Jessica Simpson Wants a Bigger Butt and Smaller Boobs

FP_5321474_Simpson_Jessica_ROC_070210 - Jessica Simpson Wants a Bigger Butt and Smaller Boobs

“I have a white girl booty. I don’t have a big butt. I’d rather have a happy medium and take some off my chest and put it towards my butt so I could balance out a bit.”

“People talked about my weight for an entire year. Being famous for gaining 10lbs is ridiculous! I didn’t feel as fat as everybody was making me out to be. Even the president felt he had to make a comment – although I think he was caught off guard as the picture was thrown in front of his face!”

“I’m more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m much more at peace with myself and whatever life brings my way.”

… says Jessica in Closer Magazine.

51 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Wants a Bigger Butt and Smaller Boobs”

  1. it is really pathetic that amount of press her weight gain got; a mention in a super bowl ad, comments from the president, dozens of magazine covers. I really do feel bad for her…I mean she clearly likes attention, but no one wants to be portrayed as a fat slob – especially when it’s the farthest thing from the truth.

    Sadly, I’m sure 50% of the comments will be about how she actually gained more than 10 pounds…I’m tell you right now, you’re missing the point 🙂

    • agreed. however, on someone that short i totally believe the 10 lbs.

      plus, big b❆❆bs tend to make women look larger than they really are. unless you’re super skinny they can easily make you look larger overall

      • I agree.
        Big b❆❆bs really do make women look larger (sometimes even a lot) than they actually are.

        I can relate to Jessica since I do have b❆❆bs but I don’t really have a butt… But I wouldn’t want smaller b❆❆bs and a bigger butt I guess. I wish she could just be happy with herself. Because everytime she makes quotes on loving curves and there she goes again with something she wants to change.

      • Big b❆❆bs can make some women look larger but they can also make other parts of your body look smaller. I like having big b❆❆bs because they make my waist look smaller by comparison. I’ve got a typical hourglassy figure with big boobs, a small waist, curvy hips and butt and a short torso. People always think my waist is smaller than it is because it looks smaller in comparison to my b❆❆bs and butt/ hips.

    • It’s not that pathetic that she got so much press from gaining weight. She built her entire career based on what she looks like. When exactly was her body NOT the subject in any form of media?

      So of course, weight gain, weight loss, exercise or lack of…all of that is going to be discussed quite heavily if the only thing people have to talk about you is how you look.

      And I do think her little white lie (10 pounds) is relevant. If she didn’t try to skirt the issue so much, make remarks that are obviously not true, talk incessantly about her eating habits, to which she then contradicts in another interview…all of that will fuel the fire and keep people talking. I mean, I know celebrities talk about what they are asked, but you do have an option on how much info you are willing to forfeit, and you have the option of not answering.

      • I disagree, when she was skinny her body never got as much attention as when she gained weight. And, it’s a sad day when the president of the United States feels compelled to make a comment about a celebrity’s weight! Forget about people becoming interested current events, if the media chooses to focus on celebrities, they should focus on talent and accomplishments rather than looks. Not only that, but it’s the WAY the media chose to talk about her weight gain – calling her fat and obese, making fun of her for being overweight – this is what is so pathetic about the whole thing. Take her to any medical professional and 100% of them would tell you that this woman is NOT fat and NOT overweight, but the media chose to portray it otherwise, and yes, that is very very sad.
        As for her 10 pound weight gain: 1. I am not sure she is lying, she is only 5’2, so 10 pounds can add significantly to her frame, 2. she is top-heavy which makes her look heavier than she is, if you don’t believe me, look at how skinny and toned her legs are, and 3. even if she is lying, maybe she is doing it because she doesn’t want to admit to herself how much weight she gained – maybe she flactuates a lot, and at her lowest flactuations she is only 10 pounds heavier than before. I mean, if I had a nickel for every woman I know that lies about her weight (on driver’s license for instance) I would be rich.

        • “if the media chooses to focus on celebrities, they should focus on talent and accomplishments rather”

          Exactly. But honestly, she has no talents or accomplishments that we, the general public know of, except for having a super fit body. So when she lost it, it was a big deal.

          My point is, this is not some sick, twisted thing that the media does to every celebrity. If Meryl Streep gained “10 pounds,” it would get mentioned but nobody would incessantly talk about it, because she didn’t build her career based on her body and looks. This is something the media does only to celebrities labeled as “sex bombs” and that kind of thing. In which case, it’s not sick or twisted, it’s kind of expected. If you make millions off of how your body looks, of course people are going to be familiar with your body, and of course they’re going to talk about any weight issues you may have.

          I also think part of how long the weight gain was given attention was HER fault for continuing to talk about it. Like now. I’m pretty sure most people have forgotten about it a while back and do not care, but she keeps reminding everybody, and giving them new things to say regarding it.

  2. Even when she was too skinny she was large breasted. It makes sense she wants to balance it out! She’s an apple, yeah? She seems to keep all her weight in her breasts, arms, and belly. If, say, it went evenly to her booty and thighs and she was more hour glass or pear, we wouldn’t constantly be saying she was ‘fat’. She’d get praise like kim kardashian. Ah. Body shapes suck at times. I think she just needs to dress it a little kinder 🙂 I think she’s lovely.

    • she’s an inverted triangle. apple’s often gain the weight on their middle, not on the arms etc 🙂

      i think she’s cute but she needs a good stylist ASAP!

  3. Soooo sick of hearing about this woman’s weight! Of course, that’s the only thing that keeps her in the spotlight right now. I think she looks fine and normal, certainly not obese or even really overweight in any sort of way. Check out the average American woman, um yeah.

  4. Her show on MTV actually isn’t that bad. I was surprised. I do get second hand embarrassment for her sometimes, because she’s too giggly and silly when she isn’t supposed to be, but mostly, she kinda won me over.

    that said, why is she ALWAYS talking about this? Its been a non-issue for ages now. It’s like she’s trying to convince herself.

    • I agree, if you’re talking Price of Beauty, that giggling during meditation made me gasp.

      as for why is she talking about it, she was probably asked by the interviewer. It might be easier than talking about being a football bad luck charm, which I believe she also had to answer questions about.

  5. Do I remember wrong when I saw her last time on a magazine wasn’t she trying to stop fighting her hourglass silhouette???Now wishing a bigger butt from Santa??Lolx65671454

  6. Jessica Simpson has never been overweight, and if she was it was only by a few pounds. You could ask any medical professional to assess Jessica, and none of them would say that she was fat. The fuss over her gaining 10lbs was stupid – she was most likely a healthy weight, because to be honest, when she was in Dukes of hazard she looked slighty underweight, as you could see all her ribs. Right now, she looks perfectly healthy to me (and anyone else, who has a reasonable perception of what a healthy body size looks like).

    As for her body shape, and her wanting more butt and less boob, it’s a case of the grass being greener on the other side, like anything lol. Personally, and this is purely my personal taste, i like more butt/hip and less boob, because i think that small/average b❆❆bs are neater and perter, and hips give you a nice curve and they don’t sag like heavier breasts do lol. That said, there is absoloutely nothing wrong with the natural floppiness of big breasts…. It’s just my personal bias. =D

  7. I agree with you … she was too thin before and she us average now. I also prefer more hip and less b❆❆b (maybe because thats my body type. People are always thinking I am way smaller than I really am since I have small breasts. So I can see the opposite being true that when a girl has big b❆❆bs she seems bigger.

  8. Jessica’s comment makes me LOL for several reasons. I love how she first talks about how she would change her body if she could, and the goes on to say how confident she feels about herself. Which one is it Jessica? Also, I find her “White girl booty” comment ridiculous. It’s like she is insinuating that white girls don’t have shapely backsides! I remember when Jessica worked out on a regular basis and actually took care of herself, her butt was quite nice. Maybe she should put down the remote and potato chips, hop on a treadmill, and stop suggesting her ethnicity is the reason for her looking awful.

    I’m sorry to go off on a tangent, but it really frustrates me when people talk about how they would change this and that, and then follow up with how confident they are. Make up your minds!

    • Oh come on! you don’t have to lack confidence to want to make yourself different (or even better), in fact most time you need confidence to make yourself better. And the “white girl booty” it’s a stereotype used for generalizing, we all know the exceptions and reasons that A) it’s not correct but B) is still used to get your point across. And in her Dukes of Hazard days she was working out 5 hours a day, everyday. (Sorry I was a Newlyweds addict – she was doing squats to the point of hardly being able to move to fill out those shorts)

  9. She has a huge butt (huge hips mainly, especially given her height!), huge arms, huge round face… she’s a pretty lady, but you can’t just rely on that to mantain that she looks fine, because she does not!

  10. The president commented on her weight? What did he say? And I can’t imagine what kind of pressure celebs must be under when even the president comments on your weight… omg… I’d probably get an eating disorder!

    • he was doing an interview and they showed him the cover of us weekly or some tabloid magazine , saying that they had cut him out of the picture of his family, and replaced it with an image of jessica impson. he pointed at it and said “who’s in a weght battle apparently” …. he was merely reading wht the cover said. it was all sarcasm. i wouldnt have tyaken offence at him if i was jessica.

      • Yep exactly, it was so annoying when people were saying that the president needed to comment on her weight. The interviewer brought it up and he just read it out loud & laughed because it was such a stupid article. Not like he cared that she got fat.

  11. Haha she should be careful what she wishes for, she can’t afford to get bigger anywhere! Meaning she already has a huge butt and has no tone whatsoever and would look flabby, flabbier, the flabbiest with the tiniest gain ! And would look more built like a fridge.
    But there is a solution to her problem: get off the couch, quit the junk food, and actually work on TONING and SHAPING your body!!
    She could have a nice, perky, firm butt if she wanted.

    “I’m more confident that I’ve ever been in my life.”
    Hahaha who are you trying to fool? Because you’re not fooling anyone.

  12. …and i want her to shut up
    she repeats this “am more confident-love-my-curves-at-peace-with-myself” so much lately that it like she’s trying to convince herself in reminds me of this self-help things like “every morning look at yourself in the mirror and say am beautiful/confident/self-confident,etc”, but i don’t believe in that stuff, cos its just lying to yourself and it kinda seems like what Jes does.
    and if she really wants ppl to stop srutinizing her weight soo much then maybe she should do smth work-like and that’ll switch the attention in some way…or she can just shut up

  13. I think she’s gorgeous and being very brave.
    I know I’d go to pieces if I had half the globe, including the President, felt the need to comment on my weight/body and I dare say a few of you haters would to. I don’t believe any of us are in a position to judge her, especially not harshly. In many respects, physically, she is close to what I and many other people consider ideal. Give the poor girl a break!

  14. i am 5’6 and 110lbs……i use to be 130…..i am trying to get the weight back on. I felt soooo much sexier and womanly with a booty and thighs. So i understand what she is saying. Time to eat!!

  15. she seems very normal. its refreshing. i hate it wen celebrities claim they are “at peace” with some “flaw” they have. why mention the flaw if you’re at peace with it? seems like they’re reassuring themselves and tryin too hard to pretend to be confident in their own skin. i can relate to jessica. i got the same big boobs, no butt issue.

  16. She looks like a fat cow and she is trying to act like she has such a skinny butt and huge boobs. She is huge everywhere and her butt is big and flat. She should not talk about her weight anymore and stop stuffing her fat face with food and do something.

  17. “Huge everywhere??” LOL you people are ridiculous. I wanna argue with every single one of you but theres no point. Your all set in your ridiculous ways.

    Jessica looks fine. NOT huge. If she wishes something was different about her body so be it, she can wish for something and still be confident. At least she’s not getting surgery.

  18. She keeps talking about just gaining 10 pounds. Maybe in the last few months, but not since filming Dukes of Hazzard. Her problem is her body is not designed to hold this type of weight. Her body stores fat in all the wrong places. If she worked out, ate right, and lost the weight, she’d go back to having a killer body.

  19. i m biggest fan of her body. people want to have this kind of body like models. ithink this is the perfect shape.i m saying this coz i have same body somebody wants to suggest what to do to have fat butt

  20. I’ve never been a fan of hers–in fact I hate her music– but I think it’s awesome that, given all the media attention her weight has received, she’s been able to remain true to her natural size. I mean think about it. I know I’m not that strong– I’d be living on salad and working out like crazy if I was in her position (and I’d be totally miserable!). I think it’s true that her looks are what made her famous in the first place, but dont be blaming her for this! Take your head out of your @ss and take a look around you. That’s the way the pop business works in this society. I think this girl probably dreamed of being taken seriously as a musician (ha, fat chance!) but like it or not, in our chauvinistic society, she could only ever aspire to be marketed as a disney-esque sex pot. And anyways, she’s apparently given up whoring herself to pop; I recently heard on the news that her shoeline is currently raking in MILLIONS for her now. And thank god for that, as we wouldn’t want to have to listen to anymore of the crap she always churned out.

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