Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day

Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day 1

It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful.

Nobody’s words, nobody’s compliments, nobody’s love, none of that…it’s all what I have within myself. Every day will continue to be a journey. Every day, we’ll find something new out about ourselves that is authentic and is unique, but I really just finally relaxed. I don’t care what people have to say about my weight. I really don’t, because I think I look great.

… says Jessica in Oprah Magazine.

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  1. Good for her. But I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about concerning her weight. She’s just like a size 12 on top and 10 for her bottom (UK sizes btw) That’s not too bad, and she can’t weigh like 100kg…

  2. OMG I ‘m so tired of her and I just have to say something. Her words may be nice but they are not sincere, they are just poltically correct. Nobody was talking about her for a while,” Jessica Simpons is fat” is old news. So now she is all the magzines again, talking about her appearance, so she could be in the news again and its irrating.

    The point of the matter is she is not as hot as she once was ,irregradless of weight. And thats okay.
    This video adresses my similar opinon:
    Jessica windows of hotness has closed. She has changed so dramatically in short period of time, I think that what made the big deal. Compared to how she looked in 2005 and 2006.
    ^ or find any candid photo of her in 2005 or 2006
    And she could have longer window of hotness if she didn’t let herself go. sounds bad but its true. She has the money and her job is to look good. what else is famous for? People loose their former looks and age all the time! No big deal,she nows can brand herself differently. She is rich and sucessful ,she should embrace it.

    I just think she could of handled it better. jess should be old enough now to let stuff roll off her back. shes dated widely now and this was a compliment. just smile and say, “im a lady and we dont talk about that”. Better yet she has a publist for that. Have fun with it, you know what mean? crude or not its good publicity! shes making it issues when the News would’ve died down!! Its not even news worthy.she always has this probelm, just don’t include the media in your private life.

    I know i get alot of slack for this, but is just my opinion.
    * seperate question: aren’t UK sizing bigger?

    • i like what she says and i wonder why she is meant to take “better care of herself”. she looks healthy and imho, good, so what are you trying to say, that she should get surgery and diet more? she works out! i don’t think she smokes or binges or throws up or drinks a lot or does drugs, and as we heard form john mayer (“napalm”) she is still hot in bed too. so what are oyu trying to say? you sound like the sort of people who thinks looks matter more than what she does (and she does good stuff, according to her “the price of beauty” previews) and therefore women OUGHT to have eating disorders. well she won’t do you that favor- she’s fighting against EDs.

      oh and btw, i watched your youtube video. so what?

      yeah UK sizes are 2 bigger than american ones, meaning an UK 8 is a US 6 etc. And a EU 36.

      • Please stop saying that size 36 EU is size 6 US – it is NOT, not even by far and it is insulting me, as a thin European girl. A EU 36 is a US 2.

          • That can’t be. So I’m a EU 34, does that make me a US 0? I’m not a US 0, belive me. And a EU 32 is what?

          • @Sophie… I guess a 00, like Victoria Beckham? Size 32 is rare in Eu anyway, at least where I live I never see it.
            Anyway, I am a size 36 in Eu and when I went to America, size 2 fit me in most stores, so I was talking from my experience. My friend who is size 40 in Eu fit in size 6, maybe sometimes 8.

          • I don’t know where you live, but in Portugal it’s usual do see EU32 in stores. I think even Euro sizes change from country to country.

        • A size 36 is not always a 2 in the U.S. Different brands size differently. You could very well fit in a 6 since some brands run insanely small here. But really, you are insulted because you might be a 6? What kind of a fool are you?

          • I am not a fool, it’s rude of you to say that. And I am not insulted because size 6 is big (it’s clearly not), but I work very hard to maintain my thin figure and well, no woman likes to be called bigger / fatter than she is, especially if she takes really good care of herself.

          • And it’s rude of you to hint being a size 6 is somehow insulting. That didn’t stop you though did it?

          • BEING A SIZE 6 IS NOT INSULTING. I did not say such a thing. Being told that you are something that you are not is insulting (even if that something is not particularly bad, just different).

          • Okay a size 2 and size 6 are both good sizes so chill.

            Anyway the size difference has no direct relevance to how much a person works out or how fat they are.

      • @ CeliAmbre
        NO! Stop trying to make my comments a red herring or Straw man fallacy. Take my words for what they are, text, and not interpret them they way you want them to be or distort them for the sake of argument. Not only is what you’re saying way too end of the spectrum but you are trying to distract from original statement.
        Seeing how you did not properly address my statements, I will try into addressing yours.
        Firstly, you said you like Jessica Simpson, in regards to how she looks and what she says.
        My response: that’s nice and you’re entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Really nothing to argue and I’m not going to try to convince you to believe any different.
        Next you say: “I wonder why she is meant to take “better care of herself”.
        My response: I love how you “quote” me on something I did not say. My opinion is that she has changed drastically from how she use to look and could have been prevented, or slowed the process if she wanted to. She doesn’t have to and that’s her decision. When people lose their looks it shouldn’t matter, inner beauty counts as well.
        I never said she should get surgery and diet more. You dramatic conclusion of how I was implying women should get eating disorders are completely ludicrous. And thus it’s a battle you’re the only one fighting.
        I agreed she has a commendable dating repertoire and John Mayer interview; he was referring to when he dated her from 2006.
        Her resume does not necessarily scream humanitarian or person who hasn’t made fame by her looks alone. It’s quite known she is one to play a dumb blonde and break up with multiple men; such accomplishments are not commendable IMO. Her show might not even make air, not like it wasn’t a show has been done before. That show is not that ground breaking and I doubt Jessica’s worldly expertise will change lives. I find ironic reporting was going to spend 25k per episode on make-up, clothes, and hair in a show that would give beauty tips and really emphasize inner beauty. I pointed out in my statement above, regardless, of her weight and how she got famous; I encourage her to enjoy her riches since she is luckier than the average girl.
        What am I trying to say? Nothing that I haven’t already said and I wasn’t trying. My views are expressed clearly, you can misinterpret them anyway you want. You seem love to jump to conclusions about people, and especially on words they didn’t say. You “sound like “you’re ignorant from the way you write and your lack of care from reading what people say. I ‘m impressed by you are able to deeply psychoanalyze people from reading between invisible lines.
        “Oh and btw”, I added the YouTube video to help people see/ illustrate where I was coming from. In your case is more of a visual aid for being reading impaired. Just in case, you need something to help you understand.
        When you are ready to have respectable and civil conversation, I’m sure we can have an insightful debate or dialogue.

        • Freedom, I very much agree with everything that you have said, especially your points about Jessica Simpson not handeling the situation very well. She has marketed herself based mainly on looks. As we know, looks don’t always last, for one reason or another. She is still a beautiful woman, but she is not as hot as she used to be. Rather than whine about it, she should embrace the fact that she made millions in the past few years, and if she wishes to continue making money in the future, find out a different way to market herself, a way that does not draw so much attention to her figure and apperance.

          And if she doesn’t care about money, then good for her! She made enough to live a comfortable life, and now it’s the time to relax. But to keep going on national TV or on magazines and basically asking people for pity or to treat her as if she is still a 20-something blonde hottie is silly.

          • Every time I read comments like this I just cringe. i completely disagree with everything you are saying but you already know what I think so there is no point in writing that out again. I guess it is your opinion and that is fine but as far as what you are saying in that last paragraph, why do you think she is talking about this? Do you think she really wants pity from a bunch of people she does not know? What is it about what she said that makes you think that? I just can’t see why people do not understand that these celebrities who do interviews like this, ANSWER the questions they are ASKED. They do not come into an interview babbling on about random subjects, they answer what is asked of them! How in the world you took her saying that she feels beautiful and does not care what people think of her as whining and begging for pity, I do not know. Also, “for people to treat her as if she is still a 20-something blonde hottie is silly.” She is twenty something, she is blonde, but I guess according to you she is no longer a hottie because she has put on a few pounds, wow! I usually agree with most of your comments Casey, but I just really dislike what you are saying on this subject! Now that I think about it I shouldn’t assume this is the same Casey it is likely someone different.

          • It is the same Casey Mariah. In this particular case, we simply disgree. I did not say anything bad, hurtful, mean, rude, or otherwise. Why do you give off the impression like you think what I said is absolutely horrible? I don’t think I’ve said anything bad.

            Yes I do think she wants pity. Yes she talks about whatever they ask her, but there are a million ways to answer a question, and that is how she chooses to answer hers. in a way that invites pity. And as for her attractiveness, I was referring to how the general public feels about her now. Would you like to know my personal opinion about her rather than assuming it? I love her face, I think she always had a stunning face. I think she still looks good, but like a lot of other people, I think she looked better with a few pounds off. I don’t think extra weight suits her as well as it does some other women.

            Anyway, I’m not going to talk about this further, or take back my opinion because I don’t feel that I’ve said anything bad or hurtful, that necessitates me apologizing or taking back my opinion. This is my reaction to what she is saying and how she comes off to me. If she comes off differently to you, that’s fine. But to me…I’ve seen women in her situation deal with the problems in a much better way. I expected more from her.

          • I have no problem with your opinion Casey, and I don’t think you said anything absolutely horribly mean or anything like that. I just think it is unfortunate for women to attack rather than appreciate another woman who has been talked about so horribly but is still remaining confident and proud. I think we should celebrate that and not take her comments as something negative (which I honestly don’t see how you could). I think it is unfortunate that you are acting like money is some sort of trade off for being scrutinized in such a cruel and hurtful way. I would hate for any young girl with self esteem issues to think that money will lead to internal happiness. I also just couldn’t even figure out your point from the last sentence “but to keep going on national TV or on magazines and basically asking people for pity or to treat her as if she is still a 20-something blonde hottie is silly.” How exactly are blonde hotties supposed to be treated?What way are you implying that she should be treated now that she is no longer a “blonde hottie.” I do not see how anything from the money, to the age, to the blondness or hotness has any application to her stating that she remains confident despite others trying to bring her down. Way to take a positive statement for young girls and turn it into something hateful and negative.

    • uk sizes arent bigger.we start at a size 4 which is a us size 0.

      thanks for the photo of jessica in 2005/6 she looks my size their and im a size 6-8uk or size2,3 or 4 us theirs no way she is a size 4 now cause she looks bigger than me.

    • First of all you are talking about Jessica not being hot anymore like it is a fact, that is your opinion! I am sure there are many people out there who think she is hotter now than she was before! Also, as I said to a commenter below, Jessica is not CHOOSING the questions asked to her in this interview. She is not doing this interview in order to receive pity, she has a new television show and she is promoting that show I’m sure out of a requirement in her contract with VH1 or whatever station it is. It is crazy for you to think that she just wants to talk about her weight so bad, especially when she ignored all of this weight talk for an entire year and didn’t even respond (although I am sure she could of gotten lots of publicity if she had). Oprah is now asking her certain questions, ones that actually do relate to her new show which talks about all different types of beauty all around the world! So now you are saying that because Jessica doesn’t refuse to answer the questions and instead is deciding to state that she feels absolutely confident and beautiful despite what anyone says, that makes her immature and hungry for publicity? I find it unbelievable that so many women are saying these things about jessica. I don’t know why it is hard for some people to understand that she is simply answering the question she was asked in an interview, a question that completely relates to the topic she is promoting with her show! That can’t be it right?? She has to be some washed up hottie who was famous for only her looks (I guess you are choosing to forget she is an extremely successful singer), and is desperate for some press…Right.

  3. if she doesnt care, then why is she still talking about it?
    shes gorgeous, but really boring and has horrible fashion sense. please go away now.

  4. she’s talking about it because its what everyone wants to hear her talk about! anyway, I’m glad she’s spreading this great message of self acceptance, it’s so much better than hearing stick thin celebrities talking about how much they eat and how little they work out.

    I’m actually very impressed with Jessica Simpson, she seems to be maturing and embracing herself.

  5. “I don’t care what people have to say about my weight. I really don’t, because I think I look great.” – I actually think she is honest about what she is saying, and I am glad she wants to think that way about her weight. It’s probably an ongoing battle for her, and isn’t it for many of us also? We know we should think positively about our bodies when we know we are eating healthy and exercising but not losing weight or going back to the skinny days from long ago. There are days we slip, and we are hard with ourselves and give in to the social pressures around us that make us feel unaccepted, but we can always go back on track and feel beautiful the way we are. And she’s right on when she says beautiful comes from within.

  6. you know, i really used to almost despise hearing from this woman because i thought(/think) there is nothing “up there” but i somehow genuinely believe her here.
    like mizzy said, she’s not blabbing on about eating burgers all day and never going to the gym, she’s actually trying to be a role model for her younger audience, unlike *some* celebrities like lindsay lohan, for instance, who is just always seen partying and simply not taking care of herself or setting a positive example for others (and let’s be honest, when she does, she just goes and messes that up in no time..)
    you know what, good for you jessica! i may not be a big fan of yours but this is the first thing that actually made me reconsider my previous beliefs i held of you.

  7. I don’t really understand why people bash her so much for her weight. She’s a normal size, I’d say not even on the bigger side. She’s quite slim, although not skinny. And that is totally fine! We need a variety – why do all celebrities need to be stick thin?
    Jessica is still very beautiful and has a great body. I hope she feels good in her own skin.

  8. I agree with what she is saying here.

    I’ve found that a lot of women seem to hang on the media to tell them whether or not they are attractive. For example, if they’re not thin, they feel they’re not attractive because high fashion models are thin. So they start saying things like, “We need to take the thin models off the runway and hire REAL women like in the 90’s” But the truth is, that women complained in the 90’s too. And the 80’s. And the 60’s.

    Unless it’s your exact image on a cover of a magazine, if you’re the kind of person who thinks beauty is ultimately determined by what the media says, you will find faults within yourself, and will be insecure about various aspects of your apperance. No one can, nor should, wait for the media to tell them they are tall enough, thin enough, young enough, curvy enough, acne-free enough…etc. Security, attractiveness, confidence…it’s your job to give yourself that, not the media. You will only have those things, when it comes from you and not what someone else says.

  9. I don’t think she can be that happy with her looks else why is she bleating about it all the time!! What else does she do now that she can’t fit into those hotpants any more?

  10. I am puzzled why some people come on to this site.
    The site is called skinny vs curvy. The name should have give it away. Of course you are going to have celebs talking about their weight. If you don’t want to hear celebs talking about their weight and dress size. Don’t come on this site. I like talking about it. I just don’t get people moaning about celebs talking about their weight/looks dress size. If you don’t want to hear celebs beating on about it. This is the wrong place for you. We live in a world now dominated with how we look/dress size. Any interview you see now with a female celeb – Guess what they are going ask them about their bodies and how they look. Why come on here if it annoys you?
    I don’t mind it. That is why i come on here.

    • Thank you lp23 I completely agree! Also thank you for stating that she is ASKED these questions, everyone seems to think she is choosing to talk on and on about this, not realizing that this is what they are asking her in an interview.

      • Mariah, unless her answers are scripted (which they actually might be, who knows), she does choose what to say. A question limits what you can talk about, but you still get to choose how exactly you are going to respond to it. She is responsible for what is said.

        If people are hating on her because of the topic that she talks about (her body),then that is stupid, as the question limits her to talk about that. If the people don’t like what she is saying, then they do have a right to do that, as it has to do what was actually said.

        • I don’t think people actually hate her because of what she says or the context, not really.

          She’s just annoying. And she can be as ‘proud to be curvy’ as she wants – it doesn’t make those ‘mom’ jeans any less ugly – she wore a nasty item of clothing and it seems to have been bigger news than any actual news has been.

          She should get a good stylist, shut up about her body and prove that she’s beautiful and curvy by actually looking good curvy instead of looking as though she had no idea she gained weight until she lay on the floor to squeeze herself into some jeans

    • I don’t mind hearing celebs going on & on about their weight etc – it’s entertaining.

      I just think she’s protesting too much and am not convinced she really thinks she looks great!

      And actually – if you don’t like what people say, maybe just ignore the comments if they annoy you?

    • lp23, I agree with you, but there will be a celebrity that occasionally rubs you the wrong way, as in my case about Jessica Simpson. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like poeple talking about their weight…then I wouldn’t be on this site. Maybe the people that you are referring to just don’t like what Jessica Simpson is saying, and that has nothing to do with the topic of celebrities talking about weight.

      Although I do think there are a few people that fit what you are describing (hate it when any celebrity talks about anything concerning their weight), I think most of them may just not like what Jessica is saying, or what Kim is saying…etc.

  11. womp womp womp stop talking about your body and self confidence no one cares and if you ask me all of these types of comments from her are contrived and don’t come from the heart. Shell never be as hot as she was again back in 2004-2006 maybe 7 she became a classic 90210 when she was gorgeous naturally. And I don’t feel sorry for her because of how quick she kicked Nick to the curb. But she thought she was gonna be better off and now look at her. If you ask me her Svengali dad Joe Simpson is behind these string of dumb quotes/interviews she’s doing for her show I guess.

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