and Dave, and Travis and Shanna doing it. I give her credit for that, lol.

          • yea it is crazy. its like Paris Hilton, and as much as i love this one…Kim K…and all the hills stars really! but i do have to reitterate what Nkeon said- she does have a fabulous voice…she just isnt paid attention to for that =o( and with Jess i dont think her weight fluctuations are for attentions (as with some other stars i do)…i think she just honestly gets depressed about being a ‘bigger’ girl in a ultra thin world aka hollywood.

  6. I love Jessica Simpson, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little funny how whenever she says something it comes off as being slightely unintelligent. She’s a cute girl though, maybe not the best at singing/acting/whatever else she does, but she’s interesting in her own right. I can’t ever really see her being a diva like some other big hollywood celebrities.

  7. “for my next husband”? please! i used to like her a lot more, but i just don’t understand her morals at all. you save yourself for marriage, but then once you’re divorced it’s fine to have sex with someone you’re not married to? i don’t get that

    • I know! Exactly!
      What about all her ex boyfriends?? She’s had sex with them! What is she talking about?
      She’s a beautiful girl both body and face, and I’m sure in real life she always looked slimmer than regular gals walking around– even in those “mom jeans”.

      • yea i see what u mean Sydney! I geuss maybe she changed her morals…which is fine…BUT it would be silly if she still preached all these conservative morals and didnt stick to them…

    • Right after she and Nick got married she said in a interview something like “Maybe I took it a little too seriously” when she was asked why she wanted to get married before having sex. I think she did it because she truly believed she would be with Nick forever. I get what you mean and I agree that sounds a little confusing, but she was really young back then and propably saw things more black-and-white than nowadays.

      I also think that “for my next husband” was hilarious! she does seems to have a nice sense of humor which I like.

      • yea, i dont know if you were replying to my comment but what you said is what i was trying to say =o)
        like, its cool to change your morals as you get life experience etc. I guess, its expected of people that are learning and growing.
        what i meant to say was that if now she was still preaching all the morals that she did earlier then she may be seen as a hypocrite! But she isnt so thats cool, and i admire her for having those strong morals in the first place and then having the guts to say ‘hey, maybe that wasnt the right thing for me afterall!’ Takes a lot of guts to do that in Hollywierd and even just in life in general! (really, its none of our business anyway, but since we are on the topic i thought id gossip a bit too) =p

  8. I mean. . the infamous pink bikini car wash/ Dukes of Hazzard thing?? what does she think of that “accolade” ?? The only reason ANYONE cares what shes saying is because of these “accolades” that she supposedly thinks nothing of.. hmmm.

  9. Honey who u fooling as if you haven’t had sex since you’ve gotten divorced John Mayer and Bam Magera called you out. At first I didn’t believe Bam but when Mayor said she was a sexual napalm it’s over!!!!!!! And you know damn well if you don’t put out with him he’s gone like yesterday’s news!!!!!!!

  10. Her face has changed so much over the years, I used to think she was really pretty but I don’t see her as being that pretty anymore. I like her though she seems to have a nice personality and seems very down to earth.

    • Agree Mariah! Lately you have been speaking everything on my mind lol…Weird!! I think these shots are gorgeous, but I like the way her body looks in them better then her face. I’ve always liked Jess, but lately I can’t really look at her as some as I used to… Something about her public persona has changed and I can’t put my finger on what it is. Meh.

  11. I find it hard to take her seriously about not doing nudity when her most famous role involved walking around in underwear sized shorts. What exactly is the difference, since both are intended to do the same thing (increase sex appeal)? With the right artist, nudity could actually be more artistic than some of the roles she has played, or photoshoots she has done. And when her career starts going down and she does wind up doing like Playboy, what is she going to say? “Well at least I didn’t sleep with the photographer!” 😛

  12. I have met her in real life and she is absolutely tiny. It was also the time she looked her heaviest in paparazzi pictures and events (when she was brunette with john mayer) and I was so shocked how small she looked and how small even her b❆❆bs looked lol

    • and you know, i feel for her and Kim because they have the types of bodies that do look bigger in photos and i am exactly the same! yet in real life i am always described as super skinny, petite, tiny, needs more meat lol. but to look at photos sometimes its like ‘woah! too much burger for her!’ =p so when ppl say they see stars in real life and they ar TINY i agree. also, if you look at photos of them with other celebs they both have quite small frmes! especially kim, and she gets heaps of s—…i saw miranda ker in real life and omg i didnt think anyone could be that skinny!

  13. eh i like her. I think she is always sexy. even when she is bigger. she has gorgeous hair and a stunning face imo, which has character and is just breathtaking. I like her body too, great legs and i feel sorry for her. it would be hard seeing headlines saying you are fat etc when you are no where near fat! lol at the airport comment! so true!

  14. Highy edited!!!!! That thigh is not that skinny and you can tell by the sharpness of it – over sharpened it to make it look un-photoshopped.

    On a positive note – I think she looks really nice in these photos – dispite the fact I truely would bet that they are photoshopped. Too many signs point to yes.

    If I was her I would post some “tottaly unphotoshopped pics” just to prove a point. Also I wonder if people do come up to her and say “You aren’t fat.” or if she is making that up to feel better about herself???

    • Yes obviously they are photoshopped it is a magazine shoot, I never understood why people feel the need to point that out! Every celebrity/model in every magazine is photoshopped! It is nothing new. It is interesting that if you were her you would post some totally unphotoshopped pics just to prove a point? Who does she need to prove a point to? Why in the world would she care what some person like you thinks of her? I think the fact that she doesn’t do anything like that shows that she is obviously very secure with herself which is fantastic! On the other hand you might think about why YOU would post pictures just to prove to a world of strangers that you aren’t fat. I won’t make my judgments in order to avoid backlash but why in the world would you feel the need to do that?

      • yep Mariah…when girls are of normal size but deemed big like Jess and Kim k and they appear on magazines it;s ‘omg! they are so photoshopped!’ whereas with the famous ‘perfect’ VS models…’oh she cant be photoshopped! she doesnt need it!’ Fact is they are just as photoshopped as everyone else…just maybe the opposite way…add a bit of thigh, hip and boobage, and some bum cheek and voila the ‘perfect body’…lets not forget the hourglass waist shaped out and legs lengthened!

  15. I like how she’ll do a soapy dance in a string bikini but then acts like she’s too classy to do nudity. Sorry but actresses like Kate Winslet and Halle Berry (who have both done nudity) are waaaay classier than her.

    • Yeah that’s what I initially said.

      Nudity can be class or crass depending on the excution. Micheangelo’s David is seen as a work of art that explores the transition to manhood (although it was controversial in the past). Loads of renaissance artists and modern day artists and directors have used nudity in expressive ways. Even if you don’t like seeing nudity (i’m not always keen on it) for most you can appreciate that they’re not trying to be p—agraphic (though I don’t know what to make of Eva Green and Michael Pitt in The Dreamers).

      I doubt you’d find anyone that would find Jessica Simpson’s half naked scenes classy!

  16. She’s cute 😉 And the picture show a beautiful women I’m sure every men would like to eat a bite with her and drinks some c0-ktails.. 🙂


    • yup! agreed! i just realised. i need to get a life. i have made about a thousand comments on each thread lately! its like, i read everyones comments and reply to every one of them =p. sad. sad sola!!!

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