Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day

Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day 1

“It’s important for women not to find their confidence in a man. I think you really have to know who you are before you can truly fall in love and give your all, and I don’t think a man can define you. You have to own that.”

“So if you’re ever with anyone who says you should change something about yourself then they should never fall in love with you in the first place.”

…says 29 year-old Jessica (here pictured a few days ago with minimal make-up after a visit to the hair salon).

46 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. My first… first?
    Anyway, I’m getting sick of this woman though she looks great here. Natural, no disgusting fake tan. I can only HOPE she is returning from a workout with that get up.

  2. I’m going to change her quote a little:

    It’s important for a woman not to find her confidence in anything but herself.

    You can try to find your confidence in Hollywood, or high fashion, or comments on sites like these…but good luck. The thing is, no one agress on anything about beauty, so someone will always like you and someone will always hate you. That’s why true confidence has to come within yourself…it’s lasting if it does.

  3. looks like she tried to do a minimal look, and it does look doesnt suit her really..she’s naturally pretty
    she’s irritating though..

  4. Arggg I hate how she is trying to be so profound and intelligent latley when all she ever says is just regurgitated advise that has already been stated a thousand time before.

  5. She looks ugly here. Sorry, I know everyone thinks she’s pretty, but I don’t see the appeal. I don’t see it even when she has makeup on, either.

  6. While I am a huge Jess fan, and I agree with her comment, I still find it odd that she so often does a gossip magazine cover talking about the guys she dates

    Still, i agree with her comment

  7. everything coming from her concerning beauty, weight, self-confidence is so meaningless in my opinion… i couldn’t even stand half way through the first episode of her new show.. i mean, squeezing some tears on a thai market in front of a woman who obviously had gone through a lot, and in the next moment eating insects, acting ridiculous… really??she is pretty and has a good voice, two things which she got without doing anything for it.

  8. It’s one of the first time and I’ve never thought I would say that but I think Jessica is right !

    If you are not confident enough you are always trying to “escape” the relationship.

  9. ok, honestly I’m getting pretty sick of this girl.

    I don’t want advice on confidence from you Jessica. She seems like one of the most insecure people in Hollywood. She has changed herself for EVERY SINGLE guy she’s dated. With Nick she was “Hollywood Barbie” with John she had dark hair and pretended to be deep, with Tony she was country girl. “Don’t let a man define you” give me a break already.

    Maybe she’s seen the error of her ways but I seriously doubt it. She’ll probably change herself again as soon as she gets in a new relationship.

    And also, I’m a married woman and I will tell you that you DO have to change some things about yourself in order to be in a successful relationship.

    No, you shouldn’t have to change EVERYTHING about yourself but marriage and relationships are about sacrifice and compromise. So just because a man asks you to work on something or do something you don’t want to do doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t worth working on. This is the reason so many celebrities can’t stay married. They get in one little fight and they throw in the towel.

    She’s just SUCH a fake and all of her “knowledge” is laughable. Shut up already.

    • Brittany, I completely agree with you. She DOES seem insanely insecure. It’s like she’s changing her image all the time, for her boyfriends, the media, whoever. Besides having no real talent, she effectively has no real, discernible identity either. I could never take “advice” from her. She’s a joke.

      • I’m glad you agree. I didn’t mean to rant there but she’s just been driving me so crazy lately. I can’t stand all these “words of wisdom” from a girl who’s personal AND professional life is such a mess.

        • If you don’t want advice on confidence from her and if you are so sick of her then why don’t you just skip the post rather than spending more time on someone you are tired of? Also since when does a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars and a successful singing career and television show count as a professional life that is “such a mess.” I also did not realize that it is out of the ordinary for a woman in her late twenties to have had a few long term relationships along the way while she is searching for the right person, that means her personal life is a mess? What you are saying is ridiculous in my opinion as well as extremely judgemental! You don’t know anything about this woman, you don’t know her yet you feel you have the right to assume that the reason she has changed over the years all because of the boys she was dating. You do realize the years she has been famous are the years that EVERYONE changes and goes through phases. She was young and naive when she was with NIck, that is probably why she acted the way she did she was extremely young. She went through more of a dark period with John it seemed and then went back her country roots when she decided to become a country singer. How in the world would Tony make her turn country, he plays for a team in Texas but isn’t even from the south! All of your assumptions have no merit. Why are you so upset that in interviews Jessica is talking about something positive. It is a lot better than things that other people are saying. You may not like it so don’t read it! I am sure her young fans are inspired by her positive comments rather than angered like you.

          • Umm, I’m from Texas and it IS from the South. We are southerners. It’s about as south as you can get! Also, “successful singing career”? When? Everyone knows her singing career went down the tubes a long time ago, which is why she does “reality” TV.

          • lc read my comment more carefully. Of course Texas is a southern state. I stated that Tony Romo is not from a southern state because he was born in California and grew up in Wisconsin, lol I know far too much about him due to my boyfriend being a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. My point was simply that she would not become a “country girl” for Tony, he isn’t even a “country boy.”

          • Well, he technically is now, because he is stationed in Texas for his career. All I know is, she started her country “music” after getting with him. And now she hasn’t sung country for quite some time….

    • “And also, I’m a married woman and I will tell you that you DO have to change some things about yourself in order to be in a successful relationship.”

      Don’t you mean compromise? What’s the point of marriage if you have to change who you are? Money?
      You’re tantamount to a prostitute either way if you have to give up part of your identity, or excuse me “change some things”, so it might as well be money.

      • I agree with Brittney. There are some things that you have to change for a successful relationship. Of course, you shouldn’t change anything that defines who you are such as your world view, your religion, or your plants for the future.

        But there are some negative traits that should be changed or at least toned down. A significant other shouldn’t be expected to put up with anything or everything. If you’re used to being lazy and your significant other wants you to make an effort to do things, it might be better for the relationship to change. It’s something you sacrifice for the sake of the relationship, and relationships are built on trust, compromise and sacrifice.

      • yeah she means compromise, that’s what she says two lines below. you can have another opinion but at least read the whole comment before you criticize it…

      • Lol what are you talking about?? So if my husband asks me to work on some of my flaws and I do it it makes me a prostitute?

        I don’t mean you change your identity but working on things together to make you a stronger couple? What’s wrong with that?

      • Giving up your identity and working on your flaws to become a better person for yourself and you family are two different things. You seem to be confusing the two.

        And life is all about change. If you’re going to be in a healthy relationship, you will most likely have to acclimate to the other person and vice versa. Most human beings have negative traits that they can work on to better their interpersonal relationships.

        • Well said Kae!

          There appears to be a lot of perfect people on here.
          Most of us have flaws. We are a work in process.

          I am happy being flawed like Jessica. I like her honesty here.

          • Nah, I just thought she could’ve worded it better, rather than contradicting herself by saying changing and compromise in the same post, it’s like which is it? Chill dude, it’s the internet, it won’t eat you.
            Screw conformity, I’d rather be alone.

  10. Sigh. We say, “Well, a real relationship takes compromise.” Fair.. Let’s compromise about where we keep the sugar or where the towels go or what the names of our children will be or about who does the laundry. Ok, that is fair, but compromise myself? Compromise my being? Women fall in love, and are often willing to do anything to keep a relationship together, women are so often willing to compromise everything. It is sad… very sad because I know very few men that would sacrifice their happiness, their ambitions, or their appearance for a relationship. Compromise makes sense regarding simple lifestyle things, but Jessica Simpson isn’t making this statement in regards to those things. Jessica Simpson is clearly making this statement in regards to her own life and her experiences changing herself and being hurt. There are lots of women who think that love means giving up things that they want. There are also lots of women who believe that without a relationship their life is meaningless. Men do it too, but it is more common with women. Her statement is a positive statement. Her statement is not intended to mean never compromise, never attempt to better yourself. Her statement is intended to encourage people to look within themselves for support. You can find confidence in yourself and still compromise in a relationship about who does the dishes.

    • M. i completely agree. well said. Yes, people do need to compromise some things. For example picking up the towels after a shower, or doing the cleaning a couple of times a week, or trying not to take out their grumpy moods on their partner. BUT they should never have to give up their morals i.e. on infidelity. If one is completely against infidelity, yet their partner likes to flirt and occassionally kiss another and doesnt call that cheating…yet the one against it does. Then they are probably not well matched and the one against should not have to allow and ‘get used to’ this behaviour in order to make their partnership more ‘fair’. same with if a man thinks the womans butt/ b❆❆bs are too small/ too big. she should not be made to feel bad about that! He shouldnt even think so negatively of her and should accept her how she is. She shouldnt have to compare herself to other women thinking ‘oh he would love her and her big bum/ boobs…i wish mine were like that’. He should not have his special fantasy women while she is just the wife. He should love her and all of her and accept all of her and not make her feel inferior. and vice versa.
      I agree with Jess. And sure men do also lose themselves and change unnecessary things about themselves in order for ‘love’ but it’s not as common as women doing it. Women are socialised to define themselves by men/ relationships. you hear ‘no man wants a…’ ‘no man wants this…’ ‘no man wants a woman like this…’ all the time!
      i think its sexist in both ways for women to have to ‘allow’ for what men want/ their behaviour because thats what ‘men are like’. ugh im so sick of hearing that! we allow for it. It assumes that 1) women are above all men and therefore have to take the higher ground to accept behaviour from men. accept that one woman will never be good enough. they will never be perfect in all ways for their man because ‘men are just like that’. so its saying women are better. 2) it assumes men are animals who have no feelings or say in their thoughts/ actions and behaviour because they are all ‘programmed the same’. therefore its lucky there are women to ‘understand’ men. The more this kind of belief process goes on, the worse it gets. 3) it assumes women are never good enough for men and have to accept that. its a no win for both sexes really. whatever happened to the individual…

      • Sola, I agree with you for the most part. Like I said, a woman may change small things for the relationship, but never things that define her identity.

        However, you said, “Women are socialised to define themselves by men/ relationships”.

        And men are not? Why do men seek out the younger, more attractive women? Why do men brag about their girlfriends to their other male friends? Why do men get big egos when they have a lot of sex? Both men and women tend to define themselves, their egos, their desirability, and their success based on their relationships. It’s bad, and it rarely lasts, but some people still do it. It’s more of a people thing than a women thing. We as women are just more familiar with the women side.

        I also thing compromise should come from both side. If someone is not willing to compomise, good bye!

        • oh yea, i totally agree with you. men are socialised too! I think i meant more that women are more socialised to change themselves more so for a man. Men, like you said are more ‘worthy’ to have a younger, more attractive woman etc. but should appear more ‘in charge’ i guess…

  11. I think she looks twenty times better with this lighter makeup. It makes her look so fresh and young. As my mother says, you can always pile on the heavy makeup when you’re older — but why spoil your natural beauty with it when you’re young?

    (I struggle with the temptation to wear too much makeup too, so I understand why all the stars do it, but it’s inspiring to see how much better people look without it.)

  12. i think given her past quotes we are judging her and thinking “yea.. okay jess” but take it as it is.. i think this was smart of her to say! she is right.. and yes we could define this quote or add in more.. but the basis is right. and even if we dont like how she looks, her words are positive and she seems to be living her life by what she says! i give her cred for that!

  13. womp womp womp her theme song for life should be try again by aaliyah…….why would I take advice from someone who dumped her husband without even trying to go to therapy or try to make amends (part of me thinks her svengali dad was happy to get rid of nick he repeatedly booked events/appearances on their anniversary and her being a stupid twit didn’t do a dam thing)…..but since she was hot at the time she thought she was going to get better and now look at her 1234254566432 failed tries later I bet you she’s kicking herself in the ass…..This coming from someone who less than a year ago planned a barbie and ken themed party when she was dating Tony Romo and professed her love for him on the cover of those stupid tabloid magazines REALLY? LOL I’d rather take advice from Doctor Phil

  14. Wow she actually looks really good! She looks like she’s been burnin’ off some fat. I like her natural looking makeup and clean face.

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