Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC

Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC 1

37 year-old Jessica Simpson stepped out in New York City yesterday afternoon in a perfectly coordinated outfit in shades of blue and red, complete with bedazzled glasses.

How do you all like her look here?

See more shots inside!


Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC 2 Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC 3 Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC 4  Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC 5

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21 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Out and About in NYC”

    • I know a woman with huge calves like that, and in person they’re really attractive and she always gets compliments on her legs. Pics just don’t do it justice.

  1. This is terrible for her body. She’s short but the around the ankle heels and skirt combined with the top make her look as wide as she is tall.

  2. I think this is about the worst possible outfit she could have chosen given her weight and body type. She gained again recently but she’s not as big as she appears to be here. I also hate every single piece of clothing here, even the accessories, so that doesn’t help either.

  3. Regarding her “swollen/bloated” look… it’s probably due to medication. If you’ve seen recent interviews of hers you can see that she’s clearly not in her right mind. She’s probably on some major stuff…. anyways, great calves. Hope she manages to keep everything under control.

  4. I own some Jessica Simpson brand clothes and they fit really nicely surprisingly, given how unflattering these clothes are bunching and pulling on Jess. I wonder what she would look like as a brunette? At least she looks confident.

    • I thought she looked cute when she had the shorter haircut (just google it). She should go back to that hairstyle- the bombshell hair looks raggedy on her now. Plus, I think the shorter length would be in proportion to her height.

  5. Uh oh, it looks like she’s starting to gain again. We’re all just waiting for her to eventually gain it back again. Tick-tock.

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