Jessica Simpson: “I Fluctuate from Size 4 to 6”

Jessica Simpson: "I Fluctuate from Size 4 to 6" 1

Jessica Simpson opened up about last year’s media criticism regarding her weight fluctuations – Let’s see what she has to say in Oprah Magazine:

Jessica’s been through a lot in the past few years, but she says her lowest point was the “mom jeans” situation. “People [were] talking about my weight for an entire year,” she says. “It’s like people just couldn’t stop talking about my weight fluctuating.”

At first, Jessica says she tried to ignore the uproar over her 10-pound weight gain, but she couldn’t block out the barrage of negativity. “It would bother any woman, I would think. I had to get to a place where I had to guard myself,” she says. “The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it’s ridiculous, and it’s really sad.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average American woman wears a size 14. Jessica says the jeans she’s wearing in the now-infamous photos are a size 4. “I fluctuate from 4 to 6,” she says.

No matter what critics write, Jessica says she loves her curves and is comfortable with her weight. “I’m not going to ever be size 0, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds,” she says. “It’s a really hard thing for me to talk about because I celebrate women of all sizes. I think that we’re all beautiful.”

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118 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: “I Fluctuate from Size 4 to 6””

  1. Her jeans are probably a eu 38-40, considering how short she is. Moreover, it’s not the lower body she has troubles with, it’s her upper body. She is clearly no pear shaped, so she might be 4-6 on the bottom, but she is around 8 on top (eu 42). Plus the average american woman is a size 14 is just getting old. I bet they don’t calculate that with vanity size adjustments. Btw, you would be surprised how many women underestimate their size, i’m talking about everyday regular women. And they do it by honest mistake, they really do think they are that small. So what do you expect from celebrities, who are supposed to be small.

    • i also think that her upperbody is bigger. especially her arms. anyway if she is ok with her body, that’s all that really matters.

    • Oh thank you for giving european sizes, because I never really understand what6, 8 corresponds, to and the differences btw englush size and american sizes !

      Anayway I don’t know Jessica but for the internet blogs she is on, she’s not famous as a singer in France nor we have her show I think…

      But I don’t think she loos very bad in theses “mom jeans” and I don’t think she is fat ! Girls with big breats and a fat belly are normal, stick insect with big breats are not ! (I mean they obviously had work done ! maybe some exception but still ! )

    • I think size 14 is pretty average, that’s in US sizes, it’s not exactly a small size. I live in Canada and I’d believe the average size is probably about a 14 here. Most people aren’t morbidly obese, but a lot carry a few too many pounds, which is what a 14 is.

      As for Jessica, I do doubt those jeans are a 4. I could believe a 6 but they are pretty tight, which is one reason she looks so terrible. I think her body there is probably more like a size 8, which is perfectly healthy.

      • Im from Canada too, and think it really depends on the age group for ‘avergae size’.

        Im in the 18-35 group, and the sizes that are always sold out are mine: 6,8. There are always tones of 12s and 14s and tons of 0s and 2s. To me, it would seem that 4,6,8 and 10 are the most common sizes.

        I think what skews the ‘average’ is the fact that the largest demographic in N.A. are the baby boomers, who are in their late 50s and 60s. I don’t think that they are the best representation of ‘average’.

        does anyone know where the ‘average size’ is taken in terms of demographics??

      • I would disagree with your comment that most women in Canada are a size 14. I live in Vancouver and that is not at all true of our population, which is generally quite slim.

  2. No one should become obsessed and make herself ill cos of a couple of pounds, there’s no health problem here, it’s only about “the look”, if she feels good with her curves, then good for her, end of the story.
    I think the pictures above are unflattering cos of the ugly outfit and angle, not the weight

  3. If you’re going to promote a show where your aiming to have women around the world love their bodies and accept that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, sizes etc either…


    • how do you even know she is lying..
      i think it’s possible she is a six on the bottom
      then a 8 on the top obviously because of her b❆❆bs and arms…
      the mom jeans photo was obviously focused on her lower half

      • right? its just unflattering pictures. i have same exact body shape as jessica and i also come off heavier than i am in pictures (im 5″4-5″5 and 130 lbs) because im an apple. i actually wear size 2 jeans a lot.
        apple shapes tend to come off looking pudgy in pictures cause of where we gain weight. little extra weight on face and belly shows a lot

  4. i am petite and a size 4 to 6 and i know i have plenty of squishy bit that i the wrong clothes, seen from the wrong angles could make people think in a photo that i was bigger. i think without seeing her in person, i would have to take her word on it.

  5. Hmmm…

    While I know angles, bad clothes and TV can make you look heavier did any of you watch Oprah yesterday? She was wearing a strategic outfit that totally tried to cover her stomach. She has a round belly, a pouch. You could even see a fat roll between her back and bra. I don’t say that to imply that she’s now fat or gross or that a belly is a bad thing but give me a break. I think shes making the whole accepting your body argument worse by lying herself.

  6. i think shes bigger than a size 6 in that photo more like a size 8/10.

    shes a liar because look how thin she was in 2004/ pretty sure she was on a could see her rids.

    i like jessica but either be honest or dont talk about it.

  7. Jessica was so much prettier when she was skinnier. I am not saying you have to be skinny to be pretty. I just think she was much prettier thinner. Also she is making a total a– of herself coming on tv and lying about her size! The public is not stupid and clearly see she is much bigger than a 4-6. She needs to start watching her diet a little or she may become obese. Woman like this unnerve me because they do not want to watch there diet and just eat everything and make comments like I am not fat I am only a size 4. Ridiculous…

    • What!? She’s not fat. You obviously just don’t like the way she looks. Don’t pretend you’re concerned for her health when she’s obviously in a healthy weight range. As if she’s anywhere near obese. You need to watch your diet a little less if you’re this upset about a stranger gaining 10 pounds.


    Vanity sizing is a freaking crock. If you are really clinging to “I’m a real size 2” and that makes you feel special I have to question if you are worth anyone’s time. Companies make their clothing to fit a certain market. It silly to think they would all be the same or should be the same. JS may very well be a 4 to 6 where she shops. Frankly, I don’t give a crap if the woman wears a 4 or a 32.

    • The author of that comment is not really smart. Neither the commenters. I know this: in regular clothes, i fit a 34. The bigger the brand, the bigger the 34 is, the less opportunity i have on finding clothes. Why isn’t a 34 a 34 i just can’t understand. There are charts for sizes, according to those, my waist is not existent. So on. My experience: try the clothes on and that’s about it. I don’t care if you want to call it vanity sizing or not, fact is, sizes fluctuate. Sometimes even in the same brand. My favorite jeans are fihbone. I am 25. But from time to time, certain pairs are way too big, even if it is 25 fishbone, which i have in my closet.

      • Yes, sizes change brand to brand but, to call it vanity sizing is a crock. It’s called economics. People target their brand to a certain group. If you target your brand to old white ladies you will make sure it fits the body of old white ladies. It is completely untenable to ask them to make their clothes fit everyone. You shouldn’t expect and to pretend it’s some conspiracy to keep fat women from figuring out they are fat is just silly. Fat women know they are fat.

  9. i dont consider her curvy…she is just straight up and down with a large chest to me. no WHR. and yes she is an inverter triangle, when she gains it all goes to her chest/shoulders/ its possible her pants could have been a size 4 i guess. Her show looks interesting.I might watch it.

  10. Maybe someone who knows a little bit more about it can give me a proper answer. Albeit that the average size is a 14 in America, is that reflective of that being a natural occurrence with American women, or is that reflective of a culture that has bad chemicals in its food, whose individuals at these weights maybe don’t exercise enough or eat more than the recommended amount. I’m curious. I keep hearing about this average and it would be interesting to do a survey of say 1000 + people who are at that size, and ask them the relevant questions to determine whether it might be because of nature or “too much nuture” with food that made a person wind up with that size. It’s very curious. I suppose one might say it’s both aspects, natural and nurture, but I wonder if one overpowers the other more in the American society. Deep fried snicker bars, ice-cream, burger king, crap chemicals in food. *shrugs* It can be an unhealthy food society, so I realistically wonder how much that contributes to the national average being the way it is. The food in Japan, as far as I know, is considered to be a contributor of their generally longer life span, as is the food in America considered to be a contributor to making Asian kids be larger and taller than had they lived in say China or Japan eating the kind of diet that they do. Ah well, I guess it’s worth some more studies.

    • I would like to weigh in here (ha!). I’ve lived in Atlanta, Charleston, Los Angeles, Austin, and Toronto, and I have relatives in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Georgia. I can tell you that most of the girls in my high school in Atlanta were very thin. People had money in that area and they could afford to eat better. Ditto for L.A. I lived in Southern California for 6 years and people there are very concerned about their health. People are outside exercising constantly. Even in Austin (where Whole Foods began), the organic food craze is huge. But after spending time in poorer rural parts of Alabama, Texas, and South Carolina, I can say that the average woman is definitely overweight. It costs more to eat fresh vegetables. A parent can buy a box of Little Debbie’s snack cakes for $1.00 for their kids, or they can buy six apples for 3x that price… I’m not saying that the system is correct. It’s infuriating and you’re absolutely right that everything is chemically processed. (And the fact that the government is not required to note on a label that there are genetically modified ingredients is asinine). Money has the largest impact on weight. In parts of California, Colorado, Seattle, Miami, and New York (New Yorkers walk everywhere), to name a few examples, the average woman is fit, but the poorer parts of America skew the results. So I would say that it’s not that the average American woman is naturally overweight, it is due to diet, which, unfortunately, is reflective of one’s affluence.

      • uhh toronto is in canada not the us. anyways i completely agree with you that it is cheaper to buy junk than healthy foods. i was once a broke university student and i lived off of mac and cheese, pizza, canned soup and crackers for soooo long. (not to mention pop too!). but it’s just crazy how expensive it can get trying to eat healthy!

      • I think what skews the ‘average’ is the fact that the largest demographic in N.A. are the baby boomers, who are in their late 50s and 60s. I don’t think that they are the best representation of ‘average’

    • p.s. For the record, I’d never heard of a deep-fried Snickers bar in my life until a few years ago, when my Scottish father-in-law told me about deep-fried Mars bars–a confection in Scotland!

      • Deep fried Mars bars are absolutely revolting….but it’s a common delicacy in the north of england unfortunately.

    • I remember hearing about how there was a direct relation between high fructose corn syrup and America’s weight gain. And it’s in most processed foods. More of it makes the foods more addicting, which makes more money for the people selling the food. Europe has the EU able to actually make limits on how much sugar can be in things. Like the drink Fanta. A friend of mine loved it while she was visiting France, but when she had it back home it tasted completely different.

      Although, this is just one contributor to the obesity factor.

      • High fructose corn syrup, aka sugar, itself is not responsible for America’s weight issue. High sugar/high fat is the necessary combination that puts on weight. However, most high fat foods nowadays do contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup, so you will rarely find the two seperated.

  11. as some of you already said she lok bigger than a size 4 or 6 but it might be a bad camera angle, of course
    anyway I believe that these weight fluctuations depend a lot on her psychological condition
    she’s a very pretty girl and even if I have to say that I preferred her when she was skinny I think that finding serenity and balance will bring jessica to reach her ideal weight

  12. the angle of the picture and also the mom jeans makes her look fat(er). skinny and thin is not for everyone. it depends on the bone structure and the height !!
    several years ago, a size 2 and 4 was really skinny to everyone, but now a size 0 is the new skinny and everyone is trying to be that size thinking that its the new meaning of beautiful. 🙁

    • I disagree. I think 10 years ago everyone thought everyone else was a size 0, and wanted to reach that size. I think nowadays, people aspire to be more like sizes 2-6. Despite popular misconceptions, most of Hollywood is actually a size 4, not a size 0. People are much more anti-size 0 nowadays than a few years ago.

      • “i think ten years ago everyone thought everyone else was a size 0 and wanted to reach that size”
        in the year 2000 i don’t even remember people talking about being a size 0.
        it’s much more in the past like 5 years the obsession has gotten out of control.
        despite there being a whole “fat acceptance” movement there is still definitely an underlying want to be a size zero..
        no body admits it but everyone is still shrinking

  13. She LOOKS bigger than a 4 or a 6, because she is soft and out of shape. If she were the same size, but had less fat and more tone, you’d believe her size. Personally, I know she is a very petitie/short female, and I totally believe she is a size 4-6. Although, at 5’2″, a size 6 isn’t very thin.

      • Well she obviously SQUEEZED into that outfit. But I disagree with you. A 5’2″ girl can make a size 4 or 6 look like a size 8 on a 5’6″ girl. I think that in general, people grossly overestimate the size of celebrities. I live in LA. I see them all the time. These women are tiny. Like Kim Kardashian- She is TINY. You don’t get proper perpective from these photos.

  14. I think a lot of the comments are totally missing the point. It doesn’t really matter what Jessica’s “real” size is, but rather that she is happy and healthy! It’s really sad that a woman who is clearly within the health range is criticed and ridiculed so heavily for her weight, to me that’s completely irrational – it’s like a really scary parallel universe.

    And for those of you who call her a hypocrite for wearing clothes that hide are trouble spots, I’m not even sure what to say. The fact that she tries to dress in ways that are flattering to her figure has nothing to do with her self-esteem or her positive body image message. By that logic a a person who wears clothes that intentionally highlight his/her trouble spots must have an amazing body image.

  15. Only 10 pound weight gain? Size 4? Sure, and Kim Kardashian is a size 2.

    Everyone talked about your “10 pound” weight gain because you were a celebrity whose popularity was mostly due to your body. The same body that helped you make millions came back to bite you in the a– when you got bigger. If you don’t want people talking about your weight, then either build your popularity on something else or accept the fact that with every job, there are upsides and downsides, and that was a downside.

    Try being an average person or a coal miner or something working for minimum wage. All of a sudden, people whining about your weight won’t seem that bad since you’re making millions.

    • I actually disagree. She is not a model, her fame was based around her singing as well as her tv show. I think it is the same thing as when people say when you get into the entertainment industry you have to be a good role model for young girls, she didn’t ask for that responsibility just like she didn’t ask for her weight to be scrutinized so much. Just because she is in this industry does not make it right for people to call her fat and say horrible and untrue things about her. I watched her Oprah interview yesterday and she took full responsibility for opening herself up to the public and said it was her fault that this happened but that it doesn’t make it any less hurtful and stupid.I also think it is absolutely believable that she is a size 4-6, especially in the designer clothes that she wears.

      • But she wasn’t just a singer or just an actress. That is her career, but not the result of her popularity nor appeal. Her most famous movie roles are ones where she is the “hot” girl. Her singing? She’s the “hot” country star. She sells her looks. I find absolutely nothing wrong with that, all the power to her, but that is what she does. People know her because of her body.

        I do think it’s wrong that people call her fat just because she gained weight. After all, she is human. And I do feel that such people are only expressing their own insecurities by doing that. But at the same time, what did she expect? All I’m saying is, every job has a bummer, and that’s a bummer for her job. Like I said, imagine being a coal worker, working minimum wage, and STILL being called fat…

        I do wish her confidence and happiness with herself. But spare me the pity party, please. I guess I do not like her attitude nor her comments because she is not speaking about a general issue of women being judged, but rather seeking pity. She’s not getting it from me, that’s for sure.

        • I do not think she is seeking pity at all and I do not know why anyone would think that. She is doing these interviews to promote her new show, not her body and not to get people to feel sorry for her. From her interview it seemed that she absolutely was speaking about the general issue of all woman being judged. I just think so many people say things like “oh stop complaining, your famous, you make millions” and things of that nature but that is ridiculous because no amount of money takes away from the emotional pain that being ridiculed can cause. I don’t pity her, but I do feel bad because just because she is successful and rich that does not mean that the scrutiny does not hurt, there is no connection between the two a person is a person.

        • Coal miners don’t work minimum wage.Life sucks, Rich or not. I don’t think she was asking to be pitied. She was asked the questions, she answered them.

    • I do agree with you that celebs are held to a different standard and for good reason. The entertainment industry thinks that looks and talent are interchangable, so we get a lot of famous people whose only talent is to have a perfect body and face.
      But, I also think that as consumers we have the power to change that. If you don’t think someone is talented and the only reason you watch their show is because they are good looking, then stop consuming their product. If you don’t think Jessica Simpson is a good singer then don’t buy her albums or watch her show. The bottom line is that if we stop consuming, the industry will stop trying to sell an image and will begin selling talent again.

  16. Wait…I thought she was a “size 2” back then (according to her sister). Liars. We may never know what size she is and it doesnt matter-the point is she gained weight and chose to wear a really unflattering outfit. She is a celebrity who comments on her own weight ALL THE DAMN TIME so she needs to stop b—ing about it when everyone else does. The Simpsons and the Kardashians just need to go away already. Yo-yo dieting is not a talent and they should not be rewarded for it. Ugh.

  17. She looks great and totally fine at that weight, and she’s not overweight. BUT, I sincerely doubt she’s a size 6. I am 5’2″, and a size 6 and I am smaller than that photo. Not very much–but noticeably smaller. I am all for “real body” acceptance, but for God’s sake, let’s be honest! I am so sick of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson (and recently Kelly Osbourne) talking about sizes and lbs. You guys all look fine, you don’t have to put a number on it!!! We can all see you–Hot, check; curvy, check; size 4, gimme a break!

  18. look – she isn’t fat now, and wasn’t even fat in those photos. as unflattering as the pictures and jeans were, she still doesn’t look ‘FAT.’ she might not be some people’s version of ‘perfect’ then, but let me tell you, she wasn’t my version of perfect when she was daisy duke. but i wouldn’t say she was ‘boney’ then. you might not like her body type, or even the healthy body fat percentage is comfortable at, but i am glad to hear that she doesn’t care that you feel that way. i think she is beautiful as she is AND was. even more so, because she is happy.

    as far as her size is concerned, she most certainly is a 4-6. she is a tiny woman. being a 4 or 6 with her build would not leave her looking like a VS model. it would look like she does! people think being a 4 means super low bf percent – but that depends totally on natural build. i know someone who is a 0, and while she is very thin and toned, she is still very curvy and does have body fat, and is even tall. i would never have guessed 0 initially, because she does have hips and a butt and i associated that number with bones, but i believe her when i look at how petite her body is. despite her height, her frame is tiny….and i have known other women who were absolute amazons and thin, boyish and toned at 12’s or even 14’s. you have to take actual build into consideration (which is my big issue with the BMI scale – but that is another issue for another day!)…but even with build considered, jessica is simply not fat!

  19. Well that means between 8 and a 10 UK size doesn’t it? I don’t like to say someones lying but in these pics she is neither of those sizes. Now she has slimmed down abit she maybe could be a uk 10. But in those pics i would say she was a 12-14.

    • Don’t think she’s lying per-se, more just a case of extreme vanity sizing in the US.

      When you’ve got girls with 26 inch waists wearing size 0’s it’s gone too far.

      How about scrap sizing altogether and just use measurements instead…problem solved.

  20. WOW some of you are SO ridiculous going on and on about how she comes on tv lying about her size. I mean seriously?? Get over it. Not every body looks the same at the same size. What reason would she have to lie?? The whole “mom jeans” thing was ridiculous too. To me it was clearly just an unflattering outfit choice PERIOD..I don’t see any weight gain and she was never “FAT”…some of these comments here are just disgusting.

  21. that average one size 14 thing is also for the woman of average height which is what 5’7” these days since women keep getting taller. on someone really short a size 4 is probably a bigger size. a size 4 on a woman who is 5’10” is a super skinny person. I doubt she is lying.

    • Average height woman is actually 5ft5 and Jessica’s 5ft2. 3 inches height difference accounts for about 1 dress size…you do the math.

      Really, how short would someone have to be for a size 4 to be a ‘bigger size’? 4ft probably!

  22. I can actually support Jessica’s statement. We never sold her anything larger than a size 6 (we didn’t sell her the mom jeans btw). And she usually bought size 2/4 in the first half of last year. She is so short that a little bit of weight goes a long way on such a petite figure.

  23. we have to keep in mind that the average american woman isn’t exactly thin, you know, before compare anyone to the “average american woman”.

  24. Wow, I’m shocked by all the comments. I watched the segment on Oprah and I thought she was terrific – a very smart, aware and open young woman. I don’t know why people think she is lying about her size and ridiculing her for being hypocritical. She’s only 5’3″, so yes, a size 4 or 6 will look bigger on her but that does not by any means make her fat. She looks NORMAL to me. And people here are criticizing her for having a fat roll at her bra strap? Seriously?! I just don’t even know what to say to that. I think it’s refreshing to hear a young woman speak about how of course it hurt her feelings that people kept calling her fat and of course she tried every fad diet out that because of this industry but that as she grew up, she came to terms with who she was and what kind of body she had and learned to love herself. And she wanted ot make sure that other people weren’t negatively impacted by the media’s scrutiny of her body since she didn’t want other people her size to suddenly feel like they were fat.

    I live in LA and when I see celebrities it is absolutely shocking how TINY they are. I’m almost 5’8″, 125 and wear a size 4 or 6 and I look obese compared to these celebrities. If you put me on a TV, with camera angles and adding pounds from the lens, I’d probably look fat. Kim Kardashian is tiny, and what people really don’t understand is that a camera lens – still or video – makes people look larger. It’s just a fact. And then they’re airbrushed in magazines to be thinner. I’m just shocked that people don’t really get that and then have the audacity to criticize someone like Jessica who is trying to put a positive body image out there. It’s just really sad to me especially when I felt she gave a fantastic interview that should have been inspiring to women.

  25. she got soooooo huge at that time. what did she expect? she looks like shes about to eat the microphone. how do u go from tiny daisy dukes to a straight up glutton?! gross. she fluctuates because she is one extreme to the next. have no sympathy, shes in the media. she should stop crying about it, she did it to her body…you only have one!

  26. im sorry but all of you are in denial. how on earth would you not consider the above picture FAT? are you all forgetting how many starving people there are in this world, or has that slipped your mind? SHE DOES NOT EXACTLY EXUDE HEALTH ABOVE ME. Clearly she is not meant to be that big either, so obviously she consumed more food THAN SHE WOULD NEED. Thats DISGUSTING. same as someone starving themselves just to have a 00 figure. thats not even a body thats why the number is empty. no matter how u look at it, you are all just being nice. SHE IS FAT, OVER WEIGHT, AND UNHEALTHY IN THE PICTURE ABOVE. YOU THINK SHE COULD RUN THE NEW YORK MARATHON OR EVEN SWIM WITH OUT FEELING EXHAUSTED? DONT THINK SO

    • Although I see what you’re saying, I think “fat” is perhaps an overstatement. You also need to consider that shorter people look bigger simply because their limbs are not stretched out. Now, I don’t think she’s unhealthy per-se. (Also, let me just point out that being able to run a marathon is not a good judge of a person’s active health, as you have to seriously train to run that far. Maybe a 5k is a better comparison.)

    • “thats not even a body thats why the number is empty.”

      goddamn, this is one of the best things i’ve read on here :D!

    • If that picture is your idea of a disgusting, fat human being, i feel sorry for you. you’re clearly ignorant and must have sever body image issues. it’s an unflattering outfit, and an unflattering angle, period. People like you that consider this beautiful woman who is a very normal size, FAT and DISGUSTING and GLUTTONOUS are the reason why we have young children dealing with body image issues. So much for embracing our bodies and loving ourself for who we are, which is exactly what she was trying to say in her interview.

      And for the record, it takes a hell of a lot of endurance to sing for several hours, so I bet she’s in better shape than you are.

  27. I’m sorry but she was never a size 4,6 maybe 6,8 this girls is in absolute denial and her career isn’t going anywhere so now she’s been forced to talk about her weight/body 24/7 whatever….. she’s the new Kim Kardashian as far as when she opens her mouth what she talks about

    • You’re an idiot if you think she was always at least a 6-8. You think she was a 6-8 playing Daisy Duke? She was tiny in that show and extremely sexy.

  28. i love how she says that she says she doesnt wana weight 90 lbs bt she loves women of all sizes cause sometimes when people say they love their curves and size 0 is gross. i weight 90 lbs naturaly so sometimes it hurts when people say bad things about people who are size 0

  29. This is long;
    People don’t seem to uderstand that television and photos, not to mention horrid angles, add Ib’s to people! It cracks me up people sit here and say that shes lying about her size…in person I guarantee you she looks petite and average. Just like Kim Kardashian…the woman is tiny! and people say she can’t be however much she says she weighs.
    We have been brainwashed by the media and fashion industry about what a “beauiful” person should look like. Our perception of beautiful has become very distorted through the years…when our models have gone from a still slim, but healthy weighing Cindy Crawford, to many of the current models who I am willing to bet are medically underweight; or what about the starlets who are painstakingly thin, and get told to lose more weight for a role, who then get airbrushed and digitally enhanced…Its ridiculous and even more so, sad. Healthy, womanly looking women used to be “the gorgeous norm”, now if your not a “hanger” your not gorgeous? It’s insane.
    You don’t have to be a size 0, 2, or 4 to be beautiful…you don’t have to be a rail to be beautiful, and you don’t have to have 36 double DD’s either.
    Women get cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, pudgy spots, sagging boobs, gray hair, etc. and guess what, it doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.
    We need to stop worrying about sizes and weight,and start promoting healthy images of women to these young girls, stop airbrushing sh*t, get off our a$$es and take a walk, and feed our kids, as well as ourselves, smaller portion sizes of food other than soda and McDonalds!

    • Camera angles, clothes, television and photos can subtract pounds from people too, and usually do, but nobody seems to want to bring that up. Also, I’ve seen Kim Kardashian in Santa Monica. She is short, and has petite structure, but she is by no means “tiny.” Her hips are wide, her butt is big, and her breasts are big. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I love her figure, but she is not tiny.

      • Camera angles can be flattering, yes…and a stylist can dress you well for your body type to make you look more trim…but overall, being on t.v. and pictures usualy add pounds…subtracting pounds; maybe with digitally enhancing and airbrushing. And Kim Kardashian is a very small woman, who just happens to have curves in good places…her legs, waist, and arms are very small. Regardless of all that…I just think people are to concerned with this new “I have to be thin and look like a hanger to be beautiful”…it’s ridiculous. I think healthy and real is sexy! not underweight and unhealthy, super thin celebrities and models. In all reality,the majority of what is portrayed to us and young girls by the media, is an unrealistic image to attain, and we shouldn’t be saying that that is what beauty has to look like.

    • i do agree with what you said because i think all shapes and sizes should be represented as beautiful and not just one thing. as far as kim goes, she is a short girl but not tiny at all. nothing wrong with it but she is nowhere near tiny.

  30. PLEASE.
    everyone who has put on some (or, in some cases, MANY) kilos says they’re pretty happy and blablabla… specially if you’re a man (and naiive about women) you believe, but let me say, its just not true. Yes, maybe she’s one/100000000000000000 who isn’t concerned about weight, but c’mon guys… i’m sure she’s trying hard to have her body back. i’m sure she probably loathes herself after overeating any random fast food. if we, “normal girls”, who don’t have out bodies as a public object, do that loathing thing, why not she?
    If she had said something like “well truth is i’m hating myself for being fat”, it wouldnt work at any point, she would remain fat, but the whole thing is that the media would say she’s “influencing girls to be anorexic” and so on… it would be a lot worse.

  31. to repeat what a lot of others have said, she looks a bit soft and untoned but definitely not big.
    I’d believe the jeans she’s wearing here are a 6, because I think she could probably do with a size bigger (8)
    a US8 is a AU12 and bearing in mind that shes shor & these are possibly some of the most unflattering photos I’ve ever seen, i don’t think she’d be any bigger than a 12.
    I think when she’s in better shape than these photos (which she is most of the time) she would be a 4 to 6 as I think she’d easily be an AU8-10.

    • us 8 is an au 14.
      i could even fit some 0’s when i was an au 8-10. sizing in america is crazily skewed.

      to me, considering her height (157cm) she’s probably about a 14. or us 8. i dont think she’s a us10/au 16 like people are saying.

      • Ah ok, I’m from NZ and I thought NZ and Aus had the same clothing sizes – i’m an NZ16 and i would have thought I was more than a size bigger than Jessica, Granted I’m also a fair bit taller and a completely different shape, but she looks smaller than a 14 to me

  32. I hate that she says she will never be a size 0. If she is a size 4 in that pic than what was she in her “boots” video? You could see every rib then! I understand unflattering angles but I’ve seen all the pics of that event and there were NO fattering angles.

  33. I saw her on TV the other day and I think she came across as honest and likeable. I completely believe her that she’s a size 4-6…she’s very short and I’m sure she looks much more petite in real life than on camera.

    I appreciated how she said that she’s hesitant to mention sizes because of how people will compare themselves and think “well, if she’s a X and I’m an XX, I must be really fat.”

    At least Jessica isn’t afraid to admit her real size, in my honest opinion Jessicas b❆❆bs and butt are no where near as big as Kims big (gross/lumpy) butt and boobs. They are both very short – its impossible to believe that Kim is anything less than a size 6 just by looking at these pics of Jessica in which she actually seem smaller than Kim in multiple ways! I believe Jessica is prob about 120lbs when it all comes down to it and I honeslty think Kim is about 130lbs.

    • I don’t know what Jessica looks like these days, but in the pics above she is most certainly bigger than Kim with a higher body fat % as well.

      • Honestly I don’t see a difference between jessica’s body and Kims. Kim without photoshop is quite a beefer. She doesn’t look a thing like her photoshopped photos. End of story!
        She should own up to her own weight instead of lying to make herself feel better. She’s a bad influence on young girls who are bigger in proportion – and it pisses me off! I don’t care if you are 5 foot nothing – each inch of height only accounts for about 5lbs. She needs to have a chat with Jessica cause at least I believe jessica knows how much she weighs…

        • Did Kim still your bf or something? lol

          Even without photoshop Kim looks fine to me.

          Just going by this pic alone, Jessica is much more flabby, out of shape and definitely bigger in all the wrong places, i.e. arms, ribcage and waistline.

    • I don’t know why we are even talking about Kim. You seem to be obsessed with her! That is fine with me but don’t claim to hate her so much and then be one of the many people making her more famous by commenting about her so much!

      • I would have never started talking about her if she didn’t lie about her weight. It’s insulting me (a girl who actually weights 110lbs) to think that that lumpy fat a– weighs as much as I do! Absolutely insulting and retarded. I’m 5’5″ which is not much taller, but I’m boney as hell and have no a– or b❆❆bs – it makes no sence that someone that looks like she ate a blimp could weigh the 109lbs she claims – especially since I have shorter friends who weigh 110 (my friend christine as 5’1) and she is boney.
        It could have been any other celebrity – I’m not obsessed with Kim kardashian, I’m pissed about the false statements she makes, it has nothing to do with her – even tho its true her and her sisters look like horses or apes… lol. If she never said anything I never would have said anything. Everyone talks about this.

        • I just don’t know why you find it so difficult to understand that everyone has different tastes! You might love a body like yours that is “bony as hell and has no a– or boobs” and that is fine if that is your natural, healthy body type. Other people think that girls with hourglass figures and big breasts and a booty are beautiful. It is a matter of opinion! If you think Kim is soooo stupid and hate everything she says and so on what does that make you as the person who continuously comments and obsesses over her? She has nothing to do with you and I am almost positive that she has not personally harmed you in any way. It is ridiculous to say that it is insulting to you for her to say her weight, weather it is true or not! If she is lying about her weight that is her own problem and her own insecurity. You calling her disgusting, fat and ape like is ridiculous, rude and just hurtful to other girls who might be bigger than Kim! Just because you have a certain body type does not mean you can’t appreciate other body types. I have a naturally thin body but I think Kim’s body is HOT and I wish I had a bit more meat on my bones like her!

        • …you’re insulted? Really? You’re not just annoyed with what you perceive as dishonesty, you’re personally offended by her statement. Because if she were telling the truth, she would have to have your body (or you, hers) and that sure as heck isn’t possible…(we’re ignoring how 2-3 inches would translate to 10-15lbs for comparable BMIs.)

          Nothing about that seems…off? Hm.

  35. She should call herself what she is — a yo-yo dieter.

    When one leads a healthy and balanced lifestyle, weight doesn’t fluctuate so drastically. Even at a size 4 — I bet she cannot run a mile without losing her breath. Or do 10 push-ups.

    Stamina is sexy. Stupidly defending your dress size is not.

    Anyone can be ‘skinny.’ But being ‘healthy’ is an art.

  36. Histimine reactions are known to cause swelling which
    might be confused with an increased Body Mass Index.
    Lots of people have favorite foods they’re alergic to,
    don’t realize this, and appear bloated. Even if there’s
    an actual weight gain of 10 lbs., it’s whether the weight
    is due to carbs chemicaly converted to fat or simply increased water weight. Water is a heavy element. Never
    judge a book by its cover.

  37. I’m 4’11” & a size 8 bottom / size 4 top (105 lbs) and I am way, way thinner than her. She’s such a liar.

  38. Some of these comments are really stupid, and seem like some of us put waaayyy too much analysis on size. She literally tried to promote real beauty, and a lot of people are picking her apart. FIrst of all, sizes are always up for questioning. Clothing brands, especially expensive versus cheap, differ no matter what. Come on, who gives a damn about the weight/size, when she’s admittedly comfortable with herself? Oh wait, obviously everyone gives a damn… Quite frankly, I believe her, since at her height a size 4-6 is considered huge in the media. I’m short, too, and trust me, 5 to 10 lbs will signifcantly fluff up my body.

  39. I really think people are missing the key point of her quote that it is ridiculous that she became famous for gaining weight.

    I don’t know why people are obessed with numbers, celebs and people on here. People are like ‘there’s no way she’s a size 4-6’ or ‘Kim K’s not a size 2’, like it bloody matters. Isn’t it more important to look good than to say you are a certain size? Beyonce and Christina Hendricks can’t go around saying that they are size 2s and Kelly Rowland can’t claim a dramatic whr but they all look fantastic whatever measurements they have.

  40. im really curious, because the woman in the pictures looks quite a bit bigger than me, and i am a UK size 10 in jeans.

    Is the US size four the equivalent of our 6?
    If so, im totally confused, because our size 6 would be way too small for me, and even most kids i know. And im pretty slim and petite.


  41. Wowwww you people are mean! I am the same height(5’3″) as Jessica and I have D cups (I believe she is a DD) and I am a size 4/6 and I am about the same size as the above photos, except slightly more bottom heavy than top heavy like she is. Being that my proportions are nearly the same as hers, I assure you she is a 4/6 jeans size in the above photo. Perhaps an 8/10 on top, yes. I bet she weighs around 135-140 here, whereas I am about 127. WELL within the normal weight/BMI range. She has been much thinner but as she pointed out on Oprah, she was training and dieting for the role of Daisy Duke at the time. And she might be lacking some muscle tone in the above photo because she is top heavy, but the girl is certainty far from fat!!

  42. damn there are some rude a– people here. i mean jessica isn’t fat at all so for people to sit here and say she’s fat because she put on some pounds. wow what a world we live in. i’m no fan of jessica but like it or not you’re a celebrity and you will get criticized for your looks. that’s just the way it is unfortunately. i don’t think it’s fair but she should’ve thought about it before she even became a star in the first place. not to mention she put herself out there to be some clueless woman showing off her body. can’t say i feel really sorry for her because you have to understand that you will be bashed for having curves. but then again you can be bashed for being too thin so it seems women in the industry can’t win all the time. sometimes i thank God i’m not in the hollywood industry because if i had to deal with that everyday i’ll go crazy. as long as she is happy with herself then that’s great but she will have to deal with the ugly side of fame.

  43. 1. PEOPLE, PEOPLE!!! Let’s try to keep these comments down to a few lines here. These paragragh long rambles are too boring to bother with, & most of us skip ’em!
    2. If she’s usually 4-6, & she gained 10Lbs, that = size 8! I smell BS.
    3. That’s why she was slick to say “those jeans were a 4”, she never admitted her size then.

  44. Girlfriend, I am sorry, but you are a lying sack of mommy jeans. I’d say size 2 (daisy duke days) to 8. No way she just gained 10 lbs.

  45. I’d guess she’s more like fluctuating from 6-14 ( looks a good size 10 in that pic or maybe 8 )
    size 4 is about 115 pounds at her height and she is about130. Small girl but no size 4!

  46. Ok, first of all, any woman who’s at least heavy will have a problem talking about it. Most women don’t want to talk about theirweight even when they are a good weight. Her jeans look great except for the pockets in front. If that style looks at all baggy, it ruins the look. She obviously has a big chest and small in the waist, butt and thighs. If a girl is small from the waist down, that’s a lot of body that doesn’t have excess weight on it. She doesn’t look fat at all in those areas but looks heavy in the upper body and arms. She could very easily weigh at least in the range that she is talking about. Yes, I think ten pouinds over weight if it goes mostly just in the upper body and arms could truly be just that, ten pounds over. Kim Kardashian is better proportioned with a chest at least the same as Jessica’s and big in the butt and thighs. No matter how you look at it, both women are really short, in the pettite range, and ten/twenty pounds extra on a woman that short will look the same as forty/fifty on a woman who is 5’8″. Short women don’t have to gain much to look heavy. For me, both of them are fine. Women have curves and when they are too thin, they don’t have curves. It’s as simple as that.

  47. we’re supposed to feel sorry for her for society not accepting weight gain. however, when she was really thin and sexy, there were a lot of girls that would feel bad about themselves after seeing her flaunting it in that tiny bikini for that commercial where she was washing a car. it’s like celebs want all kinds of attention when they’re at their best but when they gain weight, they want sympathy and understanding.

  48. She is not a size 4 or 6 she might say it but she is not i am so i know i dont look liek that she is prob a size 10 bottom and 12 or 14 top.

  49. She could totally be a size 4-6 . I am a size 4 and people tell me I look like about an 8. Size 4 looks different on everyone and it has a lot to do with height and shape. People are so ignorant and thats sad 🙁

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